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A publication of the Fairview Elementary School PTO

us Volume 8, Issue 3 November 2013

Car Rider Line
We have been asked to post this on behalf of the teachers/staff that help with the car rider line in the mornings...... PLEASE pull all the way forward when dropping your child (ren) off in the morning. This will help keep the flow of traffic moving in a timely manner and also allow more children to be dropped off. Currently traffic is getting backed up and a lot of children are late getting to their classrooms on time.

To Holli Brown (Art Teacher)
Teacher of the Year!!

Miracle Dental Center - For sponsoring the t-shirts for
Fairview's running club!

Thank you!

Blood Drive Volunteers! Thanks to you, many lives
were saved! 27 people tried to give and 18 units were able to be collected. We are grateful for all who came to give whether they were accepted or not!

To Four of Fairview's finest artists!
Chelsey C. in Mrs. Thomas's first grade Gavin S. in Mrs. Selvidio's first grade Emma S. in Mrs. Tarlton's second grade Seth S. in Mrs. Erving's second grade They all had their artwork displayed October 29th as centerpieces for the Union County Sheriff's Office - Senior Citizen Day! Each elementary school in Union County selected work from their schools, and these students represented Fairview Elementary on that special day!


McAllister Green House (Indian Trail) for flower
donation around the Fairview Sign!

John Fagala with Union Pressure Washing for
cleaning the outside of the school, sidewalk and courtyard.

Spirit Wear Orders
Spirit Wear Orders should be arriving by the week of November 18th. We want to thank everyone that purchased Spirit wear!

Great Job!

Mrs. Tarlton!!
Her class brought in 4,400 points!!

Spirit Night
(Indian Trail)

Ice Cream Winners…
Redden (500 pts.) Selvidio (500 pts.) Taylor (900 pts.) Helms (1,000 pts.) Jenkins (650 pts.) Shelley (650 pts.) Duncan (900 pts.) Thomas (1,000 pts.) Erving (1,250 pts.) Podpora (600 pts.) Brucia (1,100 pts.) Dawson (800 pts.) Cameron (1,100 pts.) McGee (700 pts.)

Adults: $6.50 Child: $4.50 Skate Rental: $4.00

Half of the admission price will be given back to Fairview!

November 14th 2:30pm-5:30pm
After skating or just for dinner, join us at

Dates to Remember
November 11th – No School November 14th – Spirit Night November 27th-29th – No School December 4th – Report Cards December 12th – Chorus Concert/ Art Show/PTO Meeting 6:30pm December 23rd-January 3rd – No School (Next to Food Lion) in Hemby Bridge

Nov. 14th 5pm-9pm

Mia Famiglia will donate 15% of full-price menu items back to the school. (Family deals do not apply.)

Chorus Concert/ Art Show
At the December 12th PTO meeting Fairview Elementary will be having an Evening of Art!
Even if you don't plan on buying a frame with your child's work, please take advantage of this opportunity to come out, support the PTO, and enjoy and evening of art! The Fairview chorus will be presenting a program entitled "Season of Lights" that explores winter holidays from different cultures around the world! During the music performance we will also be holding a school-wide art show. Every student, K-5 will have a piece of work framed, matted, and on display! Parents can simply come and enjoy the music and work of Fairview's artists or they can purchase the framed and matted work for $25.00 (with proceeds from every frame coming back to Fairview Elementary). Holli Brown, M.Ed., NBCT, Art Education, Fairview Elementary School

News from Building & Grounds Committee
McNeill Lawn & Landscape 4005 Sun Rose Ct. Indian Trail, NC 28079 (704)516-0178 (cell) (704)893-2000 (office) Handyman Services/ Free Estimates

A big thanks goes out to Brian McNeill Lawn & Landscape for the work that was done in the courtyard and on the Fairview School campus. We appreciate his time in pruning trees, cutting out undergrowth and buying and spreading pine needles. (Just a note: We are currently getting estimates on fixing the pond in the courtyard. Several have stated they would like to see it up and running again.) Thanks for your patience! Have you notice the flowers planted at our Fairview sign on 601? A big thank you to Monica Griffin!

If you have specific needs or see something that you feel needs to be addressed regarding the building and grounds, please notify someone on this committee and we will assess the situation. If you have a business that would like to be considered for a future job, please address your information to the PTO. Thank you for letting us serve as a representative for Fairview Elementary School. Building & Grounds committee, Angie Brookes & Ashley Faile

Our first contest was a huge success. THANK YOU!!!! In just one month, we received

12,000 Labels for Education Points!
These points will be used for items like gym equipment, art supplies etc.

$1,787 from Box Tops!
FREE MONEY that will help our school in many ways.

You can also earn eBox Tops by going to the Box Tops website and shopping through the marketplace. You can also earn a Labels points by shopping at Food lion. You must link your MVP card before shopping

Character Trait is Honor

Ashton Yandle – (K) Rowell Gracie Uljua – (K) Little Mayra Galarza – (K) McMillan Lucas Hutchens – (K) Redden Ethan McDonald – (3) Taylor Alyssa Morici – (3) Podpora Grace Ashton – (3) Elizondo Wriston Griffin - (3) Whitley

Mason Paneque – (1) Thomas Charlotte Holland – (1) McGee Allison Sullivan – (1) Selvidio Jazmine Rascoe – (4) Helms Caleb Adkins – (4) Jenkins Ally Nielsen – (4) Brucia/Hall Adriana Lanham – (4) Wilson

Colby Hildreth-(2) Tarlton Max Cates – (2) Daniels Gwendolyn Griffin – (2) Erving Susan Lamont – (5) Cameron Reagan Griffin – (5) Dawson Christopher Andrews – (5) Duncan Serenity Forthman – (5) Shelley

Honor Roll 1st 6 weeks- October 2013 3rd Grade (A Honor Roll)
Alaina Savage Anslea Church Junah Jeong Claira Seighman Alison Austin Ethan Horne Braden Collins Annabella Berry Cheyenne Rowell Noah Brown Katherine Duncan Dane McNulty Deja Watson-White Abby Boergert Madison Miracle Grace Ashton Sydney Pugh

3rd Grade (A-B Honor Roll)
Aliyah Lamont Nate Lynch Eli Cervantes Karoline Duncan Cayden Thomas Noah Mclaughlin Alyssa Morici Nolan Hutchens Hannah Cook Ethan McDonald Layton Duke Shirley Morris Ashu Lala Valerie Purser Andrew Craig Natalie Vimislik Jaxon Gronn

4th Grade (A Honor Roll)
Caleb Adkins Bella Camp Allison Craig Eliza Solomon Aiden Price Holland Stanley Harrison Loucks Chloe Little Sophia Arndt David Cox Owen Doejaaren Adriana Lanham James Willing Ally Nielsen Gunnar Diedrick

4th Grade (A-B Honor Roll)
Mallory Carroll Michael Hernandez Sarah Rabon Angelina McDermott Renee Rodriguez Caden Tull Emily Holliday Sara Dannison Tommy Camp Gaven Lincoln Tyler Sprowles JD (John) Francois Mickey Duda Reagan O’Quinn Shelby Semones Kathrine McDermott Lee Taylor Alex Stover Aydan Drake Phoebe Waldrop Brooke Hilton Jazmine Rascoe Lanie Starnes Jackson Hartig Bryson Pollock Sidney Lynch Kendall Pixley Sydney Williams Sydney Rutledge Grier Donaldson Meredith Bailey Sarah Kusnitz Hanna Porter Candice Thomas

5th Grade (A Honor Roll)
Nathan Adair Shivalee Patel Nicholas Slape Emma Lankford Brynn Shelley Jason Flowe Peyton Weeks Brianne Collins Gabrielle Slape Christopher Andrews Cole Mathis Haleigh Elkins Colin Helms Amanda Johnson

5th Grade (A-B Honor Roll)
Mateo Babin-Young Reagan Griffin Wyatt Jones Joshua Howard Abigail Kiser Everett McLaughlin Cade Conn Zach Slape Jackson Campagna Kendall Beheler Cayson Harrington Kieran Lorray Anthony Kerusenko Hunter Poole Kylee Thomas Callie Long Alexander Tarlton Hunter Boik Paul Jones Gabrielle Whitley Valarie Porter Tucker Biggers Jackson Cates James Robison Ava Yandle

Reading: We will focus on reading strategies and retelling the important events in stories. We will also focus on using a story-tellers voice and paying special attention to punctuation in our stories. Writing: We will continue to write small moment stories and spelling words we know in a snap. We will use different types of punctuation in our stories and focus on the sequence of events in our stories. Math: The students will solve story problems with unknown partners by counting on. We will also focus on the words "more" and "less" in math problems. Social Studies: Discussing family traditions, special celebrations and roles in the family.

Second graders are learning all about nonfiction this month! We are learning about the features of nonfiction to help understand the content we are reading. We are also working on an expert projects by making posters and "All About" Books during writing. In math we are focusing on word problems using addition and subtraction. We will also continue to work on measurement and shapes for geometry. Social studies will be all about communities, Native Americans, and Thanksgiving. We will celebrate Native Americans during a rotation through the classrooms to learn different crafts and games. Students will continue to observe weather and notice seasonal changes for our weather science unit. Reading: The students will soon be ending their Realistic Fiction stories. Our next unit is Nonfiction. Students will be reading non-fiction text for Guided Reading and Independent Reading in class. They will learn about Non-Fiction text features such as bold headings, bold vocabulary words, captions, diagrams and headings. The teachers will read aloud “Mr. Poppins Penguins” to the students so they can contrast and compare what is fact vs. fictional about penguins, and also the book will allow them to gain some background knowledge about penguins that will lend itself to their research in writing. Writing: The students will be researching Penguins and creating a poster. The poster will include a heading, subtitles, pictures and illustrations. They will be using the Media Center, Laptops, and books as sources for their research. Math: The students just finished learning to analyze the meaning and structure of different types of word problems with addition and subtraction. They also learned different strategies for solving these problems. Next, the students will move to Unit 2: Measure line Segments and Perimeters of Figures. They will use centimeter rulers to measure line segments with specified lengths, investigate the properties of rectangles, squares, and parallelograms, and calculate the perimeter of quadrilaterals and triangles using informal methods. Science: We are just about wrapping up the Human Body unit. Our next science unit is Objects in the Sky. The students will learn about the sun, stars and planets. Social Studies: In November, the students will be moving into Unit 4: Our Geography. The students will learn about various types of maps and globes, how to use appropriate source maps to locate communities, explain variations in the physical environment, and compare how people in different communities adapt to or modify the physical environment to meet their needs.