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1.1. Company Historic SC CEMA is matriculated at Office Commerce Register under no. J32/101/1991, CF 2454739. The society has its origins in IPC RECORD Sibiustate society; the registered capital was increased to 17.5 mld lei, with 706000 shares. The company address is 127, Podului street, where it activates today, too. The activity object of the company had suffered some changes in time, due to the market changes from studies of market and sampling, management consultation activity, activities of financial mediating at the beginning, to activities of market prospecting in order of selling company products: ceramic blocks and bricks, ceramic roof tiles and ceramic terracotta tiles since July, 1999. In 1999 SC GRUP CONSULT srl bought the package of shares 60.5% of registered capital of company SC CEMA SA, thus being realized the integral privatisation of SC CEMA SA. 1.2. Company Structure The company is represented by Mr. Adrian Crisan Managing Director; the company has a number of 473 employees. 1.3. Products/Market Activity is product and selling of ceramic products: roof tiles, terracotta tiles, ceramic blocks and bricks ; In future, the company will execute works of building roofs, as well as works of repairing in constructions. Products describing: a. Terracotta tiles are used in building terracotta stoves or fireplaces; this are obtained by mechanichal or manual means from clay, kaolin, and quartz sands; terracotta tiles are covered with white or colored glaze. This product is realized according to STAS 1798/79 (romanian standards) and is well knowed on national market for 20 years, because of the superior quality and the low price. b. Ceramic blocks and bricks are realized in a large range of types and sizes, and are used for building different kinds of walls for buildings: - ceramic blocks with vertical holes - 290x240x188 mm, equivalence 7.53 ceramic blocks with vertical holes 290x240x138 mm, equivalence 5.52 ceramic blocks with vertical holes 365x180x138 mm, equivalence 5.21 ceramic bricks 240x115x138 mm, equivalence 2.19 full bricks 240x115x63 mm, equivalence 1 This product is realized according to STAS 5185/86 and they have mark 50, 75 or 100.

c. Ceramic roof tiles and roof ridges are used for covering traditional houses, as well as modern buildings with cultural destination, hotels, churches; the dimensions are: roof tile 350x170x11 mm and roof ridge 320x84x36 mm. This product is obtained by a latest hour technology from CERIC FRANCE and possessed Technical Agreement no. 006-01/059-1999, from IMCON Bucharest; according to this, the roof tiles are guarantee for 30 years. d. Ceramic ornamental vazes are manufactured in a new department Special Products; here are realized many kinds of ornamental objects from ceramic accessories for desk, to ceramic flowerpots or ornamental vazes of big sizes, in a large range of colors. This products are obtained by pressing or by potters wheel. 1.4. Production Capacities. Technological Process a. Terracotta Tiles The raw materials used are: clay from companys own quarry, special clay from Medgidia and Suncuius, and quartz sand from Cluj-Napoca. Clay materials are measured, washed, filtered, and than blended in kneaders, thus resulting a pasta; this pasta is than shaped in hydraulik presses or manual presses (for more elaborated artistic effects); the resulting products are dried in two steps, at different humidity, in drying devices. Finally, the products are glazed, dryed again and burned. b. Ceramic Blocks and Bricks The raw materials clay and sand are provided by the companys own quarry; they are transported towards two lines, where they are prepared and blended; the resulting pasta is stocked in metalic silos and than is transported by conveyor belts to the two presses that realize the shaping. In the next step is realized the drying process in drying rooms and than the bricks are burned in large tunnel furnace, than packed and stocked. c. Roof Tiles The raw materials clay and sand provided by our quarry are stocked in two feeders, than carried to the line where they are prepared and blended; the resulting pasta is stocked in metalic silos and than is transported by conveyor belts to the two presses that realize the shaping. The tiles are then dried in drying rooms and than the roof tiles are burned in large tunnel furnace, than they are sorted, packed and stocked. 2. THE MARKET 2.1. Market segmentation CEMA products are distributed to: commercial companies wich sale building materials; population, wich build own houses ; building companies . Ceramic blocks and bricks are saled especially in the following counties: SIBIU, VALCEA, ARGES, PRAHOVA, DAMBOVITA, GORJ; terracotta tiles are distributed mainly in southern areas and roof tiles all over the country, but especially in zones with traditional buildins like Sibiu, Brasov, Covasna, and Harghita. The most important customer are:UNIVERSAL IMPEX, MALEXIM, TEMELIA, DUMARIS, LUCY-MAR, ZIMBRUL, AXA COMEXIM, REYAND, MARNA, BADUC aso.

3. THE COMPETITION a. TERRACOTTA TILES The main Romanian producing companies of terracotta tiles for stoves are: ROMANCERAM ROMAN, TERAPLAST BISTRITA, MACON DEVA, EXTRACERAM TIMISOARA. CEMA products are saled at lower prices, they are of more superior quality, and CEMAs production capacity is larger. In conclusion, CEMA company has the strongest position on the national market. b.CERAMIC BLOCKS AND BRICKS The main Romanian producers of ceramic bricks are: SICERAM SIGHISOARA, MURESENI TG. MURES, CERAMICA IASI, SOCERAM SATUC BUZAU, ARIESUL CAMPIA TURZII, CEMACON ZALAU, MACOFIL TG. JIU, EXTRACERAM TIMISOARA. At this product, CEMA company has a medium position on the Romanian market, its important advantage consisting in a coud geographical position and in a large production capacity, but having, as well as, the disadvantage of a bigger price than others its competitors. c. ROOF TILES At this product, the competition consists of both ceramic roof tiles and concrete roof tiles. The most important competitors regarding ceramic roof tiles are: SICERAM SIGHISOARA, CARS TARNAVENI and in the field of concrete roof tiles: MACON DEVA, ELPRECO CRAIOVA, MACOFIL TG. JIU, IMCOP TEIUS. Roof tiles from CEMA are quality superior, and quality-price ratio is better than the that of the others producers. 4. DELIVERY CONDITIONS. ADVERTISING CEMA products are delivered immediately or in max. 30 days from the date of the order, dependindg on the available stock, the kind and the size of the order. Delivery conditions are ex-works, and the products prices included packing costs, storage and loading costs. Products advertising comes directly from the sales politic of the company. The advertising means consists of products exposing, catalogues, folders, as well as advertising announcements in mass media and special magazines.

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