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David. Rosemary, Charissa and Gregory



January 1985

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Over the Columbus Day Holiday Weekend (October 12-14), we held the first annual {??) Preachers/Missionary Retreat for all the
Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in

Chile. It had been planned during the annual Men's Convention during Easter Week 1984 in
San Carlos. The Men's Convention has been

Chile, October 1984.

Retreat Camp: El Tabo, The Holiday

going on for several years, and a meeting of Preachers and Missionaries during that convention rather opaqued its purpose when all preachers and missionaries present excused themselves to have a closed-door meeting. It was decided that the Men's Convention be just
that, a convention for ALL men from the

preachers and missionaries.

weekend was chosen.

The retreat is now

It was one of the better retreats of its kind that

churches, and to plan an annual retreat for

I have had the privilege of attending. We did not have 100% attendance of all invited, although our Santiago group offered to pay transpor
tation costs for all those who lived outside the

Santiago area. We had a representation from Santiago, from the coast (Valparaiso, Quilpue, Villa Alemana), from the Mid-South (San Carlos), from the South (Osorno) and from the
North (Calama). It was a time of relaxation, of praise, of study, of prayer, of mutual encouragement and of rejoicing one with the

Preachers/Missionary Retreat

We planned on three sessions per day (morning, afternoon and evening), sotherewas also time for interpersonal non-structured

sharing times, which were beneficial to all. I started the program on Friday morning with a study of the historical roots of the Restoration fvlovement. It was very well received, and it was suggested that I write a series of articles on "Restoration History" in "La Lampara", which is a quarterly magazine of our churches in Chile. Jeff Phillips led the afternoon session in a panel discussion of ministering to the (terminally) ill
and to families that have suffered the death of a

an elder in the Lo Prado church, had died on Friday (more about that later). We learned that
the funeral was to be at Lo Prado church on

Sunday morning. Juan Flores was soon to start into a preaching ministry as an outreach of the Lo Prado church. It was the desire of all present
at the retreat to cut it short in order to attend the

loved one. Victor Sepulveda from San Carlos preached on Friday night on Humility, in one of the best hour-long sermons I have ever heard in my life. On Saturday morning, Phil Casey led a study on the History of the Restoration Movement in Chile (much of the historical research was written in his M.A. thesis). On Saturday afternoon, Jano Castro from the San Joaquin church in Santiago led a panel discussion on Church Finances (Jano is the Treasurer of the Mission's legal Corporation in Chile and the San Joaquin church is an example to the rest of the churches in stewardship). At the end of that session, we were saddened by the news that Juan Flores,

funeral. Saturday night, Luis Vejar from the La Castrina church in Santiago preached an excellent message. Also on Saturday evening plans were made for the next retreat (October 31-November 3, 1985), and the group returned
to Santiago in order to attend the funeral of Juan Flores on Sunday morning. There were 19 present at the retreat (five missionaries and 14 Chileans). In preparation

for the retreat, each preacher filled out a report that was sent in and compiled. In that report
was the average attendance of active members, and number of baptisms. From the compiled report, we can appreciate an average attendance nationwide of about 1500 baptized believers (non-baptized attenders were not reported), and at least 264 baptisms for the


I've always been somewhat of a missionary teacher. Teaching and preaching in the churches, through our Bible Institute and Extension Seminary, have been things of practically every week. However, since about the first week of August, I have added some additional subjects to my teaching schedule. I
am a High School Algebra teacher,andaJunior

High and High School Computer Science teacher. Sometimes when I think about that, it amazes me. My Algebra students do not know how many college algebra courses I've taken: zero!!! It has been a fun experience, though, and I thank the Lord for the opportunity. As you know.ourdaughter, Charissa, attends school at Santiago Christian Academy, a school founded many years ago for the children of A.B.W.E. (American Baptists for World Evangelism). They own and operate the school. It uses a stateside curriculum of study, and has courses of Kindergarten through 8th grade. Later on, as there was a need for High School courses, the students took high school
courses from the United States, which they did under supervision at the school facility. During the last coupleyears, the school has taken steps to work towards a high school curriculum. Last school year there was a short-term missionary couple working with the school. The man was a high school math teacher and his wife was Charissa's first grade teacher. They returned to the States, creating a void in the High School Math Department. There's yet more to the story. In an appeal at a PTA-type meeting the previous year, I had volunteered to sponsor a "Computer Club" for the kids, since I've been dabbling with a lowcorrespondence


Algebra Class; Let's see 3x + 4y =17

end computer for a couple years. We met for a few times, but really didn't accomplish much, as
more time was needed. We held the club after

school at the home of another family who had just bought a Vic-20 computer but had absolutely no idea what to do with it. Itook my
computer with me, so there would be two

A.B.W.E. missionary) returned to the states, leaving his computer to the school, making that a possibility. A few weeks before school, the Jr. High/Sr.
High director called me to ask if I would be

machines there, but it was really a hassle hauling my computer with a TV across town, doing it after school (we live so far away from

the school, that the transportation factor is a big

concern). During the second semester of the year. I just did not have time to do it, so it

stopped. I knew that the kids wanted it, I felt

that it was important, but it just didn't happen. I had decided to try to do it again, IF somebody from the school asked me, but to suggest that if
they wanted it, that they put it INTO the
schedule, and not make it an after-school

willing to work with a computer activity, but. she emphasized, DURING SCHOOL HOURS (I had not mentioned that condition to anyone). I told her that yes, I would be witling, and told her when it might be possiblefor metodoit. I could tell that she had more up her sleeve when she said, "Well, there's another thing. We've been told that you would make a good Algebra teacher. Could you do us the favor of teaching Algebra??" That floored me as I really enjoyed Algebra and Math courses in general in high school, but I'm a Bible College graduate, never ever taking a post-high school math course!!!
But they really needed me. I told her that I
would consider it, but that I would have to look


The other family with a Vic-20 (an

vmr.. Jil

Computer Class with Vic-20. At keyboard is son of

U.S. Ambassador to Chile.

at the textbook before saying whether or not I could do it. I decided that I would give it a shot, and it has been a good experience. We have Algebra just four days per week, and computer class one time a week, so I am there just 5 hours per week. Preparation is not too demanding, and Rose helps me grade papers sometimes. The good thing about it is that in exchange for my teaching, the school has given Charissa a full tuition scholarship. As much as possible, I have scheduled my teaching times around our schedule of car pooling. We share transporta tion with the Phillips family, which also lives in Maipu.

I have undergone a big change since writing the last newsletter, as I am now expecting our third child. I have now experienced four months of the joys and "tiredness" of
pregnancy. If the Lord wills, we shall receive

our baby around the end of April or first part of May. I've also been experiencing great joy in taking part in the planning meetings for the joint ladies' meetings from all the Santiago churches
and the churches on the coast. We have a

Agroup of leaders from Ladies' Groups In Santiago.

planning meeting once per month, with repre sentatives from about 15 different congrega tions present. The group has really developed a beautiful unity in the Lord. We make plans for the general ladies' meetings which are held
every other month, and also for the annual







Throughout the year we have collected many food items, clothing and money to help churches or families in need. The fellowship as a whole, though, has been the best part of the meeting. It has been good for us to share and get to know one another better. We will finish the year with a Christmas "once" (tea-time

meal) at our home. The annual convention this coming year will be on the coast, just a twohour drive from Santiago. Since it will be so close to Santiago, many more ladies will be able to attend. I'll let you know about the convention
in our next newsletter. ladies in your prayers. Until then, keep our


On January 4-5,19851 will be participating in
a Convention in Quilpue, Chile, serving as

We had a very nice get together on Thanksgiving Day. I think it was the largest missionary Thanksgiving in several years. We all chipped in to pay for the turkey, and different families brought different food items. We had the whole thing: turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie (pumpkins and cranberries do not grow in Chile) and plenty of snack food. Even though I had to leave early because of classes that night (Thanksgiving is not a Chilean holiday), I even got to play a little
"Trivial Pursuit"! I had heard of it, but had not

interpreter to Woodrow Phillips, Sr., from Redmond, Washington. Woody Phillips will be visiting Chile with several people from Overlake
Christian Church, which supports some of our co-workers, including his own son, Steve

seen it. It was fun. I console myself with the fact that our team was winning when we had to

Phillips, in Quilpue.

From here, Woody will

continue on to Brazil, where he will speak in the

Brazilian Missionary Convention. I'm looking forward to hearing him, and preaching with him. I interpreted for him once in the El Montijo
church in 1977. This time it should be quite a bit

We are reviving a magazine for the Chilean Church. It is called "La Lampara" (The Light). There have been two issues, with at least a year between issues. I had contributing articles in both numbers. We plan for it to be published four times per year, including news items from
churches all over Chile, and articles of interest. I

will be writing an article of word studies in each

issue, and for the next four issues or so. a

Between Christmas and New Year's Day, I will

visit churches in Northern Chile with Steve

Bond from Quilpue. We are scheduling for a Friday night meeting in Antofagasta, and Saturday and Sunday night meetings in Calama. This will be my first visit up there since

critical history of the Restoration Movement. I believe that writing about some of the early principles of our movement will be very beneficial to the people of our churches. I am working with Phil Casey and a committee of Chileans in the publication.

Blore you move, please send the mailing label below, along with a copy of your new address to:
MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, P.O. Box 2427, Knonville, TN 37901.

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Knoxville,TN 37901

Knoxville, TN

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David. Rosemary, Charissa and Gregory


NO. 2

May 1985

BORN APRIL 28. 1985

7:28 p.m.
WEIGHT: 9 pounds, 12 ounces


20 inches long

Kimberly Ann Fish




I am sure that by now you should all know that we had an earthquake in Chile on March 3. Ex perts in seismology have now determined that
in fact there were two earthquakes, separated

most devastating. Another city about halfway between Santiago and San Antonio, Melipilla,
was also devastated, as were numerous small

by a mere 10seconds span, which describes the vast damage in different parts of the country. We thank God for His great mercy in keeping us and our church families safe during this great tragedy. Not everyone was so fortunate. How
ever, we believe that God was merciful to the

villages in the country in the vicinity. We live in Maipu, which is the last suburb on the southwest hub of Santiago. From our house to Melipilla is merely a 30 minute drive. I believe that because of Maipu's proximity to the coast, compared with other parts of Santiago, that the earthquake hit Maipu considerably harder than

entire country, in that the earthquake came early Sunday evening in late summer, a time when many Chileans were not at home. There were less than 200 deaths caused by the earth quake. To imagine a natural disaster that puts over 200,000 people out of homes and kills less than 200 people makes me rejoice in God's great mercy. As I stated, there were two earthquakes. The epicenter of the first one was located in the ocean, just off the coast of Algarrobo, a small
tourist town located on the Pacific Ocean

other parts of Santiago, and the damage done

to seemingly earthquake proof structures. Buildings made of adobe fell in all parts of Santiago, but solid homes in Maipu sustained damage. In that, we also give thanks to the Lord, as the damage to our home was minimal. That Sunday morning after church services, we brought two of Carey's friends home to spend the night. I was to preach that evening at
the Lo Prado church, so I took off for church,

leaving Rose at home with four children. Add

into that the fact that our car broke down on the

straight west of Santiago. Algarrobo is very close to Valparaiso, which received noticeable damage. The second earthquake, which was greater in intensity, had its epicenter in the ocean just off the coast of San Antonio, a port 75 miles southwest of Santiago. The distance from Algarrobo to San Antonio is only about 25 miles. The damage to San Antonio was the

way home from the morning church service,

which accounted for the fact that I was on

public transportation, and it makes the story even more exciting. When the ground started shaking. Rose and the kids were watching television. Things don't start falling at the beginning of the tremor. The damage is done when the shake is prolonged and the intensity builds. This particular shake was longer than three minutes! I must confess that I did not look at my watch to time it! As the shake increased in duration and intensity. Rose and the kids huddled in the door jamb of our back door. Fortunately, they remained IN the jamb, not going outside, because when the things started falling, and EVERYTHING fell, a metal awning just outside that back door came crashing down. Everything behind them also came crashing down. After it was over, they could not even get out the back door because of the fallen awning, and had to climb over the debris throughout the house to get out the front door. She tells me that I cannot really appreci ate just what it looked like, as some of the mess had been moved around before I got home. Be
lieve me, it was a MESS!!! I was on my way to the Lo Prado church when

Miguel Munoz, minister of Lo Prado church, with

sister who lost her home.

it hit. By a quirk of circumstances, I was underground in the subway. By all rights, I

should have been INSIDE a train, but the Lord

MARCH 3, 1985
home in the street. There are no atheists in

was watching out for me, I believe, and I was just inside the subway station. The only reason I was not in one of the trains, is that none going my way had arrived at that station in the 12 minutes or so that I had been watting (normally the trains come every 4 minutes). I thank God
that none had come, because I would have been

earthquakes! There is a lot of fear. The person who is writing these lines got on a bus, paid the
fare, sat down, and ONLY THEN asked WHERE

the bus was headed. He had to get off that bus

about 15 blocks down the road when it turned

we were all right. We weren't able to make another call, even across Santiago, the next day. The clean up at home took us three days; two days on the house and one day on my office (not a book left on a shelf). Then we started looking towards others and their needs.
At first it seemed that the most immediate

Texas, arrived just before Easter (Mrs. Watkins is Chilean). They have just settled in a small town called San Pedro, near Melipilla, one of the most devastated zones in the country. They will be working there to reconstruct fallen homes, and to plant a church too. Keepthem in
your prayers.

off his course. Fear causes people to do funny things! The second bus I got on was going to
Maipu. It let me off about four blocks from

needs of our church family in Santiago were

things like dishes. We bought sets of dishes for
several Christian families that were left with no unbroken dishes. Our main dishes were

We thank the Lord for His kindness to us

IN a train, and when the electricity goes off underground, it's DARK!! I have heard that the people who were in the trains were trapped there for over an hour. As the quake built in intensity, I decided to leave the station. In doing so, I think I beat all of Carl Lewis's speed records. I rode out the remainder of the quake


I ran those four blocks, knowing that


Rose and the kids would be scared too.

that's when I got shocked. I knew that I was all right, and assumed that my people and my home would be all right as well. My people were all right, but I was shocked when I saw the

Corelle, and surprisingly few of them broke. As we got out and around (we got our car fixed on Tuesday) we began to see the damage. Adobe houses all over Santiago fell. The Maipu

during this difficult time for the country. Since then we have had a series of replicas of the March 3 earthquake, but none as strong. Each time we get a good shake, we wonder if it is going to happen again. We thank each of you
that remembers to pray for us and our children.

May He bless you in a rich way.

church's property lost their entire property wall

(over 200 meters long). Most of the houses in the vicinity of the church property fell. The
church's construction stood firm. Praise the Lord! For the first week, the church fed lunches

to over 150 people each day, and groups of men

from the church went out knocking homes down. I'm much betterat demolishing than I am
at building. We would knock the walls down, and then carry the rubbish to the streets. Soon after the earthquake, we began receiving phone calls from the U.S., though many people tried to call us during that first week and were unable to get through. We appreciate so much the concern that you all have shown for us, and for the special gifts that you have sent for "earthquake relief". We have received special funds from many of our regular supporting churches, and also received a special gift from IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services) of Kempton, Indiana.
With those funds so far, we have been able to

Miguel Munoz with couple from Lo Prado church who had extensive damage to their home.

Family from Seminario church that lost home in earthquake.

holding onto the concrete wall surrounding the steps down into the subway. Finally it stopped.
Once I was in a car accident which totaled the


It had emptied all the cupboards, the

help six church families rebuild their fallen

After the impact, I realized that I was physically all right. It was a shock to me to see that the car I was driving was not all right. The engine was the size of an accordion. The earthquake caused the same sensation. I reasoned within myself immediately following

car I was driving.

the earthquake, "Well, I'm all right. Everything must be all right!". Again, I was wrong. Again, I was shocked! People react to earthquakes in interesting ways. I was able to observe some people's reactions, as I experienced it away from

refrigerator, and all the bookshelves. Every thing was a real mess. As it was getting dark (the electricity was cut off during the quake), we had no other option than to listen to a batteryoperated radio by candlelight. The cleanup process would begin the next morning. Our telephone communication was also cut off. Jerry Gutierrez. Carey's friends' father, was able to get through by telephone, and took them home that night. At 3;30 AM our lights came on just for about five minutes. At that time we tried the telephone, and surprisingly got through to Rose's parents near Phoenix to let them know

homes, as well as buy dishes for others who lost dishes, etc. I have also helped to rebuild part of the Lo Prado church building that was damaged by the earthquake. Other church buildings that were damaged were the El Montijo and La Estrella buildings, which have been fixed with other "earthquake relief" funds sent to other
missionaries on our team. This week I will use

remaining earthquake relief funds to rebuild the front wall of the Maipu church property. IDES sent a family to Chile to work especially in earthquake relief. M/M Phil Watkins. who worked with Colegio Biblico in Eagle Pass,

Family from Lo Prado church that lost home in earthquake.


In spite of the earthquake, our work continues just the same. The school year started on March 11.1 am teaching High School math and computer courses again this semester. Myoneyearcommitmentwill be over
> t, r

when this semester ends in July. The school is

expecting to receive a full-time teacher to take the math courses, and I am praying that he gets here soon. The Algebra courses take a lot of time. I also have a girl who is supposed to be doing independent study in Geometry, but is not doing that well. We have also begun our year's study in our


extension seminary. I am continuing Level 1 and 2 studies here in Santiago, and one of my students in Lo Prado is starting to teach Book 3 of Level 1. I also continue my Saturday travels to the coast, although for right now, I am alternating Saturdays with Phil Casey, so I have two Saturdays free per month. As new president of the mission, I plan on visiting all of the churches in the area within the near future, and visit them periodically throughout the next year. The churches have all asked for that, and I will try to keep in touch
with them all.

David teaching at church, April 5. 1985,

Men's Convention.


Ministers' Meeting in our back yard, April 6, 1985.

Each year during Easter Week, we have a

Men's Convention, for all the men in the churches in Chile. This year's was the 5th Annual Convention, but marked the first time

that this has ever been held in Santiago. It was hosted by the Maipu church, which had to hurry to get its building finished in time to host the meetings. We had participation from Santiago, Valparaiso, Quilpue, Villa Alemana, Limache, Antofagasta, Caiama, San Carlos, Osorno, Puerto Octay and Llanquihue. Next year's convention will return to the South, and
will be held in Osorno.

In the past few weeks, something else, somewhat related to the national fellowship of our churches, has happened. During more than eight years on the field, I have appreciated being represented legally before the government by the officers of our mission here.

For the past five years. Jeff Phillips has served

as president, and has done very well. He will be going to the States for furlough shortly, and at our monthly meeting the end of March, announced that he would like to resign. No
decision as to his successor was made that

Before you move, please send (he mailing label betow. along with a copy of your new address (o:
MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION. P.O. Box 2437. Knoivflle. TN 37901.

evening. In a special meeting, held April 8, new

Mission Services

Non Prollt Org.

During this year's convention, 1taught more

than three hours on "Foundations of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ". The

teaching was very well received, although I was fairly well exhausted after the session was over. The next day, I interpreted for a British minister who was delivering a message about a false sect. There was also a question and answer session, and I was pretty tired by the time that
session was over. He was not accustomed to

officers for the corporation were elected. I was elected President; Phil Casey was elected Vice President; and Juan Nunez, minister of the El Montijo church, was elected SecretaryTreasurer.

S 2

PO Box 2427 Knoxville, TN 37901


U.S- Postage

Knoxville. TN
Pfmlt *374

speaking through an interpreter, which made it difficult for me. He has given me his manuscript, however, which I will be able to translate and perhaps put into print some day. Since we had so many ministers present from outside of Santiago, we had a special Preachers' Meeting on Saturday after lunch. We held that at our home. There were so many that we couldn't fit inside. Since it was a nice day, we met in our back yard underneath our apricot tree. There were a total of 30 men present.

I will serve as President until our planned furlough, just a tittle over a year from now, and then Phil Casey will take over. It is a large responsibility, but an important one. One of my received responsibilities will be to make some headway in legal matters, as some of our church properties do not have all the paperwork up to date. I am looking for the perfect secretary, so that I can just delegate the hard parts to someone who receives pay for getting the job done. A responsibility that I am taking upon myself is to lead the mission in a spiritual plane, converting endless "business" meetings into "worship/fellowship/business" meetings. THAT will be the difficult part, for which I covet
your prayers.

13 c

S "o


'J: Q
O _



November 1985

NO. 3

Since our last newsletter, a lot has happened. I'll try to bring you up to date as best I can. In May. I was named President of our legal corporation in Chile. Jeff Phillips had served in that capacity for five years. In that capacity, I also preside over the Church Council that
consists of Chilean ministers and missionaries

here in Santiago. That is as motley a group as ever existed. It is both a challenge and a mystery just how to keep that group united, but the Lord has been helping in that way. I have felt the pressure of the presidency, as many things fall to me for decisions that are difficult. Jy/ly tenure will be short as I will hand the re sponsibility to another before our furlough next

When Jeff Phillips leftforfurlough, I assumed

some of his responsibilities as well. The church

building here in Maipu is being used, although

there are still details to be worked out. I've met with the architect's draftsman a few times to

bills paid, etc. In July, Ralph and Cindy Shead left for furlough. Ralph has asked me to be a visible support man for his small church in La Florida (on the south side of Santiago). There are two men in the church there that share in ministry in the church (preaching and teaching), Mauricio Palma and Victor Padura. They were mourning the upcoming furlough of their beloved brethren, Ralph and Cindy. I have been with them almost every Sunday since Ralph went to the States. It has been a big blessing for me to share with them. I especially appreciate the growth of Mauricio Palma, in whom the Lord has effected a change of about 300%! In his case, he didn't just accept the Lord, he was CONVERTED!!! I also spend one night a week in La Florida teaching in their extension seminary center. Just as for Jeff Phillips, I handle Ralph's financial matters in his absence
as well.

sort out things for the project. In my extension seminary classes, I have had contact with Eneas Olivares, the Chilean minister of the Maipu church for the past several years. In Jeff's
absence, I have acted as a "behind-the-scenes"

As you know, for some time we have talked about Cerrillos, an area just east of where we
live. We have offered the "El Encuentro" course

at a small store of a Christian family there in

Cerrillos for several months. I have held several

support man for Eneas, who is doing a fine job. I'm also taking care of Jeff's financial obligations in his absence, like making sure that his house payment is made on time, keeping

Bible Studies there, and have seen varying

degrees of interest. A few people have completed the first course. The ideal would be to rent a small place there to use as an office

center for the course, and where small groups could meet. There are some Christians there (a man and his wife), but their home is not the best

place for a Christian witness, as they have a grown son who is an alcoholic, and a single daughter who just gave birth to her second child. Those situations are not impossible to overcome, but in my opinion do create a "stumbling-block" in the community. Since our earthquake in March, rental housing has been very scarce, almost impossible to find. I believe that the Gospel would have a better witness in a neutral place, away from this home. Please continue to pray with us about this matter. I have continued to teach Computer Science at Santiago Christian Academy. I teach 2 hours per week. I have a class of 7th graders, who are using computers for the first time, and a high school elective class. It is enjoyable most of the time, frustrating at times. This week the grade school teachers had a work day in which I showed them ways in which they could use the school's computers. The school has 1
Commodore 64 and 1 Commodore Vic-20 that share the same disk drive. It also has a dot-

AM, arriving in Santiago in time for church service on Sunday morning. We made a quick trip to the States in September to attend the National Missionary Convention in Orlando. Florida. We also got to spend precious time with both sets of grandparents, as both parents and parents-inlaw travelled from Arizona and Iowa to Florida

to spend time with us. We took Gregory out of his pre-school to make the trip, and of course Kimberly also made her first trip ever to the
United States. We left Charissa here in Chile so

that she would not miss school. The day after we left here she got sick and missed a week of school anyway. Midway through ourstay in the States we called to see how she was doing, and
found out she had been sick in bed. That was

matrix printer. I continue to work with Phil Casey in the Extension Seminary classes. In addition to my Extension Seminary work here in Santiago, in La Florida and an advanced group with people from Maipu, Lo Espejo and Pudahuel, I alternate with Phil in traveling to the 5th region for classes in Villa Alemana, and to San Carlos. Villa Alemana will be finishing their 3-year cycle before Christmas (6 Volumes on the Life of Christ in Matthew). In San Carlos (8th Region, a five-hour train trip from Santiago) they have already finished that study. We have been studying "Life of Paul/Galatians," a new programmed course. It is an excellent study which has been a blessing to the church in San
Carlos. This is the first time that we have

hard for us! On Thursday afternoon at the convention I led a workshop "How to Lift Up Christ in an Unjust Society." I was nervous before-hand, but enjoyed it just the same. We shared in three Florida churches during the trip: in Ft. Myers, Boca Raton and Margate. It was the longest trip we had ever taken: going from Santiago to Miami took 16 hours with 4 stops and 3 different planes. Coming back was a bit easier, only 15 hours, with 4 stops, all in the same plane. I don't anticipate ever flying the Bolivian Air Line again. Coming up soon is our annual Preachers/ Missionary Retreat at our camp in El Tabo. Just once a year can we get all the preachers and
missionaries from the entire country together for a three-day retreat of fellowship. This year it
will be held on October 31-November 3. We are

offered that course, but next year, without doubt, some Santiago centers will use it. Itravel to these centers on Saturdays. We go to San Carlos every two weeks, so our rotation is that

busy making arrangements now, planning the final details for the program, etc. We are putting together a report of all the churches in Chile of average attendance, additions by baptism during the past year, highlights of the past year and projected goals for the coming year. Last year we did the same thing, so we will be able to compare with last year's report and compute net growth and progress of the work. I will include a summary of that report in our next
newsletter. .i.

we travel 3 out of 4 Saturdays. The San Carlos study is on Saturday night. When Itravel to San
Carlos I take the train south on Saturday at 1;30 PM, arriving in San Carlos in time for their Saturday night service, in which I preach, and

the Extension Seminary class, which is held

after the service. Since I need to be in La Florida

on Sunday morning for services, I return to Santiago by bus at 12:30 AM or by train at 2:55

Our new little one, Kimberly Ann, is a big blessing for our entire family. She is a really good baby and very happy. She makes us very happy too. There is no greater task for me than to spend these early years of her life surrounding her with tender loving care. Charissa and Gregory enjoy being with their
little sister. Besides the time with their sister,

held on the coast and was a big blessing which we hope will be repeated. It will beheld at Padre Hurtado (about 15 miles from Maipu) in an old
convent that has conference rooms, rooms for

now they are in school. Charissa started 3rd grade in August. Her teacher this year is Debbie Wallace, a missionary with our group. She and Steve, her husband, are graduates of San Jose Bible College and have been here about a year
now. There are 12 children in her room which

consists of 3rd and 4th grades together. We bought a used piano, and Charissa is starting
some lessons with her father. She seems to be

growing up so fast. Gregory is attending a preKinder school two blocks from our house on the

same street. He goes in the mornings and enjoys it a lot. A woman from the Maipu church teaches there. In September he participated in the celebration of Chile's independence from Spain, wore "huaso" (Chilean cowboy) clothes, and [earned the "cueca" (Chile's national

lodging and a dining hall. Everything is provided, so we can just go and dedicate our time to learning and sharing with one another, not having to prepare food, clean dishes, etc. The missionary wives are planning some practical classes to share with the ladies, like cake-decorating, interior decorating, creating fond family memories, etc. The Chilean women are teaching most of the other classes which gives us great joy. Pray for them as they will be preparing their classes, and also for the convention. The date for the upcoming Ladies' Convention will be February 13-15. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf during my pregnancy, and for your continuing prayers for us in the work here in Chile. I pray that the Lord will be blessing you with every good blessing as you live for Him where you

We are receiving many blessings with the time we are spending in the La Florida church during the absence of Ralph and Cindy Shead, who are on furlough. I'm enjoying sharing with
two ladies in the church who have babies a

month younger than Kimberly. They are sisters and their babies are just about the same age. Both babies are smaller than Kimberly, so I can pass along Kimberly's clothes as she outgrows

We are also making plans for the annual

Ladies' Convention forall of Chile. This coming
Babies at La Florida church

year it will be held In Santiago. Last year it was


1. Shirley Woolsey (co-worker) has been in Respiratory Intensive Care with Legionairre's Disease for two months. Pray for her.
2. Ladies' Convention at Padre Hurtado in

February 1986. 3. Church Growth (numerical and spiritual) in our churches in Chile, especially in La Florida. 4. Chilean church leaders in training through our Extension Seminary.
Fish Family (except David who was on other side of

5. Rented office space in Cerrillos, also for

Bible Study group there.

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