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Faith Bound

Prayers By and 4 College Students
Prayers compiled by Ellen Rosebrough

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Contents Introduction — ix — 1— Starting Over — Trials of Faith — 19 — 41— Loving with God — Finding Life — 63— .

prayers came to me. Going through the schedule of my day.Introduction W hen I wake up every morning. As I stand. Originally. though. the first thing I do is start a pot of coffee. and situations. however. ” Gradually. I have recently. tapping my fingers against the counter. or situations later in the day. I take these five minutes to offer up a prayer to God. It has become easy and enjoyable to talk to God in the morning. I can’t begin to drag myself out of bed without remembering that I do not have time to both snooze and make myself some java. started a newer ritual. Java always wins out. I ask God to watch over certain people. When I come across those people. waiting for the coffee pot to finish drip-drip-dripping. I usually pray at night and keep my petitions short and to the point: a simple “thank you and watch over me. places. capturing the truth of my addiction: it is a morning ritual every day. I did not know what to say. I have a ceramic mug with the words “Daily Cup” etched across the top in thin lettering. I find myself remembering my prayer and remembering ix . places.

It has also made me realize that prayers do not always have to be formal. I can even just thank him for my favorite beverage. For me. my fears about the future. I can talk to God in an unstructured way about my plans for the day.God. this ritual is the perfect way to be more aware of the presence of God in my life. Christina Cobelens x .

in the morning you hear my voice. in the morning I plead my case to you.O Lord. and watch. Psalm 5:3 xi i .

your grace is always with me. heavenly Father. When I follow where you lead. Your love never fades. Give me the strength. Lead me to worship you in my new home. Edmiston 8 . Amen. and to live a life devoted to you. In Jesus’ name.God. it never changes. K. to forfeit the life that I have planned for myself.

E.Dear Lord. Brichford 9 . I ask that this school teach me to live in this world. In Christ’s name I pray. not break it. I ask that this community teach me humility. not despair. and not simply be a part of it. Amen. I ask that this world test my faith.

Lennartz 10 . a new chapter in my life. God. which might help me in years to come? The sports. As I walk into a new world. I know the answer. “Who will I serve?” The academics. which might help find a friend? Will the devil take me over and lead me into sin? No. which might help me have fun? The parties. I ask myself. which might help me fit in? The organizations. You are with me ‘til the end.Dear Lord. J.

the clarity to realize and understand that you are truth. make your truth more real than any areas of deception and bondage in my life. and in desperate need of a savior. We. let me be reminded continuously of my need of you. Only through your Spirit can great and satisfying things be done through me. I will try and keep my heart open to your will this year. I’m trusting in you that you will provide for me this year. humbled. we are lost. broken. confused. God. can’t do this life thing on our own. Give me the clarity I yearn for. B.Lord. as humans. Bolling Bollinger nger ng 11 . Show up in ways I can’t believe are possible. No matter how crazy things get this year on my own.