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Sri Krsna-lila-stava by Sanatana Goswami

Obeisances to Sri Krsna The thread of the story of Sri Krsna according to the order of the Bhagavata is written to accomplish the joy of one hundred and eight prostrations. (1) O Brahman of Brahman, I bow to you, O Self, Lord of the Lord of Nandi, Performer of Numerous Descents, Krsna, Giver of Full Sweetness and Joy. (2) [Obeisance unto you! - the first of the 108 prostrations] Victory to Krsna, Highest Brahman, Principle of the Universe, Source of the Universe, Without a Second, Existence-Consciousness-Joy, Self-manifesting, Shelter of All. (3) Unchanging, Unlimited, Without Distinction,Unblemished, Unmanifest, Truth, By Nature Existent, Highest, Light, Undiminishing. (4)

[Obeisance to you! - 2] Supreme Self, Son of Vasudeva, Lord of Nature and Person, Giver of All Knowledge, Activity, and Power, to you repeated obeisances! (5) Dweller in the Whorl of the Heart-Lotus, Cowherd, Highest Person, Abode of Beings, Lord of Senses, obeisance unto you, Dweller Within. (6) [Obeisance to you - 3] Highest Lord, Lord of Laksmi, Form of Being-consciousness-joy, Possessor of All Good Traits, Ever-fresh Youth, (7) Beautiful in Every Limb, Dark like Shining Rain Clouds, Lotus Eyed, Yellow Clothed, Ever Smiling Lotus Face, Obeisance to you! (8) O Most Astonishing Beauty, Ornament-defeating Sweetness, With Gaze Ever Compassion-softened, Victory to you! O Ornament of Ornaments. (9) O Beauty of Millions of Gods of Love, Effulgence of Millions of Suns,

World-pleaser like Millions of Moons, Blessed Ruler of Vaikuntha, (10) O Four Arms Graced with conch, lotus, mace, and discus, Worshipable to Companions headed by Sesa, Transported by Blessed Garuda, (11) O You with Attendants like yourself, Endowed with all good qualities, O Lord, beyond heart and speech, Filled with the greatest majesty, (12) Lord of the Dispossessed, Lone Shelter, Provider of Greater Wealth to the Poor, Deliverer from all Misfortunes, Bestower of Result Beyond Desire, (13) [Obeisance to you! - 4] Obeisance to you, the seed of all descents, consisting of the three guna, the creator Brahma, the destroyer in the form of Siva; (14) O Lord, Pure Sattva Condensed, anxious to fulfill the desires of the devotees, I praise you, Primal God of Gods, Merciful, Protector of the Universe. (15) To you the founder of all religion, the destroyer of all irreligion,

the destroyer of all demons, Mahavisnu, let there be obeisance. (16) To you of many sweet forms, of many sweet abodes, of many sweet sports, of many [sweet] names, let there be obeisance. (17) [Obeisance to you - 5] To you in the form of the four Sana, as Narada, as Varaha, as Yajna, as Kapila, repeated obeisances. (18) Obeisance to you as Dattatreya. I worship Nara and Narayana. Hey Hayagriva, hey Hamsa, hey Beloved of Druva, obeisance to you. (19) I praise you Prthu and Rsabha in the Svayambhuva epoch, In the second epoch by the name of Vibhu, in the third as Satyasena. (20) In the fourth I praise Sri Hari, and in the fifth Vaikuntha, in the sixth Ajita, the great fish, and Sesa, holder of the world, (21) And Nrsimha, Kurma, as well as Mohini along with Dhanvantari.

In the seventh I praise Vamana. Obeisance to you Parasurama. (27) [Obeisance to you . and Visvaksena in the tenth and then Dharmasetu. red in the Age of Triad. hey Vyasa. hey Kalki. O Thunderbolt-like Skeleton of the Surrendered. (22) Sri Ramacandra. Halayudha. (24) Sudhama in the twelfth. but green in the Age of Diad. protect me. I praise you.7] .6] In the eighth you are Sarvabhauma. who makes endless descents of sport for the pleasure of your own devotee. Hey Buddha. obeisance to you. in the fourteenth Vrhadbhanu. the only ocean of mercy in the world. in the ninth you are Rsabha. O great lord. Vistory to the thirty-seven! (25) You who are white in the Age of Truth. the future Yogesa in the thirteenth. (23) [Obeisance to you . (26) Sri Krsna. are dark in the Age of Quarrel.

Elder Brother of Bharata. (28) Inwardly Very Soft Through Mercy. Lord. Feared by the Wicked. O Sri Rama. Splitting the Chests of Your Haters. Revealer of the Power of Bhakti. descended to Mathura. Roaring Throughout the Manifest Universe. Killer of the Lord of Lanka. Lord of Hanuman. O Lord. may you be victorious. Man-lion. Desiring to Lick the Body of Prahlada. Victory. Ender of the Misbehavior of the Ass.8] Lord of Sita. Elder Brother of Laksmana. Embodiment of the Desires of the Cultured.Giver of Pleasure to Prahlada. (29) [Obeisance to you . Outwardly Beautiful in Conceit. Bow in Hand. Son of Dasaratha. Noble One. Builder of the Sea Bridge. . (30) O Wanderer in the Dandaka Forest. O Provider of Shelter to Vibhisana.9] Sri Krsna. Lotus-eyed Son of Kausalya. Friend of Sugriva. Best of Raghus. Victory to You. Affectionate toward Devotees. Lord of Kosala! (31) [Obeisance to you .

great reservoir of many fine sweetnesses. ambrosial story to be heard by all. giver of happiness to the good looking inside. the great capital of Surasena. (32) Your deeds inquired after by Pariksit. (36) [Obeisance to you . (35) Awaited by Brahma and the others brought to the ocean of milk by the sound of the Earth's affliction. (33) O Giver of misery to the bad looking outside. you saved the Pandava and hid Pariksit's body. (37) . O causer of the crying of the Earth tortured by the burden of the armies of demons disguised as kings. Pleaser of the Earth-gods by the story of your orders heard by Brahma in meditation.10] Delighter in Sri Mathura. ambrosial story that burst forth from Suka. revealing the greatness of your might and mercy. inquired of through many doubts in the heart of the king desirous of listening. (34) Life of the king who gave up food and water.the granting of love for you your one great objective. Only cause of the joy of the marriage of Devaki and Vasudeva.

(41) Hey You whose Maya was enthused by your becoming the son of Devaki.Because of you the great immorality of Kamsa. the six infants born of Devaki.Tenth Canto. (39) You whose many relatives headed by Vasudeva were imprisoned by Kamsa.11] (End of summary of Bhagavata Purana. Chapter One) Knower of the pain of your own Yadava clan afflicted by the strength of the demon Kamsa. (40) [Obeisance to you . (38) Liberator of the son brought before Kamsa by Sauri the keeper of his word. O Causer of the acceptance in Kamsa of his actions by means of the story told by the Sage of the Gods. . by connection with you our elder brothers. holding the reins of the horses. You who gave orders to Maya. was increased through the sky-voice. protect me. Your abode (Sesa) [appeared] as the seventh embryo of Devaki. Protector of the life of Devaki through the justness of the speech of Vasudeva. were killed by the enemy Kamsa.

Absorbed in those sheltered in your names and forms.Tenth Canto. (42) You whose power appeared in Vasudeva. Praised by Brahma. (43) Ever present in the mind of Kamsa. Who take away the affliction of the earth by your birth alone. (45) You whose lotus-feet are the ornaments of earth and heaven. . and the rest.12] (End of summary of Bhagavata Purana.You whose own portion was placed in Rohini. Creator of fear and depression in Kamsa. Who became the eighth embryo of Devaki. Whose body provides all things to all. Lord of the Universe. Victory! O Remover of the burden of the earth. the shining light of your mother. Born for the single purpose of enjoyment. (44) You whose all is only available to the devotee. Whose mother was enheartened by the Gods. (46) [Obeisance to you . You appeared at the constellation of Rohini. Delighter in the son of Rohini. Essence of Truth. Rudra. Chapter Two) Born on the dark-eighth of the month of Bhadra. protect me. Bearer of a form of pure goodness.

Elder brother of Gada. I adore you. Pleaser of the Gods. . (49) O wondrous infant. Dear son of Vasudeva. favor me. be easily pleased! O Prior born to Subhadra. the cause of [all] causes! (51) Both doer and non-doer. Victory! Praised by your frightened mother. Without [material] Quality. (50) [Obeisance to you . (52) Joy of the eyes of Devaki. Revealer of the divine form.Expander of the auspiciousness of the earth. Destroyer of the darkness of prison. Dear younger brother of Balabhadra. (48) Priceless jewel of the womb of Devaki. protect me.13] Praised by Vasudeva. Direct revealer of the invisible Self. Both present and not present in the world. Ornament of the place of birth. Gladdener of the minds of the holy. Light of the Intellect. (47) Joy of the hearts of great sages. Augmenter of the love of your own folk. Arising to bring benefit to the world. O Compassion that gives liberation to demons. Born in the dead of night.

Enchanted the prison guards. (57) Limitless doors opened by your power. Supreme Brahman in human form. Becoming their son for three births. Your umbrella the hood of Sesa. Creator of Time. (53) Killer of death for those sheltered at your feet. Carried by your father. (54) [Obeisance to you . For sport a human infant. (55) Great the joy of your mother and father.14] Describer of your parents previous birth. Good path given by the Yamuna.Causer of the Great Dissolution. Satisfied by their great worship. Your Maya born to Yasoda. The watchmen and citizens put to sleep. (56) Instructor of the way to your father. (58) . Unseeable by the sight of eyes of flesh. O Excellent form. Remover of your divine form at the request of your mother frightened by the ridicule of the people. Beautiful. Bound by the boons you have given.

15] (End of summary of Bhagavata Purana. Loosener of the bonds of your father and mother. Decreaser of the lives of the demons by bad counsel overstepping the good.knowledge of Kamsa.16] (End of summary of Bhagavata Purana.Embodiment of the great fortune of Vraja. Bestower of the forgiveness of your mother and father who praised the self. Chapter Four) Obeisance to you in the land where your lotus feet were first placed. Chapter Three) You do I praise for whom Durga was struck by Kamsa. The deed unknown to Yasoda. whose birth Durga announced. (61) Augmenter of Kamsa's ill will by the net of advice of evil ministers. Nanda and the rest by sleep enchanted. Laid down on the bed of Yasoda. Causer of Kamsa's astonishment.Tenth Canto. (62) [Obeisance to you . (60) Giver of Discrimination to Kamsa whose mind was cleansed by fear and recollection. (59) [Obeisance to you . .Tenth Canto.

For whom Vraja was honored by Nanda. Bestower of great opulence on Vraja. Protected by Nanda's house when he went to Mathura to pay taxes. joy. O Joy beyond the happiness of Brahman to your servants. Filled with the milk of the cows of Vraja! (65) Giver of pleasure to the people of Nanda's Vraja. (64) Celebrated by the fully adorned cowherd men and women. (66) O Great jewel of a son who your father was anxious to protect. Mine of love. O pleaser of Vasudeva through Nanda's truthful words. (67) Because of you Nanda was thoroughly pleased by the auspicious inquiries of Vasudeva. Drinker from the breasts of Yasoda. (63) Son of Nanda.a land consecrated in the giving of affection. (68) [Obeisance to you . Chapter Five) . and blessings of the cowherd women. Object of the love. Your birth rites a great celebration. Playful one. Many the gifts given in multitudes by your father.Tenth Canto.17] (End of summary of Bhagavata Purana. be pleased with me. O Good fortune of Sri Gokula.

(69) Your lotus-eyes closed out of bashfulness. You whose head Nanda sniffed. by the cowherd women. Feller of the six krosa long. (70) Initiator of the screams of Putana. Drinker of the milk of the life of Putana. Protected with cow dust. Bathed in cow urine and dung. Spotted by the Crane with poisoned breasts who was well-dressed and enchanting to all of Vraja. Aja and the rest.You with whom Nanda sought shelter for good fortune in fear of the catastrophe mentioned by Vasudeva. Drier of the life of Putana. You filled the earth with a sweet fragrance from the burning crane body. (73) Liberator of Putana. Placed on the lap of Putana. (71) Protected by the cowherd women who knew many methods of protection. Squeezer of the breasts of Putana. frightening body of Putana. Victory! Astonisher of Vraja! (74) [Obeisance to you .18] . (72) Charmed all over by placement of the seed-names. Giver of a good destination to a hateful demoness.

(77) You whose acts are indeterminable to Vraja. Smile budding as a matter of course. . Sleep appearing in your eyes. (78) [Obeisance to you . Your lotus foot tossed up.(End of summary of Bhagavata Purana. Astonisher of your mother.Tenth Canto. Toe placed in your mouth.19] You whose crib is the lap of Yasoda. Laid down on a cradle underneath a very high wagon. O Overturner of the wagon. Carried off by Trnavarta (the whirlwind). (76) Victory to you! Crying for the breast milk of your mother involved with the work of the ceremony. Bathed in water purified by charms. Playful eyes with wandering gaze. Breaker of theWagon Demon. (75) Your eyes smeared with black pigment. Playful revealer of your weight. (79) Your whereabouts sought by your mother. Unable to be borne by Trnavarta. Blessings on pronounced by Brahmanas. Chapter Six) Sprinkled by your mother in the "rising" ceremony.

Chapter Seven) . I praise you Giver of joy to Vraja. Astonisher of your mother.Feller of a Trnavarta immobilized by your grabbing of his throat. be pleased with me.Tenth Canto. Caressed by Yasoda. Spotted by crying cowherd ladies. (84) [Obeisance to you . I [praise] you -.21] (End of summary of Bhagavata Purana.20] Thrilled by Yasoda's breast milk. (81) [Obeisance to you . Destroyer of those doubts by the variegated astonishing-ness of your true nature. (80) You who brought Trnavarta low. Revealer of the greatest wonders. Returned to your cowherd mother. O Son of Yasoda. Watcher of the face of Yasoda.please protect me! (82) You who revealed the universe in the middle of your face while being kissed by your mother. (83) Giver of hundreds of doubts to your mother who witnessed the killing of Putana.

Radiant with jewels in the crest of your lengthening hair and tiger claws around your neck. Imitator of reflections. Great Narayana.Taken to a secret place by Nanda pleased by the wise words of Garga. Enchanting all with your sport of innocence. Dear to devotees. Your movements stumbling and wonderful. (87) Pleased by the sound of tinkling ornaments. (85) Protector of the good. Killer of the bad. I praise you. Yours the most excellent of name givings. Playing in the mud of Vraja. Increaser of the joy of Nanda! (86) [Obeisance to you . Both hands and both knees scratched. Your smile revealing the beginnings of teeth. (90) . (89) Engaged in sweet and indistinct speech. (88) Beautified by mud smeared on your body. Completely relying on the hand of your mother.22] Victory to you! Filled with the fun of crawling! Eager to move about on your knees. Trying to grab the reflection of your own face. Fat little thighs and loins. Your greatness indicated by Garga.

Smiling at the angry cries of the people of Vraja.23] Victory to you! Imitator of childhood sport for the viewing of the ladies.[Obeisance to you . Displayer of charming boyish restlessness. (92) Distractor of your mother intent on household chores. Great thief of butter. Your beauty desired by Brahma and the rest. Giver of the greatest enjoyment to the cowherders and cowherd women made forgetful of their other business. (91) Pulled along by the tail of a calf. Manifestor of small capabilities.24] Be pleased with me. Giver of food to the monkies. Boy Gopala! Thriller of the cowherd women. (93) [Obeisance to you . (95) Mounter of stairs made of benches and wooden mortars. Beautiful in the clumsy tossing of your feet. Splitter of pots of milk. (94) Freer of the calves at the wrong time. Puller back on the tail of a calf. Amazer of the universe with your childhood. Joined with friends similar to you. .

Reassurer of your mother. (96) Your lamps the jewels on your body. Scolded by your mother concerned for your welfare. Eyes wandering about out of fear of the statements of the cowherd women. Enterer of darkened houses. News of the mud told by Rama and the others.25] Enjoyer of the scolding of devotees. Granter of the object of a boon given by your devotee Brahma to Dhara and Drona. Eater of mud by desire. Your might realized by your mother. Denier of misbehavior before the cowherd women. (97) [Obeisance to you . (101) . Denier of the statements of Baladeva and the rest. Victory to you! Wilful bewilderer! (100) Embraced affectionately by your mother. (99) O Revealer of the universe to your mother inside your small lotus mouth opened wide. Increaser of the affection of Yasoda.Extracter from hanging pots. Your form hidden among your friends. (98) Your eyes moving back and forth with fictitious fear. Giver of joy to your mother.

Enjoyer of the yard of the cow settlement.[Obeisance to you . (104) Your body smeared with butter. Lips quivering with imitation anger. Your actions sung by your mother. (105) Intent on running out of fear of your mother. Scatterer of butter in all directions. Grabbing hold of the stick for churning curds. obeisance to you. Fearer of your thievery. Damodara! (106) . Great distributor of butter. Connoisseur of ghee.Tenth Canto. Informed by the sound of tinkling bells. Breaker of the pot of curds.26] (End of summary of Bhagavata Purana. (102) Unsatisfied by the nectar of the breast milk of your mother. Knower of the toil of your mother. Mother gone to remove milk [from the fire]. Crier of imitation tears. Big eater of butter. Chapter Eight) Greedy for the breast milk of your mother who had begun churning curds. (103) Stealer of hanging ghee.

Always attending to the minds of your devotees. Bound tightly to a mortar.27] (End of summary of Bhagavata Purana. Beyond the pale of those blinded by intoxicants.He whose dress is a rope and whose glance wanders about. Inferable by your uncommon sports. (107) [Obeisance to you . (111) . Fortune of the fortunes of all. (108) Attainable by possessionless people. Object of Yasoda's affection.Tenth Canto. Lord of all the lords. Praised by the fine hymns of the sons of the giver of wealth. Breaker of the curse on the sons of Kubera. Knower of the statement of Narada out of his mercy to uplift the offenders. Puller of the rope of the mortar. O Unlimited restrained by the bond of a rope. Victory to you! Beloved of Narada! (109) Breaker of the two arjuna trees to accomplish the words of the sage of the gods. Chapter Nine) Seer of the two arjuna trees. (110) O Greatness unknowable by living beings.

Giver of the blessing of love. You whose worship requested by the Guhyakas is nectar to the whole body and senses. [Obeisance to you . (112) O You whose speech rains down the nectar of your satisfaction with the praise of the sons of Sivamitra (Kuvera) Proclaimer of the greatness of audience with your devotees. Extremely affectionate to the devotee of your devotee.Tenth Canto.28] (End of summary of Bhagavata Purana. Chapter Ten) .Pleased by being the servant of your servant.

Roundish lips split by a smile. (114) Between the fallen arjuna trees. Your acts broadcast by the boys. (116) Carrier of seats and so forth by the orders of the cowherd women. Expert at begging for butter. Made to dance to the songs of the cowherd women. Puller of a huge mortar. (115) Revealer of your submissiveness to your devotee. Studied by a bewildered Nanda.11-21 Your sports astounding the cowherders. Freed from the binding by Nanda. Engaged in singing loudly with the boys. Cow-rope shining around your middle.Sri Krsna-lila-stava by Sanatana Goswami Part II Bhagavata Chapters: 10. O Ocean of the nectar . Charming with the movements of your arms.

Maker of wonderful sounds on the flute.30] Your play brings joy to the people of Vraja. Suitably clothed for many sports. Attracted to playing the flute.29] Your pleasure accomplished by Upananda. Moving about on the land not far from the village. obeisance to you! (117) [Obeisance to you . Wandering here and there to protect the calves. (118) Your residence in Vrndavana pleasing.of sports enchanting to the people of Vraja. Your acts sung of by the cowherd women. Lovely indistinct speech. Mounted on a cart for the journey. be pleased with me. (121) Giver of pleasure to Rama and the other boys. O Moon of Vrndavana! Lover of Vrndavana! Ornament of Vrndavana! (119) O Remover of the natural enmity of fierce creatures like tigers and such. Distracted by the rasas of Vrndavana. (122) . (120) [Obeisance to you . Thrilled by seeing Govardhana and the banks of the Yamuna.

Decorated with a forest-flower garland. Returning to the village in the afternoon. Happy to play with a ball. Destroyer of Vatsasura! Feller of loads of woodapple fruit. Worshiped by the flower-raining immortals. Lover of battles with one another. Causer of joy by an feather instrument. (127) Head ornament of charming shoots. Body spotted with forest minerals. (126) Head adorned with sumanas flowers. Peacock feather garlands. Giver of wonder to the other boys. (125) Concentrated on protecting the cows and calves. (124) [Obeisance to you .31] Victory. Pleased by the praise of the boys. Crown ornament of peacock feathers. Body covered with garlands of gunja berries. (128) . protect me. Flower earrings. victory to you. Reproducer of the sounds of bulls. Pleased by knocking fruit down with clods. You who are covered with the dust of the cows. Imitator of the calls of all creatures.Flute on your lips. (123) Imitator of bulls and calves. Sweet form with three bends.

Splitter of the bill of the crane.33] [Thus ends the summary of Bhagavata Purana.32] Thoroughly engaged in the morning meal. (129) Your friends fainted after being swallowed by the sharp beak of the crane. (131) [Obeisance to you . Eyes trained on the Crane Demon (Bakasura) whose body was as large as a mountain peak. Caller of the cowherd boys with a horn.[Obeisance to you . Worshiped by the flower-raining gods. Chapter Eleven] Desirous of eating in the forest in the morning. Herd of cows moving before you. (130) Victory to you who were thrown up by the crane. (132) Extremely pleased by boyish games such as stealing from the hanging stores. (133) . Embraced by the boys led by Bala. Tenth Canto. Your play house the mouth of the huge crane. Burner of the crane's palate. Herder of uncountable calves. Joined with innumerable boys. Pleased by the boys expert in the game of [racing] to touch your feet.

Giver of liberation to the despicable demon. Ocean of Wonder. sleeping snake with evil intent. Delightful stories of you bemuse the gods. Suka. and Pariksit. Knower of the evil acting demon Agha. Tenth Canto. Surrouneded by the boys of Vraja whose great fortune is praised by Suka. Lifesaver of the calves and cowherd boys. (135) Performer of the enlargement sport out of concern for what is to be done. (134) [Obeisance to you . Chapter Twelve] You in the stage of youth known as boyhood. Desiring to protect the deluded boys. obeisance unto you! (137) [Obeisance to you . Astounder of the arriving Brahma. Finisher of the demon Agha. Enterer into the insides of the serpent.34] Your followers saw as something else the fat. (138) . Your activities enormously wondrous. (136) Expander of the joy of the immortals.Not being seen for even a moment is intolerable for your friends.35] [Thus ends the summary of the Bhagavata Purana.

(142) [Obeisance to you . be pleased with me. Eating with the boys of Vraja. Boys laughing at your jokes. (141) Fruit placed in your palm. Destroyer of the fear of the cowherd boys. Loser of the group of cowherd boys. (139) Situated between rows of friends. Flute placed in the sash of your yellow cloth. Brahma. (143) Knower of Brahma's actions. Searching for the calves and cowherd boys. Assummer of the forms of the calves and cowherd boys. Your eating gives wonder to the heavenly ones. Seated on the fine bank of the river. (144) . Surrounded by a circle of boys. (140) Your stick and horn placed under your left arm. Holder of rice mixed with yogurt in your left hand.36] Searching after the missing cows. Stealer of the minds of your boy companions. Beautiful while eating a bite of food.Eating in a meadow on the beautiful and much praised bank of the river. Desirous of giving joy to their respective mothers and to the stealer of the cowherd boys and calves. Adorned with forest decorations.

(145) [Obeisance to you . Your feet washed by the joyful tears of Brahma. Controlled by the cowherd boys. Embarrasser of Brahma. (147) Giver of pleasure to the external sight of the unborn one who was very poor in seeing you internally. With actions like the cowherd boys. please protect me! (148) Absorbing and creating the calves and boys.37] Regarding yourself as the drinkers of the breast milk of the cows and cowherd women.Having forms like the boys of Vraja. Increaser of the love of the cows and cowherd women. Praised by Vidhi who saw the truth. Entering their respective places. With forms and actions like the calves. with a bite of food in your hand. Your workings surmised by Balarama. (146) Revealer of your own many forms of concentrated pure being. O Radiant one. (149) [Obeisance to you .38] . Mystifier of the Grand-father. Awakener of Brahma who was incapable of registering the extremely amazing.

(153) Billions and billions of universes spin around in the pores of your skin. Your divine body a descent of compassion for Brahma. Chapter Thirteen] O Moon of the ocean of the nectar-like words of Vidhi. Clothed like a cowherd boy.[Thus ends the summary of the Bhagavata Purana. (152) Liberator of one wishing for the sidelong glance of the Lord which is bestowed by mercy alone. great qualities more difficult to know than the quality-less. Giver to those indifferent to the essence of all good fortune [bhakti] only the trouble they encounter trying for poor knowledge. Tolerant of all transgressions like those of an embryo . amazing. Your unlimited. Bestower of the request of your extremely frightened son who has confessed his offenses. Your true nature one of inconceivable greatness. Tenth Canto. (150) Conquered by the singular joy of bhakti untouched by false knowledge. (151) The best way to you reached by bhakti resorted to by hordes of the liberated ones of old.

the grace of whose lotus feet reveals the greatness of your lotus feet! (158) The service of your servant the only request of the creator through his enormous good fortune. Effecter of the reality of the unreal. Inconceivable the extreme greatness of your sport. (154) You by whom Brahma is born from your navel lotus.O Mother of the universe. O Narayana. (155) Real are your descents for sport. Hey you. Maker unreal of bondage and liberation. Demonstrator of the unreality of the world by giving a glance of it to your mother in her own womb. Without covering. please protect me! (159) [Obeisance to you .39] . The greatness of devotion to you repeatedly glorified in the four mouths [of Brahma]. forever the highest truth! (156) Visible by the grace of the guru. O Father of the universe. O mere deliberator. Hey You. (157) More manifest as pervading the outer and the inner to your devotees who have rejected the unreal. Forgetfulness of you produces the world.

In great debt to the villagers. (163) Greatness beyond the scope of the words and minds of those who think they are learned but are not.40] Eager to show mercy to Brahma. Granter of yourself to Putana known merely by her fine dress. Granter of permission to depart to Brahma. (162) Bound by the dissatisfaction of those attached to you in the gift of yourself attained by the renounced. (161) Giver of the everything to your loving devotees.Extremely fortunate the wives and cows of Vraja by whom you are satisfied and pleased. (164) [Obeisance to you . (165) . Brahma overjoyed by your smiling glance. Affectionate towards your devotees. Repeated glorification by your names bestows extreme joy. Praised by Brahma. (160) Giver of many joys to the internal deities through close contact with the residents of Vraja. You have become the friend of the people of Vraja whose great fortune is eternally full. Embarrassed by inability to repay intimate friends for whom you imitation son-hood and the rest. The lotus-born one desires birth as grass so that he may touch the dust of the feet of all born in Vraja. Pleased with his speech.

(170) Giver of a great boon in the guise of describing the qualities of Vrndavana. Tenth Canto. Obeisance to you.41] [Thus ends the summary of the Bhagavata Purana. protect me. Respectful to your older brother.Killer of the illusion of the calves and cowherd boys. (167) More dear than the self. You whose boys and calves were as before. Cowherder. Enthusiastic leaper like a monkey. Worker of wonders! (166) Your laughter produced by the words of the deluded boys. (169) [Obeisance to you . Chapter Fourteen] Reaching boyhood. Good fortune of the forest of Vrnda. Ocean of love certified by the conversation of Pariksit and Suka. . Knower of the sport of hide and seek. Celebration in the houses of Vraja. (168) O Wonderful of sport. Wandering about in Vrndavana. Bringer of the herds of calves to the river bank. Best of friends to all living beings. Pleaser of hearts of the cowherd girls. Wonderful in dress and act. Knower of the construction of play dams.

Using the lap of a cowherd boy as a pillow. Feet massaged by a cowherd boy. (171) O Imitator of the bees.Extremely pleased with Vrndavana. (172) Pleased by making echos. Remover of the tiredness of Balabhadra. protect me! Your call conquering the kokila's. Expert in many kinds of pleasures. (173) Thrilled by the sport of arm wrestling. Assumer of the waddle of the goose.42] Victory! True friend of Sridaman. (176) [Obeisance to you . Subala and Stokakrsna. (175) Sleeping happily to songs of the cowherders. Land of Vrndavana marked by your lotus feet that were massaged by the Goddess Rama. Expert at leaping between branches. . (174) Lying on beds of flowers and buds. Caller of the cows by name. Excelling at praising the cowherd boys. Imitator of the dance of the peacock. Fanned with a fan by a cowherd. behaving like a villager. Wearing a rope as a sacred thread. Overcoming your godliness. Resting in the shade of trees.

(180) Beautiful with your bashful smiles. bound with jasmine flowers and peacock feathers. Your neck shining with pearl necklaces. (181) Victory to you. with cow dust dappling your curls. Enjoyer of the praises of the cowherd boys. Causer of the destruction of the demon Rasabha. Auspicious is hearing and praising you! (179) [Obeisance to you . and sidelong glances.43] To be thought of as the excellent fortune of the cowherd girls. (182) . your eyes radiant. I praise you. Player in the grove of palm trees. Vrsa. humility. (177) Buddy of Varuthapa and Arjuna. caused to bathe by your mother! With a lotus as ear ornament. your dress alluring to the cowherd girls. Bhaujasvi and Devaprastha. Giver of erotic desires to the cowherd girls. For you Baladeva throws down cows. (178) Splitter of palm fruit up high. Dear to Bhadrasena and Amsu. Beautiful with bracelets on your wrists.O Age-mate of Vrsala.

Lying happily on a bed. creator of the anger of Kaliya. (186) [Obeisance to you . surrounded by the angered serpent. (183) Lovely smile for your sport. (184) [Obeisance to you .Charming the sound of your ankle bells. Visitor to the pond of Kaliya. Wearer of divine garlands. and clothes. Revealer of your hidden potency for the protection of your own. Victory to you. Eater of food brought by your mother. (187) . obeisance to you. gaze so extremely sweet. player in the pool of the serpents. Chapter Fifteen] I worship you who climbed into a high kadamba tree. Proud and playful gaze. Tenth Canto. Returner of life to the poison-pained people of Vraja. Pleased by conversation with Radha.45] [Thus ends the summary of the Bhagavata Purana. (185) Your actions inferred by the band of extremely amazed cowherd boys. perfumes.44] Wanderer on the bank of the Yamuna. Jewelry and ornaments of gold.

Dancer on the hood-stage of the Kaliya serpent. (191) Lowerer of the heads of the king of serpents by the blows of your lotus feet. and your own companions. lamented by Nanda and the other people of Vraja who were desirous of death but were saved by Balarama. your friends nearly dead. (192) [Obeisance to you . Expert in the play of the snake. (190) Lotus feet colored by the jewels on the hoods of Kaliya.47] . tearfully gazed upon by the cows. your deliverance desired by the people of Vraja alarmed by the great danger. (188) your path recognized by the markings on your feet. Destroyer of the suffering of your own folk. Crusher of Kaliya. Dancer to the songs and instruments of the Siddhas.your friends submerged in swoons. Gandharvas. Remembered by the afflicted Kaliya whose various limbs gushed forth blood. (189) [Obeisance to you .46] Obeisance to you.

Granter of the requests of the serpent wives. . Addressed by Kaliya. Remover of his fear of the son of Suparna. (197) Thrilled by the gifts of the serpent. (195) Giver of the husband of the serpent wives as alms. Accustomed to forgiving the offenses of your creatures. Sins and offenses of your creations not to be taken seriously. Imprinter on the serpent of the lines of your own feet sought for by devotees who have rejected all other things. Player with many players. Victory to you. (196) Inscriber of the head of the king of serpents with your own emblems Instructor of Kaliya.Pleased with the prayers of the serpent wives. (194) Inconceivable the greatness of your sovereignty. (193) Worker of causeless mercy. Satisfied only by the greatly pious. Placer of the king of serpents in his previous abode. Creator of the natures of various life forms. Unsuitable the punishment of the deluded. Giver of punishment suitable for one's welfare. Anger the depth of your mercy. Extremely merciful toward Kaliya.

Chapter Sixteen] Your vehicle Garuda crushed the pride of Kaliya who ate an offering meant for him. (202) . Tenth Canto. Imitator of the demeanor of a king.Purifier of the pools of the Yamuna. O Maker of summer into beautiful spring. Chapter Seventeen] Wearer of your hair in side braids. Player of the game of covering the eyes. Seeing you is the very life of Vraja. (201) [Obeisance to you . scents. (198) [Obeisance to you . Destroyer of the sufferings of your own.48] [Thus ends the summary of the Bhagavata Purana. Driver of Kaliya from the pools. Tenth Canto. Adorned with splendid ornaments.49] [Thus ends the summary of the Bhagavata Purana. Bedecked everywhere with great gems. and clothes. Drinker of the forest fire. Overjoyed by the embraces of the cowherd boys. Saver of the pool-abode of the serpent which was off limits to your own because of the words of Saubhari. (199) Wearer of sublime garlands. be pleased with me. (200) Embraced by a smiling Baladeva.

Leader of the cows and cowherders to the forest of Bhandira. Master of yoga. Drinker of the blazing forest fire. Tenth Canto.50] [Thus ends the summary of the Bhagavata Purana. (203) Arriver in play at the great fig tree. Instructor of the cowherd boys frightened by the forest fire to close their eyes! (206) Extinguisher of the fire in the forest of Munja. Recognizer of Pralamba in the form of a cowherd boy. (204) Player of carrier and carried. Carrier of Sridama. Instigator of play in pairs. Player in many places. obeisance to you! (207) . Victory to you. Beloved of Balarama. Ornament of the fig tree. Enjoyer of boats and swings.Player in the character of deer and so forth. Chapter Eighteen] Victory Destroyer of the misery of the cows lost in the forest of Munja. Victory to you. Powerful Pralamba felled by Balarama. Performer of many worldly sports. (205) [Obeisance to you .

(209) O Radiance charming like the pure skies of autumn. . Tenth Canto. Respecter of the beauty of the rains and of the eating of green grass. Bringer of great love to the cowherd girls. Chapter Nineteen] Your forests decorated with the beauty of the rainy season. Face glowing like the autumn moon. Tenth Canto. Eater of roots and fruit. Chapter Twenty] Pleasing in your autumnal sport.52] [Thus ends the summary of the Bhagavata Purana. be pleased with me. (208) Enjoyer of yogurt and rice arranged on large rocks.51] [Thus ends the summary of the Bhagavata Purana. Frequenter of caves and the laps of great trees. (210) [Obeisance to you . Living beings of your Vraja thrilled by the rains. obeisance to you. Enjoyer of the rainy season. Decorated with autumnal flowers.[Obeisance to you .

Attire aglow with many garlands. Enchanter of all life forms. Round lips offered to your exhalted flute. (216) Desired by the family of deer who have forgotten to eat the grass. Delightful in your three bend pose. Birds on branches as if sculpted. (211) Making dance the corners of your eyes in the midst of your lotus face. (214) Nectar of your lips drunk by the flute whose piety is ever great. Sweet singer! (212) Obeisance to you. (215) Peacocks made to dance by the sound of the song of your unmatched flute. Enchanter of the universe with your flute. Ornament of the assembly of cowherders. Victory. . Beauty and great fame of Vrndavana bestowed by the marks of your lotus feet there.53] Seeing your beautiful lotus face makes the eyes completely fruitful. Your fame sung loadly by the cowherd ladies. Indirectly gazing. (213) [Obeisance to you . wearing the attire of a dancer. your ears adorned.I worship you.

(221) Transformer of unlimited living beings into the nature of pillars. Increaser of the desires of the cowherd girls. Calves with ears up-raised from love. protect me! (222) [Obeisance to you -54] . Bower down of trees by your song. (220) Pillars budding because of passion for you. Meadow grasses marked with the saffron from your lotus feet. The clouds made into umbrellas. (217) Cows crying intensely. (219) Worshiped by Mount Govardhana with its natural wealth to become the best of the servants of Hari.Gods enchanted by your music as well as your character and beauty. Limitless birds made motionless like sages. Giver of life to the non-living. Arouser of love in the daughters of the tribals. Melter of stones and wood. (218) The flowing of the rivers stopped by your song. Turner of all moving and unmoving beings into motionless pictures by the extreme joy of love for you. Beautifully dressed as a cowherder.

Chapter Twenty-one] .[Thus ends the summary of the Bhagavata Purana. Tenth Canto.