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Praxis N16, Studio 7 39 Belfast Road N16 6UN London + 44 (0)7879 630 040

56 Rue Saint Sabin 750 11 Paris + 33 (0)6 42 73 58 05

FOUNDED 2011 London Paris by ST (Stina Gromark) & SQ (Louise Naunton Morgan) STUDIED ST Royal College of Art, London 2011 Central Saint Martins, BA Graphic Design, London 2009 SQ Central Saint Martins, BA Graphic Design, London 2009 ABOUT Through the analysis and deconstruction of pre-existing systems, STSQ aims to restructureframeworks and generate innovative design methods that lead to undetermined outcomesand multiple possibilities of representation. STSQ have a shared interest in the everyday (systems found in the everyday), the relationsand borderlines between the rational and irrational, language and translation, the humanand technology, science and art, play and work, and other words systems and anomalies inherent within. Their design process is equally led and shaped by conceptual research and aestheticconsiderations, whilst concerning themselves with the craft of production and the finish of theprinted material as a physical object.


CLIENTS Art of Touch Arts Council Coach Cecilia Gromark Central Saint Martins Common Affairs Dean Street Atelier Eszter Steierhoffer Hayward Gallery Hayward Publishing Howard Tangye HCC Hungarian Culture Center Innovation RCA JA.P Kiblind Magazine Paperwork Magazine Oscar Lhermitte Outset RCA Royal College of Art Studio Harlen Tereza Stehlikova Ute Meta Bauer Vaughan EXHIBITIONS Charlie Dutton Gallery, Summer Show, London, June 2013 Format13, International Photography Festival, The Human Printer, Derby March-April, 2013 Zoo-topia, Salon Light Book Fair, Paris, 19 21st October, 2012 Zoo-topia booklaunch, iscp, New York, 15 November 2012 Zoo-topia booklaunch, London Zoo, London, 21 September 2012 RCA SHOW, Royal College of Art, London, 2012 The W Project, KK Outlet, London, 2012 Composite, Two Columbia Road, London, 2011 Human Printer, KK Outlet, London, 2011 The W project, The Russian Club, London, 2011 Pick Me Up, Somerset House, London, 2011 FR/UK, Royal College of Art, London, 2011 Abstrakt abstrakt, Node, Frankfurt, 2010 Labyrint 09, Botkyrka Konsthall, Tumba, 2009

COLLABORATIONS / PARTICIPATION Arctic Paper, Heart Works, May, 2013 Paperwork Magazine with Rowan Powell & Catherine Smiles, 2013 The Human Printer 1.2 with The University of Derby, Format13, 2013 Common, Pattern for textiles of AW13 collection, 2013 Studio Cookbook by Ken Kirton, London, 2012 Zoo-topia publication with Eszter Steierhoffer, London, 2012 TALKS / WORKSHOPS Systems, Quad, Derby, February 2013 Words in Process, Workshop, Royal College of Art, London, December 2011 One Dot Zero Festival, Talk, Its Nice That, BFI, London, November 2010 WW09WW10, Talk, Central Saint Martins, January 2011 PUBLICATIONS / PRESS Discovery Channel, Canada; Weird Planet, 16 May, 2013 WOWOW Channel, Japan; The Prime Show May 14, 2013 Evening Standard, Northern lights... four ice-hot Scandi fashion brands to keep an eye on, 4 April, 2013 ZooTopia, Zoo architecture as taxonomies of national representation London, September 2011 Ottagono, Focus On ( New Design Show Off ), Italy, July August 2012, Pp. 57 59 The California Printmaker, California, 2011 Adformatie by Erik Kessles, Amsterdam, 2010 Its Nice That, Issue 2, London, 2010, Pp.48 OK. Periodicals, No.3, The Netherlands, 2009, Pp.72 ONLINE PRESS People of Print: The Human Printer, April 29, 2013 Boston Globe; The Human printer: recreating colour prints by hand, by Kevin Hartnett, April 25, 2013 New York Times, T-magazine; Not Your Everyday Swedish Label by David Hellquist, April 24, 2013 Gizmodo; These Human Printers Show there is beauty to be found in inefficiency, by Logan Booker, 20th April, 2013 Design Taxi; The Human Printer: Humans Painstakingly Dot CMYK Colours by Hand to Create Prints, by Anthea Quay, 19 April, 2013 This is Colossal; The Human Printer: CMYK Halftone Prints Recreated, by Christopher Jobson, 18 April Tank magazine; Zoo-topia by Sohrab Golsorkhi, Monday 24th September, 2012 Etapes; design et culture visuelle: Faire Parler Ses Emotions Digitales, Friday 6th of October, 2012 Its Nice That; Brilliantly conceived Sound-Word Index for all your emotive digital language needs, by Bryony Quinn, Monday 25 June 2012

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