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NOTES OF WEST MIDLANDS OPEN DATA FORUM STEERING GROUP 9 OCTOBER 2013 Attended by: Chair - Ardavan Amini (Birmingham

City University) Gavin Broughton (Data Analyst) Simon Whitehouse (Data Unlocked) Chris Price (Digiconsultancy Ltd) Heike Schuster-James (Digital Birmingham) Andrew McKenzie (Open Mercia) Apologies: Don Dhaliwal Susannah Goh (BIP) (Birmingham Science City)

1. Notes of last meeting (26/9) agreed. 2. Matters arising from Actions of last meeting Action 2: HS-J reported that, as requested, BCC had changed the wording on the open data pages to confirm operation under Open Data Licence. The Forum thanked Digital Birmingham for achieving this change. Action 3: Approval to recruit consultant expected by end of week to generate business case to create the Future City Platform (FCP) using Urban Broadband funding within State Aid Guidelines. The FCP will provide functionality beyond CKAN, eg security and charging structures and be based on a sustainable model. Action 4: CKAN implementation. HS-J explained that currently Service Birmingham (SB) were responding to a request to implement CKAN functionality and hosting with regard to the quoted cost of the Open Knowledge Foundation developers. Following this, HS-J will take report and overall costs to BCC Directors to seek funding. The steering group requested that the implementation should have a user-friendly front-end achieved through a user-centred design process. Information from CKAN about other implementations and contacts, eg Glasgow, Nottingham, Bristol and other EU countries, was requested. HS-J explained that investigation was underway about automated publishing mechanisms and what BCC data would be initially implemented. HS-J agreed to invite group representatives to a meeting with SB and others to discuss this. Options already existed such as 10 data sets identified by Steve Rose, ‘Open Data Proposal’ doc based on Open Street Map discussion and themed data known to be of interest such as traffic info. 184052798.doc

Action 6: AA reported on meeting with Smart City Alliance (SCA) members. WMODF (through AA) to be invited to their meeting in November. It was agreed that SCA would be invited to join the steering group. 3. Items agreed 1) GB promoting Hackathon as WMODF event. Access to website to promote this was required and AA agreed to approach DD re implementation. website: 2) The draft terms of reference were agreed following a detailed review of the Google doc. AM to produce updated version to be circulated to the steering group for fine tuning. There was broad agreement on the required role and extending the group to cover the West Midlands. 3) It was agreed to invite a representative of the data journalism community. AM to resolve. It was also agreed to record Digital Birmingham as a member of the group. 4) Key items for next meeting – outline targets for WMODF for next 12 months and estimate of its required resources. AA to distribute Doodle invitation for next meeting. Actions Who 3. Release of tender for open data platform business case 4. Update on CKAN implementation HS-J HS-J By When End Oct Next meetin g End Oct Nov End Oct End Oct End Oct End Oct Early 2014

5. Finalise draft Terms of Reference on Google doc 6. Attend Smart City Alliance meeting Invite Smart City Alliance to join steering group 7. Website to be populated and steering group to be updated 9. Update of bids for projects 10 Notes of steering group meeting 9/10 . 11 WMODF on BSC Digital Working Group agenda .



12 Distribution of CKAN spec . 13 Use Doodle to invite steering group members to . data transfer planning meeting 14 CKAN to be requested to provide details re other . implementing locations 15 WMODF website to include page on Hackathon . under GB control 16 Terms of Reference to be updated and steering . group notified when it is fine tuned 17 Invite Teresa Jolley to join steering group . 18 Doodle invitation and agenda for next meeting to . be circulated


End Oct End Oct End Oct 18 Oct 18 Oct End Oct 18 Oct