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Case history of some of the hundreds of cases healed 1. Wife of an army officer, resident of West End Colony, New Delhi, had severe joint pains and was unable to walk. She was unable to visit her children, settled in USA. Within 15 days of the therapy, she was back on her toes, making all arrangements to visit USA. 2. A newly married lady used to get severe bouts of pain in the abdomen; but the doctors & their modern equipment failed to diagnose the problem. After a week's therapy, suddenly she felt something traveling from the stomach upwards and coming out of the mouth. Her abdominal pain disappeared forever. 3. Mother of a Navy officer, resident of Madras, was bedridden for almost 8 years - because of severe joint pains. Within 3 weeks, she rang up to inform that she was able to walk and also carry on the household chores. 4. Son of a Tamil Association president, a tenth class student, failed to come up to the high expectations of the father, friends & relatives, in the board exams. This led the young boy to depression and was later declared Schizophrenic. After 40 days of the therapy (which included counseling the family members), the boy came in terms with reality. 5. A professor of Engineering College, resident of Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, started doing yog at the age of 45, which resulted in back pain. Though he stopped yog, he was unable to find a cure for his back pain, for 4 years. But within 5 minutes of the therapy, he felt something being pulled out of that area and the pain had disappeared. 6. A doctor, working in Munirka Delhi, had a strange pain in the chest, which the diagnostic tools failed to register. After 3 weeks of the therapy, he was hale and hearty. 7. An engineer, who topped the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and also IIM, was declared Schizophrenic. He felt people around him (at home & office) were not of his standard and was frustrated. This made him to change his jobs an umpteen number of times. Also, he used to leave home, for months, uninformed. After 2 months of the therapy, he was as normal as any other person was. 8. A retired government officer, aged 70, had severe joint pains and swelling in the legs, as a result of which he was unable to walk. He being a regular visitor to the Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry - for the annual celebrations, was not in favour of being left out for the year. Within 10 days, he was able to walk and later proceed to Pondicherry. 9. A Mechanical Engineer had contract for maintenance with Suzuki Maruti. During a routine check-up in the plant, one of his men was electrocuted and dead, following which a case was registered and all the pending bills stopped. This phase led him to acute depression and the doctors later declared him to be Schizophrenic. He had a suicidal tendency. After a fortnight, he came out of this state and handled all the pending matters diligently.

10. A Naval Officer, always in the sea, had frozen shoulders and severe cervical Spondylitis, for over a decade. Doctors all over, including Germany told him that if not operated immediately, it would lead to permanent disability. On the advice of the people around him, he did Meditation & some healing courses, but that did not help. Then he came to the Cosmic Beam Centre. Within a few days, the Cosmic Beam effect was unbelievable to him. Years of pain disappeared within a matter of days! 11. Wife of a General Manager in a private organization delivered her second child after a gap of 12 years, after which she developed complications in the reproductive system and was unable to walk. Doctors of all systems of Medicine gave up and said that only time was the healing factor. But within a week of this therapy, she was back on her toes. 12. Wife of a member of ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research), a doctor herself, had severe cervical Spondylitis, for which she took a regular dose of painkillers. Within three days of the therapy, she gave up the painkillers. 13. Wife of an Engineer had severe Joint problems and Edema in the feet and face and as such had difficulty in walking/ sitting/ standing. She had problems of Obesity also. Within a fortnight, she was seeing a different person in herself! 14. Daughter of a rich businessman had all the luxurious things at her disposal - huge furnished bungalow, chauffeur driven cars, an array of servants, etc., but was lonely. As she did not get the necessary attention from her parents, she felt that she was deprived of the parental love and affection. She began to remain aloof and became an introvert, hardly took a bath for months or washed herself. Self-hygiene was totally neglected. A sort of hatred towards her parents, especially towards her mother, developed. Doctors declared her as Schizophrenic . After three weeks of our therapy, which included counseling in a friendly manner, she came in terms with reality, pursued a vocational course and is now happily married. 15. Son of a Court judge, who was brought up in a strict and disciplined environment, had suppressed all his yearnings and desires, in the fear that his father would bash him up. The pent-up emotions in him resulted in an inferiority complex and as such he gave vent to his emotions by acting violently. After 2 weeks of therapy, he became quite obedient and apologised his father for his misbehaviour. After 8 weeks, he sought a job and is now planning to get married. 16. A Kashmiri lady had severe backache & joint pains with swelling all over the body for the past 7 years. She was unable to walk. She took Cosmic Beam Therapy when all other therapies failed. She was feeling the change within 10 days. At the end of two months, she was as normal as anyone else. 17. A Sikh lady was diagnosed with gallstones & was advised operation. She came with the ultrasound report which said that there were multiple stones in the gall bladder. Her husband, an engineer was a hard skeptic. But the lady who had a strong belief, that this was the therapy for her, continued with the therapy. After 1 month, she went for ultrasound and found that there were no stones & her joy knew no bounds. 18. An engineer in his early fifties lived with Eczema for over three decades. Every winter, it grew worse, with itching & blood oozing out. The legs, which were most affected were horrible to look at. After one month, results started showing in and after three months, there was no sign of eczema at all.

19. A school teacher had multiple problems & was fed up with life as she found no solution to her problems even after 3 various operations. She had complications of urinary system, respiratory system, reproductive system, pain in hands, feet & spine, headache, swelling, throat infection, insomnia, etc. Within the first three days itself, 50% of her problems were healed. Her total faith & co-operation with the healer enabled her to lead a normal life within 20 days. Thus began her life afresh! 20. A free-lance senior journalist had serious problems with his vision & also general health. Because of the age factor, doctors refused to operate on him and this hindered his active life in journalism. With Cosmic Beam Therapy, his vision started showing signs of improvement within a week and he was happy to resume his interests. 21. Normally, persons benefited by this therapy, print out the pamphlets and get them distributed in different areas. Once a Sanskrit language teacher happened to receive one. At first she ignored it. But her sixth sense prompted her to read the pamphlet. Since her young daughter was declared to be Schizophrenic, she immediately rushed for help. On sensing the Aura, it was found that the girl disliked the father. It was later revealed that the father insisted that the girl become an IAS officer. Unable to cope up the stress, she went into depression. She held her father responsible for her failure. During the therapy, our Guide advised the mother to see that the father does not come face-to-face with the daughter. After a month, she almost returned to normal and soon after she was married off. 22. Because of sudden death of a contractors employee with electrocution in Maruti Suzuki premises, contractor went in deep trouble. Police took him for interrogation, Maruti stopped his payment, the work he was doing was cancelled, people around started blaming him, no male was there in his house to work for him and this all made him schizophrenic. He suffered for some 7 months and suddenly he found a leaflet in a magazine shop. The leaflet was clearly mentioning about schizo. Our Guide was living in Mahipalpur, South Delhi those days. This contractor met him and now he is leading a healthy normal life.(In 1998) 22. Son of an IIT Engineer fell in love with his classmate in college. The girl spurned him. Dejected, he turned Schizophrenic. He became so obsessed with girls & sex that he felt that each girl was staring at him. He used to strip off his clothes & dance, much to the embarrassment of his parents & siblings. He refused to appear for the final degree exams. On our advice, the parents did not force him to study for the exams. Slowly, he overcame that obsession and appeared for the exams in the next session. 23. An Engineer in MES, posted in Pathankot (hill area in Himalayan) had shrinkage in his kidneys. During one of the army medical check-up, he was told that he will be laid off as he was no longer fit to be in the army. After one month of seeking Cosmic Beam Therapy, the normalcy in the kidneys was restored & he was happy to continue in the army. 24. An officer in Rail Bhavan was diabetic for 10 years. Even at work, he was lethargic, irritated over trivial issues. After starting the Cosmic Beam Therapy, he was so particular in following the instructions that he maintained a separate diary. The day-to-day changes vis-a-vis the sugar level & the changes in his

nature were also noted down and brought to us as regular feedback. After 3 months, he and his colleagues felt that he was a altogether a different person. 25. A Hindu company secretary had a love marriage with a Christian girl. The religious differences & upbringing of the girl, created rift in the family. The boy was unable to maintain a balance between his mother & wife. The inner turmoil in him led to depression, blood pressure, insomnia, etc. Within a week, he grew optimistic & confident. He took things in his stride and was able to deal with his mother & wife in a diplomatic way. 26. A share broker, was suffering from Irritable Bowl Syndrome, for almost 12 years. The problems with digestion, constipation and abdominal pain had become a part of his life. Since there was no cure for it, he learnt to live with it. On starting the therapy, when the symptoms started to reduce, he could not believe it. Now he has made it a mission in his life to spread the message of Cosmic beam therapy.(2000) 27. An auto company dealer suffered from liver problem. Because of serious condition, he was refused operation. After 6 days when he went to checking after this therapy, doctors found no liver problem. (March 2011) 26. A teacher after retirement diagnosed cancer of pelvic in 4th stage. The doctor suggested surgery of pelvic. Lady well knew that her last days have come. She contacted us. We do not take cancer cases. But suddenly our Guide got ready to heal her on 2 conditions. She was asked to use her all the money in bank for the poor and not for any of her relatives. And the second condition was given that after her regaining good health, she will use her all the time for any social cause dear to her. Lady immediately went back to her house declining the offer. After 5 days she came back for healing agreeing both the conditions. Guide healed her and found the lady very receptive. After some 7 days when she went to the doctor for testing who had suggested her surgical operation. To the amazement of the doctor after scanning he found she does not need any operation because he did not find any cancer. Lady Kulsrestha who was a teacher in one of the Delhi Govt School is now happily doing what she has assured. It clearly proves that cancer is result of thought. (April 2011) 27. An old lady brassware exporter used to bring her daughters daughter (aged 7- 8 years suffering from autism) to some special school in DLF Gurgaon, daily for some 4 hours. This childs mother perhaps still working with some TV channel knew about our Guide. Child is now normal as any other child.(Jan 2008) 28. Similarly an advocate in Nainital city came with photo of his child suffering from autism. Letter of childs mother is clear that now the child is normal. (2009) 30 Recently a demonstration program was arranged in Bombay fort. A lady with hearing trouble met there, who was suggested operation with no hope. She can now hear properly. (June 2011). 31. A doctor of neurology department in AIIMS Mr. Gupta came to our Guide in Gurgaon. He said that he is at present working in emergency ward taking care of head injury cases. Strange enough, that he himself is suffering from severe head pain and find no cure. Then and there itself, he was asked to lie down on floor and after 5 minutes, he got up to say that his 50% pain is reduced. He

was asked to come after a week or two. 2nd time he came and got rid of pain completely. In return he offered a photocopy book on neurology. (2008) 32. A poor woman from Jharsa village Gurgaon earlier in 1994) informed our Guide that doctor suggested operation for her gal bladder stone. A month passed and nothing happened and a day she came to our Guide crying bitterly and lie down in front of his house. After some 7 minutes, she stopped crying and till date of writing this she has no problem.(2011) 33. A lady social activist always visited villages on Jeep for some 23 years. After retirement, when movement suddenly stopped, she developed thigh pain (sciatica). Streching, messaging, exercise, hot water bath etc nothing helped and for some 20 days she cried and cried and asked God for mukti. It took 10 days to stop her crying. She is still feeling pain, but has started her social activities, but very cautiously.(Mar 2011). 34. Some 4 months back a lady in Bombay city gave birth to a healthy girl child in a very famous hospital. As per medical system, doctor inoculated the child with Hepatitis B injection. Child did not stop crying from pain for several hours. Elders in the house tried all methods to see that the child stops weeping but they could not and here one of them ringed our Guide in Gurgaon city. Within 20 minutes the child was normal as if nothing happened. 35. In Pune city a man takes care of a large number of dogs, which are thrown out by their owners when they are considered incurable. On visit to this city, finding out through a newspaper, our Guide asked us to take him to this man. Here he asked the man to bring the animals one by one for healing. Guide enjoyed healing all the dogs much, which were in beautiful colors, size and behavior. 36. A beautiful lady working in an American Bank in Gurgaon came with a problem that her husband doubts her. One day he followed her to bank and when the working hours on peak, the husband saw his wife talking and smiling and enjoying talks. He got specious and on returning home, he asked his wife to resign and stay at home. She was getting handsome pay and it was shocking for her. On asking the reason, man revealed what he saw. She tried to convince the husband that it is our duty to offer service with a smile. What can be wrong in it? Argument led the lady to ring her father-in-law who was retired from railway living away in Haridwar the holy city. He came and found no reason for his daughter in law to resign. He scolded the son and matter calmed down but after a few days husband again started blaming the lady for bad character. Father who knew our Guide came and requested for the solution. On sensing the aura it was clear that husband is suffering from fear of the unknown. When the mother-in- law who was also accompanying them was asked as what was the reason that she was in fear when this son was in womb. She smiled and told that time her husband was in Jabalpur city as a Station master living in a large spacious bungalow. She was informed by the people living around that a snake comes at 10 p.m. at the gate and stays there till morning. She was very afraid of that the snake may come and harm her in room. A large number of people from good families visit our Guide for solving this problem as medical science has no knowledge of as why people do so. This is being written here in detail as a large number of people suffer in life and even being very intelligent spoil their lives. Ladies having baby in womb if in fear, this fear transfers to unborn child.

37. The place where Guide lives in city Gurgaon is not fertile. He sowed seeds and channeled Energy now the seeds are grown up nice trees. 37. Guide is likely to visit a place near Gurgaon to extend healing help where some foreigners maintain donkey farm house where sick and those beaten by their cruel owners are kept.