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Max Interview Questions (voiceover & full plot) Q WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER OF THAT DAY?

T DAY? Max hurt someone, got changed and got on the bus to Wellington. Q WHAT WERE YOUR IMMEDIATE THOUGHTS WHEN YOU HEARD? Some might say she had it coming; I dont wish to say. There wasnt much hope for either of them anyway. Its not my job now to dish out blame, to give punishments the situation was beyond that. If just thought, theyll put Max in prison; poor guy wouldnt cope with that. Theyd ask him questions like What made you do it? and How do you feel about what youve done? Thing is he doesnt feel all that much, not the type of things he should feel anyway. Even if he could articulate his feelings Im not sure Id really want to hear it. Hes so very private. Q WHAT WAS HE LIKE AS A PERSON? Hes not stupid by any means; not aggressive, not anything. Just Max. Well hes Max the murderer now. Ive heard people call him a creep- he is, I suppose, the outsider. (The definition of creep is to move slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed.) In that sense yes he was a creep. Kids these days though they dont mean it that way. Hes was that kid who holds your gaze for a little too long or stares blankly when you talk to him. Its all in the eyes - a rich, dark brown. You know when your stare at someone but when you catch their gaze you quickly look away? Not Max. Q DID HE EVER DISPLAY ANY CONCERNING BEHAVIOUR? I remember one time a kid reached out to jab him in the head and Max grabbed his finger and nearly snapped it clean in half. He never meant to do these things I just dont think he knew his own strength. Sarah was in his form group, she called him a creep and he went so pale. Never red. It was as if any normal reaction fell from his face and to the floor where he just stared at it. It got back to me that he supposedly stamped on her dogs throat, oh I dont know. IS THERE ANY BLAME ELSEWHERE? He plays so many video games; maybe they give him ideas, who knows. Everyone wants, needs something or someone to blame. No will accept responsibility. Nothing is anyones fault these days. Max knew what he was doing but he was so young and so troubled.

He walked around like he was on another earth, one we arent aware of, and it must be so much better for him. Im sure he hoped everything would be better after what he did. Everything wouldve got better and he couldve been that man he was on that other Earth. Q DO YOU THINK IT WAS PLANNED? To an extent it mustve been. As much as he couldve as a twelve year old boy. Supposedly there was 10.50 in Sarahs purse; it cost 7.20 to get a one way bus fare and then perhaps a bar of chocolate. That left maybe, 2.70 left to start his new life. Ive often thought about what he mustve thought would happen. Hed get a job, something unsuspicious like factory labour and get enough money to rent his own flat, maybe earn enough to keep a pet. One of his only comments to me was of wanting a pet. He had spiders though he'd catch them and keep them in a jar until they perished, I found one before. He mustve been fascinated by life and how it could be put in his control. "Out, out, brief candle" Shakespeare once wrote. Q WERE THERE ANY INCIDENTS WITH SARAH THAT STAND OUT TO YOU IN HINDSIGHT? She filled his locker with mud or paper or something. It was pretty soon before it happened so maybe that was the moment when something clicked in him. People might say he snapped. He knew what he was doing. Im sure the fantasy was there all along, it just took that last digit of the code that clicked open his locker. (END OF INTERVIEW QUICK SCENE OF THEM THANKING HIM WITH ALL THE LIGHTS UP AND CAMERAS ON DISPLAY - THEN SWITCH TO FINAL SCENE ACTED OUT) He hacked into one of Sarahs friends Facebook account. Laura her name was. Told her to meet by the lake. She went, why wouldnt she? No one couldve anticipated it. Change in voice to Laura Hey Sarah, Ill meet you at 6 by the lake yeah? Bring some money for sweets or whatever, see you then x. He waited behind a tree, waited for her to arrive. She did, she waited by the lake. He went quietly behind her, she heard him, turned round and he wrapped the scarf around her neck.

He was stronger, stronger for the first time and angry, like hed never been before. She went all quiet, still and blue. He knew that this would be the start of something. Something big. Not for Sarah though, it was the end for Sarah. "Out, out, brief candle" Max took the law into his own hands, was the strong one, it was just like a game. Revenge was the ultimate achievement.

And then he changed his clothes behind the tree, walked to the bus stop and got on the bus to Wellington.

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