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June 2006 @ptitudeXchange News Vol. 5, Ed.


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• Learning Content Management System
• RMI On-line Alignment Course
• Conferences

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Learning Content Management System
SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute (RMI) On-line is your answer for managing and delivering of
eLearning content and resources for you and your colleagues with our Learning Content Management
Systems (LCMS). Web-based to facilitate "anytime, anywhere" access to eLearning content and
administration, RMI
On-line’s LMS allows
for student
registration, the
delivery, and tracking
of eLearning courses
and content, and
Simple to use, RMI
On-line’s LCMS is
easily accessible
through @ptitudeXchange. After purchasing your specific course, or combination of course, simply log
onto @ptitudeXchange, and select RMI On-line. All of your courses as well as completion status are
listed in an easy to read display. When you are ready, you can select the course you desire, and work on

it as long as you want 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location with Internet access. When
you’re done, log out, or close the browser window.
You can find out more about RMI On-line courses by clicking on RMI On-line

WE 140 Introduction To Shaft Alignment New
Due for release in the first part of June
2006, this e-learning module provides
a basic introduction to the subject of
shaft alignment. The terminology
associated with precision alignment
practices is explained, and the benefits
to be accrued from their
implementation are discussed. The
module includes an introduction to
straight-edge / feeler gauge alignment,
Rim-Face method, and Reverse
Indicator method. An introduction to
the use of laser technology is also
included. This interactive presentation
also includes optional self-assessment tests. ($59 US)
Click here for more information.

Lubrication Excellence/Reliability World/Lean Manufacturing Conference
Now in its 7th year, Lubrication
Excellence/Reliability World/Lean Manufacturing
Conference delivered proven, practical information
that can be put to work immediately on the plant
floor. Exceeding previous years attendance and
activities the conference include everything you
needed to know about lubrication, reliability and
Lean manufacturing. If you’ve never been to this
conference, it is highly recommended that you try
to make it to the one next year. At the conference
you’ll find: lectures, workshops, certification exams,
exhibition, and networking opportunities. And
@ptitudeXchange was there…

It was good to see all of you who stopped by the
SKF booth at the Lubrication
Excellence/Reliability World/Lean Manufacturing
conference in Columbus, Ohio. Great speakers,
excellent exhibits, and good fun was obviously
had by all. We’d like to thank the Noria
Corporation for inviting us to be there, as well as
Richard Childress Racing for bringing the SKF
sponsored No.31 Cingular Wireless Chevrolet
NASCAR. Hundreds of you had your picture taken
with the car, and we hope you came back to
claim your finished photograph.

Asset Management 2006 Conference
The @ptitudeXchange Team: Mel, Rob, Gerard, and Patrick
This year’s Asset Management (AM2006)
conference was held in Baveno, Italy. Hundreds
of maintenance professionals from around the
world gathered to examine asset management
and reliability engineering; learning from each
other to best optimize their plant operations. This
interactive conference examined the culture and
process changes needed to achieve immediate,
yet sustainable results, highlighting the latest
concepts, technologies and tools for enhancing
plant reliability and integrating your program
with your plant-wide syst

To make it easy for everyone to find information
they are in need of, the AM2006 conference was
divided into a “general discussions” and two
tracks: “asset management” and “reliability
engineering.” In keeping with this framework,
conference content is now available on
@ptitudeXchange in the same three areas.

General Session
Cyber Café (sponsored by @ptitudeXchange)
The general sessions featured speakers are
renowned for their expertise in a relevant area of
interest for all conference attendees. The general
session program has been designed to help
provide a "big picture" view of what is happening
in business globally as it relates to asset management, both now and into the future.

Asset Management Track
Conference attendees span the range of job functions from production engineer to reliability specialist
to plant manager and more. The topic matter in the track sessions targets the range of issues as they
relate to the variety of participants throughout the plant in the quest for improved plant-wide reliability
and asset efficiency.

Reliability Engineering Track
Manufacturers today are under tremendous pressure to provide the highest possible quality at the
lowest possible cost. Therefore, achieving maximum machine reliability is critical.

You can gain access to the Asset Management conference by clicking here

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look forward to hearing from you.

The @ptitudeXchange Team