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Aftemative High School 915 W. Manchester Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90044

Class Description COUNSELING ASSISTANT Superior

Reporting Relationships

Rece1is administrative direction from the princ ipal (or designee) of the school to which assigned. At a school site, receives direct supervision from the elem entary or secondary school counselor, school psychologist, pupil services and attendance (PSA ) counselor, clinical psychologist, psychiatric socia worker, or psychiatric nurse, as appropriate. l Subordinates

Duties and Responsibilities May perform duties from among the following : 1 ASsists in ascertaining the achievement levels and interests of students through the use of standardized group tests and through the interpretation of the results of standardized administers group tests in various stand individual tests; ardlzed testing programs. 2, Conducts individual student conferen ces to social adjustment and vocational matters; discuss educational, emotional, personal, physical, and refers students for specialized assistance 3. Assists counselors and other student , as needed. health and human services personnel in working with teachers to increase their understanding of individua l students, 4. Assists in gathering pertinent data for individual student studies. 5. Participates in case conferences and 6. Identifies resources available within assists in remedial planning and follow-through. the school, District, and community to meet individual students; assists In making the needs of such referrals and contacts. 7. Assists in maintaining a cumulati ve record for each student. 8. Participates in a school-wide group ance program. 9. Communicates and cooperates withguid parents, 10. Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications Education Required 1, A bachelors degree from an accre dited college or university. 2. Current enrollment in a program at a college or university leading to a Pupil Personne l Services Credential. Desirable ln addition to English, ability to speak and within the District.

write one of the target languages of community populatio


Credentials A certificate issued by the Office of the Los Ang eles County Superintendent of Schools to serve temporary teacher-assistant must be in as a force and on file in that office. KnowleeSkiHs, Ailities,and Personal Cha reristics 1. Ability to work effectively and cooperati vely with colleagues and school and commun ity 2. Knowledge of the growth and developm ent of children and adolescents, learning theo agencies. ry, and mental health concepts.



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servi 7. Understanding of the physical, ces. intellectual, social, and emotional growth patterns of students.

3. Knowledge of uses and limit ations of standardized individual and grou p tests arid semi-projective devices. 4, Ability to communicate effectivel y 5. Ability to work effectively and coopboth orally arid in writing. eratively with all racial, ethnic, and socio 6. Understanding of the relationship -economic groups. between the total educational program and health and psychological counseling, mental

Physical and mental fitness to assist in by a licensed physician and surgeon or counseling, mental health, and psychological services as certified medical officer pursuant to Education Cod evidence of freedom from active tuberculo e Section 44839 and sis pursuant to Education Code Section 49406. This class description is not a complete statement of essential functions and respo nsibilities. The District retains the discretion to add or change typical duties of a position at any time. JRT

if you are interested in applying for the Counseling Assistant position, please fax your resume to (323) 7784612, Attn: Maisha James-Mcintosh, Principal Youth Opportunities Unlimited Alternative High School 915 W, Manchester Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90044