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Good start to this assignment.

Your observation descriptions were very thorough, and painted a clear picture of the events that you observed. More specifically, I want you to work on the following things for your final portfolio: List your own definitions of the terms artifacts, actors, discourse communities, and literacy practices along with examples of each. Consult the assignment sheet on the listing of terms; this is a required part of the assignment. It also may be helpful to consult the assignment example as well. Also, be sure to explain why each discourse community is a discourse community, why someone is an actor, etc. I want to hear more from you personally. How are you an actor in this figured world? How does that effect your observations? Add some sort of captions with the included pictures. Let your readers know what they are viewing and why it is important to different parts of your observations. Create a map of the location showing where various discourse communities congregate, where actors and artifacts

Assignment One Chelsea Cogburn ENGLISH-1102-017 09/20/2013 Caravan Coffee The rules and conventions for appropriate behavior within a coffee shop can vary greatly. Most of these social norms are obvious and well known by all, while others vary greatly between many different shops. In my figured world, people are generally quiet. However, there are some personal conversations which are held more privately and others that are between multiple groups. These conversations can be loud and it is generally acceptable in this environment. In a normal work environment, employee conversation may lead to uneasiness among impatient customers who are waiting for their drinks to be made. That is not the case in this coffee shop. The atmosphere in this shop allows for people to take a short break from their daily routine and have a conversation with a stranger. The employees also help encourage this practice by being friendly and creating a relaxed environment. The employees are able to do school work and relax when they are not tending to customers. This coffee shop is in a small town so no one ever seems rushed. On the other hand, it would be awkward if someone who was not a regular came in and sat down with their computer for hours. This would be especially true if it was just that one person and the one employee for those few hours. It is a cozy shop, so conversation would be necessary to ease the tension. There are also occasional cyclists who stop in for a coffee break on their ride. Actors Barista #1 (Anna)- Quit and eccentric, generally works afternoons and evenings Barista #2 (Cassie)-Usually works early mornings, pleasant and energetic Customers- Wide variety, come and go at various times Shop Owner- All around nice guy, not seen in the shop often

Artifacts Blender-Necessary for most of the special beverages made at this coffee shop Menu-Written in cursive with chalk. No one needs it or uses it but, it is there nonetheless. Moroccan theme/music-Crucial to the overall atmosphere of the coffee shop Tables/chairs- Not too comfy, but comfy enough for an informal conversation with a friend and a quick coffee. Sign in front of shop- Again, this is written in cursive with chalk. It has been known to draw people in who aren't typical customers but otherwise goes unnoticed by regulars.

Computers-A definite staple to the existence of coffee shops. Not many people sit at Caravan to do work or study. However, the employees always have their lap tops.

Discourse Communities Customers Employees College-aged students sometimes create their own discourse community within the shop

Observation 1: Wednesday at 2pm: At 2pm, I arrived at Caravan coffee. I parallel parked in front of the shop and then immediately walked inside. When I walked through the door, a few people cheered. I laughed (embarrassingly) and waited for an explanation. One of the girls in the group that cheered went on to explain that people usually have a hard time parallel parking. She pointed out that I backed into the spot in one shot. The Employee behind the counter then went on to explain that they spend their days watching and laughing as people try to parallel park in front of the shop. I continued to the counter to order my coffee beverage. At 2:05, I was still waiting to order because there were other drink orders being prepared. This coffee shop only has one blender which means that only one drink can be made at a time. Conversation is appreciated in this environment. So instead of waiting impatiently to order, I was able to begin my interview.

Interview: How do you think the atmosphere in a coffee shop differs from that of other food/beverage shops? Anna: The atmosphere in coffee shops compared to other food/ services tends to be more relaxed and quieter and people bring work and laptops while you probably wouldn't do that at a restaurant. How does the atmosphere at this particular shop differ from that of other coffee shops? Anna: We have a Mediterranean theme and really relaxing ambience. Not many coffee shops around here have a theme. Tell me what you like or dislike about the atmosphere here.

Anna: Being in Mount Holly we aren't a very high traffic coffee shop so it's more regulars that work around town coming in on their break that come in than people coming in to hang out and stay a while. Being such a small town coffee shop you get to know the customers and that helps the customer feel more welcome than say Starbucks. I love the cozy atmosphere here. If I could I would probably change the music. Smooth jazz is stuffy and makes me tired. Here are the picture that I was able to take:

By 2:15, my specialty beverage was made. I picked it up at the counter as appropriate and then sat down near a window to enjoy the weather (sort of). At that point, the group who congratulated me on knowing how to park packed up their belongings and quietly left. At 2:20, I became more aware of the music The jazz music is certainly an artifact in this community, as it sets the tone in the shop and contributes to the relaxing discourse in this community. The employee is the main actor in my figured world and her most important artifact is the blender. I would also say that the smell of espresso in the air is an artifact. I left at 2:25. When leaving, I made a point to say goodbye to the employee and noted the importance of polite greetings when coming and going from this small shop.

Observation 2-I chose to do this observation from the point of view of a regular customer 8:00am: I arrived at the coffee shop in a hurry, grabbing a quick coffee before class. The employee (Cassie) senses my rush and moves a little faster than usual. This is much appreciated and I am in a good mood so I leave an extra tip in her jar. 8:05am: I am sitting at a small table waiting for my coffee to be made. The owner of the shop comes in and starts talking to Cassie, unknowingly slowing down service. 8:10am: My coffee is placed on the counter and I am ready to go. I thank the employee and also the shop owner and continue on my way. Observation 3: Observation #3

Friday Evening 5:00pm: I walk into the shop and am surprised to find it bustling with people. Anna says hello and asks if I would like my normal. I say yes and then pay quickly. I immediately sit down at a table close to the counter where prepared drinks are served. 5:05pm: A customer walks in and looks like he is ready to order but Anna is making my drink and doesnt think to greet the man. He looks impatient and irritable. She gives me my drink and then heads over to ask what he would like. Before she gets there, the phone rings and she must answer it. It is a quick phone call but this customer looks even more unhappy than before. She recognizes his frustration at this point and makes his drink quickly. He gets his coffee and then begins looking around confused. I gathered that he was looking for a straw. This shop keeps straws on a small table in the corner so I politely pointed the table out and he made his way over. After grabbing a straw, he left. 5:10pm: I find a seat in the corner of the room and begin looking around the room. There is a couple at one table, drinking their coffee and flipping through a magazine together. There is another couple in line to order coffee, and a teenage girl sitting by herself reading a book. 5:15pm: The couple that was in line heads over to sit down with the first couple. The reading teenager looks slightly annoyed and heads outside to sit on the patio. Then the couples leave together. -Anna goes over to wipe down the table they were sitting at and comments to me on how dirty they were. 5:20pm: A gentleman walks in and greets Anna. She makes him a drink which he does not specifically ask for and then he sits down. Anna cleans up after making his drink and then she makes her way form behind the bar to sit down with the gentleman. 5:30pm: I clean up the area where I am sitting and begin to leave. Anna tells me to have a nice night and then follows me to the door to lock it because they close at 5:30. Within my figured world, there are several discourse communities. The employees make up one community, the place as a whole makes up one community, and there are also several individual discourses within the different customer groups. Actors include employees and customers. The artifacts of the employees include things that contribute to the general ambience in the coffee shop, as well as specific items used to make coffee. Artifacts also include computers and books that belong to customers because they also contribute to the discourse within the shop.

Note: All names were changed to protect the privacy of the actors in all discourse communities within my figured world.