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The Assembly Machines





The Assembly Machines

Hose Crimping
Portable crimpers
PM 18
Crimp force 80 t Max hose size 1 (DN25, -16) Weight 28 kg

Hose Cutting
Cutting machines
PMH 25
Crimp force 137 t Max hose size 11 (DN32, -20) Weight 55 kg

TE 25 HP
Max hose size 1 1 (DN32, -32) Motor 2.2 kW Cutting disc O300 (12)

TE 50
Max hose size 2 (DN51, -32) Motor 3 kW Cutting disc O300 (12)

Electric crimpers
SE 25
Crimp force 120t Max hose size 1 1 (DN32)
PE 32

Cutting & Brushing 2in1

TDE 32/38
Max hose size 1 1 (DN38, -38) Motor 2.2 kW Cutting disc O300 (12)

Cutting machine Smoke Free

TP 50
Max hose size 2 (DN51, -32) Motor 3 kW Cutting Disc O300 (12)

PE 58

PE 28

Crimp force 140 t Max hose size 11 (DN32, -20) Crimp force 207 t Max hose size 11 (DN38, -24) Crimp force 240 t Max hose size 2 (DN51, -32)

Heavy Duty

TS 50
Max hose size 6-WS 2 (DN51, -32) Max hose OD 125mm Motor 7.5 kW Cutting Disc O520 (20)

Crimp force 350 t Max hose size hydraulic -6-WS 2 (DN51, -32) Industrial hose up to 4 (DN100, -64)

PE 32

TSP 50 Pneumatic bending

Max hose size 6-WS 2 (DN51, -32) Max hose OD 125mm Motor 7.5 kW Cutting Disc O520 (20)

PE 38

Production crimpers
PES 32
Crimp force 140 t Max hose size 11 (DN38, - 24)
TSP 50

TS 76 Hydraulic bending
Max hose size 6-WS 3 (DN76, -48) Max hose OD 130mm Motor 9 kW Cutting Disc O520 (20)

PES 50
Crimp force 280 t Max hose size 2 (DN51, -32) Hydraulics hose up to 2 (DN50) Industrial hose up to 4 (Dn100)

Hose Skiving
DE 50
Hose size 2 Rotation speed 100 rpm

PES 100

DC 76+
Hose size up to 3 Rotation speed 205 rpm* *adjustable rotation speed available as option

Crimp force 320 t Max hose size 2 (DN51, -32) Hydraulics hose up to 2 (DN50) Industrial hose up to 4 (Dn100) Crimp force 400 t Max hose size hydraulic -6-WS 3 (DN76, -48) Industrial hose up to 4(DN100)

PES 125

Plug n Skive Quick insertion of tools

Mobile van equipment

PE 28 12V / 24V
Crimp force 137 t Max hose size 11 (DN32, -20)

PE 38 12V / 24V
Crimp force 240 t Max hose size 2 (DN 51, -32)

External skiving

Internal skiving

External skiving

Hose Testing/ Hose Marking

Pressure test bench Marking machine

TE 38 12V Cutter
Max hose size 11 As option save space with a split cutting table

- Max ferrule size 2 Marking Block with numbering wheel available

BE 1500
- Static test up to 1,500 bar (21,000psi)

BE 2500
- Static test up to 2,500 bar (37,000psi)

The Assembly Machines

PES 500 Large-bore hose crimper
This new large bore hose crimping machine is perfect for companies who are looking for an assembly machine for large-bore and speciality hoses with flanges. 12 capacity Ergonomic low working height High power 550 tons Large opening

Special applications
PA 42 TO 8-25
Crimp force 25 t Open-throat Head available with various controls. Pre-assembly of DIN cutting rings Option 37 Flaring Block

PEP 158
Heavy duty nut crimper Max size 3

DE 76+ New "Plug n Skive" locking system Better visibility

We have listened to our customers on how to improve the ergonomics of our machines. The DC76+ is the result of our customers advice.

Accessories and Options

Quick-change Gun - EG Back Stop

Tech Care Box Preventive maintenance monitoring system

TECHMAFLEX introduces a new concept to help operators with the maintenance of their machine The Tech Care box will indicate the different levels of maintenance needed at different moments of the machine life cycle.

Available for all crimping machines SE / PE / PES

Mechanical (BAM) or Electrical (BAE) Allows a better positioning of the fitting on the diesfor serial assemblies


Tech Care Box New Concept!

New Vernier Control Better grip Better visibility More accuracy

Computer Touch Screen Interface available on PES models Automatic die selection, storage of hose assembly references and many other features which make the machine much easier to use.

Device available on all PE and PES machines Monitors needs for maintenance Includes Cycle Counter and Semi-Auto opening

Machine Bench Ergonomic Gun Light weight Easy handling of your die change
The Quick Change Gun evolves. To improve the handling of this tool, Techmaflex has developed an ergonomic quick change gun (EG). Try it, you will like it!

Foot Switch

Support benchfor all PE machines Includingstorage of the dies

Allows hands-free operation

We are the official and sole distributor in Poland of the French company TECHMAFLEX. TECHMAFLEX is the assembly specialist, because of over 20 years of experience in crimping. Precision, reliability and competetive price are the main advantages of that French company. As a partner on the Polish market, HYDRO offers the full range of the professional equipment for assembling hydraulic hoses and other applications. We offer: - technical support, - distribution, - training, - guarantee service, - after guarantee service, - most of the products available directly from the stock.


Precision, reliability, quality and affordability are our primary concerns at TECHMAFLEX. We have developed a wide range of equipment for Hose Assembly specialists but also for special applications using crimping technology as a process for assembling or deforming.

Over 20 years experience in assembling...

TECHMAFLEX has made its reputation through understanding of the customers needs and the innovations on its machines throughout the years.

Internal and external protections in crimping machines, the worlds most appreciated quick change tool, an innovative touch screen control are just a few examples of a close relationship with our customers and operators.


Service and reactivity are essential features in the way TECHMAFLEX does business around the world. Our staff is committed to offering the best service to our customers. TECHMAFLEX insists on training distributors and customers in the use and maintenance of their machines.

HYDRO ZNPHS Sp. z o.o. ul. Strazacka 41 43-382 Bielsko-Biala POLAND

Tel.: + 48 33 829 56 85 Fax.: + 4833 815 88 68