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Working for a safer tomorrow

Two Day Intensive Training Workshop



On 18th & 19th July 2013 in Mumbai.
Brought to you by Inspection & Training Division of

where SAFETY is an ATTITUDE….

Approved Training Course*

QCI – NBQP empanelment Scheme

Understand the testing and certification requirements. . be awarded with a KLPL + QCI . Experts from the Industry. At the end of the course there would be an optional ‘written Assessment’. on successful completion.CERTIFICATE of SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION. Course Faculty: The trainers are well qualified and experienced experts in the field of certification and testing of products for Hazardous areas. Define the hazardous Zones & understand principles of Area Classification. Participants who choose to take the course end written assessment will. This course has been approved by the Quality Council of India (QCI) By the end of the course the Participants will be able to        Identify the locations where explosive atmospheres could be present. Safety Professionals. Project Managers. Identify the 5 commonly occurring sources of Ignition. An introduction to the International certification schemes. Get an overview of the Indian Regulatory requirements for usage of electrical equipments in hazardous areas. Detailed understanding of the principles behind the different Protection Concepts and the design characteristics essential for protection. Academicians from related fields. All participants will be given a CERTIFICATE of PARTICIPATION. The training program is aimed at Engineers. Designers.Working for a safer tomorrow Karandikar Laboratories (KLPL) in association with BASEEFA (UK) offers a full range of Hazardous area testing and certification services in India. in class participation. questions and examples. product manufacturers and Technicians who need to have a good understanding of Hazardous areas and the electrical equipments used in such areas. The teaching aids will include audio visual instructions and the learners understanding will be evaluated through group exercises. KLPL is now pleased to announce a ‘Two Day Intensive Training Workshop’ on Introduction to Hazardous Atmospheres & applicable Protection Techniques. The teaching technique aims to make the learning experience extremely interesting and participative.

8000/. Safety. Shishir Karandikar on 092 233 24548 . The fees include Course charges. Those interested in participating are requested to send an e-mail to shishir@karandikarlab. the maximum number of participants per course will be 20. Please send the DD/ Cheque toKarandikar Laboratories Pvt. Saki Vihar requesting for an enrollment application form. Ltd. Receipt of the completed Application form together with the participation fee will complete the enrollment process and course instructions and some advance reading material will be sent to you. tea/ coffee. Inspection. as well as personnel involved with Production. Quality control and Maintenance of electrical products for use in potentially hazardous atmospheres would benefit greatly from this program. Ltd. Andheri (East). Fees do not include any travel. training materials / handouts. The participation fees for the 2 day workshop is Rs.Working for a safer tomorrow Who should Participate Any individual in Executive or Supervisory capacity associated with Manufacturing & Designing of products to be used in hazardous areas. refreshments & lunch on both days. favouring – Karandikar Laboratories Pvt. This program also adds immense value and confidence to your Sales & after sales personnel as they would now be better equipped to under stand the User’s requirements and thereby offer the correct product for the specified location. Mumbai 400 072 For more information please contact – Mr. How to Enroll In order to make the learning experience enriching and fulfilling. Payment can be made by DD / Cheque (payable in Mumbai).per participant. lodging or boarding costs that may be incurred by the participants. Saki Naka. B-101. Ansa Industrial Estate.

00 – 5.30 am 11.30 – 12.00 to 11.00 5.00 Subject Intrinsic safety. (9.00 pm 2. 3.Working for a safer tomorrow COURSE SCHEDULE The course will be conducted over 2 days comprising of 8 sessions.15 pm 3.30-11.00am.00 . Non-Sparking and Encapsulated types – Design & Testing Time 9.00 am 11.9.45 pm 3.00 – 3.Ex equipment 6 7 8 Lunch Certification Standards & Regulatory requirements Tea Post Course Assessment .30 am 9.30 pm Subject Registration Theory of Explosion & Ignition sources Tea Hazardous Installations & Zone classification Lunch Protection Concepts–Principles & General requirements Tea Flameproof & Pressurised type – Design & Testing Mid Course Assessment Tea Quality Assurance System Planning .45 – 5.45 – 5. 11.3012. 2.15pm.00-3.45 – 2.00 to 11.45 pm 12.15 pm 3.45 pm 3.00 – 3.30pm) DAY 1 – Session 1 2 3 4 5 DAY 2 – Session 5 Time 9.45-5.15 – 3. Increased safety.30 – 11.45 pm 12.00 am 11.30 – 11.45 – 2.45pm.30 am 11.00 pm 2.30 – 12.15 – 3.