The Story Of My Life.

'When you get hurt by someone who is suppose to love you protect you,how can you trust?How can you believe that person?How can you forget something that has happened more than once.?How do you love? ~Marisol! Chantay Marisol Rosa (Later on in the story....) "He tells me to trust him.To believe in him when he says that he loves me.That he will make sure no one hurts me.But what he dosen't get is that i'm scared that he'll hurt me. He tells me that he has a secret to share with me.I promise i wont run.He tells me. I'm in shock.But not scared no not scared at all.If possible i'm more in love with him. He tells me that he will love and protect me until the day he dies.This is the time i should share my secret too but i'm scared what if he hates me?What if he thinks i'm used,worthless,Crazy.Can i tell him?"

Chapter 1. "Chantay.Chantay.Wake up." I looked around my room.It was 5 am!What did she want! "WHAT!" I screamed. "We need to talk.... i'm,your ugh." I looked up.My mom had tears in her eyes. "Mom,mom what's wrong." I got up ang hugged her.She started to sobb. "Tell me." I tried sothing her by rubbing her back. "I'm sorry baby but i don't know what to do anymore." I didn't get her.Everything was fine.I think. "What mom tell me everything." She looked up at me then to the floor. "God your going to hate me." I was shocked.Was it really that bad? "I wont hate you mom,no matter what." With that she took a deep breath then came the worst conversation i have ever had. "Marisol,i'm so sorry." And again she broke down. "Tell me." I almost yelled. "Your leaving." She whispered.I let her go. "What" Hurt was thick in my voice,tears were stinging my eyes.But i refused to cry in front of her.She got up and tryed to make her way torwards me but i backed away. "Why?" I asked whispering.My voice cracking. "I can't handle seeing you in pain anymore baby.If you get out of the state maybe you'll forget everything that happened." She said in a hurried tone. Then it hit me, ''Another state" I asked feeling the lump in my throat.She looked down and nodded. "You think by me leaving Mexico I'll forget what happened! It dosen't work like that mom.I can't get over what happened to me,by just leaving!" I screamed.I didn't care that i was crying anymore.I was hurt, mad, confused.How can someone send their kid away because they're hurt?Why? "Please baby understand." I nodded. "Fine i'm glad i'm leaving." I said shoting the words out with venom.I turned to see my

suit cases packed already. "Your leaving,now." With that my mom left.I broke down.

I have been on this plane for i don't know how long.All i know is that i'm going to Forks, Washington.Bording school.No uniform,i love that.I go into the bathroom to change and fix my hair before we land which is in exactly 5 min.I change into my fadded blue skinny jeans and a white top,with a white jacket on top.I always wear hoodies.Even if it is hot.I need to hide my scares.I look down at my wrist.Two scraes. My eyes start to tear up at the memory.Then i look in the mirror and lift up my shirt to see another scar on my stomach.Up from my breast to my belly butten.I put my shirt back in place and put my hoodie on.Then i put my hair up in a pony tail. I clean up my tears and go back to my seat.I grab my ipod and wait for the end of this ride. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`` ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Chapter 2 Finally i'm at school/house. "Hi i'm Mariah Evans.Your room mate." She jumps up and down.She's really pretty.She's pale,with light gold eyes.She's pixie like kinda.She has long black hair that goes down to her waist.A body that every girl would kill for. "Hi I'm Chantay Marisol Rosa." I say and she jumps on me.I hug her back. "I'm sorry it's just i'm so happy that i have another room mate.Taylor is just out of it lately." She said pouting.I laughed. "So is Taylor....nice?" I asked lamely. "Yea she's my boyfriends sister." She said smiling.Her smile was so contasious.I broke out with a smile too. "What's your boyfriends name?" She smiled and looked down. "Chris" Then there was a knock on the door.Her smile grew larger. "CHRIS!" She yelled before she even opeaned the door. She opeaned the door and brought Chris up to meet me. "Chris this is Chantay Marisol Rosa, Chantay this is my boyfriend Chirs Sanders." I looked and saw that Mariah and Chris had the same pale white skin.Chris had short brown hair that was spiked.His eyes were brown and he was tall.He had some muscle.He was veary good looking.They made a great couple.Mariah was short, Chris is tall.Chris seems calm and Mariah seems hyper.They are made for each other. I was looking at them in awe.When i realized i was just staring.I blushed then started to talk. "Hi." I said giving my hand out to him.He took it and smiled. "Hey mariah i'm going to go down and look around kay." She nodded.I headed out the door.Then i saw the stage.No one was there.I closed the door behind me and plugged my ipod into

the stereo. 'Battlefield' by sing and dance around.

Jordan Sparks came on.I closed my eyes and started to

Don�t try to explain your mind I know what�s happening here One minute it�s love And suddenly it�s like a battle-field One word turns into a Why is it the smallest things that tear us down My world�s nothing when you don�t I�m not here without a shield Can�t go back now Both hands tied behind my back with nothing Oh no, these times when we climb so fast to fall again Why we gotta fall for it now I never meant to start a war You know I never wanna hurt you Don�t even know what we�re fighting for Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield? (x2) Why does love always feel like.. Can�t swallow our pride, Neither of us wanna raise that flag, mhmm If we can�t surrender then we both gonna lose what we had, oh no Both hands tied behind my back with nothing Oh no, these times when we climb so fast to fall again I don�t wanna fall for it now I never meant to start a war You know I never wanna hurt you Don�t even know what we�re fighting for Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield? (x2) I guess you better go and get your armor, (get your armor) get your armor I guess you better go and get your armor, (get your armor) get your armor I guess you better go and get your� We could pretend that we are friends tonight (oh-oh-oh) And in the morning we�ll wake up and we�ll be alright Cause baby we don�t have to fight And I don�t want this love to feel like.. A battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield, Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield I guess you better go and get your armor� I never meant to start a war You know I never wanna hurt you Don�t even know what we�re fighting for (fighting, fighting for) Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield? (x2)

I guess you better go and get your armor, (get your armor) get your armor I guess you better go and get your armor, (get your armor) get your armor Why does love always feel like� Why does love always feel like� A battlefield, a battlefield.. I never meant to start a war Don�t even know What we�re fighting for I never meant to start a war Don�t even know What we�re fighting for I turned to head out of the stage but ran into something hard.Before i could hit the floor two strong hands came around my waist to hold me up.I looked up to see the most gorgeous guy ever.He had messy hair but nice messy.Blue eyes that looked like the ocean. That i fell in love right away.He was a couple incher taller then me.Muscle,the perfect lips.And he was pale.But not as pale as Mariah and Chris. "Hello" The most lovely voice called.I kepped on staring till i realized i must look like an idiot.I blushed and looked down. "Sorry." I was going to walk away,but he still had his hands around my waist,holding on for his dear life. Chapter 3 =] Nates POv Gosh can she talk anymore!?I just keeped on nodding she didn't even notice that i wasn't paying attention.All of the above started to ring.Thank god! "Sorry Lizz i got to answer." With that i left. "Hey there Mariah" I said smiling. "Hey Nate." She was quite for a while but i could hear her conversation with Chris, her boyfriend. "I need to tell him.they need to be together.Damn it Chris give me the phone!" Mariahs voice yelled through the phone. "Hey Mariah i'll see you in your dorm bye." I hung up before she could answer back.I started to make my way back when i heard someone singing.She was really good.I love her voice.Already.The sound was coming from the stage room. Huh no one is alowed in there without a teacher or me.I'm Mr.L's assistant.I opeaned the door to find a new girl.I heard people talking about her,but they hadn't seen her true beauty. As soon as she was done she grabbed her ipod and started to walk my way.I thought she would stop before walking into me but i was wrong.She crashed into me,and was

about to fall.But i caught her waist.She looked up and i saw her beautiful eyes.I have never seen eyes like hers.And i've been around for a while.Her eyes we Blue green and violet.All fighting to be the main color. "Hello" I smiled.Damn she was the most beautiful human i have ever seen.She started to blush darker and looked down. "Sorry" She whispered and was about to leave but i holded on to her tighter. She looks up and smiles at me.I feel like my already fast heart is flying.Damn this girl is going to kill me.I moved one of my hands down to her wrist. "Shit oww." She yelled grasping her wrist.I let go immeditly. "I'm sorry did i hurt you,i didn't think i was holding on that hard." I said in a hurried tone.She looked up at me and smiled but i could tell her eyes were watering. "Are you okay" I asked stepping closer. "Yea.It's just some scars that i have still hurt." She said then froze.She was paniking.I move even closer. "Why do you have scars on your arm?" I asked grabbing her hand.She lets me.But when i start to move her sleave up she yanks her arm away. "Sorry" She looked at me then looked down. "It's cool." I was going to ask her if she wanted to go out for dinner or something but my phone started to ring. "What." I growled through the phone. "Do you like her." Mariah ask giggling. "Huh?" "Chris stoooop it,i need to let him know." She cried through the phone. "Hello anyone there?" No answer "Damn you Chris Sanders." She yells "NOOO NATE SHE"S YOUR-" Then the phone gets cut off. "Wierd." Then i look down at her. "Hi my name is Nate scott Evans." I smile and hand her my hand. "Chantay Marisol Rosa." She smiles and blushes.I smile back.She has long Black hair that goes down to her waist.Side bangs.And you alreadt know the most beautiful eyes.Her lips are full and so kiss able.She has well for what i can see the most perfect body i have seen.She is slightly tanned too. "So you sing?" I ask already knowing she can. "A little." She blushes.Mm she smells so good. "That didn't seem like a lttle." I laugh.She blushes even darker. "Thanks" "No prob." I smile and she returns it. "You should come and try out when school starts." I hope more than anything that she'll agree. "Maybe." She smiles.She looks at the clock then frezes. "Shit, i have to go and- well i have to go." She sayed looking worried. "Um okay." I feel the frown growing on my face. "But i'll see you around?" She ask. I look up and nodd. "Great bye." She turned to walk away when i grabbed her hand careful not to grab her wrist.I don't know what came over me but i leaned down and kissed her.At first she is frozen then her lips move in harmony with mine.I never want to let

her go.I know that i don't know her,but i feel like i've known her for years.Sparks go off everytime we move.Then she froze. "I got to go" And with that she left sprinting out of the door. I couldn't help but stare at her. Chapter 4 Mariahs POV "Chris why wont you let me tell him!" I yell.Nate has a right to know that the love of his existance is Chantay,but Chris wont let me tell him. "Because you said yourself their future isn't solid,you can't have Nate believing his love is Chantay then he finds out it's not her." He said.Damn it i hate it when he is right.I croosed my arms and stuck my tounge out at him. "Real mature Mariah." He laughed.I smiled and leaped on him. "I love you." I whispered. "I love you too." He smiled at me and kissed me. "And i love you even when you are right." I smiled. Chantays Pov I ran away from him.I know such a little girl thing.But i mean i don't trust guys anymore.I walked into the dorm to find Mariah on top of Chris. "Sorry." I mummbled and walked out. "Hey come on in sorry." Maraiah said getting up.I smiled and went into my room.Someone knocked. "Come in." I yelled.Maraiah came in with a huge smile plastered on her face. "So did you meet anyone?" She asked. "Yea." I simply said while blushing. "Really who?" She whispered/yelled. "Well his n-name is Nnathen Scott Evans" I said looking down. "So you meet my brother." She smiled while jumping on my bed.I turned redder than a tomato.I mean i kissed HIM! "H-he is your brother.?"I asked dumbfounded.She smiled and nodded.My blush got even darker.Then she went still. "Maraiah?" I asked while waving my hand in front of her. "Oh sorry i daze out sometimes." She said smiling. "It's fine." She grabbed my arm and pulled me torwards the living room. "Come on" She said pulling me well more like dragging me. When we got there Chris put on The Unborn. "Oh hell no." I screamed while running torwards my room. "Nu-uh" Maraiah said while dragging me to the couch. "No please" I begged. I mean the unborn is freaky! "Nope" She smiled.I humphed and sat down. 'Knock knock' "I'll get it" I yelled jumping up.I opeaned the door and found...oh you got to be kidding me!!