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November 2013
Balloons for a Balanced Lunch NUTRI-SERVE FOOD MANAGEMENT, INC

Volume 25 Number 3

Healthy Eating On the Run

Any parent of school-age children knows what weekday meals are like usually, fast and many times on the run. But you want to serve your family healthy meals as well but how can you do both? Here are some quick yet nutritious ideas: Make extra healthier meals on the weekend to use for upcoming weekday meals. (note: most prepared foods can be safely eaten 3-4 days following preparation. Having healthy staples always available such as 1% or fat-free milk to balance meals and snacks. Fill a bowl with fresh fruit that is quick to grab such as bananas, apples and grapes. It is okay to occasionally have a fast food mealjust try to choose the normal portion sizesstaying away from super size meals and beverages.

Fitness Forum
It is recommended that children have at least 60 minutes daily of moderate to vigorous physical activity. Ideas to increase kids physical activity: joining a sports team or exercise class, limiting TV time, walking or biking as a family, and giving them toys such as balls, kites, Frisbees and jump ropes.

Kids In the Kitchen

November ushers in the beginning of the winter holiday season. This time of year is a special time spent with family and friends. Many holidays involve the sharing of cultural as well as family food traditions. It is important to share these food activities with children. Even young children can help with simple tasks such as setting the table and making place cards and decorations. Older children can assist with food preparation. This is when holiday family recipes are learned and memories made. Enjoy!

Test Your Nutri IQ

Unscramble the following words to find Nutri-Serves fruit and veggie of the month. Hint: Both are good sources of Vitamin A and C. C E S H E P A MT SOOTAE Newsletter Editor: Rosemary L. O'Dea, MA, RD