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Sam Robbins 9/11/13 English 1102 Workshop Draft Assignment One Summary: The figured world I am observing is the

Indianapolis Colts community because I am a fan of the Colts. I will also observe my surroundings while I watch Colts games every week during the NFL season. The Indianapolis Colts, an NFL team, play football games at Lucas Oil Stadium. Lucas Oil Stadium is the home to a successful business owned by Jim Irsay, where Colts fans from across the nation all come together to watch their team play. Multiple activities take place in the Indianapolis Colts community like tailgating, socializing with friends and family, watching the football game, watching other games that are being televised around the league, etc. Cheering the Colts on during the game, interacting with other fans, and loud chants against the opponents, so that they can have a hard time trying to communicate with one another on the field, are all rules and conventions for appropriate behavior. Inappropriate behaviors would be lack of support for the Colts like cheering against the Indianapolis Colts, and being loud while the Colts offense is on the field because it is highly important that the Colts offense can communicate successfully in order for the Colts to have the best opportunity to score. The various communities of people are very broad in the Indianapolis Colts community because all sorts of people attend the football games like friends and family of the football team, fans of the Colts, fans of the opposing team, management and employees of both teams, etc. Observations: 1) 1:22PM 9/8/13: The Indianapolis Colts just scored a touchdown (12 yard touchdown reception by Reggie Wayne from Andrew Luck) and since the Colts are playing at home this game, the Colts fans are going crazy right now. This touchdown records the first touchdown scored by the Indianapolis Colts this season, which is why this touchdown is so influential. Jordan Doolittle, my roommate, shows respect for the touchdown play by a round of applause. I was glad that we scored, but I know that there is plenty of game to be played and anything can happen. 2) 2:30PM 9/8/13: The Oakland Raiders are easily driving down the field, which is making the Colts fans in the stands not too happy. I am hoping that the Colts defense will stop the Raiders right now on offense and hold them to a field goal. Sadly, the Raiders score a rushing touchdown by Darren McFadden which makes the score 14-7 (Colts leading). I think that we should put the ball back in our offenses hands to score again, because our defense forced them to execute 11 plays which is good for any defense in the NFL. 3) 3:45PM 9/8/13: The Colts offense is now driving up the field right now with 7:25 left in the fourth quarter which is looking promising to Colts fans and myself. Andrew Luck (2nd year in the NFL) has seven fourth quarter comebacks under his belt already which is an awesome feat by itself. The atmosphere of Lucas Oil Stadium is full of excitement because all of the Colts fans believe in Andrew Luck to bring his team another fourth

desktop support 9/12/13 9:51 AM Comment [1]: Elaborate on actors. Before observations. desktop support 9/12/13 9:43 AM Comment [2]: Do not use etc. Try to use another word or another example. desktop support 9/12/13 9:43 AM Comment [3]: Run-on sentence. Add clarity.

desktop support 9/12/13 9:46 AM Comment [4]: Elaborate on the play. Explain the route or how the player scored.

desktop support 9/12/13 9:47 AM Comment [5]: Good elaboration on the play. Great work so far. desktop support 9/12/13 9:48 AM Comment [6]: Grammatical error. Needs clarity. desktop support 9/12/13 9:49 AM Comment [7]: Repetition of words. Make more clear.

Sam Robbins 9/11/13 English 1102 Workshop Draft Assignment One quarter comeback victory. With 5:20 left in the fourth quarter, Andrew Luck drops back and sees a running lane to his right, so he scrambles for the 19 yard touchdown run. This touchdown will most likely seal the game as the Indianapolis Colts go up on the Raiders 21:17. Right now I am going crazy and running around my apartment yelling, Jordan, on the other hand, does not share the same amount of excitement as I do. Jordan did admit that the touchdown was a great play made by Andrew Luck. The Colts fans are dancing and shouting, the Colts players are relieved that we cameback from a possible loss, and the Raiders players are in shock because they most likely lost the game in the last 5 minutes in the game.

desktop support 9/12/13 9:54 AM Comment [8]: Great detail for observations. Quality work.

Interview with Jordan Doolittle: Sam: How do you feel about the Colts victory? Jordan: Um I feel that the Colts are really starting how they finished last year, with the marvelous comeback in the fourth quarter which shows how clutch Andrew Luck. Sam: How do you think this win will affect the Colts the rest of the season? Jordan: Uh I think that this win paves the road for the Colts to be successful the rest of the season and make another playoff run. Sam: How do you feel about the Colts winning and the Panthers losing (his favorite team)? Jordan: I do not wish to speak on that topic right now. Sam: I understand, but back to Andrew Luck, what do you think about his 8th fourth quarter comeback and this is only his 17th start for the Colts? Jordan: Yeah I think that this comeback, like all of the other comebacks, was a great one. To lead your football team 80 yards down the field for a touchdown in the fourth quarter is hard for any quarterback in the NFL, and this only proves that Andrew Lucks clutch factor is rising which is only making him a better player. Sam: Okay last question, how do you feel about multiple sources predicting that Andrew Luck will have a sophomore slump? Jordan: Thats absurd Like I said earlier, Andrew Luck is getting better and he will continue to get better as the season continues to take its course. Sam: Okay I appreciate your comments about the Indianapolis Colts. Thanks.
desktop support 9/12/13 10:00 AM Comment [10]: Add clarity. Describe body language. desktop support 9/12/13 9:59 AM Comment [9]: Good question. By trying to predict the future of the season.

Sam Robbins 9/11/13 English 1102 Workshop Draft Assignment One Doolittle: Thanks for having me.