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Understanding Advertising Messages

Item 1: Philips Body Groomer advertisement

Components 1 Source 2 Target audience 3 Medium (Media) 4 Context 5 Objectives 6 Message General selling proposition Product attributes Customer benefits Personal values Contents Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V Men (Russian) Printed ad (newspaper or magazine) Unclear To persuade men to use Philips Body Groomer By using Philips Body Groomer, you body becomes attractive to women Comfortable trimming Smooth body skin, comfortable feeling, beauty Happiness Excitement Comfortable life Mature love Self-respect Social acceptance After using Philips Body Groomer, instead of being alone with unattractive chest hairs, the man has two girl-friends (only the imagine the girls hair) sleeping with him Humorous Overstatement (a strike change: having two girls at once) Metonymy (the hair => the girl => the mature love/the sexual attraction) Antithesis (the difference between before and after using the product) Personally: good impression

Message execution


Execution style(s) Rhetorical device(s)


Item 2: DDB Mudra and McDowells No. 1 BossPatrol advertisement

Components 1 Source 2 Target audience 3 Medium (Media)

Contents United Spirits Ltd. Officers, younger audiences Interactive Ad (Internet there is a link to the website and

4 5 6

internet users can buy it online) Context Nowadays (working environment in offices in India) Objectives To emphasis the need of a team-warning software in office and persuade officers to buy the Boss Patrol program immediately Message General selling Officers will have to face the danger that their bosses walking past proposition catch them in act (doing other stuffs) unless you have a teamwarning program like Boss Patrol Product A fast and secret software, using a micro or an warning button to attributes give signals Customer Never get caught by your boss, make social communicating, benefits bonding friendships Personal values Comfortable life Personal accomplishment Security Freedom Fun Friendship Salvation Message Description An officer having a lot of stuff on the desktop is caught by his boss. execution In the other case, if he cannot see boss coming, the colleges in front of him can warn him by using Boss Patrol through microphone or a warning button Execution style(s) Humorous, Animated product, Slice-of-Life, Demonstration Rhetorical device(s) The interactive advert the downloadable software succeeded. So its Evaluation
really heartening to see it become such a huge success in such a short time - Said Sonal Dabral, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group. (


Item 3: LG Optimus G Pro

Components 1 Source 2 Target audience 3 Medium (Media) 4 Context 5 Objectives 6 Message Contents LG Group. Everybody, especially people who love technology and photograph Broadcast ad (on TV) Nowadays To give basis information about the product LG Optimus G Pro To make people develop a preference for LG Optimus G Pro General selling Lets your imagination begin by using LG Optimus G Pro Its proposition excellent quality of the screen, the camera, and some unique features of photography Product 5.5Display and Full HD IPS Quality, VR Panorama and 2-directionattributes at-one camera settings

Customer benefits Personal values

Giving real scenes and live experience as well as imagination Comfortable life Imagination Pleasure The man imagines a wonderful art world in an abstract picture of the exhibition by using the product Musical, Demonstration, Testimonial, Fantasy Overstatement (the art world appears and impress him) Personally, this live advertisement is impressive and helps the company to sell the product faster. Evidence: LG (066570) has found success with its new Optimus G Pro phablet. The device launched in South Korea in late February and has already sold more than half a million units in a mere 40 days. The Optimus G Pro has seen considerably more success than the original Optimus G smartphone. Said Dan Graziano. (

Message Description execution Execution style(s) Rhetorical device(s) Evaluation


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