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The God of the Mountains and Valleys
by Francis Frangipane


he battles we face are often intense times of weakness, distress, and confusion. If the events of our lives were charted, these would be the lowest points. Yet God is no less with us during difficulties than at other times. In fact, these valleys are often as much the plan of God as our mountaintop experiences. There is a story in the Bible that speaks plainly to this truth. Israel had recently defeated the Arameans in a mountain battle. In I Kings 20, we read: Then the prophet came near to the king of Israel and said to him, “Go, strengthen yourself and observe and see what you have to do; for at the turn of the year the king of Aram will come up against you.” Now the servants of the king of Aram said to him, “Their gods are gods of the mountains, therefore they were stronger than we; but rather let us fight against them in the plain, and surely we will be stronger than they” (I Kings 20:22-23). The enemy said that the God of Israel was a god of the mountains, but if they fought the Jews in the valleys, they would defeat them. We read in verse 28: Then a man of God came near and spoke to the king of Israel and said, “Thus says the Lord, ‘Because the Arameans have said, “The Lord is a god of the mountains, but He is not a god of the valleys,” therefore I will give all this great multitude into your hand, and you shall know that I am the Lord’” (I Kings 20:28). No matter what the enemy tries to tell you, Christ is God of the mountains and God of the valleys. He has not stopped being God because you happen to be in a valley. He is the God of glory as seen in His power and miracles. In the valleys, He reveals Himself as faithful, loyally committed to us in our difficulties and distresses. In and through all things He is our God. When we are on the “mountaintops” of our Christian experience, we can see our future clearly. We have perspective and confidence. When we are in one of life’s valleys, however, our vision is limited and our future seems hidden. Yet valleys are also the most fertile places on earth. Valleys produce fruitfulness. You can expect there to be a harvest of virtue when God dwells with you in the valleys.

The Highway



How blessed is the man whose strength is in You, in whose heart are the highways to Zion! Passing through the valley of Baca, they make it a spring (Psalm 84:5-6).
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Baca means “weeping.” Each of us has times of weeping when our hearts and hopes seem crushed. Because God has placed in our hearts “highways to Zion,” however, we pass through valleys; we do not live in them. “Passing through the valley of Baca.…” Once we are on the other side of weeping, our Redeemer makes our valley experience into “a spring.” The very things that overwhelmed us will, in time, refresh us with new life. Whether we are experiencing the height of success and power or are in a valley of weakness and despair, the Lord is our God continually! Has the enemy isolated you, causing you to doubt God’s love? Do not forget, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Even the hairs on your head are numbered. He cares. It is His love for us that redeems our hardships and not only brings good out of what was meant for evil, but also trains us to deliver others. How did Jesus prepare to do wonderful works? Part of His training involved suffering. Christ was a man of sorrows. He was One who was acquainted with grief. Yet His suffering was the Father’s means of acquainting Him with the actual feelings of mankind’s need and pain. Because He suffered what we suffer, He is able to serve as a faithful high priest. If we yield to God’s plan for Christ to be formed in us, God will take our sorrows to enlarge our hearts. Once we have been acquainted with grief, we then can be anointed with compassion to deliver others.

Joseph’s Trials
Consider Joseph. He was the second youngest of Jacob’s sons and his father’s favorite. His walk with God began with dreams and visions. Joseph’s life is a pattern for many who have had a genuine call from God. Our walk with God may also have begun with a “travel brochure” of dreams and visions where God gives us a picture of His destination for us. Yet we fail to be able to see how His promises will come to pass in our lives. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers and delivered up by them to die. He was unjustly accused when Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him. He was imprisoned and forgotten by all except God who patiently watched and measured Joseph’s reaction to difficulty. Rich or poor, blessed or smitten, Joseph served God. He was being tested, but he continued to pass his tests. Joseph was on trial before men, but he was found innocent before God. Finally, at the right moment, the Lord suddenly connected all the loose ends of Joseph’s life. Everything that Joseph went through would have seemed cruel and unfair except that the Lord was shaping a man for His purpose. God uses everything we go through for future purposes that He alone sees. We do not see His ultimate plan while we are in the valley. We must remember the vision, keeping faith in what God has promised. Just as He allowed Joseph to go through many trials, so He allows us to go through great conflicts as well. For He knows that our lives—what we have become through His grace—will help others find the shelter of the Most High God in their lives.
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The Shelter of the Most High (Lake Mary. in your battle. I know that Your faithfulness is my shield and my bulwark. and the president of Advancing Church Ministries. the character and nature of Christ Jesus will emerge in our spirits. You are God of the mountains and the valleys. Without a doubt. “God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father’s household” (Genesis 41:51). The Lord has used Francis to unite thousands of pastors in prayer in hundreds of cities. This Day We Fight! 4 • The Morning STar E-Journal .frangipane. God made him fruitful in the very things that afflicted him. Help me to recognize that the place of my fruitfulness is in the land of my affliction. Christ will produce something within you that is deep and living. “God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction” (Genesis 41:52). As we remain faithful to Him in trials. “In Christ’s Image. Cause me to remember that the crises in my life always precedes the enrichment of my life. we each will pass through valleys before we reach our final goal in God.Joseph named the firstborn Manasseh. I praise You for healing me and causing me to forget all the trauma of my past. the area of greatest affliction in your life. “For. 2008). For more information on this book. In that area. God caused Joseph to forget the difficulty and pain of his life. please visit the Arrow Bookstore at www. a time ultimately comes when God causes us to forget all the troubles of the past. help me to remember what I have learned. There is something wonderful about the Lord’s capacity to cause all things to work for good. Thank You for redeeming the conflicts of my life. and with an expanding online training school and television ministry called.” he said. Now Lord. You may contact Francis Frangipane at: www. God will make you fruitful in such a way that your heart will be fully satisfied and God’s heart fully glorified. Francis Frangipane is the senior pastor of River of Life Ministries in Cedar Rapids.” he said. Amen. Lord. is the place where God will make you fruitful. With more than a million copies of his bestselling books in print. the Lord will touch many others with the substance of what you have gained. In Jesus’ name. “For.” Francis is in much demand worldwide.arrowbookstore. With Jesus in our lives. In a world that is superficial. He named the second Ephraim. God has not promised to keep us from valleys and sufferings. This article was used by permission and adapted from a chapter in Francis Frangipane’s book. Consider even now. FL: Charisma House. He intends to make your life a key that unlocks God’s shelter for others. In the land of your affliction. and Christ will be revealed to those around us. but He has promised to make us fruitful in them. His newest book is titled.

but none for the self-righteous. The Morning Star E-Journal • 5 . To me. This does not mean that Todd has been released back into ministry in general. some of which we have not even addressed yet. We see in the Scriptures that the Lord has a lot of mercy for sinners. However. This is not to imply that this would endorse anything that Todd has done in the past. As far as his spiritual health. they would need to come to the comfort level that would enable them to become part of this council. we will try to provide all of the information possible to keep people from stumbling in this way and to judge Todd and our process in the right way. he does still have issues that could hurt him. but I had some other reasons too. which brought an overwhelmingly positive response. which I will try to explain. this always trumps every other reason. and sins had been understood and repented of with considerable depth by Todd and Jessa. which we think would be a worthy test of Todd’s present spiritual condition. and he has done this to a great degree.Revival and the Todd Bentley Restoration by Rick Joyner The following was first circulated as a Special Bulletin. and has adequately “shut the gates of hell” that gave the devil access into his life. Therefore. or strongholds. has genuinely repented of them. failures. Todd’s personal relationship with the Lord has been restored and strengthened. This is not to imply that all who question or oppose Todd’s release are doing this out of pride. Todd’s ministry is probably now in a better place than many other ministries I know. Therefore. A Reason for Release in Local Church I felt that it was time to release Todd into limited ministry in our local church because I had the leading of the Lord to do this. rather that he recognized his mistakes and his sins. which had caused Todd’s problems. or cause problems in the future. I felt that this abbreviated version would be appropriate. Present Status fter nearly a year and a half of working with Todd. Of course. he is still very much in the process of restoration. and that such pride usually precedes a fall. Knowing that not all who receive our E-MSJ read our Special Bulletins. Todd has an understanding of and a vision for entering the rest of the Lord. I recently felt that it was time to release him into limited ministry in our local church. Some of the major issues. nor does it mean that Todd is nearing the end of his restoration process. we will ask for a council to endorse this. which will be composed of those who are respected throughout the body of Christ as true elders in the church. but it is a form of pride to make important or sweeping judgments with partial information. Before Todd will be fully released back into ministry.

the self-righteousness manifested by many when this happens is probably causing far more to reject the church and our message. and tend to have more real faith. it seems that every one of them had failures and were a major embarrassment in some way. then betrayed and denied Him. much less to be representatives of His kingdom. In looking at the great heroes in the Bible. They were fighting over who was the greatest on the very night He was crucified. In Luke 11. and they did not even know how to pray yet! Look at the condition of the leadership in the church when the Lord went to the cross and basically left everything in their hands. She had been divorced five times and was living in sin at the time. which is having a dependence on who Jesus is. and those who have received the mercy and grace of the 6 • The Morning STar E-Journal . How did He do it? In Luke 10. So where do we draw the line and say that people are at a level of maturity in which we can release them into ministry? This is one of those questions worthy of deep consideration because its impact on the church has been. so I have resolved to keep it simple and follow Him regardless of whether I understand everything or not. It would be much easier to explain if the Lord had chosen someone far less controversial for this great honor. If we are going to do this right. and had the revelation from the Father of who Jesus was. who lived with Jesus for several years. I am also resolved to do my best to stand for His truth and His people. fleeing from Him when He needed His friends the most. had seen all of His miracles. He is the King. he was again in leadership preaching one of the most important evangelistic messages ever preached on the Day of Pentecost. then denied Him three times in one night—one of the worst things he could do. They cast out demons. love much. They could not even stay awake for one hour to pray with the King of kings in His most desperate hour. often in many ways. not on who we are. healed the sick. However. and will be. we certainly have had a leadership that definitely would be a stumbling block to those who care about appearances. I’m quite sure most of those new converts wondered just what kind of leadership the Lord had given them in the church. This is after three years under the greatest Mentor there will ever be! It is hard to understand why the Lord would trust so much to men in any degree. the Lord sent the seventy out in teams of two. Many leaders feel that these embarrassing falls from those in high visibility in the church are causing many to stumble. these disciples came to Jesus and asked Him to teach them to pray. and doubtless they do. we need to consider how the Lord did it. regardless of the consequences. Think about it—they did all of this. and preached the gospel. It is interesting that the person who is considered the very first evangelist in Scripture is the woman at the well. They were so successful that the Lord said He saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning. Then there is the embarrassment of Peter. How can anyone trust our message of redemption and restoration when we will not even restore our own fallen? Another important point is that those who are forgiven much. Those who are immature are more dependent. Just a few weeks later.We are all in a restoration process. huge. From the beginning. as she was the first to go forth proclaiming Jesus to be the Messiah.

which likely caused the fall of Satan. Likewise. opening the gate of salvation to both the Jews and the Gentiles. but in Israel an elder was a gatekeeper and a judge. and I am not at all ashamed of it. One of the biggest open doors to this prima donna syndrome is low self-esteem and rejection. “This is just previews of coming attractions. If this were true. too. Peter was certainly an elder. and even though any minister could be an elder. Many years ago. However. but like watchmen on the walls of a city. you cannot steer something that is not moving. it was the elders who determined the action to be taken from their reports. This is why the foundation of Todd’s restoration was entering the rest of the Lord and finding his acceptance in what the Lord had done. having a ministry does not make you an elder. he was prone to some serious mistakes. and even essential to the plan of God. Being an elder in the church is a different matter. they communicated what they saw to the elders who sat in the gates. a gatekeeper to the entire body of Christ. I was shown Todd’s calling. I felt that by him doing some ministry again. This will cause you to start thinking you are the main reason for the revival. Even prophets were not considered elders. As Bob Jones said when the Outpouring broke out in Lakeland. True faith has to be coupled with patience to attain the promises. The New Testament model adopted by the early church was from the nation of Israel. These can cause one to be driven to prove their value to others. In the church. This is a study worthy of much more depth than we have a place for here. I know that what he has yet to do will greatly eclipse what he has already done. having great authority over the church of the first century. one of the greatest concerns I had about Lakeland was the prima donna attitude that began to manifest on Todd. not Jesus. it would bring some things to the surface so they could be dealt with in a more controlled place. Many think that being any of the equipping ministries listed in Ephesians 4 automatically makes one an elder. we often honor people with these positions just because they have some maturity and wisdom. This is the root of pride. A large part of my motivation for seeing Todd restored to ministry is to see more of this kind of fruit. However. but it does not. why would Peter and John have to verify that they were elders in their Epistles? Being an elder is often superficially understood in much of the modern church movements. my real reason for releasing him into some limited ministry was a clear leading from the Lord.” Even so. and not the lost. The woman at the well may have done a great job as an evangelist by getting people to meet Jesus. You’ll start seeing yourself as more important than any one person is. People with this syndrome don’t think the rules that apply to others apply to them. The Morning Star E-Journal • 7 . Even so. as stated. Todd doing some ministry will allow us to see and deal with some of these things that could cause him to stumble again. and has caused many falls since. On the other hand. not what he could do. As the law of inertia teaches us.Lord in a fresh way seem to be the most powerful in sharing it in a way that will lead others who are struggling to receive salvation—making them some of the most powerful evangelists. but this did not make her an elder.

The effect of this prayer was so powerful that it was like having the sky go from dark and overcast to clear blue instantly. until they actually made the mistakes while flying. At times. When I was a flight instructor.Todd still has some open doors that could trip him up in the future. for his sake. no matter how much I tried to explain their tendencies that I considered dangerous to them. and virtually every meeting since. I would not let those students solo until they had made those mistakes with me in the cockpit so they would not kill themselves. Loving God is our main job description as human beings. I could fairly accurately tell which mistakes a student would make. It was not just about the words or concepts that he was teaching. This is what we signed up for in the beginning—the manifest presence of the Lord. and the loss of just about everything he had built over the last decade of very hard work. A Visitation I was not asking for confirmation of this step with Todd because I was confident in the leading I had. I want to be with him while he works through some of these. However. Bob Jones had been saying for some time that he knew he was about to have a “face-to-face” encounter with the Lord. it is our love for God that keeps us hungry for Him more than anything else. 8 • The Morning STar E-Journal . and it is the main way it will be determined if we have been successful in this life. and for anyone else who might later get in the plane with him. but it seems like it is the beginning of something remarkable. We may be in the first stages of an authentic revival. he will likely burn out again. and then to break off of Todd and MorningStar the negative spoken words against us from other Christians. he has to fight the discouragement that would naturally come with the failure of his marriage. they did not get it. This is going to be the main thing that keeps Todd. the presence of the Lord has been stronger than we’ve experienced in a long time. but I am going to be very close to him for a while. We are having great miracles and high-level prophecy. If he allows these feelings of failure to become a drive in his life. and the beginning of it all was Bob’s visitation and prayer for us. This was the greatest witness that the restoration process I have been leading Todd through has been working. You cannot have that kind of impartation if it is not working in your own life. and he did. but there was a tangible impartation of hunger for God like many had not experienced in a very long time. but confirmation did come in a very powerful way. and the next time could be the last. or any of us. but this is better than all of that. Bob was told to come to our Sunday morning service and lay hands on Todd for his release. It seems to be increasing as the hunger in us is increasing. I do believe that above any knowledge or personal discipline we have. We’re not calling it that yet. At the first meeting when Todd preached. In this encounter. Immediate Revival? In that meeting. on track in this life. I felt he had one of the greatest messages on hunger for God that I have ever heard. It’s time for Todd to start flying again. the way the Lakeland Outpouring ended.

I am “the designated driver. Presumption is pride. it will grow into something more remarkable in some ways than anything we have experienced in our lifetime. Several have an anointing similar to Todd’s. When we planted a church here. and I do have a general map that I have been shown. MorningStar will not be the face of it either. we will soon be in the greatest of all of the Great Awakenings. That is thirty to forty million people who will be added to all who are already born again. Then someone came and helped my child out of the ditch. and then others will. What good is the most glorious temple if there is no God in it? If God is in His temple. To do this. If this is the beginning. After living here for a short time. cleaned them up. but no less annointed. I started to meet older people who told me about the prophecies from as far back as the late 1930s and early 1940s of this coming revival. They were covered in filth and no one would help them. we began with the team ministry concept because we were shown that this was not only biblical. Restoration and the Favor of God Many years ago. I need to know where the Lord is leading us. None of these had lost hope. which was one of the most grievous things I have ever experienced in a dream. This one will be about Jesus. People only scorned or jeered at my child. and we expect that number to grow. If I do my part right. If this becomes a Todd show. we are ruined for anything else. then it does not matter how glorious or spectacular the temple is—it will not be the temple that gets your attention. Having to submit to a team deals with a lot of that pride. but were sure it would come one day.We are obviously in the first stages of something major. and The Morning Star E-Journal • 9 . which led to two major burnout episodes. If it is the beginning of what I was shown. it will have fallen short of what it is supposed to be. It is not built around Todd’s ministry or anyone else’s. then no man or group of people will be the face of it. and a tithe of all Americans will soon be born again and filled with the Spirit. I will free the others from having to do this. If what is happening here is what I was shown. These will also be added to a real New Testament church life because the church is going to be transformed into this. He may be in the forefront for a period of time. I’m thankful we had released him to minister in our local church because he has been a large part of what’s happening. and he will no doubt be a big part of what unfolds. who are we to think we don’t need this? It’s quite a presumption to think we can do something God did not even do. Once we have experienced the manifest presence of the Lord. This could be it. or even the great experiences that they have here. Todd is just one of about a half dozen who are being used on the forefront of this. If God would rest after six days. not us.” and the primary one with the authority and responsibility to steer it. If people come here and then leave talking about any of us. beginning thirty-five years ago. and I expect all of them to go to a new level. we will have fumbled with what we were entrusted. but would be necessary for the revival that will be coming to this area. Another large factor in the breakup of Todd’s marriage was his marriage to ministry and the pace that he tried to keep up. or a MorningStar show. but others are different. I had a dream in which one of my children had fallen into a sewage ditch and could not get up.

it might be linked to this risk we took in helping Todd. “Jim Bakker is My child. and I have had restoration failures before. I lost some friends. Of course. However. I did take some heat for it. the benefits gained always outweighed what I had risked by at least one hundred times. I think every time I have taken a major risk to help someone. It is always right to do what you think is right regardless of the risk or potential reward. for My sake and for the gospel’s sake. but I’m just as good to get them in heaven. I have no guarantee of how this is going to turn out. and many have a sincere desire to protect the truth and to protect God’s people.” In my ministry to date. I actually did not do very much to help Jim Bakker. at a tiny fraction of its value. “persecutions” may be expected. and we did gain a few more enemies. which is far more valuable than having man’s favor. there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or farms. However. too. and some on my staff even thought I was risking everything. such as Tommy Barnett. much of what is said and written about Todd and me is false. If I get rewards here. but the Lord is faithful to reward those who do so. and we have even had a net gain in partners for our ministry. I also think the greatest favor of all could be one of the greatest revivals in history. I also think we have received such a huge benefit from our friendship with Jim that it would have been well worth it without getting the property. I know that the favor of God is worth more than any cost we can pay in this life. Along with it. and I was thinking about what I could do for them when I heard the voice of the Lord say. but that he shall receive a hundred times as much now in the present age. and we lost some people and partners. the Lord gives us a wonderful promise: “Truly I say to you. fine. The Lord did nothing but what was right. along with persecutions. I may have been. resulting in thirty to forty million new brothers and sisters in Christ just in America. I try not to weigh the possible costs or benefits in such matters. No doubt it has been a huge risk to help Todd. we gained far more friends than we lost. No doubt some people will never accept Todd’s restoration to ministry. Will you help him?” When I asked Jim Bakker to speak at a conference right after he got out of prison. but I also had no doubt that I would gain the Lord’s favor. and I am quite sure that not all of our critics are wrong. some of whom were friends before. which is yet to be determined. or to speak or write something that I was given. In that dream. houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and farms. but knew it would be controversial. I know the reason that we were able to acquire the former Heritage Grand Hotel and Conference Center and other parts of the former PTL property. but rather just try to be obedient. but that does not mean everything is. and we have even more of the favor of God in other remarkable ways. Even with the them going on their way again. However. I would have given everything I owned to that person who helped my child. so we try to stay 10 • The Morning STar E-Journal . In Mark 10:29-30. I would never claim to be doing everything that well. and others may have done much more. was because of the favor of God we received for helping Jim. If we are trusted with this. We did get the most remarkable home for our ministry that I could ever imagine.

” It may not seem like favor to those who care about earthly things and the favor of You can also view our outpouring and church meetings at www. but it may also be to expose and help many get free of an evil. I think you will find them to be even more interesting. the restoration process. For the sakes of those who are bound or influenced by this religious spirit. In the future Bulletins. “If I were still seeking to please men. Ben. Amber. including The Final Quest. a worldwide bestseller. I would not be a bond-servant of Christ. remarriage. I therefore think it is foolish to put our trust in people’s opinions whether good or bad. and I certainly do not claim to be perfect in this either.morningstarministries. but to be considered worthy to suffer shame for His name’s sake is one of the greatest honors we can have in this life and will be an eternal honor in heaven. the persecution went up accordingly. an interdenominational movement that is mobilizing Christians to be engaged in the great issues in our Thank you for caring enough to read this regardless of your position on what we are doing. However. The Morning Star E-Journal • 11 . “crucify Him. This is biblical.” The demon-possessed were easy for the Lord to deal with. So what kind of favor is that? Ask the Jewish people who have been His “chosen people. He is the author of more than  forty books. and Sam. self-righteous religious spirit. Rick and his wife. No doubt that the persecution will ratchet up dramatically with the increase of the favor of God. The sinners were attracted to Him. Aaryn. so check them out when they’re posted on our website at www. this is not to imply that we are doing everything right. As the Apostle Paul wrote in Galatians 1:10. Rick is the president of The Oak Initiative. the Lord’s enemies determined that it was time to kill Him. We will cover many subjects related to divorce. This too “comes with the territory” as the Lord Himself taught. If we are about to see a major revival break out. The same crowd that was crying. Again. We’re here to do the will of God and fully trust Him for any reward He thinks we deserve or any honor such as persecution that He thinks we need. the persecution will also break out on a correspondingly high level. but we’re trying our best to keep it simple and just seek to be I will be straightforward in confronting it whenever and in whomever it rises.morningstarTV. have five children: Anna. “Hosanna. which has dominated the church throughout most of her history. I knew that the result of going into this process with Todd would not only attract many who were in the grips of sin and needed to know that the grace of God could extend to them. I will address what is being said that is false for the sakes of others who are being caused to stumble by it. With the undeniable resurrection of Lazarus. and other important subjects. Julie.” just five days later. Rick Joyner is the founder and executive director of MorningStar Ministries and Heritage International Ministries and is the senior pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church.” when Jesus entered Jerusalem was crying. but it was the religious community that persecuted Him. judgment in the church. I knew all along that this was about much more than Todd or me. I would expect no less from those who are my own true friends who see it rising in me. With the increase of power and impact in Jesus’ ministry. but I seek to please the Lord.


and stumbling blocks in our relationships to others.” and wondered if this was accurate? Love that comes from the Father is not blind. taken out of context. we need to get past this unbiblical fear of judging. legalism. The Apostle Paul encountered this same problem. This error is nothing new.Love Based on Truth by Rick Reddick H ave you ever heard the statement. In the Gospel of Matthew. . When we speak to our friends. and I have known my wife for more than ten years. He says. “You hypocrite. As Christians. Only when we have removed the log from our eyes are we able to accurately see the speck in someone else’s. 6:2-3). Jesus said we would know people by their fruit (see Matthew 7:16). the church has sometimes been told that if we try to correctly see someone or something then we are in danger of committing a sin by judging. . Sadly. When we choose to love people for who they truly are. to know them which labour among you . “Do not judge according to appearance. and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye” (Matthew 7:5). A mistaken Christian practice is to tell others we love them while barely knowing them. brethren. but judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24 NKJV). At the end of this teaching. we love them based on truth. A good practice is to share with others our personal failures before we attempt to bring their shortcomings to light. Jesus specifically condemns hypocritical judgment (see Matthew 7:1-5). we are manifesting a grace that comes from heaven. “To know” means to see or have an accurate perception. Romans 14:13). Sadly. first take the log out of your own eye. while seeing the good and the bad. Rather. Recently. and others with this lowly posture. This causes us to view others with His grace and mercy. The Bible says that we are to judge those inside the church. Why? Could it be that we have not properly understood “righteous judgment?” Jesus said. that we will judge the world. are used to teach that we should not judge. As a result. a closer examination of these passages reveals that we should judge while avoiding hypocrisy. and that we will judge angels (see I Corinthians 5:12. “Love is blind. it is based on truth. we must first see ourselves accurately. a false concept has eased its way into the church. Before making an assessment of another person’s condition. However. “And we beseech you. we have veered away from making accurate evaluations when it concerns other believers. Overcoming these evils in our own lives allows us access to His grace to make righteous judgments. it must be read in context (see Matthew 7:1-5. family. having its foundation built on the assumption that love is blind. Our Savior reveals that there is a righteous process whereby we come to a conclusion using our intellect. and to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake” (I Thessalonians 5:12-13 KJV). To love the way Christ does is to see a person’s true condition and then die for them. Luke 6:37. we found ourselves in a place where we wanted to completely know each others’ The Morning Star E-Journal • 13 . I have been married for almost eight years. Such passages. Whenever the Bible speaks negatively about judging. Yet we sometimes find ourselves hesitant to make an assessment of a person’s spiritual fruitfulness.

This process killed unregenerated areas in our souls before it empowered us. As long as we had hidden secrets. By keeping these things in darkness. Having become totally exposed to each other in such a vulnerable way forced us to see each other with God’s eyes. The first few days were the hardest. no matter how painful that might be. souls. let alone our spouse. After telling us “to know them which labour among you. We did not want any secrets between us. but I sensed we were missing something. We determined to love each other based on truth. We cannot accurately esteem others unless we have made an intellectual evaluation concerning their character. This false perception cheapens love to mere words. Our unity increased to levels we thought impossible. Such heavenly. Even now. We did not lie to each other. We also need to make correct assessments when it comes to seeing good qualities in others. The result is that we began to comprehend the suffering associated with loving in a godly manner. The depths of depravity to which we sank are still very real to us. So we proceeded to talk about the secrets of our past. such knowledge releases God’s provision in our lives so that we can minister His love to others in the place of their specific need. freedom rushed into our marriage. The religious spirit has taught a counterfeit love that is not founded on truth. supernatural love is possible when we purpose to make righteous judgments supported by truth. The true understanding of a person’s fallen condition causes us to feel pain and sorrow. We had a good marriage. Instantaneous. He accurately assessed man’s need and then became our Savior. the pain started to ease. we will want to correctly evaluate other peoples’ needs so that we can most effectively serve them. Before we tell others that we love them. and bodies.past experiences. While we had been honest about our pasts during our engagement. so we knew this would not be easy. My wife and I wanted to have truth in the innermost parts of our marriage. and we were able to love with a brand new intensity. we experienced marriage altering breakthroughs in our spirits.” Paul then admonishes us “to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake” (I Thessalonians 5:12 KJV). we had not been totally open about everything. This involved reaching honest conclusions concerning who we were in our past experiences and who we are now. My wife and I lived very sinful lifestyles before we were saved. If we are walking in the love of God. Thankfully. As this love matured. maybe we 14 • The Morning STar E-Journal . While it was dark and painful for both of us to know the truth about each others’ past. our marriage was not becoming all that it was called to be. miraculous freedom and deliverance did not happen once we started talking about our pasts. it brought a new level of freedom and intimacy in our marriage that neither of us dreamed was possible. but as the weeks passed. We confessed past sexual sins that we thought would never be heard by another person. this quickly became one of the darkest periods in our marriage. my mind cannot comprehend how our marriage could get any better. We must get past false concepts of love and judgment if we are going to walk in this world as Jesus did. Instead. Before we knew it. We just kept certain things back—such as specific details concerning premarital sexual sins. we were not free.

Have we lifted them up in prayer? Have we shown them kindness and mercy? Have we spoken the truth to them? Or are we saying we love them because it is the right thing to do? Possibly. Ricki. and businessman. Jeremiah. reside in South Carolina with their four children: Noah. Rick and his wife. and Hosanna. your marriage or other relationships may well excel beyond your greatest expectations—mine certainly have by loving others based on truth. This can be one of the hardest things to endure. but the rewards greatly outweigh the suffering. God continues to compel His church to love others based on truth. Rick Reddick is a professional fisherman (licensed charter captain). all of us have participated in the culture of cheap love at some point in our Christian walks. If you see this false love operating in your life. Connect with Rick at info@transparentbelievers. who and move on. simply ask the Lord to forgive you. writer. That’s okay.should search our hearts to see what we have done for them. Called as a teacher and counselor to the Lord’s people. This life is a journey. Dawn. and. To love freely is one of the greatest things we can experience in this life. and we are not at the end yet. his passion is to see the church become a place of safety and free expression for those experiencing personal bondages. The Morning Star E-Journal • 15 .

Canada.CMM Missions to Haiti Report by Jorge Parrott Christ’s Mandate for Missions came under the umbrella of MorningStar in 2009. as this is being written. Times like this show the resiliency and diversity of gifts and callings rising to the surface and shining with God’s glory. in any way they can. Combined. and Veronica Freites are helping their and others have given invaluable help to our teams and more teams are making plans and raising funds to help in a variety of ways. With 90 percent of the infrastructure and buildings of the country destroyed. A new MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries (MFM) chapter is also being formed in Haiti as a conduit for spiritual and physical aid to the country.cmmissions. leaders. Our focus is to repair Pastor Vincent’s home. for security. MorningStar friends. and roof. under Director Tom Hardiman. CERT. CMM/MS has mobilized our pastors and missionaries in the Dominican Republic to rally to the aid of her neighbors. church. We have also had many interns from MorningStar University. Joseph Michel. CISM. perimeter wall. and at this writing. Tom Hayes. this may be the greatest opportunity for a nation to be reborn. Pastor Vincent led a Pastor’s Conference that attracted 500 pastors and workers January 27 – 30.S. based on their giftings and callings. CMM/MS is an army of ambassadors from heaven sent to bring God’s will to earth as it is in heaven. please go to our website at www. Jose and Jacqeline Javier. Frank Gresham. and MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries. Even with the devastation all around. and for it to be held in those conditions was an extraordinary testimony of the resilience of the church that is in Haiti. Teams are going each week to work under Pastor Vincent’s supervision. T he second team of nurses and disaster relief volunteers are finishing up and returning to the U. and IDRN trained counselors will be helping the hurting pastors and leaders in the recovery process. MorningStar has been training MFM members and MFC pastors in disaster relief. and church members rally together to pray for each other and connect and help each other in times of need. This is the unity spoken of in Psalm 133 and John 17. rallying the troops from all across America. the overseer of the CMM/MorningStar mission in Haiti. Victor Rodriguez. and elsewhere. CMM/MS  is blessed in many nations to have friends and pastors. the Captain 16 • The Morning STar E-Journal . and we are committing ourselves to this end. school. For more information about these missions. and now we are able to send support teams to help Pastor Vincent and his leaders in the healing and mobilization efforts. Thank you for your generous prayers and support for God’s army marching toward eternity gathering saints all rejoicing in the Lord Jesus Christ. nearly a quarter of a million confirmed dead and multitudes more seriously injured. CMM volunteers. with Stephen Alls. we now have more than 500 missionaries in the field. as well as schools and orphanages on several different continents. There is much to do. Pastor Vincent. This was possibly the first conference of any type after the earthquake.

cmmissions. The Palm Beach Post. Charlotte. He has a doctoral degree from North Carolina College of Theology and has served as President of Christ’s Mandate for Missions since 1998. Astrel Vincent could hear were the sounds of people screaming.5 million homeless and forever changed the lives of countless others. He remembers thinking that this is what it must have sounded like when the Egyptians in the 11th chapter of Exodus awoke to find the firstborn sons of every household dead. 2010 s the sun began to set an hour after the earthquake. You can help build the New Haiti by sending our teams and Revivalists there. There were more questions Saturday as hundreds gathered and wept at the funeral of Monsignor Joseph Serge Miot. For information. Designate your gift for Haiti disaster relief or Haiti Crusade. I have never experienced something like this in my life. who also died in the January 12 quake. where he had begun the painstaking task of sifting through the rubble for survivors. Mail in your gift to CMM. and illuminates some of the conditions that exist and questions that are being asked there. and Vicar Charles Benoit. His church compound has become not only a house of refuge for the homeless. The MorningStar University will offer accredited degrees through CMM-NCCT in the fall of 2010. P . Copyright.” Vincent said. NC  28241. Or. but also a place where the living have come looking for a reason to explain their where on Thursday groups of people stared woefully at the hollowed cathedral that had once been a national monument. left 1. all that Rev. It is the same quest for answers that brings people to the ruins of the Notre Dame Cathedral near downtown Port-au-Prince. CMM also helps many churches plan trips. traveling to more than thirty nations. none is as simple as this: Why? It is a question that many of the faithful in Haiti’s predominantly Catholic religious community have been asking their leaders. archbishop of securely. 7705. “I’m telling you. visit www. Of all the questions surrounding the quake that killed tens of thousands of people. Distressing Question Lingers in Haiti Churches: Why Did it Happen?  By Daphne Duret. The moans and wails filled the dusty air and surrounded both his church and the nearby city blocks. CMM merged into MorningStar in 2009 and has more than five hundred missionaries who equip native leaders in over thirty nations. 100 percent of funds will reach Haitians.of the Host of the Army. crossed themselves and kept walking. donate online at www. You will receive the same reward as those on the front lines for your generous investment in rebuilding Haiti. One hundred percent of funds will be used to help Haitians move on to their bright future. Jorge Parrott is the Missions Director for MorningStar Ministries. The following article appeared in The Palm Beach Post and talks about the CMM/MS work in Haiti being led by Pastor Vincent. The Morning Star E-Journal • 17 A .

an Episcopal priest who helps run a hospital in Leogane. Now is the time for action.” DuCarmel said he tells his followers that the question of why it happened isn’t as important as what they will do about it. said he’s heard all the same theories. “Now is not the time to talk. Rumors Theories. it seems. say a 1791 voodoo ceremony that invoked the devil sealed a pact among slaves to overthrow French rule. Some have said it is a sign that the world is about to end. Edouard DuCarmel wasn’t thinking about any of that Thursday as he handed packets of cookies and water to volunteers sweeping rubble from the front of Notre Dame. said that on the road to rebuilding. scientific level. Some historians. My God is a God of love. are more abundant than food and water in this ravaged region. He listens patiently each time and never judges. he said. As he led a tour of his demolished elementary school Friday afternoon. that what happened was not an earthquake at all but a bomb that the U. and houses. To that end. “If there is a reason for this.S. and God is reproaching sinners. He said this will help parishioners understand what happened on a natural. an environment he said makes him feel like Moses with the Israelites in the wilderness. reciting prayers.” he said. but the Rev.000 people. children. standing outside in the yard of the church filled with tents. humans will have to take a tough look at the role they played in the disaster. “God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. he said. he found two Muslims bowing toward Mecca. where he leads a 500-member church.  “If everybody who was sitting around giving their theories or asking for aid would instead go outside and pick up one piece of debris.” he said. Vincent. After a while they rolled up their mats and greeted the pastor on their way out. “There are so many lessons to be learned from this. Though the earthquake itself was a natural occurrence.Many Theories. “To say any of these things are true would make my God powerless. the streets would be entirely clean.” Taking Responsibility Action will be the subject of Vincent’s messages for the next three months. Frantz Cole. There has been some debate about whether the event happened. 18 • The Morning STar E-Journal . Others have simply said the earthquake was God walking upon the earth to make His presence felt.” Cole said. it can be found in the things we can learn.” Vincent said. “That’s not the God I know. and televangelist Pat Robertson. “God doesn’t need to do any of these things to show His power. much like what happened in the biblical story of Job. had thrown on the nation. Cole has invited a geologist to speak to his parishioners during this morning’s church service. DuCarmel’s message is closer to the biblical story of God’s answer to Joshua as he prayed for guidance after the death of Israelite leader Moses.” Vincent heard a rumor going around Cite Soleil. Vincent had yet to hear the reason behind that theory.” The Rev. but we better be careful not to manipulate the thoughts and intentions of God to fit our own theories. “We have all religions here now.” Vincent said with a shrug. whose church is the largest in this city of more than 800. In a land where men have lost wives.

water. as long as you live on this Earth there will be something going on—fire.Vincent said. poor building conditions. So he said he preaches to his congregation against ignorance—a thing he said is man’s greatest enemy—and instead encourages his congregants not to keep looking back at the destruction that has befallen them. “Has God cursed the people of Haiti?” Vincent asks himself.”  The Morning Star E-Journal • 19 . and other factors led to unnecessary loss of life. then I have to look at an event like this and decide that I have to be strong. “But if I die tomorrow. I believe I will have another life. earthquake—these things will happen.” he said. “I tell them. Vincent said he believes in Armageddon but doesn’t believe the earthquake is a sign of the end. lack of respect for the earth. He said he doesn’t believe that. If I believe this.


“A thousand may fall at your side. Great compassion poured out. and tarps. D isasters can bring out the worst and the best in us.000 people have been fed every day for a month with approximately 35. and we cannot even calculate how much. know that thousands and thousands of lives have been touched and many saved by your love. which have been dropped off at Vincent’s. and ten thousand at your right hand.000 to 2. This is God’s army rising up and putting action to their faith with love being released. medicine. CMM. Each is precious in the eyes of God and us too. our embedded missionaries are faithful to share their hearts and experiences. which include a strong and intentional desire to share all God shows us. The Order of St. teachers.000 to 50.” knowing “all things are new. but the glory of our living God overshadows all these temporary light afflictions. Two high-level security experts will be giving us their assessment soon. tents. God’s fulfillment of the Great Commission involves adventurous warriors going to the ends of the earth to reach one more soul. we cling to the solid “band of brothers” kindred family here and abroad who fit into the “misfits” category as shared recently by retired General Jerry Boykin. but it shall not come near you” (Psalm 91:7). text. rope. estimates have been revised to more than $500. government.000 in food. one of the founders The Morning Star E-Journal • 21 . missionaries. One hundred percent of the funds go to earthquake victims. and so on in many nations around the world which are already embedded. We just know we can trust our friends around the world.000 meals served. I see a global army. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of Americans continue to lead the way in offering disaster relief.000 generator in place at Vincent’s school and also for the used truck for Vincent. helping the hurting and hopeless. With CMM’s native pastors. Networks and strategic alliances are made. Focused hunger for God and His purposes impel us to “risk it all. However.Thousands Upon Thousands Touched in Haiti by Jorge Parrott All Scripture references NKJV unless indicated.S. being recommended at this time. materials. and discipling the nations. or email.” As God releases His dreams and visions into our dreams and visions. On the way to that end. deep relationships are made as hearts become as one. the work of the warriors will go forward in a rapidly advancing rate.  We are still in Phase I responders—medically licensed or disaster trained and certified. equipping the saints. due to security issues. We were made for such a time as this. Thank God for the hearts of many from around the world in the last month since the Haiti earthquake. Over half of the people who have been to Haiti through MorningStar/CMM are making plans to return a second time. By God’s grace. so if you have given to Haiti through MorningStar. old things are passed away. Whether by voice.” We do not pretend to offer anywhere near the level of expertise of information our government offers. It will get bloody. 1. or other organizations. A doctor was telling people recently that “the intel he was getting from MorningStar/ CMM missionaries on the ground in Haiti was better than the U. We are thankful for the $15. John.

and he answered. there are many fine organizations and denominations doing their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. or styles. and the obedient uniting for the kingdom through the ministry of reconciliation and restoration. have told me what a saint and general in God’s army Pastor Vincent is. told me in late January before the first Pastor’s Conference held after the earthquake that he “must tell our leaders to be strong even when they don’t feel like it.S. often speaks of the restoration process spoken of in Galatians 6:1. In this time of crisis in biblical proportions. whether it be in intercession. now caring for orphans. “those who did not seem to fit in with the regular troops. hyper-energized. This life is training for reigning with the Captain of the hosts of the army. The wounds. 22 • The Morning STar E-Journal . Maybe that is why our doctor friend said we had better intel than the CIA. Again. All of our team members from the U. level—an inexplicable chemical reaction occurs and miracles happen. and doing what comes instinctively when disastrous circumstances are thrust upon you. moving dead bodies.” Just like David’s mighty men of valor. or they have been hurt by churches. they rallied together selflessly to lead the way in helping the injured. and now on the CMM board. These dedicated servants all have been abandoned. founder of MorningStar Ministries. Our missionaries in Haiti and the Dominican Republic all come from the misfit class. or any of the seven mountains. disaster relief. standards. overlooked. missions. When asked what type of soldiers made the best Delta Force members. and both he and Vincent have worked together in many areas from conferences. shipwrecked. abused. and a host of other reasons. we see many who are hungry for God who did not fit into the main stream of churches—many of those are doing great good and benefiting the body of Christ immeasurably in their own unique way. from the Dominican Republic. a peace comes to the storm and something supernatural takes place at a sub-atomic. or did not fit the general mold of other organizations’ expectations. Many of our CMM/MorningStar missionaries have also been hurt. rejection. Pastor Vincent. the very scars of life. God’s army may look like chaos. such as 2008’s four hurricanes that hit Haiti. (and I paraphrase). betrayed. This heart of restoration of the warriors is the pulse of God.” Three hundred were expected and five hundred showed up. an orphan himself. Heaven is a big place and I believe we are all in for a big surprise because of who God is. worship. the humble. stymied.of the Delta Force. cut off by families and friends. However. those who lost loved ones. Just like Jesus’ ragtag bunch of disciples. Victor Rodriguez. Rick Joyner. Some of God’s Delta Force are just so left/right brained they are misunderstood—so creative they think “normal” is insanity. to prior disaster relief from hurricanes. Theocracy does not require democracy. are often the area where the Lord gives healing power and authority to flow through us and minister to others. (CMM had welcomed these warriors in over the last ten years as we strive prophetically to see in others what God sees in them). just the few. We just are ever thankful for our Papa God for making it happen His way. Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Who is ready for that level of crisis? Come with us and we will show you the future. has been a close friend of Vincent’s for many years. education. to hosting teams. locating family members. unwelcomed. when the Holy Spirit helps us in the completion of our destinies and callings. We do not try and explain it. or abused.

Lord. believing God is able. This is an amazing opportunity for the body of Christ worldwide to shape the future of Haiti. D. thank God.S. then passed away two days later from the infection. the Lord has been revealing to many of us visions of the New Haiti. Holy Spirit. Will there be fathers in the faith for these beautiful people? Will you go or send someone who can? Soon. until they asked Anna Marie and I to pray for them.R. D. He would do in Haiti. Ten thousand people live along a creekbed with sewage flowing through it. She has hosted many teams in the D. Anna Marie. They pastor a church planted by Veronica in an inner city area of Santo Domingo. medical teams.” One time when my wife. We thank God for the reports of witch doctors and their children on their knees the day of the earthquake and since then.R. As I have been helping with our efforts in Haiti. Pastor Astrel Vincent. Many hearts are waiting to be touched with that precious Love called Jesus. preacher. and his three hundred or so pastors. such as midwives. Jesus. The Lord spoke to me just ten days or so after the earthquake that what He was doing in the “Breakout” or “New Move” at MorningStar. and teacher. then we need to get much stronger. and has planted several Hispanic churches and two Haitian She is loved by many for her bold faith. and waking us up. answered the call to return to her native land as a gifted evangelist. email cmmarmy@gmail.. in Jesus’ name. strengthening. help us be a part in building The New Haiti. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. according to Your will Lord. was there. give Your people clarity. God is linking. who had been bitten by a rat.) The Morning Star E-Journal • 23 . worship leader. short-term mission teams of all kinds.Pastor Veronica Freites  of Palmera de Ocoa. If the joy of the Lord is our strength. building. D..R. we will be sending resources and materials for discipleship and firm foundations to our brethren hungry for knowing God in fullness and power. and passion for the lost. an eight-year old girl came forward for prayer for her grandmother. founded on a love of the truth with righteousness prevailing. is a native Dominican who lived in the U. Jose and Jacqueline could not have children. “the devil’s sewer. (If you would like to see this. No one wants to see the past repeated in Haiti. and once her children were grown. across the street from a government posted sign labeling a poverty stricken area. love for all people.R. and they have helped by picking up our team workers and having them stay in their home. We have a Haiti Relief Mission Statement that keeps us focused on how to seek eternal change in Haiti through our friend and missionary. They have a child now. Ramshackle scraps make homes for these people who said no other churches would dare come into their midst. Pastors Jose and Jacqueline Javier live in Santo Domingo. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. So what will the end times look like? Many believe we have not seen anything yet. We know many angels are dancing in heaven over the multitudes in Haiti coming to know You.

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Ontario CANADA K2J 4R1 Phone: (613) 823-6815 Marianne Botha House of Hope 7-15th Ave.najoth. 550 Boromo Province des Bale – Bukina Faso Phone: +22676680020 Email: manuelsarachel2@aol. 72531 Hohenstein. www. Ottawa. Emile-Pominville Lachine. British Dr. Rift Valley.P .org “Light in the World” Fellowship Nelson Richardson (Pastor) Maranatha Fellowship 4 James Long Court Nepean. Francis Agbana (Pastor) Columbia V9E 1J5 Life Builders International Network Phone: (250) 479-7166 Christ Risen Power Mission Ralf 360 Dr.beurzele. Ontario PIP IJ8 Phone: (705) 687-9937 Email: info@gatewayworshipcentre. Chester UK Phone: +44 (0) 7964 084934 Email: info@gloryfires. Francis Agbana (Pastor) Life Builders International Aivars Alksnis (Pastor) Matisa jela 113-3/4. LV—1009 PO Box Tahyo Manuel (Pastor) Rod & Kerrie Christensen (Pastors) Rivers of Living Water Inc. Lone Republic of Togo Phone: +371-2959-1321 (West Africa) Fax: +371 6754 9485 Email: Rob & Aliss Creswell (Pastors) Gloryfires Blacon. Bedfordale. Australia 6112 Phone: 0011 (618) 9399-3786 Email: rivliv@bigpond. Bürzele (Pastor) Hans-Reyhing-Weg 26. East Africa Phone: (816) 761-3667 Email: heaven4earth@gmail. Box 302 the morning star E-journal • 29 .de / www. Mossel Bay 6500. South Africa Phone: +27446910821 / Fax:+2744690821 Email: Francine Tessier International Christian Chamber of Commerce – Canada John & Sharon Senin Shiloh House Mission P W . Box Email: Bryan Yager Eagleview Ministries OTHER COUNTRIES 205 Meadowbrook Road. Ste-Clotilde Quebec.riversliving.hope@hotmail.revivalists@gmail.marshall01@gmail. England (Europe) Fax: (250) 479-7168 Email: international.A. Riga. Kabarnet. Email: www. Nova Scotia. Canada B0N-2T0 Phone: (902) 830-1295 Email: AFRICA Wade Marshall (Pastor) River Center Ministries 99 Stannus Street / P .life-builders. Latvia. 15/25 Canns Ralph Rains (Pastor) Gateway Worship Centre 460 Muskoka Road www. PO Box 473.webs.O. Kenya.O.MFM Directory CANADA Sylvain Gauthier (Pastor) Najoth Ministries 784 Rang www. Germany Phone: +49-7387-984920 Fax: +49-7387-8284 Email: ralf@buerzele. Quebec H8R 1M3 Phone: (514) 903-6574 Email: www. Canada G0N 1C0 Phone: (418) 484-5611 Email: najoth@telstep.

AZ 85295 Andrei & Amanda Prychodko Email: office@lifewaywoc. Anderson.treeoflifebelize.downsbaptistchurch. Huntsville. Gilbert Road. 500001.nanette@gmail.atlanticmissionav.F. Box 55. AP .org Tommie Naumann Charles Payne (Pastor) Open Door Fellowship P .nanette@gmail. Dauphin Island. Light On the Word 1005 Pavor y Morelos. www. Box Ferry Wieland (Pastor) Josh Dehmlow (Pastor) www. Germany Phone: +49-228-9614335 Email: Conrad@fatofa. Box Phone: 011-52-616-16-62403 Email: humblyyours. Thermi/Thessaloniki.lovehopemercy. India Phone: (9140) 6682-1730 Fax: (9140) 6677-7430 Email: johnewcc@yahoo.O.andreiprychodko.O. AR 72653 Email: sheenaryan01@hotmail. Nigeria Phone: +23-4806-8997219 Baja Norte. ARKANSAS andreiprychodko1@aol. Central America Phone: (501) 226-0342 Email: georgeferrar@gmail. 3974 CA 93704 Phone: (559) 222-7509 Email: dehmlow@comcast. HP 20 2SE United Kingdom Phone: +44 1296422669 Email: David Hart Team Focus P . Palermo – Italy 90143 www. CONNECTICUT Craig & Amy Bassett Atlantic Missionary Aviation P . Greece 544 Falmer Valentina Tomasello Via F. VS.O. Bogota. Caye 658h 27/154 Taman Bkit Anggerik 87 Nieboer Drive Mountain Home.schleife.gatewayministry. Switzerland CH-8411 Phone: + 41 (52) 233-6080 Fax: +41 (52) 233-6082 Email: sekretariat. Living Stones 18 Mount Street. South America Phone: 571-802-37-14 Fax: 571-802-37-14 Email: www. CA 96007 Phone: (530) 227-5048 Email: hesourrock@juno. Mexico Email: pastor_nicolasndap@yahoo. AL 35763 Phone: (256) 682-2645 Email: CPayne3004@aol. The Key of David Ministries World Children’s Center Ministries George Ferrar (Pastor) Tree of Life Ministries Avenida Mangle. John Powell (Pastor) Christ Apostolic Church Tracy Schellhorn Manifest Ministries International P . Box 280 Owens Cross Roads.myspace. Postfach75 Winterthur. England BN2 6XZ Phone: +30-2310-805990 Email: tnaumannotenet. Malaysia Phone: 603-79806843 Email: 2487 S.christ-the-rock.O. CT 06084 Phone: (860) 454-4377 Email: craig@altlanticmissionav. Buckingham.) 2142 N.Christian Fellowship Drachten ( 30 • The Morning STar E-Journal .ch UNITED STATES ALABAMA Miles Wylie Albright (Pastor) Day’s Dawn Ministries 301-A CC Ivy Road. La CALIFORNIA The Gatherings Richard & Audrey Ho Streams Revival Ministries Cesar Hernando Pastas Vinnacres The King and His Kingdom Kim & Mary Andersson (Pastors) Christ the Rock Ministries P .aussieprophet. Belize. FL 32225 Cory McClure (Pastor) Phone: 011-591-706-27678 LifeWay World Outreach Center Email: jpowell133@gmail. Phone: + 44-1273-691802 Calacotto. Birmingham. AL 35238 Phone: (205) 980-4996 Email: mmitoday@bellsouth.O. Box 60438. Bonn/ 53175. Box John Ebenezer (Pastor) P Fax: (870) 491-5353 Email: Nanette Diogo Nicolas Ndap CAC Chemin du CAdran Solaire / www.hiscfd. South America ARIZONA Mailing: 2771-29 Monument Road www. Kuala Lumpur Jerry McNally (Pastor) Living Hope International Mexico Phone: (262) 381-0121 Fax: (262) 364-2153 Email: livinghope@lovehopemercy. Woodingdean Phone: +39 (338) 4828415 Email: Nanette Diogo Light On the Word 858 3rd Avenue #451 Chula Vista. Kaduna www. CA 91911 Phone: (619) 540-0590 Email: humblyyours.fatofa. Colombia.MFM Directory David Daynes Downs Baptist Church P . Wilson Avenue Torenstraat Randy & Crystal Moser (Pastor) Sheena Ryan (Pastor) Beauty for Ashes Conrad Gille Face to Face Schwalbengarten 61. Aylesbury. Switzerland Phone / Fax: +41 (0) 27-481-2884 Email: Calle 86 No Pieter Jordaan (Pastor) Gateway Ministries shire. Vincente Guerrero. Tolland. Drachten 9203 BG Netherlands Phone: +31 (512) 341095 Email: cfd@hiscfd. AL 36528 Phone: (704) 996-158 Email: hartodavid@aol. 26.D. Box Phone: (870) 491-5299 www. Box Andreas Keller (Pastor) Stiftung Schleife Pflanzschulstrasse 17. Suite 106-120. AL 35803 Email: miles@hiwaay.

MA Suzanne Due Season Ministries International 155 Azalea www.O. Mike & Becky Chaille Firestarter Ministries International 7523 Ridge Road. Box 90736. “Wake” Upchurch (Pastor) Liberty Ministries & Fellowship: God’s House Church & FreeSong P .net Phone: (850) 559-8171 Fax: (954) 848-0419 Email: revfred@wildblue.globaladvancement.wellspring.newdawn. 210 N. CT 06037 Phone: (860) 225-0661 Fax: (860) 229-5433 Email: rick@wellspring. Tolland.themeetingplaceforwomen.gracecommunityfellowship.dueseasonmin.senttoserve. Daytona Beach.MFM Directory Weston Brooks (Pastor) River of Life Christian Fellowship Andrew DeLong (Pastor) Tree of Life Church 2132 Shadowlawn Sr. Box 252. GA 30907 Phone: (706) 210-7638 Email: lizcomeuphigher@knology. CT 06340 Phone: (860) 445-6005 or (860) 235-0139 John David & Sarah C Kirby John David Kirby Ministries Email: waltonsent2serve@aol. FL 33956 Phone: (239) 283-2553 Wesley Zinn (Pastor) Email: www.O. Eason Levite Ministry & School of Worship Inc. Chaplain Linda Randal Cutter (Pastor) New Dawn Community Church 11030 Wiles Road Coral Springs. FL 34711 Phone: (352) 536-2792 Email: 222 Lincoln Street www.jcdaytona. Lake Shore Way (US HWY 17 & 92) Lake Alfred.thearmorybookstore. Box 9215. James Gerrick & Jill Busl Sabbath House 2720 SE Kern Road Port Saint Lucie. Baxley. 104 Notch Road Deleen & Don Walton 33 Trent Frank A.O. Stewart Cindy Stewart Connects 384 Y Merrow www. FL 34984 Phone: (772) 340-5807 Email: gerrickbusl@yahoo.gcftouchinghearts. GA 30141 Phone: (770) 439-2397 Email: info@firestarterministries. P .com Chris Fields K. FL 34685 Phone: (727) 251-6155 Fax (727) 942-9268 Email: stewartcindys@aol. www. CT 06084 Phone: (860) 871-1070 Fax: (860) 875-7214 Email: Dan Evans (Pastor) Lucy Finch 4526 Serenity Trail Palm 451 Bayfront Place #5311 www. 907 Cammaron Way.tlcnaples. Frostproof.kingdomhorizons.R. David Weber David Hartz (Pastor) Cherith Ministries 1506 Bannerman Road Tallahassee FL 32312 Phone: (850) 893-3032 Fax: (850) 893-3032 Email: Wellspring Church www. Hiram. Naples. CT 06084 Phone: (860) 906-7580 Fax: (860) 872-6828 Email: chris@thearmorybookstore. Starke. Lakeland. Kelly P .rr. FL 34112 Phone: (239) 530-2200 Fax: (239) 530-2203 www. FL 32327 www. CT 06043 Phone: (860) 643-8083 Fax: (860) 649-5921 Email: mountzion2@juno.dueseasonmin. CT 06037 Fred Lanier (Pastor) Phone: (860) 225-0661 Harvest Fellowship Fax: (860) 229-5433 35 Jenny Lynn Road Email: wes@wellspring.jcfreshwaterinjesus. Box GEORGIA Elizabeth Brunson The Meeting Place for Women. FL 33843 Phone: (863) 635-2704 Email: office@flclives. GA 30721 Phone: (800) 903-9809 Email: Greg Pusateri (Pastor) Partnership for Global Advancement 20701 NW 70th Place. Augusta.relationshipchurch. FL 33850 Phone: (863) 956-0144 or (863) 299-0506 Email: kupchurch@tampabay.rolcf. Gresham (Pastor) Whosoever Ministries P .org Cynthia Rick McKinniss (Pastor) Wellspring Church 222 Lincoln Street Rick & Bette Strombeck Koinonia Ministries 10812 Poinciana Drive Clermont. FL 33884 Phone: (863) 325-8215 Email: Crawfordville. FL 33804 Phone: (863) 581-1784 Email: Mount Zion Christian Fellowship P .net FLORIDA www. FL 32091 Phone: (904) 966-0404 becky@gcftouchinghearts. FL 34102 Email: LucyPull@aol. GA 31513 Phone: (912) 278-3990 Email: 4690 Woodstock Road www. FL 33076 Phone: (954) 753-7729 Fax: (954) 345-2562 Email: NewDawn@NewDawn. GA 30127 Phone: (770) 949-8877 Fax: (770) 573-2551 Email: Craig Cooper (Pastor) Relationship Church 1401 Cleveland Highway Suite C the morning star E-journal • 31 .lifewaycommunitychurch. Box The Armory Bookstore 12 Goose Lane. Galati (Pastor) Family Life Church P .org 126 Belmont Drive Winter Haven. FL 32120 Phone: (386) 566-4779 Email Website: Mike & Becky Chaille (Pastors) Great Commission Fellowship 578 Brownsville Road Powder www. Hilton Thomas Brian & Darla Hayes (Pastors) The Gate Church 350 Bentley Way. Boise. IL 61525 Phone: (309) 243-5067 Fax: (309) 274-4686 Email: janf@cmcousa.O. janiesmithrn@hotmail. IN 47338 Phone: (765) 396-2089 Email: abagirL765@sbcglobal. HI 96753 Phone: (808) 874-3652 Email: 1701 Bristol Hollow Road 213 West Van Buren Street Columbia Herb & Frostie Hall Dread Champions of the King 7328 theseer1959.myspace.ang1988@sbcglobal. IL 62034 Email: tman@charter.peoriaprayercenter. Chicago Street. Drury Northgate Church of Atlanta Peoria Prayer Center 3011 N. Dean Woolard (Pastor) Cornerstone World Outreach Ministries P . Elmhurst.riverwoodschristiancenter. IN 46703 Phone: (260) 668-3676 Fax: (260) 668-3676 Email: www. IL 60175 Phone: (630) 377-5695 Fax: (630) 443-0286 Email: tonydanhelka@sbcglobal. Delaware Russell Wagner Omega Kingdom Ministries HAWAII Karen Nicoli (Pastor) Good News Fellowship Ministries 140 Uwapo Road #28203 Tony Danhelka INDIANA Marc Lawson (Pastor) Church at North Gate 9876 Main Street. Horton (Pastor) Firewater Fully Gospel Fellowship PO Box 68. IN 47834 Phone: (812) 442-1552 Email: dreadchampions@avenuebroadband. Ciarrachi Order of the Saints of the Holy One Email: robertwhitt@familylifechurch. Jesup.wordpress. IL 60083 Phone: (847) 858-3136 Fax: (847) 244-1446 Email: Hilton. William John Hurst 984 Pebble Bend Drive SW Grayson. Tattenham P . Glen www. IL 60174 Phone: (630) 377-5355 Email: chicagoprophets@aol. IL 61603 Phone: (309) 361-4052 Email: Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership 270 E. Maple Avenue. Fayetteville. Charles. GA 30188 Phone: (678) 494-2193 Fax: (678) 248-3693 Email: www.goshenhouse www. Inc. Woodstock. IL 60126 comcastbiz. Box Ryan Lawson (Pastor) Rodney A. Box 1263. IL 60030 Phone: (847) 223-0042 Robert Whitt (Pastor) Family Life Church ILLINOIS Dr.pwac. Suite 250 Woodstock. GA 30114 Phone: (770) 345-6361 Email: Email: gail@saintsoftheholyone. www. Washington Street Michael Lee (Pastor) The Prayer & Training Center Peggy Pulliam Passionately Serving Ministries 2855 Jones Chapel Road 3377 Maple Tree Lane Wadsworth. Lot #79. GA 30214 Phone: (770) 460-8822 Email: hayes3dbd@yahoo.NGCA. IL 60120 Phone: (847) 717-4878 Fax: (847) 697-4987 Gail H.myspace. IN 46725 Phone: (260) 388-1130 Email: omeganetwork@embarqmail. Charles. GA 31087 Phone: (706) 998-0748 Email: www. Haywood Farms Road Brazil. GA 31598 and Providence Worshiping Arts Center 3343 Highway 341 www.MFM Directory Bryan & Mona Gabriel 1015 Cherokee Road Winterville.familylifechurch1. P 1901 Mansfield Street Theresa Forkins-Phillips Praise Ministries International 1731 South 7th Avenue St. GA 30188 Phone: (678) 494-2193 Email: or www. GA 30017 Phone: (770) 982-5135 Email: J. IN 46706 Phone: (260) 925-4360 Email: Betty Thurman Ferree Goshen Fellowship 1 Equestrian Court www. IN 46202 Phone: (317) 632-0206 Email: mike. GA 30683 Phone: (706) 742-5732 Email: bmgabriel41@charter. Georganne Schweickert Knowing Him Ministries International 21760 W .net 32 • The Morning STar E-Journal .org Riverwoods Christian Center 1005 Crestwood Circle www. ID 83713 Phone: (208) 939-5155 Email: davevicmc@msn.jeremiah33. 137 IDAHO David McClellan (Pastor) Strong Tower Ministries 4698 N.NGCA. Eaton. Elgin. Box 743. Phillips (Pastor) Cornerstone World Outreach Ministries 402 South Fort Wayne Janice Fennell Keith & Janie Smith (Pastors) Keith Smith Ryan & Torrey O’Connor (Pastors) The Lighthouse Worship Center 411 Cobalt Valley Lane Canton. GA 31545 Phone: (912) 270-5030 Email: elderkeithsmith@hotmail.

201 N.O.doyouknowwhoHEis. MI 48820 Phone: (517) 980-6603 Email: wmw_1@msn. Box 48607.chalicegallery. Box 550092.destinychurchfellowship. Wichita.clintonworshipcenter.O. Ishpeming. www. MA  02455 Phone: (781) 609-2552 Email: Karen@crownnetwork.O.crownnetwork.spiritofthenazarite. Cutler Taconic Valley Christian Fellowship P . MA 01510 Phone: (978) 365-2552 Fax: (978) 365-2233 www. Box 215. Sandy Lee Walking In Destiny Ministries.O. www. Presque Steven & Karen Williams (Pastors) Crown Fellowship Church P .org KANSAS Nick & Jana Harris (Pastors) Living Waters House of Prayer P .eagledove. KY 40502 Phone: (859) 422-1794 Email: tommyhays@aol. Maine 04843 Phone: (207) 236-4904 or (207) 975-1849 www. Box 7094. Owosso. Winthrop. Box www.O. Edward J.emergingdanielcompany. IA 50131-1294 Phone: (515) 270-0231 Email: www. Apt.songofdebra. Box 711. Fulton Messiah Ministries 2800 Tates Creek Road Lexington.O. MA 01930 Phone: (978) 283-9111 Email: eagleanddove@comcast.O. ME 04769 Phone: (207) 768-3400 Fax: (207) 768-3401 Email: info@transformedbyGod. Box 123. Anderson Chalice 1411 Wilshire Circle 1422 W .org www. Box 63. Waterson (Pastor) Ministries ( P . MI 49849 Phone: (906) 869-5267 Email: www.O. Box 3132. MI 48820 Phone: (517) 862-3599 Email: MINNESOTA Pete & Pam Thiel (Pastors) Firestarters Worship Center P Linda Schreurs Nancy Nichols Transformations Ministries Intimacy with God Ministries P . Box 1551. Washington. Waltham. Camden. ME 04364 Phone: (207) 377-2015 Email: jwconnor@fairpoint. Box 1294. MA 01267 Phone: (413) 738-5814 Email: taconicvcf@aol. Box 4202. KS  67460 Phone: (620) 245-1058 or (316) 284-1485 Email: spiritlifeministries@gmail. Nesgoda Wendy M. MD 21212 Phone: (410) 616-9478 / (813) 454-7643 Email: Donna Milham (Pastor) Eagle & Dove Ministries / Judah’s Roar Church P .com MAINE John MASSACHUSETTS Aaron Evans Emerging Daniel Company P .messiah-ministries. KY 42240 Phone: (270) 885-9620 Fax: (270) 885-1594 Email: eagleba@bellsouth. Paducah KY 42003 Phone: (270) 898-2626 Email: LeesDestiny@hotmail. IA 52535 Phone: (641) 226-2880 Email: dbrown38@hotmail. Clinton. Hardwick (Pastor) Jumpstart Ministries P . MI 48867 Phone: (989) 723-9511 Email: jumpstartministries@jumpstartministries. KS 67201 Phone: (316) 262-7729 Email: wichitanick@gmail.vicconline. 10 Nathaniel Webb Smith KENTUCKY Ann MICHIGAN Christopher J. MA 09121 Phone: (978) 979-4941 Email: sentbyhim@aol. MS 39564 Phone: (228) 875-3131 Email: PastorMCC@hotmail. McPherson. Box 76 Birmingham.O. LA 70612 Phone: (337) 499-6763 Email: dmlappleeye2@aol. KS) P . MI 49301 Phone: (616) 464-5667 Email: pureheartchurch@comcast.O. Inc.intimacy-with-God. Sanctuary Gate Church 100 Dumbarton Road #D Baltimore. Front Line Word Robert & Donna Harris (Co-Pastors) Clinton Worship Center 445 Berlin the morning star E-journal • 33 .MFM Directory IOWA David & Lisa Brown The Eternity Project 150 W .thehighwaycenter. Whittington Do You Know Who HE is Ministries Tommy Hays Barry Grauman (Pastor) 3399 Hancock Road www. 1225 Northway Drive. MN 56571 Phone: (218) 367-3455 Email: Jerry & Ruth Wickline (Pastors) MARYLAND Spirit Life Church & Spirit Life Gene Paul & Debra Roy Roden (Pastor) Destiny Church Fellowship and Destiny School of Ministry P . Teresa A. Cedar Street / P . Kurdziel (Pastor) Pure Heart Ministries 6452 E. Box LOUISIANA Denise LaPorte Spirit of the Nazarite P .com www. Lake www.O. P .com www. Connor 16 Summer MISSISSIPPI Carlton & Marilyn McCarter (Pastors) Victory International Christian Center 8401 Ocean Spring Road Ocean Spring.

MT 59043 Phone: (406) 477-6612 Fax: (406) 477-6635 Email: allarance@hotmail.HIFC. NM 88101 Phone: (575) 763-5215 Email: sherriw@q.flintnet.covenantlifenj. NEW HAMPSHIRE Christ Otto Belonging House 32 Manchester Road. P . NJ 08536 Email: danjody333@gmail. Box NEBRASKA Eric & Kristy Murray Awake Ministries P .info Rev. NEW MEXICO Bonita Eichorst Sherri Wilson Phone: (505) 231-5256 Email: brideofyeshua@gmail. Box www. Box 11247. NJ 08085 Phone: (856) 467-0986 Fax: (856) 494-7841 Email: pastorsteve@houseofpraise. Box Steve Burton (Pastor) Diane M. MT 59601 Phone: (406) 439-6938 Email: ptbanks@juno. Shady 23 London Lane. Swedesboro.O. NY 12586 Email: www. Czekala House of Praise Ministries Restore the Glory Ministries 670 www. MO 65616 Phone: (417) 544-0664 Email: www. NJ 08022 Phone: (609) 647-4056 Email: KGBellan@comcast.O. Box P . NJ 08072-0333 Phone: (856) 451-1356 Fax: (856) 451-2288 Email: jubileelivingwordministries@ netzero. Gail Breden The Word & Spirit Ministries Dan Farley Public Square Ministries Margaret Clark (Pastor) Gateway Ministries at GFP 238 Wallkill Road. Andrew P .O. Helena. NY 13760 Phone: (607) 754-4466 Email: www. Quinton. Branson. Walden.MFM Directory MISSOURI David Apel (Pastor) New Shiloh Ministries 1809 County Road 1310 Moberly. NY 12859 www. Owego. MT 59806 Phone: (406) 251-8580 Email: 34 • The Morning STar E-Journal P www. Bowden Whole New Life Ministries 110 Miner Road Porter www.O.O. MO 65616 626 Plainsboro Road Phone: (417) 337-8622 Plainsboro. McKeon (Pastor) Phone: (417) 239-0909 LifeSpring Church Email: paulandterry26@aol. NJ 08223 Phone: (609) 602-5811 Fax: (609) 609-7445 Email: Drew5Aces@aol. East NEW JERSEY Ken Bellan 105 Chestnut Hill Lane Columbus.sacfm. Surace (Pastor) Covenant Life Christian Fellowship P . NY 14869 Phone: (607) 594-2293 Email: michael1@empireaccess. NY 12584 Phone: (845) 568-0135 Fax: (845) 568-6013 Email: Albert & Wilma LaRance (Pastors) Morning Star House of Prayer P .com 131 Stillwood Drive. Odessa. NY 13039 Phone: (315) 415-6217 Email: 917 E. Box Lloyd Phillips (Pastor) FLINT Net (Fellow Laborers’ International Network) Roy & Marie Esposito (Pastors) Restoration Christian Fellowship P .com www. Box 217 Vails Joanie Boring 4856 Hitchcock Phone: (609) 799-5637 Fax: (609) 799-0012 Paul Pomeroy Email: Ralph & Linda Diaz (Pastors) New Harvest Christian Church 1230 RT 94 P .info www. NY 14454 Phone: (585) 243-9280 Email: hifc@frontiernet. NY Morningstar International Fellowship David & Evelyn Scull (Pastors) Jubilee Living Word Ministries P . Box 1420. NY 11731 Phone: (631) 261-0323 Email: NEW YORK Robert Barker (Pastor) Church on the Sound 335 Oxhead Road Stony Brook.newharvestchristianchurch. NY 11790 Phone: (631) 941-4100 Fax: (631) 941-4102 Email: jhjfj2002@yahoo. Harvest International Family Church MONTANA Thomas C.lifespringfellowship. MO 65270 Phone: (573) 228-2292 Email: newshiloh@msmsys. MO 65616 Daniel P . Bellevue. 7744 Frontage Road Plaza Dylan T. Lame Deer. NY 11790 Phone: (631) 941-4100 Fax: (631) 941-4102 Email: Phone: (609) 387-4230 Email: LifeSpringChurch@aol.O. Yardville. Box www. NE 68005 Phone: (402) 212-3597 (Eric) (402) 212-3767 (Kristy) Email: John Cuomo Abide in the Vine Free Indeed and Power James & Roseanne Exner (Pastors) Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship & Ministries James Fuller Church on the Sound 335 Oxhead Road Stony Brook. Branson. Public Square Ministries 131 Stillwood Drive. www. NH 03031 Phone: (603) 233-7803 Email: belonginghouse@gmail. NJ 08620 Bob & Kathy Campbell (Pastors) 4647 Reservoir Road Geneseo. Endicott. Missoula. Banks (Pastor) 609 S.O.

morningstarcfc. Stony His Heart Missions P .O. NC 28409 Phone: (631) 941-4100 Email: mferigo@morningstarministries. Box 177. NC 28150 Phone: (828) 429-2496 Email: Don Robertson (Pastor) P . Henderson (Pastor) www. Box 24971 Winston-Salem. NY 14856 Phone: (607) 622-5454 Email: Gary W. NC 28739 Phone: (828) 697-2172 Email: bripatch@brinet.O.restorationofthenations. Port Washington. Barnum Steve Lappin Restoration of the Nations Kingdom Business / Real Estate 9618 Brandybuck Drive Carroll L. Box 300 Glendale The Foundation Training Center 7649 East River Matt Peterson (Pastor) MorningStar Fellowship 3812-A Littlebrook Drive Perry Natarelli Spirit of the Lord Ministries 108 Vanderbilt.morningstarws.visionforisrael.deepwatersministry. Mooresville. Jim & Peg McLaughlin (Pastors) New Beginnings Church 15 Silver Street. NC 28115 Phone: (704) 655-1272 Email: hisheartmissions@aol. NY 13732 Phone: (607) 625-3516 Email: Bruce Corwin Dianne Robinson Trinity Christian Prep School 7005 Wallace Road Suite 300 Charlotte. NY 14206 Phone: (706) 418-5068 Email: Carey & Suzanne Ramsey Lovingkindness Ministries 690 Sink Road. NC 27012 Phone: (336) 712-4008 Email: msfwinston@morningstarministries.O. Buffalo. NC 27114-4971 Phone: (336) 817-9500 (US) (336) 793-1617 (Nicaragua) Email: prestonbarnum@gmail.rr. Greenbriar Woods Road 12238 Savannah Garden Drive Charlotte. Box Geoff Wattoff Terry Howell (Pastor) Father’s Vinyard 724 Oakland Road. Box www. Kanona. Steve Martin Vision for Israel MorningStar Christian Fellowship Church Leo Barnwell Faith Community Church 1220 Alamac Road Lumberton. NY 13815 Phone: (607) 334-2833 Fax: (607) 441-1231 Email: jrmclaughlin@juno.NBCNorwich.MFM Directory Fred & Donna Hoover (Pastors) Enoch & Linda Spadaro (Pastors) Jim Hill Abide in the Vine 1018 Lillie Hill Road Appalachian. Box 992. NC 28359 Phone: (910) 671-0339 Email: MorningStar Ministries Wilmington Mike & Nicole Roberts P .com www.churchonthesound. www. NC 28212 Phone: (704) 569-1900 Fax: (704) 569-1999 Email: btc@trinityprep.O. NC 28654 Phone: (336) 262-4175 Email: mikeroberts@aol. NY 11790 6253 Sentry Oaks Drive Wilmington. NC 28016 Phone: (704) 867-8590 Fax: (704) 629-0262 Email: NORTH CAROLINA Preston Fax: (631) 941-4102 Email: P DREAM of Restoration Ministries the morning star E-journal • 35 .net 122 Jon David Power Diane Scalchunes (Pastor) Deep Waters Ministry P .O. Pfeiffer (Pastor) 36 Heritage Woods Court www. NY 11720 Phone: (828) 287-2868 Phone: (631) 648-7528 Fax: (828) 287-3170 Email: www. NY 11050 Phone: (516) 629-6540 Email: www.resurrectionlifeministries. NC 28562 Phone: (704) 575-6923 Tom Elkins Charis Partners International 1000 Blanton Street.trinityprep. NY 11010 Phone: (516) 312-2532 Email: RLifeMin@aol. NC 28629 Phone: (336) 982-3526 Email: www.O.charlottebythelake. NC 27295 Phone: (336) 224-1216 Email: Abide in the Vine Fellowship P . Moravian Falls. NY 14615 Phone: (585) 529-5769 Email: gwp14615@gmail. Box 314. NC 28160 162 Stanley Drive. Appalachian. Norwich. Box Robert Seymour (Pastor) Abide in the Vine Fellowship 279 Lower Fairfield Road Newark Valley. P .org www. NC 28241 Phone: (704) 806-6934 Fax: (704) 583-8308 Email: www.O. Shelby. NC 28269 Phone: (704) 817-9113 Email: Email: terry@fathersvineyard. Charlotte.thefoundationtc. NC 28273 Phone: (619) 341-4702 Email: Nicholas Seeberger Church on the Sound Martial Ferigo (Pastor) 335 Oxhead P .com Prepare the Bride Ministries 138 Pine Cove Road Trent Gina Misch Firebrand Ministries Michael Quinn Resurrection Life Ministries Sally Boenau 672 Dogwood Avenue #182 Franklin Square. NY 13811 Phone: (607) 687-5920 Laurel Wood Ministries 124 Gamble Loop Road Bessemer City. NY 13732 Phone: (607) 625-5907 Fax: (607) 687-0045 Email: groovyheavy@frontiernet.

MFM Directory Steven (Pastor) & Mindy Scroggs Mountain Vintage Fellowship 3867 Sweeten Creek Road Email: cliftonsutton@bellsouth. OR 97708 Phone: (541) 312-9345 Fax: (541) 312-9345 Email: First Fruit Ministries 2750 Vance Street. PA 16509 Phone: (814) 864-3984 Email: Wilkesboro Chambersburg. Box Phone: (336) 667-0359 Little www. NC 28654 Email: Charles George Jacob Ray Phone: (503) 949-6262 Email: Eagle Mountain Fellowship of Ministries SOUTH CAROLINA Stephen Alls 910 SE Wilson 2936 Pine Grove Lane www.sentforthministries. NC 28654 260 Liberty Street NE.O. / gnfwc@aol. 131 W .itisanewday. Church Lavon Shapland House of Worship Home Fellowship Church of the Harvest 173 Cimmeron Drive Pisgah Forest. 437 Hollywood Road Moravian Falls. Rte. www. 170 East Liverpool. 1122 Mica Circle. OH 44618 321 Fonville www. OR 97309 Email: Phone: (740) 989-2119 Randy Strombeck Email: richards1109@roadrunner. PA 17202 486 Hollywood Road Phone: (717) 816-6002 OREGON Moravian Robert & Rebecca Haaby Email: harvestnow@earthlink. Clearfield. Pure Ministries Fellowship Email: 826 Tallow Hill Road MorningStar Fellowship Church www. (Pastors) www. PA 19438 Phone: (215) 723-8678 Email: www. OH 43920 Phone: (330) 843-4895 Rick Stoker Email: Phone: (503) 589-9176 404 Maineville. NC 28768 Phone: (828) 877-5154 Email: Terry Smith (Pastor) International Christian Servants.jubileechristiancenter. Moravian Falls. Buzzanco (Pastor) Triumphant Life Church 5651 Perry Highway. NC 28654 Phone: (336) 838-6701 Email: Phone: (910) 612-9437 Janet Richards Fax: (910) 452-0211 4131 Schoolhouse Road Email: rickstoker@bellsouth. NC 27215 Phone: (330) 828-2749 Phone: (336) 538-1616 Email: cjbcgeorge@sbcglobal. Box 219. Main Street JLJ Ministries Dalton. PA 19145 Phone: (215) 805. Inc. Box 543. NC 28412 www. NC 28037 Richard & Joy Van Patten Phone: (704) 323-9250 Phone: (814) 765-1915 (Pastors) Fax: (704) 951-8242 Email: Email: staff@salemhouseofprayer. NC 28018 Phone: (828) 245-5784 Email: Suzy Yaraei Holy Spirit Adventures Jim Moore P .org PENNSYLVANIA Gregory J. OH 45472 www.theo@gmail. Third Salem House of Prayer OHIO Clifton Sutton P .tucker@fiveriversvineyard.harvestchurch.1931 Phone: (937) 836-9808 Email: jimjro@aol. OH 45322 Hombre Liggett (Pastor) 420 W .com www. www.rcdconstruction.firstfruitministries. PA 18017 Phone: (610) 691-3368 Email: 15655 Street.holyspiritadventures. NC 28704 Phone: (828) 687-9234 Fax: (828) 687-0628 Email: community@mountainvintage. Salem. Suite A1 Bend. Eugene Strite (Pastor) Phone: (513) 583-0108 Sent Forth Ministries David White (Pastor) Email: joyvanpatten@aol. Dover. NC 28117 Phone: (704) 664-3540 Fax: (704) 799-1928 Email: Byron@riverlifefellowship.icservants. Ted & Joyce Moyer Rock Community Church Koinonia Ministries 837 Main Street.salemhouseofprayer. PA 16830 Fax: (937) 836-9806 James & Rhonda Tomasi Email: Barry & Tricia Tucker (Pastors) James & Jackie O’Keefe Five Rivers Vineyard Christian Byron Wicker (Pastor) River Life Fellowship 2487 Charlotte Hwy Mooresville. OH 45039 Don Stiver Father’s Vineyard Timothy & Lynette Martin (Pastors) His Glorious Church Paul & Cindy Johnson It Is a New Day www. 17th Street 900 Taywood Road. OH 44622 Phone: (330) 343-1905 Email: 36 • The Morning STar E-Journal .com 2216 Jubilee Christian Center 7541 Pilot Cove Court P . SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 x 239 Email: MorningStar Ministries 2936 South Legacy Park Boulevard Fort Mill.

224 Email: youth@morningstarministries. Box 1048. Fort Mill. Garvin (Pastor) P .com Laura Kunzie ZEB Gear 1646 West Hwy 160. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 www. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-7528 Fax: (803) 802-7528 Email: HoneyWord@aol.morningstarministries. Fort Website: www. Fort Mill. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 ext. SC 29708 Phone: (704) 541-2693 Email: Jason Hooper (Pastor) MorningStar Ministries Brad McClendon John & Barbara Briggs 375 Star Light Drive. Spartanburg. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 ext. Wagener.andycathysanders. Box 283. Fort Mill. SC 29356 Phone: (864) 977-8020 Email: agapedan1@aol. Box John Hansen MorningStar Fellowship Church MorningStar Fellowship Church 375 Star Light 375 Star Light Drive. Fort Mill. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 Jim Whitley 892 Hickory Stick Ln. Fort 1646 W . Fort Mill.morningstarministries. org Keala Elston 375 Star Light Harvest Light Ministries Lone Star Ministries Restoration Ministries International 711 Chelton Lane. SC 29715 Phone: (828) 508-2122 Email: 375 Star Light Drive. Fort Jim Garrison (Pastor) Gateway Outreach Christian Ministries (Chapel of Love) Rick Joyner (Senior Pastor) MorningStar Fellowship Church 375 Star Light Deborah Joyner MorningStar Fellowship Church Maggie Deller MorningStar Fellowship Church 375 Star Light Drive. Ste Phone: (803) 802-5544 Fax: (803) 548-8438 Bill & Chris NeSmith www.cmmissions. 250 Email: John (Andy) & Cathy Sanders 5 Fold Media LLC 2012 West Hwy 160 #38 Fort Mill.O. Fort Mill. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 x 240 Fax: (803) 548-8438 Email: Daniel L.morningstarministries. Hwy 160 Suite 105 Fort Mill. SC. 29716 Phone: (704) 737-1501 Fax: (704) 973-7724 Email: www. SC 29708 Email: lkunzie@zebgear. www. 29715 Phone: (704) 909-0631 Fax: (888) 307-2141 Email: scott@fxmissions. #8119 Fort Mill. Fort Mill. SC 29715 Email: conferences@morningstarministries. Fort Mill.grace-connection.MFM Directory Cris & Rebecca Bennett Life Ministries 439 Fischer 109 Redcoat Samuel Tyler (Pastor) Vanguard Church P . SC 29708 Phone: (803) 280-5770 Email: Morningstar Pastor of Intercession Oliver & Barbara Jones Wind and Fire Ministries P . Mount Pleasant. SC 29715 Phone: (704) 995-3775 Fax: (803) 547-5656 Email: wjimwhitley@aol.windandfireministries. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 www. Fort Mill. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 www. Fort Mill. SC 29715 PO Box 187. Fort Mill. 209 Email: intercession@morningstarministries. SC 29715 Phone: (704) 756-3053 Email: Patrick & Grace Selvey Grace-Connection 208 Wales Emmett Cooper HoneyWord 251 Heritage Boulevard Fort Mill. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 Ext.morningstarministries.morningstarministries. SC 29301 Phone: (864) 574-2777 Fax: (864) 574-0040 Email: vanguard@cfaith. Fort Scott McClelland Tom Hardiman (Pastor) Foundational Missions (aka FX Missions) MorningStar Fellowship Church 375 Star Light Drive. Box Bobby & Ginger Hussey (Pastors) Jorge & Anna Marie Parrott MorningStar Ministries Missions Director 375 Star Light Drive. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 www.rmihealinghouse. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 Email: jhansen@morningstarministries. Fort Bill Perry (Pastor) Hartsville Community Fellowship PO Box www. Hartsville. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 820-0288 Email: rythman@mail. 375 Star Light MorningStar Fellowship Church 375 Star Light Drive. SC 29164 Phone: (803) 564-3399 Fax: (803) 564-5750 Email: jtrull2@pbtcomm.harvestlight.morningstarministries. SC 29464 www. SC 29715 Phone: (704) 517-2557 Fax: (888) 816-0725 Email: cmmarmy@gmail. Fort www. SC 29551 Phone: (843) 383-8555 Email: www. Fort Shepherding Ministry / Restoration House Trevor Tiessen MorningStar Fellowship Church Robin McMillan (Pastor) 375 Star Light Brandon Hull (Youth Pastor) MorningStar Fellowship Church 375 Star Light Drive. Fort Mill.HoneyWord. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 Bart Peacher MorningStar Fellowship Church Leonard Jones MorningStar Fellowship Church 375 Star Light Drive. Fort P .com the morning star E-journal • 37 .

WA 98042 Phone: (425) 432-9931 Email: nodm@q. WA 98390 Phone: (253) 709-6441 Fax: (253) 891-1710 Email: aggressiveministries@comcast. Covington. VA 23450 Email: TEXAS Steve Christmas Steve Christmas Ministries Lewisville. Martinsville.MFM Directory Al Woods MorningStar Fellowship Church Email: Scott MacLeod (Pastor) Provision International 1419 Clinton WASHINGTON Tom & Jackie Archer 25760 174th Place SE VIRGINIA Philip Angela Greenig (Pastor) The Morning STar E-Journal 38 • .ascensionlife. Newport. VA 27361 Phone: (276) 698-7247 Email: info@warriorspathinternational. VA 24112 Phone: (276) 632-0561 Linda Miller Charis/Through Ascension Life Fellowship 1313 Pennsylvania Ave. VA 22032 Phone: (703) 732-0501 Email: Christine (Heasoo Gim) Wagoner 25826 158th Avenue SE Covington. Joseph B. Crossville. Huntington (Pastor) San Marcos Congregation 6744 Setfree Ministries International 375 Star Light Drive. UT 84412-3847 Phone: (801) 782-5663 P .morningstarministries. Greer P . WV 247401 Phone: (304) 431-5683 Email: choatesrus@yahoo. WA 98042 Phone: (253) 639-3578 Email: Terry Choate (Pastor) Crossover Ministries P . Ogden. Box 1849. Athens. Suite D TENNESSEE Doug Floyd (Pastor) Spring of Light Ministries 4426 Pinehurst Road Louisville. Box Paul “Red” & Tricia Wilson (Pastors) Aggressive Ministries P .com Patrick O’Hern Northwest Open Door Ministries P .org www.. Box 99. TN 38571 Phone: (931) 200-3092 Email: crossmember@hotmail. Vincent DeLaidatti Vincent Music Ministry 134 Harmony Lane. WA 98042 Phone: (253) 638-8490 Email: teamarchery@msn. WA 98038 Phone: (425) 413-9118 Email: seajkd@covad. TN 32064 Phone: (615) 327-1200 Email: Tony Eldridge (Pastor) Warrior’s Path International Ministries 13486 Glenbrook Avenue Meadowview. Virginia Beach.intrepidheart.arnoldmiller.aggressiveministries. Sumner. Fairfax. TX 76013 Phone: (817) 261-7137 Fax: (817) 274-2776 Email: Ken & Deborah Deonigi UTAH Tracee Anne Loosle Intrepid Heart Ministries P . www. Madison Ave.warriorspathinternationa. TX 75057 Phone: (469) 464-4101 Email: schristmas@tx. Wings Highway Alexandria. Box 7333. TN 37303 Phone: (423) 829-5102 Email: ascensionlife@aol. Box 13847. Pioneer Frederic D. SC 29715 Phone: (803) 802-5544 www.sfministries. 2880 W . TN 37777 Phone: (856) 983-9015 Email: Susan Todd Crossmember Ministries 12 Otto Warner www. WA 98354 Phone: (253) 219-8882 Email: silverwoman11@yahoo. Elkview. WV 25071 Phone: (704) 608-1052 Email: joniames@aol. WA 98001 Phone: (253) 863-8031 Email: Darrell Simbeck (Pastor) Ascension Life Fellowship 205 428th Street SW www.O. WA 99156 Email: Robert Foster (Pastor) My Father’s House P . Etowah TN 37331 Phone: (423) 263-4900 Fax: (423) 263-4901 Email: lindaamiller@comcast. Box 5927. Barth 4622 Tara www. Box 1140. Box 2942. Maple Valley.O. blogspot. Fort Mill.O.O. Box Lisa Benge Aggressive Ministries Carl E.provisioninternational.douglasfloyd. VA 22305 Phone: (703) 765-3949 WEST VIRGINIA Joni Ames P . Perry (Pastor) Remnant Ministries P .net www.