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Define Ethics

Ethics is virtues that govern character of an individual

Nilai murni yg menjadi character sesorang Virtue= quality value

Difference Ethics and Law ETHICS Refers wut u shud do Ethical issued bergantung individual interpretation Less specific Set the highest standard of behavioue LAW Refer wut u must do Legal isuue Settled by using law Very specific, ditulis oleh people yg ade authority Set minimum standard of behavior

Importance of ethics Ethics effect in decision making Effect relationship wif patient and pubic Compromise services to Pt Ethical pnting tok jadi professional Ethical principle can use in debate to support moral issue.. Kalo ethics ignored, ade risiko making unethical decision, then lead to unethical conduct Kerja jadi x bagus Tanpa ethic ko takleyh jadi professional Dgn ilmu ethics, kite bleyh gune tyme debate, tok menegakkan moral issue. Eg, x leyh jadikan manusia experiment bahan racun. contohh

Definition Profession Ia merupakan occupation, yg melibatkan specialized preparation at higher level education, yg mane pekerjaan ni governed by code of ethics. yg bertujuan as public good. Team member of a group of colleouge yg ade, set of standards and values and have power to enforce them.. Dentistry’s contract with society - providing expert to the society - be leader to community



have right to choose free from coercion (dipaksa) Signif - respect Pt make decision. jgn hebohkan penyakit die kat awam) - Beneficient Example: presenting all treatment option Explain risk of treatment Ensure patient faham the risk Def: for benefit others Duty: be a benefit for Pt Example Providing vaccination Talking to the community about STD prevention Do not harm the Pt. give patient kelebihan dan kekurang sesuatu tretatment. bagitaw die .Characteristics of profesion Important and exclusive expertise Internal and external structure Penting and not all can do Mutually community of experts recognize each other expertise and intistutionalisation this relationship in formal organization Autonomy in make decision Ad hak kpd patient and society Autonomy in practice Professional obligation Principle of ethics Basic principle of ethics Autonomy The person. elak daripada bagi ineffective treatment Duty: - Non maleficience develop current knowledge knowing one’s own limitation (taw ap yg diri takleyh wat) example .refuse treatment that not shown to be effective . serahkan kat patient wat keputusan Safeguard patient privacy (right to privacy.

1) Pt tak nak taw information abou their diagnosis 2) PT gila. delivering dental care without prejudice (mentang2 die mamat bangla. kalo dapat bad news Ethical theories (see note) . avoid lyinh Duty: telling the truth about their condition inform kalo kite ad wat salah kasan tipu: Pt x trust Prevent pt make good decision. akan bagi harms. pt tak dapat adequate information nk wat decision Unethical Veracity - Kite bleyh tipu dalam 2 keadaan.Justice Defi: Being fair Duty: treating people fairly. wat keje selekeh) Def: truth telling.

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