San Antonio, Texas: Riverwalk James Bond walks past the Hard Rock Café and Starbucks and walks down the stairs and turns to the left. (James Bond Theme Acoustic Guitar is playing) Bond starts heading towards the County Line restaurant. EXT. County Line Restaurant (Somebody to Love is playing on the Jukebox) Bond enters the restaurant and goes up to the bar. Bartender- What will you have? The Bartender looks at Bond. Bond looks straight into her hazel eyes. Bond- You. The bartender smiles. Bartender- Martini? Bond- Shaken. Bartender- Not stirred. The bartender smiles again. Bartender- Chandler is waiting for you. Follow me. Bond follows the Bartender towards a table to the back of the restaurant next to a window. Bartender- Mr. Chandler. Chandler looks up. Bartender- Mr. Bond is here. Bond pulls out the chair and sits down. The Bartender walks away. Bond looks behind, making it obvious that he is staring at her ass. Chandler- So Mr. Bond, how do you like San Antonio, Texas? Bond-It’s nice. A little hot though, don’t you think? Chandler- Well that is what you get Mr. Bond. You can’t get a beautiful face, without an ugly insight. Bond laughs. Bond- Too true. So who are we after?

Chandler reaches into his jacket pocket a pulls out a picture of a 40ish year old man. Chandler- His name is Dmitri Velázquez. Age 40, one of the Janus operatives. Bond- One of Slater’s men. Chandler- Precisely. He is both Slater’s bodyguard and advisor. Bond- So where are the C.I.A. people that are going to extract him for information? Chandler pulls out his phone and he goes to the GPS. Chandler, with the GPS stick, points to a round red circle on the phone. Chandler- This is where the C.I.A. will extract him. Bond- So we bring Dmitri to this spot. Who will extract him? Felix Leiter? Chandler- No, Felix is currently on a different mission. Jay Palmero is taking him in. Bond- I see. Dmitri walks into the restaurant. Dmitri takes a table nearby Bond and Chandler. Two Texas Restaurant Bodyguards walk over to Dmitri and sit down at the same table. Bond- We need to find a way to get him alone. Bond sees a waiter and get up and starts talking to him. The two walk away. Chandler looks at the table that is occupying Chandler and the two Texas Restaurant Bodyguards. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 gets up and goes into the restroom. Chandler follows him. INT. Restaurant Kitchen Bond punches The Waiter. INT. Restroom Restaurant Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 is in one of the stalls. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 opens the stall door, without flushing (Maybe already flushed) when Chandler rushes into the stall, grabs Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1’s head and shoves it into the toilet. EXT. Restaurant

Bond exits the kitchen and walks toward Dmitri’s table, and is now wearing The Waiter’s clothes. Bond- Excuse me sir. Bond taps Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 2’s arm. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 2 turns toward Bond. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 2- Yes? Bond- Phone. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 2- Who is it? Bond- I don’t know sir, he just said he wanted to talk to you. INT. Restroom Chandler is still struggling to keep Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1’s head in the toilet. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 flushed and punched Chandler in the face. The two start fighting. (15 Sec) EXT. Restaurant Office Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 2- There’s no phone here. Bond- Good job. Bond punches Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 2 in the face. INT. Restroom Chandler and Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 are still fighting. Chandler shoves Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1’s face into the mirror knocking him out. INT. Restaurant, Dmitri’s Table Chandler walks up to the table. Bond walks up from behind. Chandler pulls out a gun. Chandler- We need to talk. Bond wraps his arm around Dmitri’s neck, getting him into a neck-lock. Dmitri struggles with Bond, having his arm around his neck.

Dmitri, finding a way to escape, kicks up the table at Chandler knocking him backwards. Then head butts Bond knocking him back. Now, having found the opportunity to escape, Dmitri jumps out the window. Dmitri knocks people down. (Some scream) Bond gets up and jumps after him also knocking people down issuing screams. INT. Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas Dmitri starts to run away, Bond is running after him. INT. County Line Restaurant Chandler pushes the table off of him. Chandler gets up, and then a fist hits him across the face. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 attacks Chandler. Chandler punches Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 back in the face. The two men start to fight. (Ten Sec) Chandler while trying to punch Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1, accidently punches his own wrist hard. Chandler falls to the ground in pain. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 punches Chandler again, getting him to lie on the ground. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 starts to “demolish” Chandler. Chandler starts to crawl away. Chandler reaches for a beer bottle on the floor that had fallen when the table fell. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 gets out his gun and applies a silencer to it. Chandler grabs the beer bottle. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 grabs Chandler by the neck and starts choking him. Chandler has the beer bottle behind his back. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1- Now Mr. Chandler. You will die. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 lifts his gun to Chandler’s head. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1- Goodbye. Chandler- Tell Slater, to screw off!

Chandler smacks Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1’s head with the beer bottle. Texas Restaurant Bodyguard 1 falls to the floor releasing him. Chandler- Damn son of a bitch. Chandler gets up and jumps out the window. INT. Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas Bond is still running after Dmitri. Chandler catches up to Bond. Bond- Cross the bridge and get to the other side so we can cut him off. Chandler crosses the bridge and is running on the parallel side of the bridge to Dmitri. Dmitri runs into a crowd, losing Bond. Bond finds Dmitri running up the stairs of the bridge. Bond turns for a short cut. Chandler sees Dmitri and runs after him. Dmitri and Chandler are neck in neck. Chandler cuts Dmitri off. The two fight. When Dmitri has Chandler on the ground, Chandler pulls out a gun. Chandler- You can go to the C.I.A. intact or wounded. There is no escape. Dmitri kicks the gun out of Chandler’s hand, Dmitri turns to the bridges rail and jumps over it, while Chandler tries to get the gun. Dmitri falls into the river. We see a hand grab Dmitri’s hair. Dmitri- AH! Dmitri looks up at James Bond, who has his hand clutched to Dmitri’s hair. Bond- Need a hand? INT. San Antonio, Texas: C.I.A. Safehouse. Bond and Chandler throw Dmitri to the floor. Dmitri- You damn sons of bitches.

Chandler hits Dmitri across the face. Chandler- Shut up! Bond gets two chairs, one for himself and one for Dmitri. Chandler gets one for himself. Bond and Chandler tie up Dmitri to the chair. Bond- Now tell us about Blofeld. Dmitri- Blofeld? I know nothing of the S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Organization you dumb shit! Chandler punches Dmitri in the face. Bond- Fine. Tell us about Slater. Dmitri- Are you crazy? He will kill me! Bond- What makes you think we won’t? Jay Palmero walks in with a Walther P99, he applies a silencer and points it at Dmitri’s head. Bond- What do you know about Slater? Chandler- Tell us everything with no lies. Dmitri- He is illegally selling drugs and arms to terrorists around the world. Bond- Bombs too? Dmitri- Yes. Bond- That explains the sell between bomb-maker Mollaka and Le Chiffre during that failed terrorist attack on the Skyfleet Prototype two years ago. What about Le Chiffre’s assassination? Dmitri- There was a tracker in the car Le Chiffre was driving to the Barge, where you were tortured. With that he gave the coordinates to Mr. White. Bond- So can you tell us where Slater is or where he will be? Dmitri- I can’t. Jay Palmero- YOU WILL! Jay Palmero forces the gun harder on Dmitri’s forehead. Dmitri- Ok, ok, ok. Tonight, Slater is going to be holding a Gala at the Plaza Club in Downtown San Antonio, Texas. Chandler- For what? Dmitri- His new restaurant.

Jay Palmero- You expect us to believe that? Dmitri- It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, but that is the truth. There is silence. Bond- OK. I believe you. Jay Palmero- What? That is a stupid reason. Bond- Do you know Slater? HU? Maybe it is true. Maybe this guy cares about restaurants! Bond turns to Dmitri. Bond- Congratulations Dmitri you get to live another day. The C.I.A. will now take you to their headquarters and protect you. You are safe. Bond turns to Chandler and Jay. Bond- Chandler, Jay. He’s all yours. Bond leaves the safehouse EXT. Outside C.I.A. Safehouse Bond gets into his car and leaves. INT. Inside C.I.A. Safehouse Chandler, Jay, and Dmitri are left. Jay Palmero- Now that Bond is gone. Jay forced the gun to Dmitri’s head. Dmitri- Wait! I-I-I-I thought you-you-you were going to send me to the C.I.A. Headquarters. Jay and Chandler laugh. Jay Palmero- We are not C.I.A. Dmitri’s eyes open wide. Chandler- It’s nothing personal. Dmitri’s eyes widen more. Chandler- It’s strictly business. This is a message from Janus to Risico. Your boss Slater will be next. Jay Palmero shoots Dmitri in the head and he falls back in his chair.