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1.) What is an alloy?

You might see the word alloy described as a mixture of metals but that's a little bit misleading because some alloys contain only one metal and it's mixed in with other substances that are nonmetals cast iron for example is an alloy made of just one metal 2.) Why are alloys used instead of pure metals? Most alloys are replacing pure metals because many pure metals make errors or have faults and so alloys meet those needs

3.) How are alloys made? There are many different ways to make and allot 1.) Melting the metals picked together make them into a solid solution 2.) Combining metals and crushing them using pressure making them into a fine powder 4.) Pick one alloy and discuss its properties. For each, answer the following question I.) One of the most common categories of alloy is steel, which is extremely malleable. Steel is made when iron, coal and limestone are heated and mixed together II.) They differ because some of the properties start as rock that is crumbly and then gets turned into a shiny hard metal III.) It is used to make many things like weapons and silverware 5.) History of alloys I.) The oldest alloy that we know of is bronze they used bronze for many different things like armour and also weapons II.) The first people to develop carbon steel were the Persians our modern society now use it in buildings and different things 6.) Alloys in jewelry I.) Because it is harder to make and is more expensive II.) Nickel ,copper ,platinum 7.) It impacted ancient societies in many different ways but I think that the biggest was in warfare because with this they could make different things like armour and weapons

Pick ONE of the following metals / metalloids: a. Tin 2. Gold. 3. Titanium 4. Uranium 5. Plutonium

Explain how the discovery of its uses have had an impact on – (pick one or two below) 8.) Uranium had a terrible impact on the environment not because of itself but the way that humans treat radioactive waste like uranium dumping it into the ocean causing many things that are bad to happen that is why it had a bad impact on the environment.

9.) Society 10.) World economy 11.) The environment