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Una marca de éxito

Diprego, inherits the productive and innovative spirit of the privileged company, founded in 1989. This in turn has historically been a company innovative design, items are listed with great demand by customers, for diversity, different products. The strength of the brand lies in the link emotional that it has managed to establish with his followers, who recognize their garments and accessories. And the more important the satisfaction of success with each satisfied customer who returns again and again.


Una marca de éxito
Diprego has a format of stores at the forefront, updated, current and modern. Their schemes of business is where the customer can view different types of product for each occasion of use, in addition to the flexibility and advice on our behalf. In this sense, Diprego stores are the best support so that consumers can have a true experience of the brand. The counseling by the franchisee to the customer should be personalized and complete, where customers have the employees at your disposal. Diprego stores give the customer an experience of agile, pleasant and complete shopping in one place.

The franchise is characterized by a method of exploitation, which is called know-how or know - do what the element that differentiates the franchise from other formulas of trade associations. This know-how make it a set of non-patented practical skills that allow the franchisor to the franchisee transmit corporate philosophy of your company, its business success. For any company, creating identity is the Foundation of your business. None of the above can be left to improvisation. This know-how that transmits the franchisor to the franchisee in the form of operating manuals must come from their own experience and have been verified by the, as well as be protected be secret for the rest of the business. Access must be difficult, so that, except for the people who belong to the network, not known.

COMCEPTO's business ONE STOP SHOP all in one place biannual collection high quality the more high quality designs of cutting edge fashion standards updated price just excellent price quality ratio

Our values are focused on kindness, responsibility, initiative, creativity, collaboration, solidarity, respect and fairness.

It has stores located across the country and internationally, which carries their proposal of fashion to modern man and represents an identity mark, always with an original and distinctive design.

24 Years in the sector of fashion and clothing. Represented in several cities in Spain, Brazil, Portugal. Format store 40 to 120m 2. International expansion

Diversity of styles, at the forefront of fashion in the world trends, allows Diprego consumer to build their own identity through the wide range of clothing and accessories, comprising three main product lines: Classic, Casual, and Woman, counting also with special collections tapping current of the brand. With more than 300 models Diprego makes it possible to go well dressed may be one matter of others.