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Englewood Schools

A Relentless Focus On Learning

We are pleased to offer the Fall 2013 Electronic Shareholders Report for your review. This full version report is intended to be a companion to our Fall 2013 Printed Shareholder Update that was delivered by the post office to every resident in Englewood. By providing this longer report online instead of in print form, we save money that can be used directly for services and resources that directly impact our students. As referenced in both this report and the postcard update, additional information can be found on our district website:

FALL 2013

Brian Ewert

In This Issue:
Construction Updates & Bond Projects Updates from the Department of Post-Secondary & Workforce Readiness Instructional Technology Updates from the Department of Learning Services Grants Update Department of Student Services Update Operations, Maintenance and Transportation Update Financial Transparency

Karen Brofft

Assistant Superintendent

Construction Updates
In November 2011, Englewood voters approved a $50 million Bond, with a 20-year payback term, that would build a new campus for grades 7-12 at the current Englewood High School Site and renovate the current Englewood Middle School site for use by Colorados Finest Alternative High School. A Bond is a financial loan issued for the purpose of financing the infrastructure needs of the school district. The Bond funds will be used for the following: Replace and upgrade Mechanical and Electrical Systems Provide better school site Safety and Security Construct Classrooms and Academic Spaces to meet 21st Century instructional needs Bring the Facilities up to Code Renovate the high school Field House and Performing Arts areas Complete campus site Upgrades Implement the initial phase of the Board of Educations Long Range Facilities Plan More than $419,000 in operating costs will be saved annually due to greater efficiency in systems.

New Construction will Provide Additional Benefits to Students including:

New classrooms that will simulate todays work environment and college classrooms, encouraging creative thinking, problem solving, collaborative group work and the use of technology Improved technology and giving students the proper tools to work in an interactive and technologically advanced society

When the Board of Education adopted the Long Range Plan, it was divided into two major phases. Due to critical safety and security concerns and the rapidly deteriorating facility at EMS, EHS and CFAHS, it was agreed that these issues were to be addressed first. This Bond measure will primarily focus on a new campus for grades 7-12 and the renovation of Englewood Middle School in preparation for occupancy by Colorados Finest Alternative High School. Providing new facilities and 21st Century Programming, will allow us to retain the majority of our Englewood students and attract students from across the entire south metropolitan area. As students enroll in Englewood Schools from other attendance areas, the State funding for each of these students follows the student to Englewood.

The Englewood Campus (TEC) Overview

The project team of CBRE, Saunders, and MOA continue to make progress on the completion of TEC. Over the summer work continued on Phase I while also completing the Performing Arts renovation! Construction is quickly molding into final finishes and Phase I turnover, scheduled for November/December, as seen in the pictures that follow.

Phase I Exterior
The site work is near completion for Phase 1 as both of the new parking lots are available for use including the new Lehigh entrance. There is only some site concrete for walking paths remaining and then landscaping will follow. The exterior of the building is near completion as well with the only remaining items being the vestibule entrances at the middle school main entrance and the commons entrance as well as some remaining exterior doors. Roofing is 100% complete for Phase 1 to protect from the weather.
April 28, 2013

August 28, 2013

A new courtyard was built on the east side of the building that connects to Lehigh Street. Buses will make their drop-offs here and students will be able to eat lunch outside in the courtyard when weather permits.

...TEC Campus Overview (continued)

Phase I Interior
As for the interior scope in progress, the exposed concrete areas are being completed and polishing and staining is underway. Area D, which is the kitchen area and commons, continues to lead the way toward completion with expected completion in October. The commons is looking more and more like the place the students will enjoy for their mid-day break. The North Fieldhouse is being prepared for the wood floor installation while the final sports equipment acquisitions are being installed. In the coming months, the spine, flexible classroom, Englewood Leadership Academy and Middle School Administration areas will begin to wrap up and furniture, fixtures and equipment will be installed. The emphasis on collaboration created the educational spine concept and as the other areas enclose it, it will create the open and inviting design intended here. The Fisher Auditorium was the first area of turnover and the Englewood High School staff and students received an instant jump in anticipation for the remaining phases to be complete. For more detailed information, including the latest drawing update, please select the School Construction tab from the top navigation bar on our main district webpage:

Colorados Finest BEST Grant Project

School is open for Fall, 2013! After a rigorous and extremely fast-paced summer construction schedule, the Englewood Middle School, or future home of Colorados Finest Alternative High School, has reopened for the school year. Over the summer months nearly 60,000 square feet of the facility was fully On the Drawing Board April 2012 renovated. Both gymnasiums received a much needed facelift, with much of the funding for the gyms provided via a partnership with the City of Englewood.

Some Highlights of the New Facility:

14 completely refinished classrooms for Math, English, History, Reading, Science, Art, Media & Production Updated finishes in the band and drama classrooms Completely refurbished and refinished kitchen, new administration area New entry on the west side of the building Exterior improvements including a freshly paved parking lot, seat walls, additional hardscape & grass areas A completely revamped courtyard

Ready for Students September 2013

Design Features
The design of the new building includes garage doors that open from several of the classrooms and from the commons to the courtyard area. These doors serve as an educational link to the outdoors and provide students and teachers the unique ability to integrate their learning and curriculum directly with the outdoors. The design also features tech hubs located off the corridors where students can collaborate on projects in a comfortable setting. In fitting with the 21st century educational model, the building also includes teacher work rooms. Each room is subject-specific and provides not only a workstation for each educator, but also encourages collaboration amongst the teachers at the same time. Finally, new furniture for all students, teachers and staff has been included throughout the facility.

...BEST Grant (continued)

Construction work continues on the 2nd floor of the facility but is expected be wrapped up by the end of September. Once complete, this will bring an additional 8 completely renovated classrooms online, as well as an additional tech hub and teacher work room. The final portion of construction will continue in the East wing of the school through Oct, 2013. Once complete this area will house the new Englewood Cosmetology Program as well as a STEM classroom. Both of these spaces are expected to be utilized District-wide, with the Cosmetology program extending to neighboring school districts. With the re-opening of the school, the building has been brought up to all current ADA and life safety codes. The facility is now 100% covered by a fire sprinkler system and a brand new security system with access control has been implemented. From a sustainability perspective, the project remains on track to receive a LEED Silver rating from the USGBC. For more detailed information, including additional photos, please select the School Construction tab from the top navigation bar on our main district webpage:

Results of a Busy Summer at EMS

These photos give evidence of the hard work that was invested over the summer months in the Englewood Middle School Building. Top to bottom: New classroom area, new commons area, colored glass added as an architectual feature, both refurbished gymnasiums and a re-landscaped courtyard area

Department of

Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness

Please Note: Graduation, dropout, concurrent enrollment and postsecondary enrollment data will be available in the spring shareholder report.

New Academic Programs

With the opening of The Englewood Campus (TEC) and the renovated Colorados Finest Alternative High School (CFAHS), the district is offering several new and enhanced programs to students. These programs are designed to build academic knowledge and technical skills to prepare students for college and career success.

High school students at both TEC and CFAHS now have access to exciting programming around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and digital arts in an interactive, hands-on lab setting. Students plan, document and build collaborative projects in areas such as alternative and renewable energy, audio engineering, video production, civil engineering, electronics, graphic design and digital animation. The STEM program allows students to select projects designed to solve real-world issues in various technology fields. Additionally, students present their findings through multimedia presentations to their class, school and community. Through this program, students learn everything from computer aided design to structural engineering while using advanced computer software such as Scratch animation, Google Sketch-up, West Point Bridge Builder, Adobe Creative Suite 5, Sony Acid Music Studio and many more. We are excited to announce that the middle school STEM program will open in January 2014 in the newly renovated Englewood Middle School facility. This aligned program will offer all of our middle and high school students unparalleled access to cutting edge STEM content and projects. Our secondary STEM programs help students expand learning that begins at the elementary school level, as graduate students from the Colorado School of Mines and University of Colorado are helping lead our elementary students in cutting-edge STEM activities such as programming, robotics and more.

...Academic Programs (continued)

Broadcast Journalism
Englewood High School has an awardwinning journalism program that produces The Pirateer newspaper and website and Pirate TV. The Englewood Campus will provide a new, state-of-the-art broadcasting facility for this high-interest program. Students completing this program will demonstrate the journalistic skill of broadcast reporting (writing, editing, and on camera presence), while also developing the technological skills involved in creating digital productions, including digital video, digital photography and film editing. Students will understand, accept, and apply the legal and ethical responsibilities inherent in a free press. Students involved in this program will write, produce, edit, and broadcast video for classroom use, and ultimately for school and district distribution.

Fabrication Lab
A state-of-the art Fabrication Lab will open in the Englewood Campus facility in January 2015. This program offers a high-tech workshop for students to design, prototype and build things. Students will envision an idea, and then have access to a variety of technologies that will allow them to produce an end product through the use of computer-aided design and desktop manufacturing technologies. Students will work with: 3D Printer Systems Laser Engraver Systems Arduino Microelectronics Systems Plotter/Vinyl Cutter Systems CNC Sewing Machine Systems Robotics Systems Digital Circuitry Systems

Mandarin Chinese Language

Englewood High School is proud to announce two sections of Mandarin Chinese world language courses are now offered to students in grades 9 through 12. The program focuses on the development of functional proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing the Mandarin Chinese language. The second year of the language courses are planned for fall 2014.

Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Hospitality is the second largest industry in Colorado, and the new Culinary and Hospitality program at TEC is designed for students interested in exploring this exciting and demanding career. Beginning in January of 2014, students can enroll in Foods and Nutrition courses as well as courses focused on the Essentials of Culinary Arts. In fall of 2014, TEC will open the two-year ProStart program. This nationally recognized program unites the classroom and industry to develop the best and brightest talent into tomorrows restaurant and foodservice leaders. Students who have completed the requirements of the ProStart program are awarded an industryrecognized certificate the ProStart National Certificate of Achievement. To earn the certificate, students pass two national exams, demonstrate a mastery of foundational skills and work 400 mentored hours.

...Academic Programs (continued)

CFAHS is proud to announce the opening of the new Colorados Finest Cosmetology Academy in January 2014. The academy will serve students from both district high schools as well as students from across the south Metro area. The Esthetics program will open first with services T COSMETO such as facials and skin care available to the general public beginning in ES LO N FI the spring of 2014. A specialized Nail Technology program and the complete Cosmetology program will round out the academys offerings in August, 2014. All three programs can enroll up to 24 students each.


At the completion of each program, students will be prepared to take the state-licensing exams given by the Colorado Barber/Cosmetology Board. Personal care services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and hairstyling will be open to the community beginning in Fall 2014.





Englewood High School, Colorados Finest Alternative High School and Englewood Middle School are proud to offer AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, in grades seven (7) through twelve (12). AVID is a college-readiness system designed to increase the number of students who enroll in four-year colleges. Since its implementation in 2007, Englewood AVID students have: Higher GPAs Better attendance Less behavior incidents Higher enrollment in rigorous course work Higher test scores Higher graduation rates Higher college acceptance rates when compared to their non-AVID peers

AVID is successful because it: Accelerates under-achieving students who have potential into more rigorous courses Teaches academic and social skills not targeted in other classes Provides intensive support with in-class tutors and a strong student/teacher relationship Creates a positive peer group for students Develops a sense of hope and personal achievement gained through hard work and determination AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. In over 30 years, AVID has become one of the most successful college-preparatory programs and today reaches more than 700,000 students in over 4,900 schools and 28 postsecondary institutions in 47 states and 17 other countries/territories.

Coming Soon to Englewood

Generation Schools
In Englewood, we are committed to providing students with every resource they need to be successful. However, there is one vital resource that (until now) was extremely difficult for us to give students: TIME. We need more time with students so they can master the skills and concepts they need in order to be successful. We want students to have time to learn the basics: English, Math, and Science and still have time leftover to sing in a choir, star in the school play, or learn to speak Chinese. For this reason, we have partnered with Generation Schools Network (GSN), a nationally recognized, award-winning nonprofit organization whose innovative education model offers students and teachers 30% more and better learning time. We will be working with Generation Schools to re-organize the resources we already have to implement an education model that expands learning time and reduces class sizes.

More benefits of Generation Schools:

Significantly more common planning time for teachers Provide up to 30% more learning time through extending the school day and year Increased college and career readiness Students have more opportunity to fit elective classes into their schedules Smaller class sizes for core classes

Challenge Day
Englewood Schools is also pleased to announce a partnership with the Challenge Day program. Challenge Day promotes a positive school culture by building connections and empathy among students and staff. Challenge Day is a revolutionary program that reduces bullying, and helps students feel safe and welcome at school, so they are ready and more able to learn. In order to accommodate as many students as we can, we are holding nine sessions of Challenge Day on January 7, 8 and 9 in 2014. Students from Englewood Leadership Academy, Englewood Middle School and Englewood High School will have an opportunity to participate. To accompany Challenge Day, students will also study curriculum in their advisement classes with similar messages of empathy and connection throughout the school year.

For more information on Challenge Day, please visit, select Community Outreach on the left hand side and then choose Challenge Day.

Instructional Technology
Technology improves learning environments
Staff and students in Englewood Schools have access to some of the best learning technologies anywhere in the state. Englewood has a robust wireless network, which has increased the number of wireless devices served 2000% in three years, 1GB fiber optics networks, and brand new, 1GB switches. This backbone serves the almost 4,500 laptops, desktops, and tablets supported by the districts IT team. Additionally, teachers in the elementary schools access SmartBoards, document cameras, and other learning technologies. On the secondary side, the construction and renovation projects have been planned around the best possible learning spaces, including technologies, in the Front Range. Our classroom teachers have never been better equipped to teach in todays technological world, and 85% of our staff report being equipped with the technology to thrive in their jobs.

Operational Efficiencies
Much like an Englewood homeowner looking closely at his or her bills, Englewoods IT team closely examines the services it pays for to get the best value for the taxpayers dollar. This year, Englewood has lowered its local phone service costs by almost 50%, reduced its network costs by a half by building its own fiber optics network, and continues to reduce printing costs by centralizing services and eliminated printers. In fact, Englewood staff members, including the Superintendent, have turned over 40% of their printers, which help drive down costs as we move to an increasingly paperless environment. In this case, Englewood is both saving green and going green.

Safety and Security

Like schools all across the country, Englewood is renewing its safety and security resources and protocols. New for the school year, Englewood is now using timed locks on public doors and buzzer technologies to grant access to parents and community members. Likewise, video cameras are now installed at public access areas to help with identification and, should the need arise, to help with investigation processes. Finally, Englewood students and staff are wearing identification badges to help us in drills with local law and first responder services.

Learning in the Cloud

Englewood is embracing one of the hallmarks of the 21st century, the digital text. New this year are two programs that will create new learning experiences for students. First off, students grades K-8 are enrolled in the MyOn reader library, which represents thousands of digital texts, fiction and nonfiction, arranged by reading level and interests. Many texts are high interest, informational texts which fill holes in our existing collections. Students report really enjoying reading the books online, and find that they appreciate the depth and variety of books they can choose. Additionally, students in middle school science, at both EMS and ELA, have access to a digital textbook, Discovery Techbook, in which text is merged with video, audio, and even virtual labs. While not replacing the traditional lab experience of measuring, mixing, and the ever popular dissections, digital tools while help our students grow as scientists and readers.

...IT (continued)

Online enrollment explodes!

This year, almost 70% of Englewood families, of both returning students and new to the district students used the districts online enrollment tool to register their students for school. This represents an increase of almost a thousand students. Families like the ease, the Spanish translation, and the ability to use district computers if needed.

Preparing for next generation assessments

Gone are the days when we sharpened pencils and used our best taking strategies (guessing C) to bubble in our answers. In response to changes at the state and national level, Englewood is piloting next-generation tests to allow students to demonstrate their learning. While reading, writing and math are still being assessed, students are now expected to be able to word process, drag and drop items, and use online tools like magnifying glasses and rulers to complete the test. Englewoods pervasive access to technology should ensure that our students are well prepared for the coming changes.

Englewood iPads

Englewood is among the first school districts in the state, and for that matter, in the country that is providing tablet technology (iPads) for its students to assist them with their learning. This major roll out comes after a successful pilot program at the Englewood Leadership Academy, in which 72 out of 72 students used their iPads both at home and at school without a broken, lost, or vandalized machine. In fact, students reported being more organized, more prepared for class, and more engaged.

...IT (continued)

iPad Distribution
For the 13-14 school year, all students in grades K-8 have a school-issued iPad for their exclusive use. For the fall, students in grades 4-8 will be offered, in consultation with their parents, the opportunity to check out the iPad for at home use. Parents have had opportunities, sometimes multiple, to attend a questions and answer sessions with the principal and district staff almost 1,000 community members attended these sessions. As of this article, most students and families are exercising that option to take home the iPad. The district is proceeding in a cautious manner, equipping the iPads with heavy duty cases and putting Internet filtering on the iPad. Parent partnership in handling the iPads and appropriate online behavior is stressed, and classroom teachers have had two days of very well received professional development to align their instructional practices with the technology. Englewood is making a large investment in our teaching staff and our students, with the goals of improving student achievement, creating new opportunities for learning, and preparing students for a future filled with technology.

Department of

Learning Services
2013 TCAP Summary Data
The TCAP Results chart displays the percentage of students who scored in the proficient or advanced range at each grade level and in each content area across the district as compared to the state of Colorado. The last column indicates the median growth percentile for each grade level in each content area across the district. A median growth percentile between 36 and 65 represents typical growth on the TCAP.

2013 TCAP Results

Englewood School District % Proficient/Advanced Grade 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5 8 10 State 73 68 70 73 68 67 68 70 51 53 57 58 61 56 55 49 72 72 65 62 55 51 39 34 48 52 51 District 2013 55 58 55 71 49 48 48 51 24 37 35 46 39 34 36 24 55 59 49 45 35 34 23 14 28 34 29 Median Growth Percentile (MGP) 49 56 63 47 44 46.5 54 46 46 50 53.5 42 53.5 41 42 52 39 50 48 40.5 44.5


Performance Frameworks
Districts and schools receive an accreditation rating by the Colorado Department of Education which is based upon performance in four categories: academic achievement results on TCAP, academic growth results on TCAP, academic growth gaps between student subgroups on TCAP, and postsecondary readiness. This year, three schools in Englewood scored at the highest possible plan type!



Performance Frameworks
School District Charles Hay Cherrelyn Clayton Bishop ELA EMS EHS CFAHS 2010 Plan Type 42.9 (3 yr) Turnaround 58.8 (3 yr) Improvement 59.7 (1 yr) Performance 49.0 (1 yr) Improvement 37.3 (3 yr) Priority Improvement 66.0 (3 yr) Performance 49.6 (3 yr) Improvement 50.1 (1 yr) Priority Improvement Performance 2011 Plan Type 46.8 (1 yr) Priority Improvement 70.1 (1 yr) Performance 70.9 (1 yr) Performance 62.1 (1 yr) Performance 42.3 (1 yr) Priority Improvement 77.1 (1 yr) Performance 52.3 (1 yr) Improvement 53.9 (1 yr) Improvement 64.0 (1 yr) Performance 2012 Plan Type 43.8 (3 yr) Priority Improvement 47.8 (3 yr) Improvement 56.2 (3 yr) Improvement 58.5 (1 yr) Improvement 43.9 (1 yr) Improvement 90.2 (1 yr) Performance 48.6 (1 yr) Improvement 51.0 (3 yr) Improvement 59.2 (1 yr) Improvement 2013 Plan Type 52.1 (3 yr) Improvement 64.6 (1 yr) Performance 56.5 (1 yr) Improvement 56.8 (3 yr) Improvement 59.9 (1 yr) Performance 81.8 (3 yr) Performance 52.6 (1 yr) Improvement 55.5 (1 yr) Priority Improvement 62.6 (1 yr) Performance

Englewood High School actually scored higher on their framework points than last year, however the state decreased their rating buy one plan level because Englewood did not meet the target participation rate of 95% for the percentage of students who took the TCAP test. Many of these were due to parent refusal.

...Learning Services (continued)

Evaluations, Standards & Assessments

Educator Evaluations
Beginning this school year, all Colorado school districts will implement new annual principal and teacher evaluation systems that align to Senate Bill 10-191. The new evaluations have been designed specifically to provide ongoing feedback on how educator practices impact student learning. For the first time, Colorado has statewide standards, Quality Standards, defining effective teaching. The new evaluations use the Quality Standards as a foundation with the overarching goal of continued professional growth for all principals and teachers. The first year of with our new evaluation system is a hold harmless year (any ineffective or partially effective evaluation ratings dont result in consequences for the educator) giving us the opportunity to adjust to the new evaluations in a low-stakes environment. Transitioning to the new evaluation requirements will prove to be a positive step forward for not only our educators but also the students in our schools.

Colorado Academic Standards and Common Core State Standards

The Colorado Academic Standards, which includes the Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics, will be implemented statewide during the 2013-14 school year. While state law requires all Colorado districts to adopt revised standards, the decisions about how we implement and the curriculum we use remains at our discretion locally. We are excited about the revised 21st century standards and believe that they reflect the design principles and instructional shifts intended to transform classroom practices and prepare students for successful educational experiences and careers after they graduate. The standards, in 10 content areas, clearly delineate what students are expected to learn in each subject and grade, with each grade level building on the next, to be prepared for success in college and careers. The standards ask teachers to connect students prior knowledge with schoolwork in order to deepen understanding and develop students skills and information literacy for real world application. The new standards represent an increased expectation in terms of rigor. Our community will need to work together to make sure our students transition successfully to these revised academic standards.

Aligned Assessments
Good instruction and assessment cannot occur in isolation of one another, each informs the other, and they become the checks and balances that drive measurable student growth and achievement. Colorado assessments are changing in order to accurately assess student mastery relative to the new Colorado Academic Standards. With the standards being more focused, coherent and rigorous, assessments must adapt to align with them. New assessments for science and social studies will begin next year: science assessments will be administered in grades 5, 8 and once in high school and the social studies assessments will be administered in grades 4, 7 and once in high school. The TCAP assessment will continue to be administered in 2013-14 for reading, writing and math and then in 2014-15, Colorado will transition to new statewide assessments in English language arts and mathematics.

...Learning Services (continued)

Unified Improvement Planning

Colorados Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) was introduced to streamline improvement-planning requirements for state (e.g., S.B. 09-163) and federal accountability (e.g., ESEA Title I). The UIP template and planning process represent a shift from planning as an event to planning as a critical component of continuous improvement. This process reduces the total number of separate plans schools and districts are required to complete with the intent of creating a single plan that has true meaning for its stakeholders. A copy of Englewoods District Unified Improvement Plan and a copy of individual school plans can be found on our website as well as on the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) SchoolView site.

Colorado READ Act (H.B. 12-1238) Overview

The Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (the READ Act), passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2012, focuses on early literacy development for all students and especially for students at risk for not achieving third grade reading proficiency. The READ Act focuses on kindergarten through third grade (K-3) literacy development, literacy assessment and individual READ plans for students identified with a significant reading deficiency. The READ Act requires teachers to assess the literacy development of students in K-3 in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, including oral skills, reading fluency and reading comprehension. Additionally, the READ Act requires the creation and implementation of an individual intervention plan (called a READ plan) for students identified with a significant reading deficiency. The Act outlines specific components that must be included in the READ plans to ensure the effectiveness of the intervention strategies. The READ Act provides guidance for deciding to advance students with significant reading deficiencies. Parents have the decision-making authority for advancement decisions for grades K-3 until 2016-17. Beginning in 2016-17, for students completing third grade, the superintendent or designee will make the final decision regarding whether a student with a significant reading deficiency will be advanced to the next grade.

Grants Department
New grants for 2014
In the spring of 2013 the district received two three-year grants totaling $122,400 from Tri County Health Department to participate in the State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership. The grants are funded through Amendment 35 cigarette tax dollars, which seeks to support public health efforts to increase use of evidence-based strategies to reduce exposure to second hand smoke, prevent youth initiation of tobacco use, and increase smoking cessation rates. A special focus K-12 will be to prevent youth initiation of tobacco use through school-based wellness programs and district-wide infomercials that will be produced by students and recorded for viewing in each school. These efforts support district policy that supports the adoption of positive lifestyle habits.

Student Services Department

Students with Disabilities
Students who are identified as having a disability and meeting the criteria to qualify for specialized instruction (special education) under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) written to assure they are provided with the supports they need in school. Last year, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) did an audit of the districts IEPs and provided a lot of good feedback. This year, trainings are being provided to our special education staff based on the findings of this audit. Special Education staff have already received training around writing measurable and clear goals as well as how to write meaningful goals for students who have the most significant needs. CDE will be in the district in October to support secondary providers with support in how to best write transition goals and services for students who are 15 years of age or older.

Englewood Schools served 395 students with disabilities during the 2012-13 school year. These students receive as much of their specialized instruction as possible within the general education classrooms. Students whose educational and/or behavioral needs require more individualized and intense services are served within our self-contained programs or with added adult support within the general education classroom. Last year, 14 students with disabilities were placed in out of district facilities either by the department of Human Services, the courts or by the school district. These students needs are such that we cannot support them within a public school setting and they receive more intensive and often therapeutic supports in these out of district placements (such as Tennyson Center for Children, and Laradon Hall). Our goal is for these placements to be for a short time to support the student with learning the skills needed to best function in a public school setting. Once these skills are acquired; the student is transitioned back into our schools and programming. Englewood Schools also supports the needs of students with disabilities that are parentally placed in one of the three private schools located in Englewood. All Souls Catholic School, St. Louis Catholic School, and Humanex Academy combined had 10-identified students being supported by our school district. Most often these services are consultative in nature but a special education teachers provides direct services for a handful of these students on a weekly basis. The IDEA requires that students with disabilities who are 18-21 years of age, who have not yet met graduation requirements and need continued support be provided such supports through transition services. Transition services/activities include postsecondary education, vocational education, integrated employment (including supported employment), continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, or community participation. Transition services must be based on the individual students needs and must take into account the students preferences and interests. Transition services may include instruction, related services, community experiences, the development of employment and other post school adult living objectives, and if appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluations. Englewood Schools has focused efforts to improve our transition programming for students with disabilities who are 18-21 years of age. The Transition In Englewood Schools (TIES) program has

...Student Services (continued) been defined more clearly and two staff members have been hired to support this growing population of students. This year we are serving 7 students in the TIES program and are looking forward to better meeting their needs. With all of the new technology, learning environments and supports in place in Englewood Schools, our students with disabilities are more able to participate in school with non-disabled students and feel more like they belong. We strive in Englewood to ensure all students feel like they belong and have the right to receive an education. Our special education teams work daily to support our students with disabilities in this endeavor and we are seeing great strides throughout the district.

Department of

Operations, Maintenance & Technology

In order to ease some overcrowding, we have two new modular buildings at Charles Hay World School and Bishop Elementary.

We also have a new womens softball field that was built over the summer. It cost about $450,000 to install, but now the softball team has a place to practice and can host home games!

This summer, we completed a significant amount of tree trimming work around the District. Trimming the trees not only makes them more aesthetically pleasing, but also prolongs the life of the tree.

Financial Transparency
Englewood Schools values open and honest communication with its many stakeholders: staff, students, parents and taxpayers. In order to meet the requirements of Article 44, Title 22 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, The Public School Financial Transparency Act, we have posted several items on our Financial Transparency webpage. For more detailed information, please pull down the Business Services menu tab from the Departments tab on the left navigation bar on our main district webpage: