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Agenda        Intro Video What is ‘Whistle Swallowing’? Parallels in Baseball Advantage play in football Discretionary decisions in football Business Parallels Concluding video .

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the umpire’s strike zone expands when there are three balls on the batter.4 %  During a two-strike count  Umpires have twice their normal error rate  In the graph the umpire’s strike zone shrinks when there are two strikes on the batter.Whistle Swallowing in Baseball  During normal play  Average wrong calls made by umpires : 14. .  Conversely.

the referee may then stop play and penalize the original offence  The advantage can also apply when a penalty kick originally would be called Refree Mark Geigar signalling for advantage .Advantage play in football • “play should be allowed to continue when the team against which an offence has been committed will benefit from ongoing play”  The referee indicates this by calling "advantage" and extending both arms in front of his body  If the anticipated advantage does not ensue at that time.

handballs  Jorge Larrionda: Germany 4-1 England. 2010 WC  Ball had clearly crossed the line  Goal line technology?  Where should the wall stand?  New attempts: Sprays for referees.2013 U-20 WC .Discretionary Decisions in Football  Maradona’s Hand of God in 1986 WC  Professional fouls. penalties.


Literature Review • Are Football Referees Really Biased and Inconsistent?: Evidence on the Incidence of Disciplinary Sanction in the English Premier League  The Professional Foul in Football: Tactics and Deterrents .

Discretionary Decisions in Football .

What happens to O Jogo Bonito? (Play beautifully) .

Business Parallels-Discretionary Decisions  Stockbroker – Losing a clients money on a wrong pick worse than not investing in a rising stock  Hiring/Firing  Choice to go to a Foreign University . The Brand Manager responsible for the introduction of that product line may face more criticism if the product fails than if he didn’t go for the option altogether  Case of start ups. The option of earning more is offset due to higher admission fee.The fear of harm to the traditional Kirana stores prevented the government to act on the Bill.  Gurcharan Das Vicks Case. They may be successful also but the fear of failure might force some people not to take the initiative .  FDI in Retail.  Company launching a new product may succeed or fail.Decision to keep Vapor Rub for South India due to North Indian’s preferences.

Video  Timestamp 10:16 (2 min 27 sec)  Gottfried Dienst (England Vs Germany. 1966 WC Final) .

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