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Application for the postgraduate admission 20__ __ in the Faculty of Management for the degrees of Master of Business Administration and Master of Management (HR) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Management PART 3 – Information required by the Faculty Please read the following information carefully before completing this form Please type ort print your answers carefully

1. Personal Details
Surname_____________________________ Title (e.g. Mr. Ms)__________ First Names ___________________________________

2. Occupational Experience
(i) (This section to be completed by applicants with more than one year’s working experience.) How many years of full-time employment will you have completed by the end of this year? Name of company or employer Job Title Salary p.a. Dates from/to

(ii) (This section to be completed by applicants with less than one year’s experience) Are you in a job at the time of application? Yes No


Professional Qualifications Please give details of any professional qualifications or other qualifications you have obtained: Qualification Awarded by Date WBS_Application_PostGrad_2007 . by whom employed and monthly salary What vacation work have you done while at University 3.--CONFIDENTIAL-- 2 If yes. Matriculation details Name of the last secondary school attended: Subject Grade HG/SG Symbol 4. give details of the nature of the job.

g. if any. (b) While at University. did you engage while at university (e) Give details of any other distinctions. sports captain). did you hold office. prefect. or were you a member of any student society Yes No (c) Did you participate in student government If yes. Background Information (a) Please state briefly any distinctions obtained or prizes awarded at school.--CONFIDENTIAL-- 3 5. honours or awards of any kind that you possess WBS_Application_PostGrad_2007 . And any office held (e. in what capacity (d) In what sporting activities.

General All applicants please complete the following (where applicable): (a) Describe in detail your major responsibilities in your most recent job (b) What aspects of your job(s) did you enjoy the most and why? (c) What did you enjoy least and would prefer to avoid in the future. and why? (d) What are your hobbies? What sports do you play? (e) Are you applying to. rank your applications in order of preference: WBS_Application_PostGrad_2007 .--CONFIDENTIAL-- 4 6. or have you applied to any other management schools? Yes No If yes.

with detailed attention to the role of the qualification could play in this development (b) The MBA brochure gives details of the various courses included in the programme which of these courses appeals to you the most.--CONFIDENTIAL-- 5 7. and why? (MBA applicants only (c) In the event of you not being accepted for an MBA / MM / PDM what do you propose to do? WBS_Application_PostGrad_2007 . Expectations. WBS or GMAT tests (Compulsory – see information brochure for further details) Which test have you sat / are going to sit? WBS GMAT Date of test ______________________ Which test centre________________ If you have previously submitted an application to the University for the MBA / MM / PDM indicate year of application_________________ 8. personal characteristics and development (a) Please outline your future career as you perceive it today.

but it is here to alert you to financial implications of your degree or diploma. How will you pay for your course of study? Sponsorship of employer? ___________________________ Savings or other personal resources? ___________________________ WBS_Application_PostGrad_2007 . Financial Arrangements Your do not necessarily need to complete this section.--CONFIDENTIAL-- 6 (d) Give a candid evaluation of yourself with respect to your intellectual ability. motivation. personality and character qualities. 9.

? ___________________________ Application for a bursary or a bank loan? ___________________________ WBS_Application_PostGrad_2007 .--CONFIDENTIAL-- 7 Financial assistance from parents etc.