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Which of the following connectors has the lowest attenuation at UHF? Ans.

Type N-connector Parts of superheterodyne responsible for bandpass of the receiver Ans. IF amplifier *What type of 2nd detector is used for AM? Ans. Diode What is the disadvantage of slope detection of FM? Ans. No noise discrimination FM detectors not used in mobiles Ans. Balanced modulator Tunes the receiver to different stations Ans. Local oscillator Advantage of using a high IF Ans. Better image rejection In FM receiver which circuit removes amplitude variations? Ans. Limiter Another name popcorn noise Ans. burst noise for

Ans. 15-160 MHz Reference frequency of CCITT psophometric noise measurement Ans. 800 Hz In TV, the color phasor has what phase for the I signal Ans. 57 degree Frequency for the pilot subcarrier for commercial stereo FM Ans. 19 kHz In video system, what determines the maximum number of vertical picture elements? Ans. No. of lines on the screen *What does aspect ratio mean? Ans. Ratio of screen height to its width How many oscillators does a black and white TV contain? Ans. 2 Which of the following is not a major component of color TV receiver? Ans. Sync analyzer Portion of TV signal used to synchronize the video information on recording tape Ans. Vertical tape Frequency of control signal Ans. 30 Hz VCR

How many electron beams leave the electron gun on a single-gun CRT? Ans. 3 In a single-gun color CRT, what electron beam travels straight through the tube? Ans. Green In a TV picture tube, what is the purpose of large picture tube voltage? Ans. Attracts electrons toward the face of the tube How many horizontal lines are used to develop a TV raster in NTSC standard? Ans. 525 In TV, time allocated per horizontal retrace Ans. 10.2 sec Percentage of primary color used in color TV are needed to produce the brightest white Ans. 30% red, 59% green, 11% blue *If a broadcast station is transmitting but not modulating, what is heard in a receiver tuned to its frequency? Ans. Nothing Which band channel 14 of TV channel belongs? Ans. UHF

What do you call the combining circuit used in TV? Ans. Matrix A type of microphone which has a permanent magnet Ans. Ribbon What determines the purity received colors? Ans. Q & I amplitude Microphone which has a Z output Ans. Crystal Normally, for how long must broadcast station logs be kept for the NTC? Ans. 1 year Device that prevents aural RF from entering the video transmitter and vice versa Ans. Diplexer What is the blanking level for negative transmission? Ans. 75% Average rate of transmission of sound energy in a given direction through cross sectional area of a sqm at right angle to the direction Ans. Sound pressure What would be produced by weak blue, weak green, weak red on color CRT? Ans. Gray

Where is color burst found? Ans. Back porch Frequency of color burst Ans. 3.58 MHz How many cathodes are there in a shadow mask tube? Ans. 3 Where is the degaussing coil in a TV set? Ans. Around the tube face The typical output voltage from a magnetic microphone Ans. 1 mV Modulation index of AM wave is changed from 0 to 1, the transmitter power is Ans. Increased by 50% Method generating SSB signal that utilizes one balanced modulator circuit Ans. Filter method What is the lowest number of sections required by communication receivers? Ans. 4 Connecting a headset directly across the tuner in a simple AM radio receiver Ans. Will not produce sound in the headset An AM signal displayed on an oscilloscope has

maximum span of 5 V and minimum 1 V. What is modulation index? Ans. 67% *DSBSC system mist suppresses the carrier by 50 dB from original value of 10 W. What value must the carrier be reduced? Ans. 0.0001 W A system uses a deviation of 100 kHz and modulating signal, what is approximate BW? Ans. 230 kHz A system has 150 kHz of BW for a 10 kHz modulating signal, what is approximate deviation? Ans. 65 kHz Which of the following is not a continuous wave modulation? Ans. PCM Determine the power save in % when the carrier is suppressed in an AM signal modulated to 80% Ans. 75.8% *What are the letter, number designations of carrier and one SB? Ans. H3E What determines the selectivity of a receiver? Ans. The bandwidth of the tuned circuit What is the major disadvantage of a

A type of devices noise whose intensity decreases with frequency Ans. Flicker Industrial frequency noise

superheterodyne receiver? Ans. Excellent selectivity and sensitivity How many mixers are in an SSB receiver? Ans. 2 What is the purpose of AFC in an FM receiver? Ans. To help maintain a steady LO frequency The signal in a channel is measured to be 23 dB while noise is 9 dB. What is S/N? Ans. 14 dB Which of the following is not application of PLL? Ans. AM discriminator When the loop in a PLL is locked, what is the difference in frequency detected by the phase detector? Ans. 0 degree What circuit accompanies a mixer? Ans. Local oscillator Not a class of laser radiation Ans. Class X Optical fiber with smallest beamwidth Ans. Glass fiber core Einstein Ans. First documented prediction that laser light was possible Maiman

Ans. First person to produce laser light Number the fiber optic receiver, the light detector Ans. Has a still signal as an output Fiber optic operates near Ans. 800 THz cable

Ans. Time dialing push bottoms held down 0.25 microseconds and 0.25 interdigit Not are advantages of fiber optic Ans. Cabling splicing and simplicity VHF-ship transmitter Ans. 1 W station

n1>n2 Ans. TIR At critical angle Ans. Reference angle equal to 90 degrees mm illumination recommended for reading Ans. 8000 Ix Ionosphere Ans. Photophone Ans. First device voice using light Critical angle Ans. Determine stray / refracted with in the medium Fiber optic cable Ans. Not commonly used in Fiber optic Irradiance Ans. P/A in fiber optic Monitor Ans. Not a major section required by lasers Part of body sensitive to laser Ans. Eyes & skin most

Ans. Most widely used Infrared absorption Ans. Photons of light absorbed Responsitivity unit Ans. A/W Not a characteristic of light detector Ans. Dispersion Infrared range Ans. 700-1200 nm *Single mode fiber optic core diameter Ans. 0.01 nm Step Index Multimode optical fiber diameter Ans. 0.02 nm Visible light LCDs not used Ans. High losses Increasing light intensity, fast optic switching due to ___ Ans. A purification of optical signal Optical fiber telecommunication Ans. 5 miles for

lines but does not contain key telephone system circuitry Ans. Satellite closet PMT Ans. High sensitivity and BW (optical detector) Average loss of fiber splice Ans. 0.15 Mechanical splice attenuation Ans. 0.1 dB or less Commonly used electron optic crystal polarization Ans. Lithium niobate Modulation information Ans. Intensity and polarization Amount of voltage induced in a wave by an EM wave Ans. Field strength Determine amplitude of side bands phase detector Ans. Bessel function Quadrature detector Ans. Differential amplifier D, E, F layers Ans. Kennely Heaviside layer

Layer Ans. May be used as an optical fiber transmitter Responsitivity Ans. Receiver parameter Laser Ans. Optical transmitter without cladding and rectifier SONET Ans. Optical network ensured standard that light has a connectivity ILS system Ans. Cockpit which provides 2 separate items of information in relation to the runway DME Ans. Time interval below interrogatory pulse and the reply from a radar beacon Plane wave Ans. Wave far from its source 422-9342

Effects an EM wave produces when in interacts with water Ans. Due to EF Dead areas Ans. Shading of the RF signal by hills What values of L and C in an L network are required to match a 10 ohm resistor amplifier impose to a 50 ohm load at 27 MHz? Ans. L = 118 nH, C = 236 pF EM wave transport Ans. Energy Pitch in sound Ans. Color in light Less than 3 kW (ERP) Ans. Operational maintenance of an FMBC station exempted from DO. 88 Not changes frequency Ans. Fiber optic Reference index of glass Ans. 1.5

*UV radiation Ans. Most common type of damage to the human eye by laser Erytherma Ans. Damage to skin by laser radiation Step index single mode

Increasing in photons that produces a photoelectron/ electron hole pair Ans. Quantum efficiency A closet which by terminating facilities for key telephone system services, stations, and central offices and PBX

Circular/ellipsoidal cross section placed within/or first below the floor and transmitter the destination duct or cell to the terminal of ionospace

Ans. Header A system where cables and/or wires are placed within the ceiling space and poked up through the fire resistant floor struction to the office or room above Ans. Poke through Signal received and intelligence frequency due is double k-factor Ans. Second harmonic Fading due to intelligence below reflected waves Ans. Reflection multipath 422-43-42 pulse dialing 0.35 sec interdigit delay Ans. 4.1 sec Optical fiber silicon glass Ans. 3 layers Electric field strength Ans. V/W Pilot carrier signal Ans. Rev and transmit a signal Telephone set ringing side Ans. -42 to -52 Vdc Reference of subscriber by sending a dial tone Ans. First selector Beamwidth of reflector antenna in base station Ans, 60 degrees Sensitivity receiver of cell

Ans. 50 dB Volume Ans. Speech High loss in the opposite direction Ans. Echo suppression Connector arrangement, customer move to one location to connecting same telephone number Ans. TPS Same facility not same time Ans. TDM Common light session in medium fax Ans. CCD Frequency for black and white Ans. 1500 & 2300 Hz *VSB AM Ans. G2 fax QAM Ans. G3 fax 8 allowable frequency Ans. Touch telephone tone tone

*Used by PCN (Personal Communication Network) Ans. Modified GSM TDMA Ans. DECT ERLANG C Ans. Block calls delays GFSK Ans. DECT BPSK Ans. Cell CDMA Digital AMPS Ans. Noted call, according standard circuit TIA radio capacity Ans. Used formed spectrum efficiency Echo completely out of control Ans. Singing Number of circuit in tandem Ans. 12 Difference of entry Ans. CCITT mode Tiny particles (light) Ans. Quantum theory Splitting of white light Ans. Dispersion *Object returned to a converging lens than its focal point Ans. Virtual mirror Circular opening thru the four structure

Ans. Sleeve Do not exhibit longitudinal waves Ans. Polarization Fusion splice Ans. 0.09 dB Connector type of splice Ans. 0.38 dB 200,000 hrs Ans. LED lifetime 50,000 hrs Ans. ILDs lifetime Pave Ans. Pole energy x PRR Easy to conduct but directly change excitation Ans. Semiconductor layer SM GI Ans. Not common Limits information carrying capacity of a cable Ans. Modal dispersion Visible light range Ans. 400-750 nm Transmission line does not depend on Ans. Length Conduction loss Ans. effect/increased efficiency SWR Ans. 1:1 Skin by

Thermistor Ans. Semiconductor bolometer Waveguide acts as a Ans. High pass filter Quarter wavelength Ans. Stub-shorted Quarter wavelength Ans. At the end high impedance Nearest to the load Ans. Matching stubs Reflection (open) Ans. 1 coefficient

LEO satellite distances Ans. 22,300 miles *Best terrain Ans. Forested T9-DS1 Ans. 1.544 kbps 2 out of 7 codes Ans. Touch tone Solution to degradation in SNR Ans. Companding Circular polarization Ans. Navigational satellites Satellite attitude Ans. Orientation Standard test tone Ans. 1 mW k-factor Ans. 4/3 FDMA Ans. Concept earth covering Polar orbit Ans. Footprint CDMA concept change in carrier frequency Ans. Frequency hopping Automatic switching machines exchange induction coil Ans. 3 digit address code Different spreads at different voice frequency 100%

Low power oscillator Ans. Tunnel diode Aspect ratio Ans. 2:1 Ideal transmission conductor Ans. Silver Partition L or C Ans. Iris Use varactor Ans. PARAMP Offset frequency of VHF repeaters Ans. 5 MHz Morse code basic unit Ans. Dot length Velocity modulation Ans. Klystron Negligible conductivity Ans. Telephone relay

Cell CDMA bandwidth Ans. 1.23 MHz Intend to connect the channel Ans. Common line Block cells held Ans. Poisson

Ans. Network delay distance

error *Marker beacon Ans. 75 MHz Direction not to true north Ans. Azimuth TACAN Ans. Bearing distance and B-scan Ans. Range and bearing On star board beacon Ans. 90 degrees from the nose of the ship Middle number ILS Ans. 1300 Hz Localizer Ans. 108-112 MHz Strong echo at close range Ans. Multiple echoes Airplane pitch Ans. Elevator Affect bandwidth Ans. Material dispersion 12.36 1.3-1.3 micro Ans. Length losses *Standard in Laser Ans. ANSI Z136 rate Skews rays Ans. Spiral path/do not pay core axis Not a kind of optical dispersion Ans. Luminance dispersion High (nano) for glass Ans. Pseudo effect Highest modal dispersion Ans. Step Index Multi Mode Multiple signal over Ans. TDM

Optical fiber Ans. 250-500 Hz Maximum voice Ans. Energy Electrolytic recording Ans. Fax *Hemiglobe pattern Ans. Crosstalk Estimation discrete channel Ans. Modulator channel detector DECT Ans. 1.88-1.90 GHz 12 simultaneously calls (system support) 120 simultaneously calls DECT machine recover losses Triple conversion Ans. Normal Superheterodyne receiver Ans. Diode mixer (non linear) TACS Ans. 1000 channels Satellite Ans. 6000 Hz *PCS power output Ans. 10 mW Discrete particle Ans. Shot noise Board examinees at least have Ans. 10 yrs experience With out regular teaching

Ans. 5 yrs *MPDP Ans. 100000 *Billboard size Ans. 50x100 cm *MPD Ans. 5000 fine Residency (examiner) Ans. 5 yrs *MPEG-4 Ans. DivX Picture carrier Ans. UHF MPEG-2 Ans. Cosine 32.38 Mbps Ans. Actual data rate PTV In banks and office buildings, a unit load of ___ VA per square meter shall be included for the general purpose receptacle outlets when the actual number of outlets is known Ans. 8 Type AC cable shall be permitted in one of the following. Which one? For branch circuits For feeders In cable trays where identified for such usage Ans. All of the choices Interlocked type armored cable or corrugated

Flag bits Ans. ESS Co status Single booster antenna dish Ans. Low noise amplifier 1 hop space diversity Ans. 2 receivers 720 erlang Ans. 25920 ccs Reduce crosstalk Ans. Frequency frogging *B channel Ans. 64 kbps Beamwidth is inversely proportional to Ans. Wavelength/distance (radar out) Transmitter-receiver switch Ans. Duplexer ILS horizontal dev Ans. Localizer Range versus azimuth Ans. PPI Time difference measurement hyperbolic Ans. LORAN VLF Ans. Omega Marker beacon Ans. Distance information

sheath cables shall have a bending radius of NOT less than ___ times the external diameter of the metallic sheath Ans. 7 The radius of the inner edge of any bend for MI cables shall NOT be less than ___ times the diameter of the cable Ans. 5 The rating of the branch circuit using flat cable assemblies shall NOT exceed ___ Ans. 30 A When receptacles are connected to a 30-A branch circuit, the maximum allowable cord and plug connected load shall not be more than ___ Ans. 24 A At least how many receptacle outlet(s) shall be installed in the bathroom? Ans. 1 Rigid metal conduit shall be supported at least every ___ m Ans. 3 What is the maximum allowable voltage drop for the distribution panel to the farthest load? Ans. 5% An exposed wiring method using cleats, knobs, tubes, and flexible tubings for the protection

Steady red ATC light signal Ans. Stop taxiing Minimum ceiling 1000 ft Minimum visibility 3 mi VFR in control zone Phase measured Ans. OMEGA Radar mile Ans. microseconds RRPM Ans. Rotational radar antenna Bow of the ship Ans. Leading flash Stationary two loop RDF system Ans. Goniometer Doppler radar uses ___ as second detector Ans. Discriminator Error transmission (loran system) Ans. Blinking *Frequency loran C Ans. 100 kHz

and support of single insulated conductor run in or on building and not concealed by the building structure Ans. Open wiring on insulators Conductors in concealed knob and the tube wiring shall maintain a clearance of NOT less than ___ between the conductor and the surface over which it passes Ans. 26 mm General purpose and appliance branch circuits using type FCC cable shall have ratings NOT exceeding ___ A Ans. 20 What refers to a unit or an assembly or sections and associated fittings, forming a rigid structural system used to support cables? Ans. Cable tray Overcurrent in transformers affect all of the following EXCEPT Ans. Breather effectiveness The rating of the branch circuit serving a continuous load shall NOT exceed ___ percent of the continuous load Ans. 125 One or more nonmetallic surface extensions shall be permitted to be run in

any direction from an existing outlet, but NOT on the floor or within ___ from the floor Ans. 50 mm When a conduit enters a box, fitting or other enclosure, a ___ shall be provided to protect the wire from abrasions Ans. Bushing Bonding jumpers which connect communications cable grounding conductors and the grounding electrode of the building shall NOT be smaller than what copper size? Ans. 14.0 sq. mm In hospitals, the general lighting load required shall be ___ VA/sq. m Ans. 16 Each plate electrode shall expose NOT less than ___ of the surface to exterior soil Ans. One-fifth square meter Non-metallic sheathed cable shall NOT have a bending radius less than ___ times the diameter of the cable Ans. 5 Conductors after the final overcurrent device and before the load served are called ___ Ans. Branch circuit conductors

Intermittent operation in which the load conditions is regularly recurrent Ans. Periodic duty In every drawing, the title block shall be a standard strip, which shall contain the name of the project, owner, title of the sheet, scale used, name and signature of the PEE? How wide is this strip? Ans. 40 mm Rod electrodes of steel or iron shall be at least ___ in diameter Ans. 16 mm Suppose a voice frequency of 400 Hz is transmitted on an AM radio station operating on 590 kHz the voice frequency 400 Hz in not the ___ frequency Ans. Modulated The technique used in some special microwave receivers to reduce noise level even in microwave frequency is known as ___ Ans. Operating with cryogenic condition The formula used to calculate the overall noise performance of a receiver or of multiple stage of RF amplification is ___ formula Ans. Friis formula

Most people commonly receive unconscious in sound level of ___ dB Ans. 6 to 10 The perceptible repetition of sound is called ___ Ans. Echo In FDM communications, U600 master group occupies ___ bandwidth Ans. 2520 kHz *Used for ionospheric transmission is the optimum working frequency it is chosen to be about ___ percent less than MUF Ans. 15 Transmitter power output in single sideband operation is expressed in terms of ___ Ans. PEP What resistor has a typical flicker noise voltage range of 0.02 to 0.20 microvolts? Ans. Metal film The scientist who profounded the theory of electromagnetic radiation Ans. James Maxwell What is the relation of the refractive index of an ionosphere layer used in HF radio communications to its altitude? Ans. The higher the layer, the smaller the refractive index

Ans. 75 For SSB transmitter, the average power is typically ___ of the peak envelope power, with a typical human speech Ans. to 1/3 How many significant sidebands are present in FM, if the modulation index is 1.0 (according to Bessel function)? Ans. 3 Noise when measured across tip and ring terminals of a network shall be ___ dBrncO Ans. 15 NTC has defined outdoor radio equipment devices used for wireless data network as those effective radiated power exceeds ___ Ans. 250 mW *According to the NTC memorandum circular, a spectrum user free of 1000 per indoor radio station used for wireless data network shall be paid by public telecomm entity with a data rate in excess of ___ Mbps Ans. 11 It is defined as a figure of merit used to express the degree of modulation achieved in an FSK Ans. H-factor How many groups are there in (CCITTS FDM hierarchy) a supermastergroup? *The number of voice band channel of (North American) TDM communication system with signaling rate of 44.736 Mbps is ___ Ans. 672 A fiber optic light electron PIN diode is lightly doped in ___ material Ans. Intrinsic *The band designator for communications system using frequency in the band (27-6 GHz) Ans. Ka In second symbol in the designation of a radio emission under the ITU rules refer to ___ Ans. A number signifying the nature of signals modulating the main carrier According to the ITU emission designation, the third symbol refers to the type of information to be transmitted. What symbol is used for telephony? Ans. E The dominant loss mechanisms in silica fiber used in fiber optics Ans. Absorption and Rayleigh scattering loss The average maximum data rate for fiber optics is ___ Ans. 50

Ans. 5 mW *In a spread spectrum frequency hopping system, a ___ circuit selects the frequency modulated by the synthesizer Ans. PSN code generator Using the TE mode, microwave power can only be transmitted if free rectangular guides provided ___ Ans. The width dimension is greater than one-half of the wavelength of the lowest frequency of operation *In FDM, how many voice band channels are there in a jumbo group? Ans. 3600 *In FDM, how many voice band channels are there in a DS-2 digital signal hierarchy for TDM signals? Ans. 96 *Another name optical density Ans. Radiant flux for *Most common carrier frequency Ans. 70 MHz IF *The frequency stability of cellular mobile telephone transmitter authorized by NTC for use in the Philippines Ans. 2.5 kHz and 2.5 ppm *One of the following is not classified as CCPE by NTC Ans. ATM (automated teller machine) Light rays comprising a node of propagation using FO which pass thru the longitudinal axis of the fiber are called ___ Ans. Meridianal When a plan EM wave propagates in free space, it travels as ___ Ans. TEM *The critical maximum value of the external incident angle for which light will propagate in the fiber is known as ___ Ans. Acceptance angle

Agreed standard for measuring loudness is the loudness sensation produced by 1000 Hz sine wave ___ above the listeners threshold of hearing Ans. 40 dB Unit of pitch Ans. Mel Octave ratio frequencies Ans. 2 for 2

Ans. wavelength tower

Quarter vertical

Flicker noise in radio communications is also referred to as ___ Ans. Pink noise The sound characteristics related to a sonic time pattern is known as ___ Ans. Rhythm *Which among the IEEE standard that refers to the global specification for wireless LAN? Ans. 802.11b The ISM frequency range used for Bluetooth application is ___ Ans. 2.402-2.480 GHz The aspect HDTV Ans. 16:9 ratio for

used to define jitter above 10 Hz is ___ Ans. Wander *The radio wavelength known as ___ falls within the medium frequency range Ans. Hectometric waves A type of disc antenna system where the subreflector is elliptical in form is known as Ans. Gregorian feed The minimum service performance standard for drop call rate for cellular mobile telephone service as promulgated by the NTC is ___ percent Ans. 5 CMTS operations are encouraged to improve the grade of service by 1% every 2 years until ___% is reached Ans. 4 As promulgated by the NTC, newly authorized CMTS operators may have a drop call rate of ___ after 1 year of start of operations Ans. 7 CMTS operators are encouraged by NTC to improve the drop call rate by 1% every 2 years the DCR is ___% Ans. 2 The NTC requires mandatory installation of navigational satellite aids equipment particular

The gain in the direction of one of the major lobes of the radiation pattern Ans. Directivity gain Father of internet Ans. Vinton Cerf Citizen band radio service is a two way voice communication device for sue in personal service activities it uses a frequency range from ___ Ans. 26.965 to 27.405 MHz This refers to the ability of individuals, business, and organization to retain their existing telephone numbers and use the same quality of service when switching to a new local services provider Ans. Local number portability Which of the following is an open standard that allows PCs, peripherals cordless telephone and other consumer electronics devices to communicate and interoperate with one another without the complexity and express associated with installing new wires Ans. Shared wireless access protocol

Unit of sound absorption Ans. Sabine Carbon microphone used in Ans. Variable resistance The loudness standard can also be defined in a pure tone of loudness 40 phons producing loudness sensation of one Ans. Sone Antenna utilizing the ground as part of its resonant circuit Ans. Marconi Antenna complete in itself and capable of self oscillation Ans. Hertz Radiation resistance in the ratio of Ans. Radiated power to the square of current Example of Marconi type antenna

In sound recording, a type of cassette tape known as the chrome tape is the type ___ Ans. 2 *The meaning of MP3 Ans. Motion picture experts group 1, audio layer 3 The access method of Ethernet is ___ Ans. CSMA/CD How many voice channels are there in master group? Ans. 600 *A jitter is a term used to magnify phased shifts of the information transmitted. The term

The NTC authorized transmit frequency range for cordless telephone sets operating in the UHF band is ___ MHz Ans. 1.725 to 1.79 Maximum radiated power of cordless telephone authorized by NTC for the Philippines is ___

IF bandwidth of microwave ___ highest baseband frequency Ans. 2 times Unit used to indicate the loudness of tone compared to the intensity of 1000 Hz tone Ans. Phon

*NAVTEX receiver and EPIRB equipment to passenger and general cargo vessels engaged in coastwise trade with a gross tonnage of ___ Ans. 150 *Mandatory date of compliance to NTC requirement by installing NAVTEX receiver by cargo and passenger vessels and ships engaged in coast wise trade is on before ___ Ans. September 30, 2002 The NTC has allocated the frequency band ___ for wireless interface for PABX systems and customer premise equipment Ans. 1880-1920 MHz The spectrum user fee charged by NTC for PTE such as CMTS operators is ___ Philippine Peso per 1 MHz bandwidth efficiency Ans. 500,000 NTC memorandum circular governing rules and regulations in CATV and PBS services generally prohibits ___ Ans. Carrying of TV programs for distribution A 3G wireless system can increase its network capacity by ___ percent as compared to lower generation wireless system

Ans. 70 *One of the following is nor a system specification for 3G wireless system Ans. IMT 2000 In CMTS, the frequency separation between forward and reversed channel is ___ Ans. 45 MHz *In analog CMTS (AMPS), the narrow band control channel using 395 duplex voice channels is channel ___ Ans. 21 The period for a single time slot in the GSMTDMA lot structure is ___ microseconds Ans. 577 Among the connectors the transmission lines for coax, which is the least expensive as is widely used for CATV, VCRS, and TV sets Ans. F-7 type *Typical value of the velocity factor of an open wire transmission line is ___ Ans. 0.9 A sound of the separation between two co-channel cells and the cell radius is known as co-channel ___ Ans. Interface reduction

*In telecommunications, short haul connections refers to a connection not exceeding ___ Ans. 150 km What is a wavelength of a violet ray of light in micron (4000 Angstrom)? Ans. 0.4 Among visible light rays of blue, green, yellow, and orange which has the longest wavelength? Ans. Orange One of this falls within the visible frequency range Ans. 0.4 to 0.8 Which of the following does not fall under the optical spectrum? Ans. Gamma rays The bending of light rays due to change in velocity as a result of traveling from one medium to another Ans. Refraction What is the infrared range used for fiber optics in Angstrom? Ans. 7,000 to 12,000 Which among the following maintains plastic, quartz, crystal, silicon, and glass has the best optical characteristics and lowest loss? Ans. Glass

In fiber optic system, the core of PCS finer is ___ Ans. Glass What is the primary specification of a fiber cable usually expressed as the loss in dB/km? Ans. Attenuation What is the most widely used light generator in a fiber optic system? Ans. Injection laser diode The sensitivity and response time of a photodiode can be increased by ____ Ans. Adding an undoped or intrinsic layer between the P and N semiconductor Fiber optic wavelength used because of an attenuation null at this wavelength Ans. 1.3 microns What is a measure of the quality of a fiber optic system? Ans. Maximum distance between repeaters Which fiber optic cable length has the lowest attenuation? Ans. 1000 ft Presently, the average maximum distance between repeaters in a fiber optic system is between ___ Ans. 10-30 km

The speed of light in air compared to speed of light in glass is ___ Ans. Higher Fiber optics performance is usually indicated by ___ Ans. Product of bit rate and distance The index of refraction of glass compared to water is ___ Ans. Lower *Critical angle maximum angle of incidence Result in an angle of refraction of ___ degrees or greater Ans. 90 Figure of merit to measure light gathering or light collecting ability of optical fiber Ans. Numerical aperture Blind speed (solution) Ans. Vary the pulse repetitive rate The highest frequency that can be generated by an IMPATT microwave diode is ___ Ans. 30 GHz *In a telephone channel, if the total via net loss of a given trunk circuit exceeds approximately 2.5 dB, a device known as ___ is inserted Ans. Echo suppressor *In a telephone system, what traffic model is

based on the assumption that calls are not held in the system until it is satisfied? Ans. Erlang C *What executive order regulates the operation of CATV systems in the Philippines? Ans. EO 205 *In CMTS, the most important database in a GSM network is ___ Ans. HLR The data rate of information transfer among mobile devices using Bluetooth technology is ___ Ans. 1 Mbps What is the new access method used in 3G mobile telephony? Ans. WCDMA *In CMPTS operation, what is the number of times in every second that the mobile station submits measurements reports to the BSC? Ans. Twice Frequency of unmodulated carrier of an FM Ans. Rest frequency Adjustable resonant cavity, undergo power absorption at resonance Ans. Frequency meter Amount of power lost in device due to the path of energy flow

Ans. Insertion loss What determines station that will be selected by a tuner? Ans. Resonant frequency of tuner Periodic waveform consists of odd harmonics Ans. Square wave Major problem with VHF oscillator Ans. Poor frequency stability What happens to a spectrum of repetitive pulse in the pulse width decrease? Ans. More harmonic of the same phase Keyed AGC is AGC that Ans. Is used in TV receivers Main disadvantage, single tube transmitter Ans. Frequency instability *Reduced by rounding off square wave emission Ans. Bandwidth Gained by operating oscillator on some sub harmonic of frequency Ans. Frequency stability Hamming bits added to a data block containing 128 bits Ans. 8

Class of bias that produces least harmonics Ans. Class A Type of field that Faraday shield stops Ans. Electrostatic Device used to make modulated visible Ans. Oscilloscope Result, balanced modulation if not perfectly balanced Ans. The carrier is transmitted Advantage, modulation Ans. generate power series high

Ans. space multiplexing


1 Angstrom is equal to how many microns? Ans. 10 100 Angstroms is equal to how many microns? Ans. 0.01 10 microns is equal to ___ Angstroms Ans. 100,000 A light wave is 8000 Angstrom long, what is the wavelength in nanometer? Ans. 800 Low contrast picture in which white seems flat and lacking in detail suggests ___ Ans. low beam current Camera tube that has minimum lag Ans. Plumbicon Part or visible spectrum where camera pick up that has the greatest output Ans. Yellow green Precise scanning size and linearity are most important in ___ Ans. single-tube color Beam alignment magnets for camera tube are adjusted while rocking which control? Ans. electrical focus Special effects and protection switching Ans. SEG

Gamma of picture tube of TV Ans. 2.2 If the camera control be placed for max change the lens to one side with ___ Ans. shorter focal length Typical value of vidicon dark current Ans. 0.2 A Focal length = 8, diameter = 4, f rating is Ans. 2 Diagonal screen size of picture tube, 17CPU Ans. 17 inches For TV, in what deflection angle does maximum detection angle of 45 degrees either side of center correspond ___ Ans. 90 degrees Heater voltage of TV receiver picture tube Ans. 6.3 V Typical anode capacitance of a TV picture glass envelop Ans. 2000 pF Radiator of light from the screen of a TV picture tube as it is excited Ans. luminescence In a frequency synthesizer, smallest amount which output frequency can be changed

Ans. resolution Internal capacitance, causes feedback produces same effect on Ans. Miller effect *Small length of wire found in some RF equipment, connected only at one end and uses a capacitance to ground Ans. gimmick Movement of a signal from one frequency to another using mixeroscillator combination Ans. frequency translation Suppressed carrier frequency of channel 4 of a group using FDM telephony Ans. 96 kHz What determines the bandwidth of a transmitted signal? Ans. highest frequency component of the modulating signal What happens in standard AM transmission, no modulating signal is being transmitted? Ans. there are no sidebands B83 form of modulation is also known as ___ Ans. Independent Sideband Emission If a 500 Hz modulation of a 1 MHz carrier has 3rd

Device displays signal state of many lines simultaneously Ans. logic analyzer When the load absorbs all the power transmitted, it means that the load impedance is ___ Ans. equal to Zo of the line What is the frequency of the standard test tone conducted on audio equipment? Ans. 1 kHz When no power is applied to a transmission system, the VSWR is ___ Ans. equal to zero The reference standard test tone normally used is indicated as zero ___ Ans. dBm To raise the power levels of AM signals, the class of amplifier used is ___ Ans. class A The characteristic impedance of coaxial cables commonly available are 75 ohms and ___ Ans. 50 ohms The scope of radar system displays ___ Ans. target range but not position

Filter attenuates signals, passes below and above that band Ans. Band stop Method of expressing the amplitude of complex non periodic signal Ans. volume To provide 2 or more voice circuits with same carrier Ans. ISM emission *SI unit, magnetic field intensity Ans. Ampere/meter Small amount of signal applied to input port that leaks to the output port Ans. feed through loss Multiplexing, oldest and simplest

harmonic what is bandwidth? Ans. 3 kHz

distortion, emission

Ans. splatter The interfering beat frequency of 920 kHz is between 3.58 MHz color subcarrier and ___ Ans. 4.5 MHz intercarrier sound Not tuned to 3.58 MHz Ans. video pre amplifier 1.3 MHz bandwidth Ans. I False Ans. the fully saturated color is mostly Color with luminance Ans. yellow most

known as persistence Ans. one


Time period for visible H trace Ans. 53.5 s

the Standard output level, composite video signal Ans. 1 Vpp *Composite video signal consists of Ans. Camera signal, blanking sync Luminance signal Ans. 30% red Color level control is set Ans. BPA Making the aperture of a camera lens smaller by stopping down the iris to diameter of 1/sqrt 2 reduces light by ___ Ans. Half Camera tube that uses lead oxide (PbO) Ans. Plumbicon Camera signal output with out sync Ans. Non composite video The recommended length of 120 radials of AM broadcast tower used to improve ground conductivity should be equal to ___ Ans. Antenna height Bending of radio waves from high density to low density Ans. Refraction Antenna whose technical equivalent is /4 line which is open-circuited Ans. Dipole Marconi type of antenna is a grounded ___ vertical antenna Ans. /4 Antenna used in mobile comm. Mounted on vehicles Ans. Marconi Table of all possible combinations of variables Ans. Truth table Another name for bandwidth efficiency Ans. Information density Digital modulation where it is not necessary to recover a phase coherent carrier but instead make use of received signaling which is delayed by one signal element time slot and compared to the next signal element Ans. Differential phase shift keying Boolean function expressed as sum of minterms or product of maxterms are said to be in what form? Ans. Canonical Bell Systems selective calling system is example of ___ Ans. Asynchronous data protocol The time when the FET is on is called ___ Ans. Acquisition

Shape trapezoidal pattern at 100% modulation Ans. triangle Feature of modulating tone, FM deviation is proportional Ans. amplitude Modulating 2 waves of the same frequency but with ___ phase difference is equivalent to modulating both amplitude and phase of the same carrier Ans. 90 degrees What will normal AM receiver detect from an unmodulated RF AC wave? Ans. nothing Splatter Ans. overmodulation Value of maximum instantaneous peak power if PEP = 6 W Ans. 12 W Scheme in the transmission of 2 separate info signal using 2 AM carrier at same frequency differ in phase by 90 degrees Ans. QAM Colloquial term describes additional side frequencies produced by overmodulation or distortion in AM

Normal decay time for TV picture tube Ans. 5 ms *Which is the most positive element in electron gun of TV? Ans. 2nd anode Shadow mask for color TV has about ___ holes Ans. 300,000 Limit of x-ray level set by DOH. The limit is ___ milliroentgen per hour as measured from a point ___ from any surfaces of the receiver Ans. 0.5, 2 miles Equalizing pulse repetition rate for horizontal Ans. 31500 Hz *How many flyback lines are produced during vertical retrace for each field when retrace time is 3% of the vertical trace time? Ans. 8 In TV, how much time passes by between one vertical sync pulse in an odd field and the next in an even field? Ans. 1/60 sec Width of H-blanking pulse Ans. 10.2 s

Horizontal lines that are blanked out in the frame of TV receiver by V blanking Ans. 4.2 Width of V blanking pulse Ans. 1333 s Pulses in V blanking corresponds to 3H lines wide Ans. V sync *Given 635 s vertical retrace time, the number of complete horizontal lines scanned during vertical flyback is ___ Ans. 10 One half line scanning Ans. exact interlacing Intermediate power amplifier (IPA) transmitter is also known as ___ Ans. Driver Reference for temperature in C Ans. 17 noise

*Hue of color 90 leading sync burst phase Ans. cyan Average voltage of 350 MHz modulated chrominance signal in TV Ans. brightness of color Second IF value for color in TV receiver in any station Ans. 3.58 MHz If 3.58 MHz class C amplifier Ans. no color Continued emission of light, following excitation of the screen of TV picture tubes to decay to ___ percent of its maximum value is

Three major types of demodulators Ans. Foster-Seeley, Quadrature, PLL What determines the resolutions of the picture in a TV receiver? Ans. The frequency response of the video signal

For error correction, this method is used when there is a human being at the received terminal to analyze the received data and make decision on its integrity Ans. Symbol substitution Type of synchronization used in data communication where in the beginning and end of a character code is identified Ans. Character synchronization In data communication employing FSK, baud rate is ___ of bit rate Ans. Equal Number of independent symbols that can be carried out through communication system Ans. Information capacity Form of digital modulation using its modulation A binary pulse stream that varies between 2 discrete voltage levels Ans. FSK Form of angle modulation constant envelope digital modulation, wherein the input voltage used is binary digital signal Ans. Phase shift keying The fundamental frequency of a binary

square used in a voltage controlled oscillator is Ans. bit rate Electrical length of a Marconi antenna needed for AM broadcasting can be increased by ___ by radiator and coupling Ans. Using series loading of capacitor Grounding system of an AM broadcast tower radiator may be improved using radial wires known as ___ Ans. Counterpoise Number of lines scanned per frame in the raster on a picture tube Ans. 525 In the frame for which interlaced scanning is used alternate lines are skipped during vertical scanning Ans. The vertical scanning frequency is doubled for 30-60 Hz For TV, horizontal flyback is 10%. This time equals ___ Ans. 6.4 s Statement not true Ans. The klystron effect Width of vertical sync pulse with serration Ans. 6 half lines/3 lines Sawtooth generator circuits produce Ans. Timing

*Frequency wrong Ans. 31000 Hz vertical scanning


Contrast control Ans. Y video amplifier Greater p-p amplitude Ans. Saturation SPL stated in terms of peak values of pressure variations, stated in bars or ___ Ans. N/m2 In an intelligibility test, group of listener is ahead to record syllables the number of correctly recorded syllables as a percentage of number transmitted is termed ___ Ans. Articulation efficiency Audible sound that can be detected by human ear are in range ___ Ans. 16 Hz 16 kHz Pre modulation system most noise resistant Ans. FM Pre emphasis provides extra noise immunity by ___ Ans. Converting phase modulation to FM SSB modulation classified as ___ Ans. AM is

If the distance between the listener and the source is tripled, intensity is reduced to ___ Ans. 1/9 Decreasing distance by , intensity increase ___ Ans. 4 times Increases in SPL in dB if pressure is increased 4 times Ans. 12 dB Carrier is said to be overmodulated if the positive peak rises to value ___ of the maximum unmodulated carrier Ans. More than twice 100% modulated if ___ the maximum unmodulated carrier Ans. Twice Antenna assuming having similar size, has largest gain Ans. Parabolic Theoretical (mathematical) expectation of the error rate for a given system Ans. Probability of error Most reliable scheme for error detection Ans. CRC Type of PCM modulation that uses a single bit PCM code to achieve digital

transmission of analog signals Ans. Delta modulation Advantage of digital over analog transmission Ans. Noise immunity In PCM, the ___ circuit periodically samples the analog input and converts those samples to a multilevel PAM signal Ans. Sample and hold In PCM, Nyquist sampling theorem avoid distortion the minimum sampling rate should be equal to ___ value of the highest audio frequency Ans. Twice In data communication circuit, synchronous data format is used to achieve what type of synchronization? Ans. Bit Multiple accessing arrangement for satellite communications system wherein earth station transmits within the same frequency band and have no limitation on when they transmit on or which carrier frequency, carrier separation is accomplished with envelop encryption/decryption techniques Ans. CDMA each earth station be transmission are assigned specified uplink and downlink frequency

bands within an allotted satellite channel bandwidth and may be pre assigned or demand assigned Ans. FDMA Spread spectrum another name used to denote multiple access system in satellite communications because there is no limitation on the bandwidth Ans. CDMA Unique binary word used to decode each earth stations transmission employing CDMA in satellite communications system Ans. Chip code Multiple access system used in satellite communications most use today Ans. TDMA In satellite communications, frequency hopping is a form of ___ Ans. CDMA Method used to interface terrestrial voice band channels with satellite channels where an individual terrestrial channel is assigned to a particular set channel for the duration of a call Ans. DNI Not a non-ideal parameters of a satellite system link budget

Used to suppress carrier in single sideband transmitters Ans. Balance modulator


Ans. Satellite back off loss Unit used to measure dosage of X-radiation from x-ray is ___ Ans. Roentgen per hour Which of the following is the biggest disadvantage of PCM systems? Ans. The large bandwidth required The reason why companding is employed in PCM system is ___ Ans. To protect small signal in PCM from quantizing distortion The communication antenna used with a rotating satellite, whose main beam is continuously adjusted in the direction with respect to the satellite, so that the antenna illuminate a given area on the earths surface is called the ___ antenna Ans. Despun A weak horizontal amplifier in a color TV receiver can cause ___ Ans. Insufficient width of the picture In order to cover most of the earths surface, as the earth turns under the satellite path during the 24 hour period, the orbit of the Global Positioning System must maintain ___ degrees inclination with respect to the equator

Ans. 55 The reason why the received signal from a satellite, stabilized by a computer pulsed electromagnet exhibits a fairly rapid pulse fading effect is because ___ Ans. The satellite is rotating High definition television picture contains about ___ times as much information as the present NTSC TV Ans. 5 The transfer arrangement which refers to the Universal Transverse Accelerator grid Ans. UTC What is the effect on the SNR system (in dB) if the bandwidth is doubled, considering all other parameters to remain unchanged except the normal thermal noise only. The SNR will be ___ Ans. Decreased by 3 dB The protocol that uses the checksum method of error detection is the ___ protocol Ans. XMODEM Classical Ethernet system Ans. Bus The cable mostly used by the 10 and 100 Mbps Ethernet installation is the ___ cable Ans. ISTP *In a cable television (CATV) system providing internet access, a 6 MHz TV channel can provide data rate of ___ Mbps Ans. 27 *What is the current digital video specification applying video compression? Ans. MPEG-4 In accordance with the Philippine Electronics Code, the maximum radiation from electronic equipment must not exceed ___ per week in order not to experience genetic and sometimes damage to cells Ans. 100 mr The term used for rf radiation damage to cells of reproductive tissues Ans. Genetic For solid microwave parabolic antenna/reflectors the maximum axial or thrust force of a wind loads occur at a wind angle of ___ degrees for normal Ans. 56 Heavy loading as defined in the Philippine Electronics Code refer to the loading taken as the resultant stress due to wind and dead weight for ___ km per hour wind velocity Ans. 245

Light loading Ans. 160 The data signaling channel in a cellular system that handles the administrative overhead is known as the ___ channel Ans. Paging Among the following systems, which one uses CDMA as a method of multiplexing? Ans. IS-95 *The effective radiated power (ERP) of class II cellular mobile phone normally used in GSM system is ___ watts Ans. 1.6 *The electronic serial number (ESN) assigned at the factory of cellular mobile phone, consists of ___ bits Ans. 32 The speech coding rate of GSM cellular mobile system is ___ Ans. 13 kbps The modulation system employed by the European Cordless Telephone Ans. GFSK The propagation velocity of longitudinal waves depends on the ___ of the medium Ans. Compressibility Reverberation time, time taken

Ans. One millionth *The maximum penalty for violating a provision of RA 9292 for any person is ___ Ans. Php1M fine and 6 years imprisonment *The maximum continuous term of office of members of the Board of Electronics Engineering is ___ years Ans. 6 The standard IF frequency for the picture tube can be of TV receivers using NTSC standard Ans. 45.75 MHz Using NTSC standard, the picture carrier of channel 44 of UHF TV is ___ MHz Ans. 651.25 *Using NTSC standard, what is the carrier frequency of UHF TV channel 28? Ans. 559.75 MHz An MPEG-4 based video compression technology uses a radio format known as ___ Ans. DivX *Which of the standards given below is for terrestrial digital TV transmission? Ans. 8-V.58 (8- VSB?) *The actual data rate for terrestrial digital TV transmission, to allow for

the addition of synchronizing and error correction bit is ___ Ans. 32.38 Mbps MPEG-2 video compression uses discrete ___ transform algorithm Ans. Cosine Among the resistor associated with transistor as a result of the discrete particle of the current carriers in all forms of semiconductor is known as ___ noise Ans. Shot In what acoustical scale are all intervals exactly constant? Ans. Diatonic In FDM, with an L600 master group, what is the carrier frequency of super group 10? Ans. 3100 To be nominated as a member of the Board of Electronics Engineering under RA 9292, one must be in active practice of the profession for a period of at least ___ years Ans. 10 The power output of SSB transmitter is normally expressed as the ___ power Ans. Peak envelop In radio communication, what do you call a point on a line, between the


earths center and an observer, located farther from the earths center than the point? Ans. Nadir In April 2002, the IEEE published their 802.16 standard for broadband wireless access (BWA), more commonly known as ___ Ans. WIMAX In preparing the power budget for the fiber optic system, it is customary to include the margin of safety to compensate for variations in source, losses due to bends and for repair splices. What is the typical margin of safety used? Ans. 5-10 dB The ITU body that provides secretarial support for the work of the ITU-T sector and services for the participants in the ITU-T work, diffuse information on international telecommunications worldwide, and establishes agreement with many international standards development organizations is the ___ Ans. Telecommunications Standardization Bureau The typical bandwidth of single mode step index fiber is ___ Ans. 50 to 100 GHz/km

In telephony, the cable used for customer loop in telephone exchanges, which has a round trip loop resistance of 170 ohm/100 mile is ___ Ans. AWG No. 22 In sky wave propagation, what is the most commonly used operating frequency offering the least amount of problems? Ans. Optimum working frequency Among the following materials used by acoustic engineers, which has the highest absorption coefficient for sound waves? Ans. Celotex The microwave tube that is a linear beam tube, in which the interaction between the beam and the RF field is continuous, is the ___ Ans. Traveling wave tube The rate of digital communication that is achievable with single mode step index is ___ Ans. 2 Gbytes In microwave communications, which of the following concepts may be used to analyze interference by obstacles near the path of a radar beam? Ans. Fresnel zone

In fiber optics, the main disadvantage of plastic over glass fiber is ___ Ans. High attenuation Bar codes are those omnipresent black and white striped stickers that often times appear on almost every consumer items in the US and in the Philippines. Code 39 is an example of what type of bar code? Ans. Discrete code Which of the following refers to the costeffective standard-based wireless solution that specifically supports low data rates, low power consumption, security and reliability and is also known as IEEE 802.15.4? Ans. Zigbee What is the speed of cellular digital packet data (CDPP), which is one of the oldest devices for sending data over a cellular communications network, and is a CDPP that provides a way of passing internet protocol (IP) data packets over analog cellular network? Ans. 19.2 A relatively new category of wireless communication which uses laser operating in the near-infrared region of the light spectrum is ___ Ans. Free-space optics

Wireless internet service providers (WISPs) use Wi-Fi technology to provide internet access to airport, hotel, convention centers, coffee shops, and other public places. When users are within the range of an antenna, WISPs offer access to the internet at speed up to ___ Mbps Ans. 11 The typical light scattering (Rayleigh scattering) loss at 820 nm of light wavelength is ___ Ans. 2.5 dB In telephony M88 loading coil (88 mH loading coil) is placed at an interval of ___ feet Ans. 9,000 An electronic method of reducing or removing unwanted sound by the production of a pressure wave of equal amplitude but opposite sign to the unwanted sound is called ___ Ans. Active noise control Ambiphony, in the context of studio acoustics, is ___ Ans. A method of adjusting reverberation within a studio or concert hall by means of a loudspeaker feedback system What service is provided by broadband ISDN (B-

ISDN) providers, that offers a means for bidirectional end-to-end data transmission, in real time, between two subscribers or between a subscriber and the service provider called? Ans. Conversational service In synchronous transfer mode (ATU) well format __ indicates the mode source and packet destination Ans. Virtual channel identifier In integrated services digital network (ISDN) the ISDN channel which is projected to carry electronic mail with a transmission rate between 4.8 to 64 kbps is the ___ channel Ans. B Ribbon microphone is an example of ___ microphone Ans. Pressure-gradient In digital transmission using delta modulation method, what normally causes error in the demodulated signal? Ans. Slope overload *Under RA 9292, Electronics technician may apply for registration without examination within ___ years after the effectivity of the Republic Act Ans. 5

Republic Act 9292 became effective in ___ 2004 Ans. May 27, *The paid-up capitalization requirement for the grant of mobile phone dealers permit as provided for in NTC Memorandum Circular 08-08-2004 is ___ pesos Ans. 100,000 *A duly authorized mobile phone service center (MPSC) as required under NTC Memorandum Circular 07-08-2004 to properly identify its business and location by posting conspicuously at the entrance of the premises a sign board of at least ___ by ___ dimension, indicating its business name, type of services offered, address, and MBPC permit number Ans. 50 cm by 100 cm *The penalty for violating the provision of Memorandum Circular 07-08-2004 of the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC), specifically unauthorized servicing of mobile phones is ___ pesos per unit Ans. 5,000 *Frequency band most suitable for LOS Ans. VHF


Most densed of all the ionized layer of the ionosphere Ans. F2 /2 antenna radiator when used at 150 MHz approximate length Ans. 1 meter Beyond the horizon propagation Ans. Troposcatter Radiation occurring on frequency which are whole or multiple of the original desired frequency is ___ radiation Ans. Harmonic An instrument used to measure the relevant height, a layer in the ionosphere used for wave propagation Ans. Ionosonde It is one particular frequency known as ___ frequency. The periodic time of the wave frequency becomes equal to the time required for one complete revolution about the earths magnetic fields axis making the lectum path a very wide single loop Ans. Gyro Also known as MogulDelinger fadeout Ans. Sudden ionospheric disturbance Frequency band with submarines Ans. ELF used

Super high frequency Ans. 3-30 GHz Present only daytime Ans. D layer during

Ans. Light is emitted in many directions Range of frequency used for fiber optic system is Ans. 100-1000 THz The statement Incoming light is partially absorbed and partially transmitted equally in all directions is known as ___ Ans. The Lambertian reflection In broadband ISDN (BISDN), the channel rate of H21 is ___ Ans. 32.786 Mbps The digital rate for T1 carrier service is ___ Ans. 1.544 Mbps Ethernet is a baseband system using CSMA/CD operating at ___ Ans. 10 Mbps The multiplexing scheme used by baseband transmission usually with aggregate clock frequencies derived from a central, traceable source is ___ Ans. TDM What mode of transmission in public data network is used in which data are transferred from sound to the network then to the destination in an asynchronous data format? Ans. Start/stop mode

What is the signal rate of RS 232 normally used as an interface between DTE and DCE? Ans. 20 kbps CCITT V.26 modem has a modulation rate of ___ Ans. 1200 bauds Synchronous modems cost more than asynchronous modems because ___ Ans. They must contain clock recovery circuits Which OSI layer has inter-host communication? Ans. Session layer In data communications, the T in 10 Base T normally represents ___ Ans. The type of cable used Form of unwanted radiation working against the main beam caused by feeding a parabolic reflector with an isotropic source Ans. Back lobe radiation An array of simple dipoles fed in phase and having a radiation pattern whose maximum directivity is along the axis normal to the plane of the array Ans. Broadside array A microwave antenna formed from a circular waveguide

Ans. Conical antenna


Ans. End-fire array Type of antenna capable of transmitting (receiving) a TEM wave polarized in any direction Ans. Helical antenna A region within the influence of the induction field of an antenna Ans. Near field An example of parasitic array Ans. Yagi-Uda Structures made of plastic material used to enclose the complete antenna assembly to protect the antenna from the weakness and to reduce wind and snow loading Ans. Radome Layers task with the endto-end accountability through a network Ans. Network Modern digital systems use a ___ to demodulate a PAM signal Ans. LPF *A signal which varies between 3 levels Ans. Bipolar code Based on the representing most commonly used characters with the fewest number of bits Ans. Huffman encoding

Loss due to valence electron Ans. UV absorption The velocity of radio waves ___ as it passes from air to the ionosphere Ans. Increases Ducts often are formed over Ans. Bodies of water Area directly above a vertical antenna Ans. Curve of silence *Phase separation of 2 antennas 3/8 apart Ans. 135 degrees Fiber optics Ans. N. S. Kapany Type of laser used for fiber optic communications Ans. Semiconductor laser One of these is not an advantage of ILDs over LEDs Ans. More temperature dependent One of these is not an advantage of a planar heterojunction LED over planar diffuse LED

What is the bridge circuit in conjunction with a turnstile antenna for the purpose of feeding 2 separate signals to a single antenna? Ans. Circulator A word in telegraphy consists of ___ characters plus a word space Ans. 7 and Very popular used for optical system and satellites telemetry links Ans. Bi-phase codes Technique that allows correction of data of the receiver Ans. FEC System where transmitted receive clock free-run at approximately the same speed Ans. Asynchronous Layer that accepts and structures the messages for the application Ans. Presentation Manages traffic on the link Ans. Data link Type of antenna array consisting of a linear arrangement of a simple dipoles 90 degrees out of phase and have a radiation pattern of maximum directivity in the plane of the array


Uses convolutional coding technique Ans. Trellis coding Typical SNA topology is ___ Ans. Hierarchal topology Typical PBX configuration Ans. Star topology It describes the function of the physical level protocol Ans. Error checking Which of the following achieves code transparency with frequency? Ans. Bit-oriented protocol Can be demodulate signal Ans. LPF used to a PAM

Only layer existing at night Ans. F2 Sunspot cycle radio wave propagation occurs every how many years? Ans. 11 C-band satellite channel 4 Downlink = 6065 MHz Ans. 3840 MHz (uplink) Frequency not used in TV Ans. 108-114 MHz *CATV specified zone Ans. 56 km Log books Ans. 2 years CATV primetime Ans. 6 pm to 11 pm *Determines the rate of frequency swing for an FM broadcast transmitter Ans. Modulation frequency Horizontal resolution of a broadcast TV receiver in the Philippines Ans. 428 lines What is the color subcarrier for channel 5? Ans. 80.83 MHz Which stages in broadcast transmitter are normally class C? Ans. Modulated amplifier

*Term in asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) system to describe a byte Ans. Octet Two emission designation of TV Ans. F3F and C3F Complex number equal to the ratio of complex pressure amplitude to the complex amplitude of the volume velocity Ans. Acoustic impedance Acoustic energy flowing per unit measure per unit time Ans. Acoustic intensity Room where boundaries absorb effectively all incident sound Ans. Anechoic room Resonant acoustic device consisting of air cavity connected to a larger space by relatively small opening or neck Ans. Helmholtz resonator Ability of sound device whose instantaneous waveform to that of sine wave Ans. Pure tone Persistence of sound in an space of multiple reflection or scattering for the sound source has stopped? Ans. Reverberation Sound reduction index is also called ___

Ans. Transmission loss An underwater acoustic pressure sensor Ans. Hydrophone The average absorption for a person is ___ Ans. 4.7 sabines ___ surfaces must be avoided since they result in undesirable focusing of sound Ans. Concave Time duration for one horizontal trace in a TV receiver Ans. 52 s Horizontal synchronizing pulses in a 1 V occurs after every ___ Ans. Scanning line Equalizing pulses in TV are sent during ___ Ans. Vertical blanking Demodulation of the sound signal in a TV receiver is accompanied by the ___ Ans. Discriminator Measure of the propagation of info content of speech sound that can be understood correctly Ans. Intelligibility Coating in the interior of the faceplate of a picture tube, that gives off light when struck by an electron beam Ans. Aquadag

What is the name often referred to as picture tube? Ans. Kinnie Small system network designed to distribute direct to home TV signals throughout a single dwelling block Ans. SMATV Transmission of sound from one room thru common walls, floor, or ceilings Ans. Flanking transmission What deviation considered 10% FMBC stations? Ans. 75 kHz is for

*Oscillator frequency needed to heterodyne 629 kHz up to 3.58 MHz Ans. 4.21 MHz *Comb filter Ans. Cancel crosstalk chroma

Switching for each field required for Ans. Video heads Servo control of speed and phase used for the Ans. Video head scanner The part that rotates to meter out the tape at constant speed Ans. Capstan To make the tape speed the same in recording, the tape speed is regulated by ___ Ans. Control-track pulse Tilting the video head tape Ans. Zero guard bands *Uses laser light beam for playback Ans. VLP In CED, disk capacitance varies Ans. Pit depth GPS (navstar) Ans. MEO *27-30 GHz band Ans. Ka *Wi-Fi satellite

Horizontal scanning time for 1 pixel Ans. 0.125 s For 2 pixels Ans. 0.25 s For 12.5 pixels Ans. 1.56 s Used for both recording and playback Ans. VHS Video heads rotate Ans. Writing speed Typical frequency for FM luminance signal in VCR recording Ans. 3.5 MHz Color-under technique Ans. Chroma frequencies are reduced

Most common modulation technique for radio telegraphy Ans. FSK Data transfer uses handshaking principle Ans. Synchronous data transfer Band most suitable for SSB generation Ans. 3-30 MHz Lowest layer of the ionosphere used for HF propagation Ans. C


Ans. 802.11b Bluetooth distance Ans. 10 m maximum

Typical separation distance between satellites 1833 miles Ans. 40 *Bluetooth spectrum Ans. hopping spread Frequency

original digital source output Ans. Source coding Multiplexing transmission Ans. TDM baseband

stream usually by a noise source Ans. Glitch Device that can divide a data character into several with channels to share its facilities usually at slower data rates Ans. Converter Protocol used to connect after packet switching network Ans. X.75 ISDN BRI Ans. 2B + D ANSI bit protocol Ans. ADCCP oriented

Ans. Internet protocol *Not function of the physical level protocol Ans. Error checking Family of interchange circuits Ans. V.24 Topology which relatively immune bottleneck Ans. Mesh topology is to *OSI layer transmission of bits Ans. Physical layer In PLL demodulating an FM signal Ans. VCO *Input PLL frequency demodulator, fm Ans. Error signal If intensity doubles, then ___ Ans. Marconi antenna current Ans. Maximum at the base Antenna /10 long Ans. Elementary doublet Notch antenna Ans. Open-ended slot antenna FM polarization Ans. Horizontal polarization Very slow signal strength antenna Ans. Null Which frequency band omni-horizontally polarized antenna used? Ans. VHF & UHF A section which would be complete antenna by itself Ans. Bay Discone polarization Ans. Vertical

IRIDIUM (leosat) height Ans. 480 miles Mabuhay (geosat) orbital location Ans. 146E, longitude *MEO frequency band Ans. 1.2-1.66 GHz *Keplers third law Ans. Cube *Geosat earth coverage Ans. 42.5% *SPADE digital modulation technique Ans. QPSK Channel 13 color subcarrier Ans. 211.25 MHz Channel 7 color subcarrier Ans. 178.83 MHz Bluetooth standard Ans. 802.15 GPRS uplink data rate Ans. 14 kpbs *3G wireless technology broadband like data speeds Ans. EDGE EDGE Ans. Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution

Channel capacity 7 nanocells 10 channels/cell split into 4 minicells Ans. 336 channels/area Most commonly used LNA in satellites transponder Ans. Tunnel Minimum acceptable degree of elevation Ans. 5 degrees Send or receive Ans. Session Multi drop network Ans. Polling PCM Ans. SQC Error control in HF radio data transmission Ans. ARQ Asynchronous modulation Ans. FSK CCITT V.26 Ans. 1200 bauds Citcuit that performs the inverse mapping and delivers to the user destination, a reproduction of the data

Ethernet CSMA/CD bit rate Ans. 10 Mbps Basic super group Ans. 312 to 552 kHz Digital network single network for processing and transmitted to the user Ans. SDH Digital modulation scheme modems Ans. PSK Total information processes Ans. Throughput Pulse group in loudness Ans. PDM Nose generated by signals passing through digital filters while coefficients or other parameters are being changed in an adapter manner Ans. Zipper noise Method of encoding audio signal used in US standard 1.544 Mbps 24 channel PCM system Ans. Mu Law Extraneous recovery bit that has introduced a bit

Typical PBX configuration Ans. Star topology Typical SNA topology Ans. Hierarchical topology Coding used convolutional coding techniques Ans. Trellis coding The modulated picture carrier wave includes the composite video signal as the ___ Ans. Symmetric envelop of amplitude variations Statement TRUE Ans. Negative transmission means that the carrier amplitude *Fiber optic maximum data rate Ans. 10 Gbps G-4 Ans. Truck Ethernet Software that measures a packet of data

A modulation process in which a frame of fixed width pulses transmitter whose polarization indicates whether the demodulation output shorted rise or fall at each pulse Ans. Delta modulation *Data together scheme that uses handshaking Ans. Synchronous data time scheme Radio modulation Ans. FSK telegraphy

Used to demodulate a PAM signal Ans. Low pass filter Achieves code transparency with ring Ans. Bit oriented protocol


Noise at the receiver Ans. V Reference tone level for dBa Ans. -85 dBm dBrn reference tone level Ans. -90 dBm EIA-F1A Ans. -85 dBm Advantage of top loading Ans. Improved radiation efficiency Reliable measurement for comparing amplitude noise characteristics Ans. Noise factor Gain level being too high for signals entering the modulation Ans. Distortion and splatter RF carrier Ans. LOB Mixer Ans. Converter Maximum side band suppression using filter design Ans. 50 dB SPL = 20 log (ft^2/2.089) Two main characteristics of sound waves Ans. Pitch and loudness IEEE 802.4 Ans. Token passing for bus topology

ISDN encoding technique Ans. 2BIQ encoding BRI Ans. 2B + 2D Uses connecting medium as a multi channel device Ans. Broadband transmission Characters transmitted other than data Ans. Overhead Start bit Ans. Logic 0 Minimum quality circuit available using the PTN Ans. Basic voice channel RS 232C Ans. 25 pins Bridge Ans. Physical and data link Network OS within several building in grouped Ans. Novell network Serial to parallel and vice versa Ans. DTE *Which ground based navigational system has a center frequency of 108118 MHz? Ans. DME/VOR In analog CMTS, the interfering signal strength remains approximately less than

___ percent of the desired signal strength to ensure negligible interference Ans. 2 In order to avoid reflections, the load impedance used to terminate RG 62 is compared as ___ ohms Ans. 93 *The relative permittivity of silicon is ___ Ans. 11.7 There are ___ transistors in CMOS inverter Ans. 2 *What do you call a text code that makes use of 16-bit long code words Ans. Unicode A CPU feature, designed to begin processing a new instruction as soon as the previous instruction reaches the next stage of the machine cycle is known as ___ Ans. Pipelining *They are transition or edge triggered devices known as ___ Ans. Flip-flops *Which of the following coaxial cable is also known as the UHF connector? Ans. PL-529 Velocity factor of coaxial cables vary from ___ to ___ Ans. 0.6 to 0.8

High speed networks as defined by the National Telecommunications Commission Memorandum Circular are networks in ICT that have a capacity of at least ___ Ans. 2.048 Mbps The policy adopted to improve the provision of local exchange carrier services is embodied in Executive Order No. ___ Ans. 109 *The law governing the regulation of radio communications in the Philippines is ___ Ans. Act 3846 *Using satellite transmission, what frequency band is used for navigation (marine and aeronautical communications)? Ans. L band One of the following is NOT a primary type of hybrid data used to combine digitally encoded signals with FDM signal and transmit them as one composite baseband signal Ans. DVD Channel 4 in the Philippine TV uses ___ as its visual carrier frequency Ans. 67.25 MHz One of these frequency bands is not used by TV

broadcasting stations in the Philippines Ans. 72-76 MHz For TV broadcasting stations median field strength required for various grades of service are oftentimes expressed in dBu. It signifies the field strength in decibels above ___ Ans. One microvolt per meter *Which executive order (EO) provides the policy guideline for compulsary interconnection of authorized public telecommunications carrier? Ans. 59 *Which among the Philippine Congressional Issuances provides for the installation, operation, and maintenance of public telephones and/or public calling stations in each municipality in the Philippines? Ans. RA 6849