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ADVISORY BOARD PROPOSAL For Discussion Purposes Only

I. Create Two Advisory Boards A. Fundraising Advisory Board (FAB)

Primary Purpose: To raise new money and raise awareness of the school within the business and philanthropic communities.

Members Michelle Collins Lester Coney (or just include daughter) Chanel Coney Gloria Gottlieb Carol Rauner Audrey Tuggle Irene Patner Kingsley Clarke Juanita Passmore Amina Dickerson Erik/Cheryl Whitaker Greg Cameron

Possible Names: 1. Community Leadership Council 2. Fundraising Advisory Board 3. Advisory Council

Next Steps 1. Define FABs purpose and proposed structure a. Possible statement of purpose: To raise funds for the schools general operations in order to maintain the programs affordability and superior instruction. To increase the schools visibility in Chicagos philanthropic and business communities. b. Guidelines for fundraising activities: i. Will they throw a large annual event or smaller events? ii. Should each member need to commit to raising or writing a defined amount? iii. Do we set a goal and let them decide methods at the first meeting?

c. Number of meetings per year: i. Six times per year? Monthly? Quarterly? ii. Do they have to commit to participating in a minimum number? d. Internal FAB structure: i. Should there be a president or chairperson? ii. Other officers? iii. What are their roles? e. Advice sought from FAB i. In addition to fundraising, will they advise the school about specific issues? 2. Evaluate current composition of the group a. Do you have the right people to accomplish your purpose? b. Will they make an effective working group? c. Is there anyone who should play another role? d. Anyone to add? i. Sidney Dillard? ii. Adrienne Pitts? iii. Diana Palomar? iv. Ruby Lane? v. Cheryl Burton? e. Should a governing Board member be included?


Vet the idea of the two boards with the following key people: a. Michelle Collins b. Current governing Board members? c. Amina Dickerson? d. Others? Meet with people not formally on FAB or who need to be confirmed: a. Gloria Gottlieb b. Carol Rauner c. Chuck Lewis? (Has Lucinda met with him?) d. Cheryl/Erik Whitaker



Music Advisory Board (MAB)

Primary Purpose: Student enrichment and support of artistic director, including acting as student mentors, conducting of master classes, providing connections to other music institutions, providing informal and formal counsel to artistic director. Secondary Purpose: Fundraising through special performances, connections to donors, sponsoring a special annual event Members Donna Curry Mark Zinger Hans Jensen Stacia Spencer Jeri Johnson Aaron Dworkin Lee Koonce (or should he be on the financial side?) Martine Benmann Paul Freeman Jim Hirsch Barbara Wright-Pryor Toni Marie Montgomery

NEXT STEPS 1. Define MABs structure a. Will it meet as a group? For what purpose? How often? b. Will it be specifically asked to raise funds? c. Are there other ways to keep in touch with the group regular emails or announcements? d. Who will be liaison to group? e. Will each member be asked specifically to commit to doing one thing per year for the school (a visit, a concert, a class?) f. Should they organize one fundraising event together? g. How formal do we want this to be?

C. University of Chicago Connections Cathy Cohen suggested that the following U of C people could be helpful: Theaster Gates Derek Douglas Larry Norman Mary Harvey Martha Roth Martha Feldman

Next Steps 1. Decide if we want to pursue this now or wait 2. Identify precisely what we want from them a. Opportunities to get money from the University? b. Educational opportunities for students? c. Advertisement of concerts d. Space in university facilities 3. If we do want to pursue, should they be invited to a breakfast led by Cathy? a. Define exactly what purpose will be

OTHER MODELS Merit School of Music: A. National Advisory Board: Musicians of great renown: a. Visit Merit, provide master classes, endorse Merit B. Civic Advisory Council: Civic leaders a. Fundraise, provide advice, raise visibility in business community C. Associate Board: Young professionals a. Sponsor an annual fundraising event Steppenwolf Theater: A. Auxiliary Council: Young professionals (over 100) a. Run an annual gala to support educational programs Chicago Urban League: A. The Leaguers: Help with fundraising and recruiting volunteers, raise visibility B. Womens Board: Raises funds specifically for Whitney Young Scholarship Fund C. Metropolitan Board: Identifies and develops leadership potential of young professional African Americans Chicago Symphony Orchestra: A. Womens Board: a. Meets six times a year (may include a concert when they meet) b. Sponsor two galas c. Pay annual dues and must have a concert subscription

One Hope United: A. Auxiliary Board: Young professionals (14) a. Hold a fall fundraiser and quarterly volunteer events, assists with marketing ideas Women Employed: A. Advocacy Council: Young professionals a. Fundraising, networking, and advocacy on Women Employeds issues

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