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By Duke Johnson Ch: 1 Introduction Important Terms and Recurring Themes Augur Ancient Roman religious officials who observed bird calls and flight patterns to interpret the will of the Gods, disseminated the meaning of nature's omens, and foretold prophecies Rome's original illuminated or enlightened ones Synchronicity !eaningful coincidences connecting one's inner world to their outer environment, especially when linked with rare occurrences " G Jung coined the phrase in the #$%&s to e'plain a causality of universal and mysterious forces Kundalini A (indu term describing energy which lies dormant at the base of the spine until activation, when it gets channeled upward through the body's chakra system in the process of spiritual perfection Kundalini Awakening An e'perience of arousal of the )undalini energy by various means, often occurring very powerfully "onsciousness e'pansion, or the reali*ation of one's higher self +he beginning of a spiritual ,ourney that leads to self-actuali*ation Moon Day 11 .nergetically, the most powerful day of each /unar month Day of awakening of the sacred mystical energy )undalini, one of the most powerful energies in the 0niverse, first responsible for building our bodies 1nly people who are ready, or were born on this day, can get access to this ama*ing and secretive power 2ymbols associated with /unar day ##3 sword of fire, fire-breathing dragon or serpent o!e !s "ear#$ased %motions .very emotion has its counterpart, however love and fear are the roots of all other emotions 0nderstanding emotions is useful perspective for life in general, and a prere4uisite to this guide "oncerning the unknown, one can choose to harbor either hope or fear "uriosity and interest are the polar opposites of alarm and panic Divisive actions lead to hate, where acceptance leads to love "onscious beings can decide to feel either disappointment or gratitude, generosity or greediness, forgiveness or anger, admiration or ,ealousy, ,ust to name a few opposites .motion directs thoughts, thoughts lead to actions, and actions become behavior Ch: &' Dedication Dedicated to those born on !oon Day ##, and to the ,ourneymen and women who rise to the occasion when touched by the other side, and to anyone who embarks on a spiritual path when seeking fulfillment

5or those who've accepted the call, the dark night of the soul may ,ust be a necessary step +his guide is intended to help anyone who's lost or may become lost, though it's up to each individual to find their own true north +his guide, along with the corresponding book Wake Rise and Shine in the Darkness, will provide a frame of reference and comparative relatability, all from the perspective of hard knocks 6ote from the Author3 if you think your trials and tribulations were more intense than those 7 endured, take pleasure in the notion 7 keep positively affirming to myself3 the tougher the path, the higher the calling 8hen on the Journey, 7 don't believe anyone is dished out anything they can't handle, or deserve One truly knows the light once one has endured darkness. It's not as sweet without the sour. The higher the peak, the lower the valley. So eti es you have to get lost to find yourself.

Ch: (' Disclaimer 5or those whose proverbial feathers get ruffled when e'posed to ideas that conflict with preconceived notions, please stop reading 1r continue reading at your own risk of e'posure to something you may vehemently disagree with (umans typically fear the unknown +herefore, revealing subverted knowledge will hopefully reduce feelings of fear, and ideally lead to understanding and acceptance 8estern mystery schools and some secret societies keep mystical knowledge hidden because It's powerful, and therefore dangerous if used with ill intent Beware of those who use any form of power for control or sub,ection Alternatively, many cultures in the east embrace the mystery in their daily way of thinking and cultural traditions when seeking positive energy, productive wisdom, and peaceful intent +he e!perience is individuali*ed to each person, but the more each e'plorer is e'posed to the nature of the mystery, the better e4uipped they'll be when on any path in the spirit realm 7t appears the more open-minded one is to receiving the call, the more gets revealed +herefore, there may be more opportunity to take higher roads +he closer one lives to nature 9cities can be a new form of nature: the more the mystery supports the sub,ect, whether known or not, especially in survival situations +he individuals who seem to continue advancing towards true achievement are those who've embraced their creative nature, such as3 artistic e'pression, productive innovation, scientific development, and even nurturing the creative aspects of !other 6ature by growing families or gardens 8isdom, evolution, and societal progress seem to be the goals of the creative force A humble human being once said,"#volution is the ost Intelligent Design ever created, as far as I know.$ 1ne must be careful when speaking in either absolute, or generali*ed terms; however the following

statements provide conte't for present times 2cientists tend to think rigidly +heists tend to behave divisively .litist often subvert and sub,ugate !ystics tend to seek harmony with nature, and benevolent folks share with all +he same humble human being, from above, also said <nothing is out of %other &ature's 'oundary, as far as I know, e!cept ay'e (ather Ti e. &either of which, anyone can deny e!ists = Ch' ): Seekers* +reparation >erception and perspective are key and combination to unlocking the doors of mystery, even if it's ,ust for a glimpse of the other side 1bservation is foundational .'ploring many different ways of thinking without ,udgment is critical Before understanding the whole, one must learn the inner, as much as the outer 7nner3 personal intuition, baseline tendencies as described by !eyers-Briggs personality test, typical thought patterns and body functions, etc 1uter3 anything outside the sub,ect's skin +he environment, climate, local plants and animals, personal relationships, interactions, sounds such as bird calls, car horns, bells, alarms, ring-tones, etc 2ynchronicity connects the two 1nce 6ature and +ime use the sub,ect to complete a circuit in making a connection, and the individual accepts the occurrence into conscious awareness, then the sub,ect has received the vision ?uick riddle3 8ho flies both above the clouds, and under the radar@ +he birds, of courseA And yes, aliens and spirits too, if they're real Ch:, Know thy -irds 5or brief historical conte't, the ancient .gyptians used many bird symbols for the divine .uropean Augurs swayed much influence 6ative Americans held birds in high spiritual significance !any artistic works of JudeoB"hristianB!uslim religions subtly and overtly portray wings and birds as divine, angelic, and spiritual !any mystics would suggest looking to the sky with awe and wonder to see what flies forth "urious minds may ponder3 how do the birds know where and when to migrate@ (ow do carrier and homing pigeons navigate their way home@ 2ome research has been conducted, but to date, no human can scientifically prove the e'act process (owever electromagnetic guidance has been measured +herefore, it's safe to assume some birds have a sense humans don't +hat e'trasensory perception must interpret vibrational fre4uencies somehow, someway But what if hu ans could collectively e'pand their perception of the light and sound spectrums@ 8hat if feeling the electromagnetic flow felt similar to seeing the Aurora Borealis@ 8ould that constitute a new level of evolution for humanity@ (umans are all energy at the fundamental level, and therefore electric and magnetic Because birds use

the electromagnetic fields to navigate, their receptors may detect the fre4uencies some humans may emit 6o, that hasn't been proven, but someone, someday, ,ust may uncover the secret truth of Augury in a way science embraces 6icola +esla said, <To find the secrets of the universe, think in energy, fre)uency, and vi'ration.= Ch .: +hone*s Ringing''' 8hat phone@ And where is it@ 7magine a force is attempting to send information, but it's in a foreign language and the receiver doesn't always know when or how it's contacting them !aybe it's all the time for some !aybe the call only comes through on certain days, or periods of the day, or certain phases of the moon, or near one's birthday !aybe the force only calls when the receiver individual is ready, once they've cracked their shell of illusion, or ignorance, or egotistic thinking +he mystery force may only come through on certain channels, similar to a radio receiving either music or white noise !any people report strange mystical occurrences when in e'treme emotional states, possibly amplifying their personal fre4uency signal Both near-death fear and ecstatic-loving states of mind may result in brushes with the other side Ch:/ 0uiding ight /et's get personal 7 hope you don't mind alternating points-of-view, because after all, this is a guidebook 2everal perspectives provide a more complete picture 2ay you have a 4uestion, and decide to ask the other side for assistance 7f you ask a yes or no 4uestion, and decide to flip a coin for the answer, however you decide yes or no corresponds to heads or tails is e'clusive to you 7n other words, if you decide heads means yes, that doesn't mean tails means no for someone else 7t's uni4ue to each person >ersonally, 7 find only two possible outcomes insufficient Cisuali*e a mental graph that's split into four categories +he vertical a'is divides positivity from negativity, and the hori*ontal a'is separates productive from unproductive

6e't visuali*e a purity line that represents what's most positive and productive for the whole, not ,ust the individual +he purity line e'tends from the dark corner of fear, into the pure white-light of love +he purity line measures both pure and impure emotions, thoughts, and actions

6ow imagine the visual light spectrum 9colors of the rainbow: represents how positive and productive each thought, word, or action is or isn't 5or a visual image with colors, refer to the cover of this book

6otice the purity line goes from black to gray to white +he goal of spiritual perfection is to achieve, and then maintain, a pure white-light state of being, therefore shining or emitting elevated fre4uencies onto others and the surrounding environment !any folks claim the ability to see auras around people, however most folks aren't programmed to see those signals by default +he human antenna to the spirit world is thought to be located in the center of the brain in the pea-si*ed, pine-cone-shaped pineal gland >urity of the body, or individual temple, allows the human receiver to connect to elevated levels of energy !odern unhealthy diets and fluoridated water may contribute to the calcification of the pineal gland, similar to a car radio with a rusted-out radio antenna 7nterpreting 2ignals As 7 think a thought or ponder a potential course of action, 7 may receive a sign that coincides to how 7've developed my intuition, and <out-tuition= 9interpretation of nature's signals : +he more signs received per 4uestion or thought, the more synchronistic, and therefore the more confidant 7 feel 7t usually works best with heightened emotion and intent .ach thought and potential action can be plotted on the color graph 6egative and unproductive thoughts, words, or actions may coincide with a negative sign, such as a bird call I find annoying, such as a crow caw 6ote3 crows have several calls, and they don't always mean the same thing /ikewise, some people might like crows, and therefore view them as positive, or affirming signs 7t's up to you to locate your own true north A positive and productive thought may coincide with a rare bird call 7 en,oy hearing 1ccasionally a hummingbird flies inside my house, which 7 take as a positive omen 7f 7 have a great idea, or a lovebased thought, 7 know it's positive and productive if 7 see a bald eagle reveal itself from its perch and fly a clockwise loop; based on how 7've developed my personal inBout-tuition through years of observation Be careful though, the negative energy is real Don't write off the crows or any negative sign because you want to stick your head in the sand and pretend it's only positive 1nce you open >andora's bo', you may not like what you see But if you keep an open mind and pure heart, you'll go far <1kay,= you ask, <but what if it's night-time, or in the winter months of the northern hemisphere@= All one needs to do is look inward 7 sometimes get slight electric sensations throughout my body, similar to itches, which 7've learned to interpret in a similar 4uadrant style, depending on which limb they occur 2ome people claim to feel an inner warmth or coldness 8hen your cat ,umps on you and begins purring, note what chords your emotional vibration was ,ust sounding out 8hen the dog growls at you for no apparent reason, stop your fear-based thinking Dogs usually bark at the mail-man, so locate the message when you hear it by making a point to track back your thought stream when synchronicity makes a connection through you +ry to get in the habit of noticing what thought or feeling made the mystery take notice +he collective unconscious, as " G Jung described it, doesn't seem to have matter-form, therefore it's not bound to time and space in a way humans can measure scientifically 9>rove me wrong, kidsA: +herefore, 7t's able to shoot a positive thought into your wakeful thinking state-- ,ust as the sun shines through the clouds and curtains onto your face like a warm sun kiss, coinciding with your grandfather clock striking the hour 1r the cuckoo clock ;: Ch: 1 Accept' %m$race' earn' o!e' Rinse and Repeat'

Accepting there's communication occurring is the first step to deciphering the message 1nce embraced, it may take years to develop your understanding, and it's not always accurate from our limited perspective 2ome believe 7t operates like a computer program, but 7 believe it's safer to assume 7t's a conscious entity 7f one accepts that every thought, intention, action, and spoken word has energy, then our reality is an elaborate web, connected by invisible pathways of said energy .nergy can be weak or strong, thus some ties last longer .motions and intentions appear to drive the wheels of change +emper and reason, integrity and morality seem to control the direction Deciding personalBcollective direction should be both positive and productive, says me, a humble human being from no position of authority +he universe may be neutral, but benevolence breeds a better e'perience, and malevolence breeds a worse e'perience, says anyone with common sense (ow else do signs come through@ Dou gotta figure it out for yourself, but when 7 think a positive thought formed from love-based emotions, the signs are noted 1ver time, you'll see patterns develop !any spiritual travelers seek masters and guides, but if you're a !averick like me and choose nature to be your guide, then think of yourself as having to become conditioned like >avlov's dogs Accept that you're the dumb dog in the Divine-human relationship 2nee*ing is a mini orgasm for some, yet hay fever is miserable for most )now the difference +he more in-tune one becomes, the more one may influence those around them +ake notice when you send a te't message to someone that'll evoke a positiveBproductive effect, and the stranger ne't to you on the bus snee*es out of the blue "oincidence@ !aybe 2ome say there's no such thing 2ome would interpret that as an affirming pat on the back Good human +he weather has synchronistic influence@ 7f it snows in June in 5lorida, but not in "hile, there's something different happening 7f it rains when it's supposed to be clear, notice if you feel different 8hen the wind chimes e'plode on a calm day, take note 8e're all affected by the weather, but some may affect the weather, somehow, someway 7nanimate ob,ects are affected tooA (ow@ 8hy@ 7 don't know, but 7've embraced the randomness 7t took me years to develop what you're reading, and 7 still feel as if my level of understanding is elementary 5ully understanding the how and why may be futile for mere mortals, but observing nature with a kind heart and open mind won't hurt By learning the ancient "hinese principles of 5eng 2hui, "hi, and the cyclical ebb and flow nature of Din and Dang, one may begin to harness both the positive and negative energy that appear to pervade all sentient beings Ch: 2 Sound the Alarm Remember that time you heard the police siren ,ust as you were conspiring to break a rule@ +hen consider, would you have thought that thought if the siren wasn't close enough to enter your earshot@ 7f you didn't notice the siren, then maybe the sign wasn't for you 7've found that only the signs 7 attach importance to, and notice, relate to me 2ome folks have grown accustomed to living on a busy street and pay no attention when emergency vehicles blast past their house 2irens blare all over town all day,

that doesn't mean they're all relating to one person /ikewise, each time you think that same thought, sirens don't sound +he mystery can't be reliably measured and predicted because it's not always the same !aybe someone somewhere will think of something brilliantly simple to measure that can scientifically e'plain all our deepest 4uestions about the !ystery 7 won't pretend to understand string theory or 4uantum entanglement from a scientific perspective, but something tells me that 4uantum scientists are on the right path 7f humans do reach a point where the !ystery is solved in a way science agrees with, the scientific process will likely have to evolve to incorporate several variants when testing Good luck with that 7n the meantime, 7'll try to look, listen, and observe .'perience is the best teacher 2o if !agic is real, can some people wield great power@ Before my )undalini awakening, 7 didn't think so, but didn't give it much thought, or care 6ow 7 believe so, but don't feel it should be used without benevolent intentions, and even then it could backfire if we try to direct energy that we don't fully understand !aybe we're granted great power at times as a test, to see how we use it, so the Divine decider can prepare our future fate 8hy do some <feel the force= when others don't@ "an't say for sure, but if you don't feel it, maybe you're not ready !ight not be your time, or you're not listening with the right ears !aybe your radio is tuned to the wrong channel, or your antenna is calcified !aybe you're progressing well enough on your own, and need little help !aybe it relates to some gene code that's absent in some, or yet to be activated 1r maybe you ,ust haven't lost your mind, yet Atheists dismiss that which can't be proven, and that's okay because humanity needs folks who are unbiased in scientific e'ploration for the progress of our global tribe !y interpretation leads me to believe +he !ystery of "reation doesn't seem to care which type of spirituality one chooses to label themselves as having, so long as they're positive and productive And for those who are still unable to accept a benevolent creator, doing good by others is still acceptable 7f you accept that 6ature and +ime are both greater than yourself, that's likely good enough to any benevolent creator 7f you respect 6ature and +ime, they'll likely appreciate that 7f you honor !other 6ature and 5ather +ime, they'll likely honor you 7f you love them, they may show you their love 7n the mean time, it's a mystery for freewill's sake 7f the mystery e'poses itself to you, thank the 0niverse, or whatever name you call God, for freewill, life, consciousness, and everything else +hen if you prove your beliefs and way of life through action, your spirit may be set free (le! for strength -Body Strength co es fro fle!i'ility. -!ind *ar ony leads to love. -(eart +alance 'rings peace -2oul If you don't editate regularly, you're not doing it right. -/ife <,ife is the product of %other &ature and (ather Ti e.= -(umble (uman Being C3: 14 Clari5ication through Classi5ication

"lassification referenced below comes from the website and blog posts of the preeminent guru of our time, Dr Deepak "hopra God is a one syllable name for infinite intelligence +o achieve anything in life, a piece of this intelligence must be contacted and used 7n other words, God is always there for you Dour brain is hardwired to find God 0ntil you do, you will not know who you are /ife looks meaningless when you have worn out old responses, old realities, and an old version of God +o bring God back, we have to follow new, even strange responses wherever they lead us As one spiritual teacher wisely put it, <+he material world is infinite, but it's a boring infinity +he really interesting infinity lies beyond = 8here are you in your connection to God@ /evel # 95ight-or-5light Response: Dou fulfill your life through family, community, a sense of belonging and material comforts /evel % 9Reactive Response: Dou fulfill your life through success, power, influence, status and other ego satisfactions /evel E 9Restful Awareness Response: Dou fulfill your life through peace, centeredness, self-acceptance and inner silence /evel F 97ntuitive Response: Dou fulfill your life through insight, empathy, tolerance and forgiveness /evel G 9"reative Response: Dou fulfill your life through inspiration, e'panded creativity in art or science and unlimited discovery /evel H 9Cisionary Response: Dou fulfill your life through reverence, compassion, devoted service and universal love /evel I 92acred Response: Dou fulfill your life through wholeness and unity with the divine Deepak "hopra then classifies three basic levels of awareness /evel #3 "ontracted awareness +his is the level of problems, obstacles, and struggle Answers are limited 5ear contributes to a sense of confusion and conflict .fforts to reach a solution meet with frustration Dou keep doing more of what didnJt work in the first place 7f you remain at this level, you will be frustrated and e'hausted /evel %3 .'panded awareness +his is the level where solutions begin to appear +here is less struggle 1bstacles are easier to overcome Dour vision e'tends beyond the conflict, giving you more clarity 6egative energies are confronted realistically 8ith greater e'pansion, unseen forces come to your aid Dou move forward according to what you desire from your life /evel E3 >ure awareness +his is the level where no problems e'ist .very challenge is a creative opportunity Dou feel completely aligned with the forces of nature 7nner and outer worlds reflect each other without confusion or conflict Because solutions arise from the level of the true self, they meet no resistance All your desires lead to the result that is best for you and your surroundings As you move from /evel # to /evel E, lifeJs challenges become what they are meant to be3 a step closer to your true self 7 would insert another level called <removed awareness,= where one becomes complacent in routine,

and chooses to be either unaware of anything outside their comfort *one, or removed from any real risk 7f secure, and in times of peace, one can avoid truly challenging obstacles or e'treme scenarios, though only temporarily, by making efforts to delay the only constant of nature3 change And that's okay, especially for those who choose to live their lives for others, such as parents 7n these scenarios, people often seek temporary escapes from a boring reality by living vicariously through entertainment such as television, films, or sports; though parenting and charity work are certainly worthwhile causes "omfort and entertainment are rewards, helping others actuali*e a better life is achievement 5or the young at heart3 would you rather e!perience real adventures and true drama, or manufactured versions via <reality= +C@ Do you want to live life and risk potential pain for the ,oy of achieving dreams, or would you rather operate like a robot, surviving but not thriving@ Are you comfortable in your current reality@ 7f so, greatA 7f not, working towards a better life is celebrated in society, if achieved, because accomplishment is earned, not received or inherited Remember the idiom3 nothing ventured, nothing gained 2ome advise others to reali*e the /atin term "arpe Diem, but patience is a virtue because timing is everything 2ei*ing the day before one's ready may lead to disaster, but learning something new everyday is sei*ing the day's lesson After my awakening, 7 began a learning process and discovered Dr Deepak "hopra's classification of how humans operate via I levels of consciousness /ittle did 7 know, for seven years 7'd been taking for granted the Hth level he describes as divine consciousness, which 7've come to know independently through observation and cognition of nature +urns out, there's an Kth level 7 had no idea e'isted until touched by the other side # Deep sleep % Dreaming E 8akefulness F .ntering the Alpha brain wave state where we begin to be tuned to our soul, via meditation 7t is in this level that we can begin to glimpse synchronicity in action G "osmic consciousness where our brain wave patterns have moved through the Alpha and entered the +heta fields 1ur intuition increases, we are aware of both our local and non-local fields of intelligence and we become more creative and insightful H Divine consciousness is a level where we move in and out of the +heta to Delta brain wave patterns, it is a level of natural telepathy, where we feel interconnected and Lat oneJ with all I 0nity consciousness or LenlightenmentJ, where the perceived and the perceiver become one and the world becomes an e'tension of our whole being 7n this state we transcend life and death and find that miracles are commonplace as our pituitary and pineal glands now operate at their full potential 7 would add the Kth level of <orgasmic consciousness,= where the body e'periences a euphoric or ecstatic state, lasting more than several minutes, possibly e'perienced or observed by others through one or more senses !aybe there are even more levels we still don't fully understand such as consciousness without a material body, or a free spirit 7'm e'cited to learn what the future of science will uncover about consciousness in relation to these states, and how it can benefit humanity 7 can't prove much scientifically, but 7 believe the mystery can be found in a church or a field, a temple or nature, a sanctuary or a cemetery, and within every molecule that ever e'isted

Ch: 11 A$out the Author

8ho am 7@ 8hat makes me an e'pert@ 7'm ,ust a regular guy, a fool really, who stumbled upon profound reali*ations, developed my intuition, became conscious of my instincts, observed my environment, and naturally found myself pondering deep mysteries 6ot necessarily seeking, but observing and perceiving A self-proclaimed e'pert at nothing, but beyond e'perienced to say the least +he corresponding book, Wake Rise and Shine in the Darkness, details my first person account to the other side of life 5or the record, while going through this awakening and purification process, 7 thought 7 had lost my mind 7ncredible psychological relief was actuali*ed when 7 finally stumbled across the (indu term of )undalini, and how many others have e'perienced it and aspire to know its energy +urns out, Astrology may e'plain why 7'm more in tune with nature and the mystery, due to being born on !oon Day ##, which 7 also learned post-awakening +he )undalini process included incredible psychological and physiological sensations, and what 7 refer to as *yper-Synchronicity. 7t's hard to measure, but imagine a normal level of observed synchronicity times ten, or a hundred, and linked to e'tremely rare occurrences !y personal e'perience followed Joseph "ampbell's !onomyth Journey to a + 2imply put, it was an e'perience 7 didn't think was possible before it happened 7t felt like a psychological rebirth of sorts 6ot starting fresh because 7 was permitted to retain this body and mind, luckily for my sake, but a new beginning nonetheless 5or a contemporary analogy, imagine your computer's operating system gets updated, therefore your hard drive re4uires a reboot 7 retained ,ust enough energy for internal clock and memory to stay alive (owever anyone describes their uni4ue process, something happens at the soul level !y path brought me to, and through, my personal version of hell on earth, which is located in the south-central district of my personal garden of eden-- /os Angeles, "A Replacing pride with humility has been a hard lesson to learn in my youth, therefore public selfaggrandi*ement, especially as an ignoramus, is not my intent But when the 0niverse shakes one to their core like an earth4uake and spins them out like a hurricane, it's hard not to take note After my incredibly embarrassing e'perience, 7 wanted to hide in introverted obscurity for the rest of my days +hen fate delivered me to an ac4uaintance who could relate to being born on !oon Day ## (e was four days into his ,ourney, and the sense of relief on his face after hearing my perspective and guidance was enough to persuade me to put my story out there like a lighthouse for anyone lost at sea in a dark storm 7f any of this helps you personally develop, please pay it forward when you meet someone who could benefit from these lessons 1nce you're blessed with knowledge and wisdom, it's helpful to plant seeds of enlightenment in curious minds One candle can light any others without di inishing its own lifespan. -+he Buddha 5or a more complete picture of what led to my awakening, the synchronistic events that accompanied it--some of mythical proportion, my trials and tribulations, the paths 7 chose, retrospective reflections relating to world cultures, and the gifts bestowed to all of society--feel free to continue reading Wake Rise and Shine in the Darkness. 8ith lights at both ends of the tunnel, the wildly-dark ride travels through intense transitions of harmonic and frightening fre4uencies +he perspective of the powerfully humbling ,ourney has the potential to shift humanity's collective understanding of life on .arth, and 6ature's mystery -5rom my heart, with so much love and respect Duke Johnson