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I have seven things, which I would like to discuss about regarding this year ’s IB PYP Exhibition, and they

are the Exhibition process, good points in relation to my Exhibition presentation, things I enjoyed, difficulties I faced, how I feel after the Exhibition, my next goals, and what I learned through the Exhibition process. Regarding the Exhibition process, first, we confirmed the transdisplinary theme. Then, we chose our mentors. Thirdly, we decided our central idea. Next, each students chose a key concept and also decided on the line of Inquiry. Next, we started our research and also talked to the mentors. Next, we made our presentation board. Finally, we gave our Exhibition presentation. next is funny point. firstly finish, secondly, I don't know the how to present. but I can see the how to present. Next is good point. First is I am nerbous, but I can do presented. second is presented about theme. next is present time is only two minutes. But I can say need point. next is I can answer the all questions. next is don't over the present is I could make adult attendees understand, what I explained. Next is I can laugh ordnance. Next is communicate the ordnance. Last is I am nerbous, but I can do presented. next is difficult point. Firstly to memorize the saying about. Secondly I can not see the front, so I can not plan. Next is 2 日から 3 日目は同じ事を何回も言っているので「あれっ?これもう言っ たっけ?」となる . next is できるだけ英語でやるというプレッシャー . next is change the speaking, that is not easy. Next is 観客に質問をして帰ってきた答えを使って説明をするのが難 しかった. Next is ボードに付ける画用紙の色を選ぶのが難しかった. Last is I always stand, so at question time, I want to sit.that feelings に座りたくなる気持ちをおさえるのが難しかった. Next is reflect point. Firstly ,first and third talking is so different. Secondly mistake. Next is forgot the speak. Next is I mistake songs same parts. Next is at question time, not good attitude. Next is do not speaking in English. Next is no persuasion. Last is true is I have to swing, but I forgot the swing part. Next is my next goal. Firstly no hesitation speak. secondly don't misstake. next is

don't forgot the saying about. Last is all information is incorrect. . Second is if express passion. Next is speaking in English.need the responsibility. next is passion and human activity is link. Last is don't look the other placese. Next is. First is if where that information write. Next is human can not live self. Next is I can miss while presenting. next is passion を表現する時に責任がともなうことを理解して行 動を起こす. Next is persuasive presentation. Next is if try I can do it. I won't loose confidence. Next is learn point. that rooms air is bat. It is refrancing.