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1. M.S.RAGHUNATH,S/o Sankaran 44 years, Madathi parambil House, Kottiyoor, Kottiyoor.P.O Thalassery Taluk 2. V.K.USHA D/o Kuttappan,33 years, Vandananikkal House, Perinkeri.P.O Kilianthara.Thalassery Taluk, Kannur (Dt)


Petition filed under section 13 (B) of Divorce Act and section 7 of Family court Act.

1. The address for service of summons and notice on the petitioners are as shown in the cause title and also may be served through their counsel V.P Thankachan Advocate, Kuthuparamba. 2. The petitioners are husband and wife and they belong to Hindu community. The marriage between them solemnized on 20-4-1995 at Sree Maha Vishnu Kshetram, Keezhoor, as per the rites and ceremonies prevailing in Hindu community. After marriage they lived together as husband and wife at Madathil in a rented house. They lived together there for about 3 years. A female issue Heera by name was born in their wedlock. 3. From 22-4-2002 on wards the petitioners are living separately without any contact. The petitioners agreed and prepared for divorce son mutual consent because there is a difference of opinion among them in each and every aspects of life. Both the petitioners are finding difficult to adjust each other and to live a happy life. There is no possibility for re-union among them every attempt of re-union among them was miserably failed. Both the petitioners’ given up their respective claims. Both petitioners have no joint property. Both petitioners agreed for divorce on mutual consent without any force, fraud, or undue influence and there is no collusion between the petitioners to filing this petition. 4. The cause of action for this petition arose on 20-4-1995 the date on which the Marriage between the petitioner were solemnized and on 22-4-2002 the date on which the petitioners started living separately and at Keezhoor where the Marriage was solemnized and at Madathil where they were last resided together are under the Jurisdiction of this Hon’ble court. 5. Court fee payable is exempted under section 72(XXIX) of Kerala Court fees and suit Valuation Act. 1. 2 M.S.RAGHUNATH V.K.USHA

V.USHA . LIST OF DOCUMENTS Sl.S.K. information and belief.No.Dt. We do hereby declare that the facts stated above are true to the best of our knowledge.K.S. Kannur 1. Keezhoor.USHA We do hereby declare that the facts stated above are true to the best of our knowledge.-2PRAYER Hence it is prayed that this Hon’ble court may be pleased to pass an order dissolving the marriage between the petitioners and to grand such other relief. M. Kannur 1. 1 Description of documents Marriage Certificate issued from Sree Mahavishnu Kshetram.20-4-95 Purpose To prove the Marriage of the petitioners.RAGHUNATH 2.RAGHUNATH V. 2 M. information and belief.

We are intending to appoint Mr. Hence we are in need of the assistance of a lawyer.BEFORE THE HON’BLE FAMILY COURT JUDGE KANNUR O. 2.P. conducting the case. 2008 M. Kannur 1.K.RAGHUNATH V.USHA (Petitioners) .S.P Thankachan. M. Hence it is prayed that he may be allowed to appear and conduct the case on behalf of us.K.V.USHA ) ) Petitioners Petition filed under section 9 of Family court Act by the petitioners in the above case.S. We are un-aware of the rules and procedures of the court.RAGHUNATH V. Advocate. The above petition is filed us for getting divorce on the ground of mutual consent. We are the petitioners in the above case.