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Muhammad Safdar Ali

Graduate (PhD) Student University of Ulsan, Ulsan Republic of South Korea Email: Phone: +821058061214 +92-486008242

ACADEMIC RECORD: Feb 2010 to Date: 2004 – 2006: Graduate (PhD) Student University of Ulsan, Ulsan, Republic of South Korea MSc (Master of Science, Microbiology) Department of Microbiology, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan BSc (Bachelor of Science, Medical Laboratory Institute of Nursing & Health sciences, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan 1997 – 1999: Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad, Pakistan Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Sargodha, Pakistan

1999 – 2001: Technology)

1994 – 1996:

WORK EXPERIENCE: 2003 – 2004: Research Scientist (Full time) Micro & Molecular Biology Section, Department of Pathology, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Lahore, Pakistan Main Responsibilities: Performing different Microbiological and Molecular Biological diagnostics tests Molecular biologist (Full time) Malik Special Test Laboratories, Sargodha, Pakistan Main Responsibilities: In-charge Microbiology and Molecular Biology sections

2002 – 2003:

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Lahore. worked on different research projects related to evaluation of antimicrobial properties of microorganisms from different origins. Pakistan Main Responsibilities: In-charge Microbiology laboratory. PRESENTATION DELIEVERED: • Viral Hemorrhagic Fever • Mycobacterium • Genetic Engineering • Antimicrobial • Mutation & Genetic repair • Polymerase Chain Reaction • Tissue culture Techniques TECHNICAL SKILLS: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • VOLUNTEER WORK: • In Biological Research Project on Industrial samples Department of Microbiology. University of Karachi. Proliferations Assays Western Blotting ELISA FACS Analysis Cell & Tissue Culture Confocal Microscopy Immunological assays Animal Handlings Gene cloning DNA Extractions Oil Red O Staining Media & Buffer Preparations HPLC DNA Extraction Spectrophotometer Coagulation studies Cellular Morphology study Culture and Sensitivity Testing Radioimmunology assay DNA Electrophoresis Restriction Analysis . Pakistan RT-PCR.2007 – 2010: Research Scientist (Full time) Star Laboratories Private Limited.

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3. Pakistan Now a days working on different research projects in the Biochemistry laboratory of immune modulation research center at University of Ulsan. Karachi. South Korea 2. Karachi. Pakistan • Seminar on world kidney day at Agha Khan University Hospital Karachi.RESAERCH PROJECTS: 1. Lahore • Certificate of training on LAL Methodology and Applications Workshop • LANGUAGES: English (Excellent) Urdu (Native) Punjabi (Native) Certificate of training on Molecular Hematology . EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES: • Attended workshop on “Electron Microscopy” organized by BRC & NED University • Attended workshop on “Real time PCR” organized by University of Karachi. Lahore. Pakistan • Participated in workshop on clinical Cell & Molecular Biology at King Edward Medical University. Pakistan Worked in research project on STD`s conducted by Pakistan medical and research council (PMRC) at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre. MSc project on “Emergence of Ciprofloxacin Resistance Among E coli Strains causing UTI” at University of Karachi.

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com Dr.Shahana Urooj Kazmi PhD (Immunology. Tanveer abbass Assistant Professor University Of Karachi.REFERENCES: Dr. Phone: +92-3332344760 Email: rasoolajaz@yahoo. MD-USA) Professor of Microbiology & Dean. Pakistan Phone: +92-3008297324 Email: shahanaurooj@yahoo. Pakistan Phone: 00447873223137 Email: ttabbas@yahoo. Pakistan.Shaikh Ajaz Rasool PhD Meritorious Professor Department of Microbiology University of Karachi. Karachi. faculty of sciences University of .

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