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July 2006

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Vol. 5, Ed. 7

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WE 102 Angular Contact Ball Bearing Course New
Designed to be taken after the SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute On-Line “Bearing Basics” course (WE100), the Angular Contact Ball Bearing course consists of:

Introduction The course structure, contents and learning objectives are presented in the introductory lesson. You will also be given information that will help you get the most out of this course. Angular contact ball bearings This lesson provides an overview of angular contact ball bearings.

Case In the case scenario. This lesson focuses on the arrangement of universally matchable bearings. designations and recent improvements of SKF single row angular contact ball bearings. Estimated study time: 60-90 minutes ($59 US) • • • • • • • Click here for more information . The concept of clearance and preload and its effect on the service life of the angular contact ball bearing arrangement will also be discussed. Apply knowledge from the course to suggest a suitable solution with angular contact ball bearings. In this lesson three examples of demanding applications are presented. designations and recent improvements of SKF double row angular contact ball bearings Four-point contact ball bearings This lesson focuses on features and benefits.• Single row angular contact ball bearings This lesson focuses on features and benefits. Arrangement of universally matchable angular contact ball bearings Single row angular contact ball bearings are often used in sets of two or more. you will meet two customers that need your help. Double row angular contact ball bearings This lesson focuses on features and benefits. designations and recent improvements of SKF four-point contact ball bearings Applications Angular contact ball bearings are used in many pump and compressor applications.

New Articles Using a friction model as an engineering tool Understanding friction in rolling bearings helps save energy and optimize bearing performance. Maintenance is considered as time-based and condition-based activities to restore. For engineers involved with any type of bearing design. Friction affects bearing performance. (click here) The universal polymer cage for railways Significantly improved performance can be achieved through the use of polymer cages for roller bearings in railway journal bearing applications. A work management process is designed to ensure effective and efficient maintenance is performed on physical plant assets. efficient work management SKF has recently introduced a more advanced model for calculating friction that engineers can use for bearing selection and optimization. friction is never far from their thoughts. The SKF UPC also helps to extend the service life. offers calculation facilities online and information on friction is also a separate chapter in the SKF General Catalogue 6000. performance and reliability of the bearing.” You can read the rest of this article at the ASME website newsletter by clicking here . generates heat.skf. if not taken into account. and most of all reducing the risk of burn-offs and derailments. maintenance (including electrical. available online at www. SKF can retrofit tapered bearing units with this cage. As such we wanted to draw your attention to an article written by SKF’s Eric Huston. improving service life. It should also take advantage of work performed by all facility departments/disciplines. The SKF Universal Polymer Cage (UPC) takes bearing design and efficiency to the next level by reducing the overall wear of the bearing. For the first time it separates the four physical sources of friction in a bearing and helps engineers better understand bearing function and the consequences of friction. or know when to restore an asset. The SKF Interactive Engineering Catalogue. mechanical and instrumentation and controls) and engineering. such as operations. (click here) Best Practices in Reliability and Maintenance Work Management Processes From time to time the @ptitude Exchange team finds important and interesting information on asset management and reliability maintenance on other websites. limits speed and can even lead to damage. See the following abstract: “A key aspect of any world-class asset management program is a proactive. which incorporates the new technology.

Windfarm Management Conference 2006 SKF The @ptitudeXchange Team . What this means is that all the information regarding the article (not the articles themselves). French. using SKF products and services.Translations The @ptitude® Exchange team is very excited to announce the beginning of our “translation initiative. Netherlands. introduction. and Spanish. feedback@aptitudexchange. but we hope to have all these introductions finished soon. Feedback? As always. Italian. the process is slow. Portuguese. and main pages are in the process of being translated into Chinese. German. We look forward to hearing from you. Please bare with us. The event offered an opportunity to share knowledge in the competence areas of Lifecycle Management of wind turbines. was also in evidence – presented by our customers. You can download these documents on @ptitude Exchange by clicking here. out of the praxis. Knowledge. including the abstract will be in the translated language. @ptitude® Exchange depends upon your feedback on how to make our site even better. summary. 2006 This conference aimed to enhance the efficiency of wind turbine generators through application of custom-made solutions. making it easier to find what you looking for much faster. April 4-5.” As you may have already noticed. related to wind energy.