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IT ESSENTIALS V. 4.1 Module 1 INTRODUCTION TO THE PERSONAL COMPUTER 1.0 Introduction 1. What is information technology? Ce este tehnologia informatiei?

The design, development, implementation, support, and management of computer hardware and software applications Dezvoltarea, implementarea, suportul si managementul aplicatiilor hardware si software. 1.1 Explain IT Industry Certifications Explicati certificarile industriei IT 1.1.1 Identify education and certifications identificati educarea si centificarile 1.1.2 Describe the A+ Certification Descrieti certificarea A 2. Who developed the A+ certification CompTIA program? Cine a ddezvoltat programul ? ( cuv compus probabil din niste de certificare A+ prescurtari) computer + ?+ A 3. What does A+ certification signify? That a candidate is a qualified PC Ce inseamna o certificare A+ hardware and software technician Candidatul este technician calificat pt hardware si software 4. What does the A+ Essentials exam It tests for the fundamentals of measure? computer technology, networking Ce masoara examenul pentru A+ and security, communication skills Essentials? and professionalism required of all entry-level IT professionals. Testeaza nivelul tehnologiei caoculatorului , retelei si securitatii, abilitatile de comunicare si professionalism necesare tuturor profesionistilor in IT de orice nivel Worksheet Job Opportunities Oportunitati de angajare 1.1.3 Describe the EUCIP certificate Descrie certificatul EUCIP 5. What are the five modules of the EUCIP PC hardware, operating systems, IT Administrator Certificate? local area network and network Care sunt cele 5 module ale services, expert network use and IT certificatului de administrator EUCIPIT security Sistemele de operare si hardware, reteaua locala si serviciile de retea, utilizarea retelei expert si securitatea IT 1.2 Describe a Computer System Descrie un sistem de calculator 6. What makes up a computer system? Hardware and software components Din ce e format un sistem de calculator Componenente hardware si software 7. What is hardware? Physical equipment Ce este un hardware Echipament fizic 8. What are examples of hardware? Case, storage drives, keyboards,

Ce sunt exemplele de hardware?

9. 10.

What is software? Ce este software? What does the operating system do? Ce face sistemul de operare?

monitors, cables, speakers, printers Carcasa,Drive-re de inmagazinare, tastaturi , monitoare, cabluri, boxe, imprimante The operating system and programs Sistemul de operare si programe

Instructs the computer how to operate Instruieste calculatorul cum sa opereze 1.3 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of cases and power supplies Identifica numele, scopurile si caracteristicile ale carcaselor si alimentarilor 11. What does the computer case do? Provides protection and support for the internal components of the Ce face o carcasa? computer Ofera protectie si suport pt partile interne ale calculatorului 12. What determines the size and shape of The motherboard an internal the computer case? components Ce determina marimea si forma unei Placa cu coponenetele interne carcase? 13. How large should the compute case Durable, easy to service, enough be? room for expansion Cat de mare trebuie sa fie o carcasa? Durabila, usor de manevrat, spatiu destul pt extindere 14. How large should the power supply be? Large enough to supply enough Cat de mare trebuie sa fie spatial de power for the components that are alimentare? currently installed and allow additional components to be added at a later time Destul de mare pt o oferi destul current pt componentele care sunt intalate sis a permita componenetelor aditionale sa fie adaugate mai tarziu 1.3.1 Describe cases Descrie carcase 15. What does a computer case contain? The framework to support the Ce contine o car carcasa? internal components of a computer while provided an enclosure for added protection Cadrul care sustine componentele interne ale unui calculator in timp ce este dotata si cu imprejmuire pt protectie 16. What are computer cases made of? Plastic, steel, and aluminum Din ce sunt facute?? Plasgtic, otel, aluminiu 17. What are the size and layout of a case Form factor called? Cum se numeste marimea si arajnarea

18. 19.

unei carcase What are the basic form factors for computer cases? Care sunt factorii de forma de baza? What factors must be considered when choosing a case? Ce factorintrebuie luati in considerare cand alegi o carcasa?

Desktop, tower Desktop, unitate Size of motherboard, number of external or internal drive locations, available space Marimea placii mama, numarul de locatii de drivere interne, spatii disponibil Attaching to the case Atasate la carcasa


How are internal components grounded? Cum sunt legate componentele interne 1.3.2 Describe Power Supplies Descrie alimentarile cu curent 21. What does a power supply do? Converts AC power coming from the Ce face o sursa de alimetare? wall into DC power transforma curentul Ac care vine din perete in current Dc 22. What can protect a computer from UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply problems caused by a change in Alimentarea neintrerupta power? Ce protejeaza calculatorul de pb cauzate de schimbare de curent 23. What does a power invertor do? Provides AC power to the computer Ce face un invertor de current? rom a built-in battery by converting DC current of the UPS battery into AC power Asigura curentul Ac pt calculator prin transformarea curentului DC al bateriei alimentarii neintrerupte in current AC 24. What is a keyed connector? Designed to be inserted in only one Ce este conectorul cheie? direction Creat pt a fi inserat intr-o singura directie 25. What is a molex connector used to An optical drive or a hard drive connect? La un drive optic sau un hard Le ce se conecteaza un conector molex 26. What does a berg connector connect? A floppy drive La ce se conecteaza un conector berg? La un drive pt floppy 27. What kind of connection is used to 20 or 24 pin slotted connector connect the motherboard? Conector alungit 20 sau 24 Ce fel de conectare se foloseste pt conecatre la placa mama? 28. What is the voltage of the yellow wire? +12 V Ce voltaj are firul galben? 29. What is the voltage of the blue wire? -12 V Ce voltaj are cel albastru? 30. What is the voltage of the orange wire? +3.3 V Cel portocaliu?

31. 32. 33. 34.


What is the voltage of the red wire? Cel rosu? What is the voltage of the white wire? Cel alb? What color is the ground wire? Ce culoare are cablul terestru? What are the four basic units of electricity? Care sunt cele 4 unitati de baza ale electricitatii? What is voltage? C e este voltajul? What is current? Ce este curentul? How is current measured? Cum se masoara? What is power? Ce este electricitatea?

+5 V -5 V Black negru Voltage (V), current (I), Power (P), Resistance (R) Coltaj, curent, electricitate, rezistenta A measure of the force required to push electrons through a circuit O masura a fortei necesare pt a impinge electrozii prin circuit A measure of the amount of electrons going through a circuit O masura a cantitatii de electrozi care trec prin circuit In amps In amperi A measure of the pressure required to push electrons through a current (voltage) multiplied by the number of electrons going through that circuit (current) O masura de presiune necesara pt a impinge electrozii prin curent multiplificat de nr de electrozi care trec prin acel circuit Watts the opposition to the flow or current in a circuit opozitia la curentintr-un circuit Ohms More or Less (circle the correct answer )mai mult sau mai putin V=IR


37. 38.

39. 40. 41. 42. 43.

What is the measurement of power? Care este masura curentului? What is resistance? Ce este rezistenta? How is resistance measured? Cum se masoara rezistenta? Lower resistance allows _______ current Rezistenta joasa permintecurent

What is Ohms Law? Care este legea lui Ohm? 44. What will result in higher power? Increasing the current or voltage Ce va rezulta in curentul inalt? Cresterea curentului sau voltajului 1.4 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of internal components Identificati numele, scopurile si caracteristicile componentelor interne 1.4.1 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of motherboards Identificati numele, scopurile si caracteristicile placii de baza 45. What is the motherboard? The main printed circuit board that Ce este placa de baza? contains the buses

46. 47. 48.

What is a bus? Ce este un.. What are other names for the motherboard? Care sunt numele placii de baza What items are on the motherboard? Care sunt componenetele>

49. 50.

What does form factor refer to? La ce se refera factorul de forma? What does the form factor determine? Ce determina el?




What is the most common form factor in desktop computers? Care etse cel mai intalnit factor de forma? What is the newer motherboard form factor? Care este cel mai nou factor de forma pt placa de baza What is the chipset? Ce este chipset-ul

Palace principal care contine nu stiu ce sens are aici Electrical pathway O cale electrica System board, backplane, or mainboard Placa de sistem, ?, placa principala CPU, RAM, expansion slots, heat sink/fan assembly, BIOS chip, chipset and embedded wires CPU, RAM, sloturi de extindere , ventilator, ansamblu, chip BIOS, chipset si fire incorporate Size and shape of the board Marimea si forma placii How individual components attach to the motherboard and the shape of the computer case Cum componenetele individuale se ataseaza la palace de baza si faorma carcasei AT





What determines the type of CPU that can be installed? Ce determina ce fel de CPU poate fi instalat? What are the two components that make up the chipset? Care sunt cele 2 componenete care formeaza CPU Which component controls access to the Ram, video card and the speeds at which the CPU can communicate with them? Care componeneta controleaza accesul

Integrated circuits attached to the motherboard that control how system hardware interacts with the CPU and motherboard Circuite integrate atasate la palace de baza care controleaza cum interactioneaza sistemul hardware cu CPU si placa de baza The socket on the motherboard Mufa de placa de baza Northbridge and Southbridge


la Ram, car video si viteza la care CPU poate comunica cu ele? 57. Which component allows the CPU to Southbridge communicate with the hard drives, sound card, USP ports and other I/O ports? Care componenta permite CPU sa comunice cu driverele hardului , placa de sunet, porturile? UPC sau altele. 1.4.2 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of CPUs Identifica numele, scopurile si caracteristicle CPU 58. 59. 60. What is the brain of the computer? Care este creierul calculatorului? Who are the most common CPU manufacturers? Care sunt cei mai comuni producatori? What is the connector that interfaces between the motherboard and the processor? Care este conectorul care interactioneaza intre placa de baza si [proceor? What is PGA? Ce este PGA What is ZIF? ce este ZIF? What does ZIF refer to? La ce se refera? CPU Intel, AMD CPU socket or slot Mufa CPU sau slotul

61. 62. 63.


What is PGA architecture? Ce este arhitectura PGa

65. 66.

67. 68. 69.

What is a program? Ce este un program What are the two major CPU architecture instruction sets? Care sunt cele 2 mari seturi de instructiuni CPU What does RISC stand for? Ce inseamna RISC What does CISC stand for? Ce inseamna Which architecture takes fewer steps per operation? Ce arhitectura dureaza mai putin la

Pin Grid Array Panoul grila ac(bold) Zero Insertion Force Forta de insertie zero The amount of force needed to install a CPU into the motherboard socket or slot Cantitatea de forta necesara pt a instala CPu in mufa placii de baza The pins on the underside of the processor are inserted into the socket Acele de sub processor sunt inserate in mufa A sequence of stored instructions O secventa de instructiuni salvate RISC and CISC

Reduced Instruction Set Computer Setul de instructiuni redus pt PC Complex Instruction Set Computer Setul de instructiuni complexe CISC


operare? What is hyperthreading? Ce este hipercitire?


How is the power of a CPU measured? Cum se masoara puterea CPU? How the speed of a CPU rated? Cum poate fi cotata viteza CPU What determines the amount of data that a CPU can process at one time? Ce determina cantitatea de date pe care le poate procesa CPu in acelasi \timp The wider the processor bus, the more ______ the processor. Cu cat. Procesorului e mai mare, cu atat e mai mare procesorul What size processor data bus do current processors have? Ce marime areprocesorului de date? What is overclocking? Ce este regimul de supratractare

72. 73.

The CPU has multiple pieces of code being executed simultaneously on each pipeline CPU are multiple piese de cod care sunt executate simultan By the speed and amount of data that it can process Prin viteza si cantitatea datelor care pot fi procesate Cycles per second; ie MHz or GHz Cicluri pe sec The size of the processor data bus Marimea procesorului de date


Powerful puternic 32 bit or 64 bit





Is overclocking a reliable way to improve computer performance? Este acesta o modalitate de imbunatatire a calculatorului? What is CPU throttling? Ce este supraincarcarea CPU?

A technique used to make a processor work at a faster speed than its original specifications O tehnica folosita sa faca un porcesor sa functioneze la o viteza mai mare decat se specifica initial No nu When the processors runs at less than the rated speed to conserve power or produce less heat cnd procesoarele ruleaza la mai puin de viteza nominal pentru a conserva energia sau produce mai puin cldur A set of multimedia instructions built into Intel processors Un set de instruciuni multimedia construit n procesoare Intel


What is MMX? Ce este MMX


What has replaced MMX? Ce a inlocuit MMX?

SSE Streaming Single-InstructionMulti-date Extensions SSE-extensii de Single-instruireMulti-data de Streaming One core inside a single CPU that handle all of the processing capability Unul de baz n interiorul unui singur CPU care se ocupa de toate de capacitatea de prelucrare Dual Core, Triple Core, and Quad Core


What is a single co re CPU? Ce este un singur core CPU?


What are the most common multiple core processors? Care sunt cele mai commune procesoare? 83. Why would you use a Quad Core CPU? Enhanced software applications De ai folosi Quad Core CPU? Aplicatii de soft sporite 1.4.3 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of Cooling Systems .Identificarea numelor, scopurilor si caracteristiclor sitsmelor de racire 84. What causes heat? The flow of current within the Ce provoaca caldura? components Curentul din componenete 85. How can you remove heat? Increasing air flow Cum putem sa o inlaturam? Cresterea aerului 86. What makes the cooling process more A case fan efficient? Un ventilator Ce face un process de racier mai efficient? 87. How does a water-cooling system A metal plate is placed over the work? processor and water is pumped Cum functioneaza? over the top to collect the heat the CPU creates O plac de metal este plasata deasupra procesorului i apa este pompata peste partea de sus pentru a colecta cldura pe care CPU o creeaz 1.4.4.Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of ROM and RAM Identificarea numelor, scopurilor si caracteristicele ROM si RAM 88. What does ROM stand for? Read Only Memory Ce inseamna ROM/ 89. What is stored in ROM? Basic instructions for booting the Ce se salveaza pe ROM? computer and loading the operating system Instruciuni de baz pentru pornirea calculatorului i ncrcarea sistemului de operare 90. What is another name for ROM? Firmware


92. 93. 94.

95. 96.

Ce alt nume mai are ROM? Do ROM chips retain their contents when the computer is powered down? Chipurile ROM isis pastreaza continuturile cand calculatorul este oprit? What are the different types of ROM? Ce tipuri diferite de ROM exista? Can a PROM chip be erased or rewritten? Un PROM poate fi sters sau rescris? Which type of PROM can be erased and rewritten without having the remove the chip from the computer? Ce tip de PROM poate fi rescris sau sters fara sa scoti chipul din PC? What does RAM stand for? Ce inseamna RAM? What is meant by volatile memory? Ce inseamna memorie volatila?



Random Access Memory Memorie The contents are erased when the computer is powered off Continuturiel sunt sterse cand PC este stins The more capacity the computer has to hold and process large programs and files, to enhance system performance Capacitatea mai mare a calculatorului pe care trebuie sa o aiba sis a proceseze programe mari si fisiere pt a spori operarea sistemului DRAM, SRAM, FPM Memory, EDO memory, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR2, DDR3, RDRAM EDO memory


Why would you want to have more RAM in a computer? De ce ai vrea mai mult Ram?

98. 99.

What are the different types of RAM? Ce sunt diferitele tipuri de RAM? Which type of RAM speeds up the access time to retrieve data from memory because the CPU does not have to wait for one data access cycle to end before another begins? Ce tip de memorie RAM grabeste timpul de acces pt recuperarea datelor din memorie deoarece CPU nu trebuie sa astepte ca o accesare de date sa se incheie pt a fi accesata alta? What are the different types of memory modules? Care sunt diferitele tipuri de module ale memoriei?




What are the two configurations of SIMM chips? Care sunt cele 2 configurari ale chipurilor SIMM? What type of DIMM chips are there? Ce tipuri de chipuri DIMM exista? What is the configuration of the RIMM modules? Care este configurarea modulelor RIMM? What is SODIMM used for? Pt ce este folosit SODIMM?

30 pin and 72 pin

102. 103.

168 pin SDRAM, 184 pin DDR, 240 pin DDR2 184 pin



What does the speed of memory impact? Ce impact are viteza memoriei?

106. 107. 108.

What does DDR technology do? Ce face tehnologia DDR? What is cache memory used for? Pt ce e folosita memoria cache? What are the three types of cache memory? Care sunt cele 3 tipuri? When do memory errors occur? Cand apar erorile memoriei?

Laptops, printers, or devices where conserving space is desirable Laptop, imprimante sau aparatura in care conserva spatiului este dorita How much data a processor can process because faster memory improve the performance of the processor Ct de multe date un procesor poate procesa deoarece memoria mai rapida mbunteste performana procesorului Doubles the maximum bandwidth of SDRAM Dubleza largimea benzii SDRAM To store the most frequently used data Pt a stoca datele cele mai uitilizate L1, L2, L3



What are the three methods of error checking? Care sunt cele 3 metode de verificarea erorilor? 1.4.5 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of adapter cards Identificarea numelor, scopurilor si caracteristicilor adaptoarelor de card 111. What do adapter cards do? Increase the functionality of a Ce face un adaptor? computer by adding controllers for specific devices or by replacing malfunctioning ports Crete funcionalitatea unui computer prin adugarea de

When the data is not stored correctly in the RAM chips Cand datele nu sunt stocate correct pe chipurile RAM Non-parity, parity, ECC Non-paritate, paritate, ECC


Why would you use adapter cards? De ce le folosim? What does SCSI stand for? Ce inseamna SCSI? What does RAID stand for? Ce inseamna RAID? What does USB stand for? Ce inseamna USB? What expansion slot is used for video adapters? Ce slot de extindere este folosit pt adaptatori video? What expansion slot is an IBM proprietary 32-bit expansion slot? Ce slot de expansiune este un slot de expansiune de proprietate IBM de 32 de biti? What was used in computer systems with e LPX form factor to allow adapter cards to be installed horizontally? Ceea ce a fost folosit n sistemele informatice cu factor de form e LPX pentru a permite adaptoarelor de carduri pentru a fi instalate orizontal?

113. 114.

115. 116.

controlere pentru dispozitive specifice sau prin nlocuirea porturilor disfuncionale To expand and customize the capability of the computer Pentru a extinde i personaliza capacitatea calculatorului Small Computer System Interface Interfata sistemului pt calculatoare mici Redundant Array of Independent Disks Panou redundant de discuri independente Universal Serial Bus AGP




Riser card Card de ridicare

1.4.6 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of storage drives Identificarea numelor, scopurilor si caracteristicilor driverelor de stocare 119. What do storage drives do? Read or write information to Ce face le? magnetic or optical storage media Citeste sau scrie informaiile magnetice sau optice de stocare 120. What are some common types of Floppy drive, hard drive, optical storage devices? drive, flash drive care sunt cele mai commune? 121. What does a floppy drive used for A removable 3.5 inch floppy disk storage? Un floppy disk de 3.5 inci Ce foloseste un floppy pt stocare? 122. What is the storage capacity of a 720 KB or 1.44 MB floppy disk? Care este capacitatea de stocare a unei dischete? 123. What does the hard drive contain? The operating system and

Ce contine hardul? 124. How is the storage capacity of a hard drive measured? Cum se masoara capacitatea unui hard? How is the speed of a hard drive measured? Cum se masoara viteza unui hard? How do magnetic hard drives spin magnetic platters and drive heads? Cum rotesc driverele magnetice ale hardului platanele magnetice ? Do solid state drives (SSDs) have moving parts? Driverele solide statice au parti care se misca? How do optical drives read data on optical media? Cum citesc unitatile optice date pe nivel optic? What are three types of optical drives? Care sunt cele 3 tipuri de unitati optice? What is the storage capacity of a CD? Care este capacitatea de stocare a unui CD? What is the storage capacity of a DVD? A unui DVD? What is the storage capacity of a BD? Care este capacitatea de stocare a unui BD? Which optical media is a CD that can be recorded, erased, and re-recorded? Ce tip de CD exista care poate fi inregistrat, sters, reinscriptionat? Which optical media is a DVD that can be recorded one time? Care cel de DVD poate fi inregistrat doar o data? Which optical media contains prerecorded movies, games, or software? Care contine filme prescise, jocuri si software? Which optical media can record HD video and PC data storage one time? Care poate inregistra video HD sau stocare de date o singura data?

applications Sistemul de operare si aplicatiile Billions of bytes or gigabytes (GB) Miliarde de biti si giga

125. 126.

Revolutions per minutes (RPM) Revolutii pe min With a drive motor Cu un motor No



With lasers Cu laser Compact Disc (CD), Digital Versatile Disc (DVD), Blu-Ray Disc (BD) 720 MB 4.3 GB single-layer- un strat 8.5 GB dual-layer- strat dual 25 GB single-layer 50 GB dual-layer CD-RW

129. 130. 131. 132.



DVD +/- R








140. 141.



What is another name for an external flash drive? Ce alt nume mai are un flash drive extern> Which type of hard drive interface uses a 40-pin connector? Ce fel de interfata de hard foloseste un conector de 40 ace? What size connector does the SATA interface use? ce marime are conectorul pe care il foloseste interfata SATA? Which cable can be up to 2 meters in length? Ce cablu are pana la 2 m lungime? How many devices can a SCSI controller connect? Ct de multe dispozitive poate conecta un controller SCSI What type of connector do SCSI interfaces use? Ce tip de conector folosesc interfetele SCSI? What is RAID used for? Pt ce este folosit RAID?

Thumb drive, jump drive traduse adliteram nu are avea nici un sens IDE and EIDE

7 pin data connection Conectare de 7 ace?? eSATA 15

50-pin, 68-pin, or 80-pin connector


What are the terms that describe how RAID stores data ? on various disks? Care sunt termenii care descriu modul in care RAID stocheaz datele pe discuri diferite What is the advantage of RAID 0? Care este avantajul RAID 0? What are the advantages of RAID 5? Care sunt avantajele RAID 5?

Provides a way to store data across multiple hard disks for redundancy Ofer o modalitate de a stoca date pe mai multe hard diskuri de redundanta Parity, striping, mirroring Paritate, micioare, oglindire

145. 146.


How many drive are required for RAID 5? De cate drive este nevoie pt RAID 5?

Highest performance Ce mai inalta performanta Supports multiple simultaneous reads and writes; data is written across all drive with parity, data can be rebuilt from information found on other drives Suport multiple citiri si scrieri simultane ; datele sunt scrise pe intreg drive-ul de paritate, datele pot fi reconstruite de informaii gsite pe alte uniti Minimum of 3

1.4.7 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of internal cables Identificarea numelor, scopurilor si caracteristiclor cablurilor interne 148. What kind of power connector is Molex needed for PATA drives? De ce fel de conector de curent e nevoie pt PATA? 149. What kind of power connector is Berg 4-pin needed for floppy drive? Dar pt floppy? 150. How many types of SCSI data cables 3 are there? cate tipuri de cabluri de date SCSI sunt? 151. What are the types of SCSI data Narrow- ingust 50-pin connector cables? Wide -lat 68-pin connector Care sunt ele? Alt4 80-pin connector 152. What does a colored stripe on a cable Pin 1 indicate? Ce indica o dunga colorata pe cablu? Worksheet: Research Computer Components Fisa de lucru : cerecetarea componenetelor PC 1.5 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of ports and cables Idebtificarea numelor, scopurilor porturilor? Si cablurilor 153. Describe a serial port. DB9 or DB25 male connector Descrie un port in serie ( conector masculin 154. What is the maximum length of a serial 50 ft ( picioare) cable? Care este lungimea maxima a unui cablu in serie? 155. What type of connector is used for a RJ11 telephone cable? Ce fel de conector se foloseste pt un cablu de telefon? 156. How many devices can a single USB 127 port in a computer support? Ct de multe dispozitive poate sprijini un singur port USB la un calculator? 157. What is the transmission speed of USB 480 Mbps 2.0? Care este viteza de transmisie a USB 2.0? 158. What is Firewire? A high-speed, hot-swappable Ce este? interface that connects peripheral devices to a computer O interfa de mare vitez, hotswap, care conecteaz dispozitive periferice la un calculator 159. How many devices can a single 63

160. 161.

Firewire port support? Cate dispositive suporta un singur port Firewire? What standard does Firewire us? Ce standard foloseste? What is the difference between 1394A and 1394B? Ce are este diferenta dintre si.?

IEEE 1394 1394 A data rate 400 Mbps, cable length 15 ft, 4 or 6 pin connector 1394 B greater range of connections including Cat 5 and fiber; 3.2 Gbps- o mai mare serie de conectori inclusive cat 5 si fibra Type B 36-pin Centronics



164. 165. 166.

What type of parallel connector is used for a printer? Ce fel de conetor parallel este folosit pt imprimanta? How much data can a parallel cable transport at one time? Cate date transporta un cablu parallel o data? What is the standard for parallel cable? Care este standardul? What is the maximum length of a parallel cable? Care este lungimea maxima? If a single SCSI device is connected to a SCSI port, how long can the cable be? n cazul n care un singur dispozitiv SCSI este conectat la un port de SCSI, cat de lung cablul poate fi? Where should SCSI devices be terminated? Unde ar trebui sa se termine dispozitivele SCSI? What is another name for a network port? Cum se mai numeste reteaua? What is the maximum length of a network cable? Care este lungimea max a retelei de cablu? What does a PS/2 port connect? Ce conecteaza portul PS/2 What kind of a connector does a PS/2 port use? Ce fel de conector foloseste port PS/2? What are three common video ports? Care sunt cele 3 porturi video commune?

8 bits

IEEE 1284 15 feet 80 feet


At the endpoints of the chain La capatul lantului RJ45 328 feet

168. 169.

170. 171. 172.

Mouse, keyboard Mouse, tastatura 6-pin mini-din female connector 6 ace mini- conector feminin S-video, VGA, DVI


Which video port provides analog VGA output to a monitor? Ce port video ofer ieire analogic la un monitor? 174. Which video port provides an DVI uncompressed digital output to a monitor? Ce port video ofer o ieire digital necomprimat la un monitor? 175. How many cables does a RGB cable 3 (red, green, blue) have? Rodu, verde, albastru Cate cabluri are un cablu RGB? 1.6 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of input devices Identificarea numelor, scopurilor si caracteristicilor dispozitivelor de intrare 176. What is an input device used for? To enter data or instructions into a Pt ce este fol un dispozitiv de intrare? computer Pt a introduce datein calculator 177. What are the two most commonly used Mouse, keyboard input devices? Mouse, tastatura Care sunt cele 2 mai commune? 178. What is a hardware device that can be KVM Switch (Keyboard, Video, used to control more than one Mouse) computer using a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse Ce este un dispozitiv hardware care poate fi folosit pentru a controla mai multe computere utiliznd o singur tastatur, monitorul i mouse-ul 179. What is used for biometric identification? Ce se foloseste pt identificarea biometrica? A feature that is unique to an individual user such as a fingerprint, retinal scanner, or voice recognition O caracteristic care este unica pentru un utilizator individual ca o amprent digital, retiniene scaner sau recunoaterea vocal Pressure-sensitive transparent panel Panoul transparent sensibil la presiune Digitizes an image or document Digitalizeaza o imagine sau un document Bar code reader Cititor de cod de bare


What causes a touch screen to work? Ce face touch sreen-ul sa functioneze? What does a scanner do? Ce face un scanner?

181. 182.

What type of scanner reads UPC bar codes? Ce fel de scanner citeste codurile UPC? 1.7 Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of output devices

Identificarea numelor, scopurilor si caracteristiclor dispozitivelor de iesire 183. What is an output device used for? To present information to the user Pt ce este folosit? from a computer Pt a prezenta informtia catre utilizator de la calculator 184. What are the primary output devices Monitors and projectors, printers for a computer? Monitoare, proiectore, imprimante Care sunt dispozitivele primare? 185. What are the three types of monitors? LCD, CRT, Projector Care sunt cele 3 tipuri de monitoare>? 186. What is the important difference The technology used to create an between monitor types? image Care este diferenta? Tehnologia utilizata pt a crea imaginea 187. How is the image created on the The combination of glowing and screen in CRT technology? non-glowing areas Cum se creaza imagine ape ecran in Combinarea de zone stralucitoare si tehnologia CRT? mate? 188. Which technology is commonly used in LCD flat panel monitors and laptops? Ce tehnologie se fol de obicei in monitoare plate si laptop? 189. What is the difference between active Active matrix allows each pixel to matrix and passive matrix? be controlled which creates very Care este diferenta dintre matrcie sharp color images activa si pasiva Matrice activ permite fiecrui pixel sa fie controlat ceea ce creeaz imagini color foarte exacte 190. How does DLP technology work? A spinning color wheel works with a Cum functioneaza tehnologia DLP? micromirror device; each mirror corresponds to a specific pixel; each mirror reflects light toward or away from the projector optics O roata de tors colorata funcioneaz cu un dispozitiv de micromirror; fiecare oglind corespunde unui pixel specific; fiecare oglinda reflect lumina spre sau de la optica proiectorului 191. What does monitor resolution refer to? The level of image detail that can La ce se refera rozolutia monitoruli? be reproduced Nivelul detaliilor de imagine care pot fi reproduse 192. What is a pixel? Picture element; tiny dots that Ce este un pixel? comprise a screen Un element imagine; puncte mici care formeaza ecranul 193. What is dot pitch? The distance between pixels on the Ce este un de punct screen Distant dintre pixeliii de pe ecran

194. 195.

Which dot pitch produces a better image? Care produce o imagine mai buna? What is the contrast ratio? Ce este raportul de contrast?

A lower dot pitch number Un numar mai scazut de. A measurement of the difference in intensity of light between the brightest point and the darkest point O msurare a diferenrei n intensitatea luminii ntre punctul cel mai strlucitor i punctul cel mai intunecat How often per second the image is rebuilt Cat de des pe sec imaginea este reconstruita Higher Mai ridicata


What is the refresh rate? Care este rata de refresh? Does a higher or lower refresh rate produce a better image? O rata de refresh mai ridicat sau mai scazut produce o imagine mai buna? What is the horizontal resolution? Ce este rezolutia orizontala? What is the vertical resolution? Ce este rezolutia vertical? What is color resolution? Ce este o rezolutie de culoare?



The number of pixels in a line Nr de pixeli in linie 199. Number of lines in a screen Nr de linii pe ecran 200. The number of colors that can be reproduced Nr de culori care pot fi reproduse 201. What is aspect ratio? The horizontal to vertical Ce este raportul de aspect? measurement of the viewing area of a monitor Masurarea de la orizontala la vertical a zonei de vizualizare la monitor. 202. What is native resolution? The number of pixels that a monitor Ce este rezolutia nativa? has Nr pixelilor pe care ii are un monitor 203. What is a printer? An output device that creates hard Ce este o imprimanta? copies of computer files Un dispozitic de iesire care creaza copii ale fisierelor calculatorului 204. What is an all-in-one type printer? Provides multiple services such as Ce este de fapt o imprimanta? printing, scanning faxing, and copying Ofera mai multe servicii ca imprimare, scanare, fax si copiator 1.8 Explain System Resources and Their Purposes Explicarea resurselor sistemului si scopurilor lor 205. What are the three common resources? IRQ, I/O Port Addresses, DMA Care sunt cele 3 resurse obisnuite? 206. What does IRQ stand for? Interrupt Request Ce inseamna IRQ? Cerere intrerupta

207. 208.

What does DMA stand for? Ce inseamna DMA What is an IRQ used for? La ce foloseste IRQ? How many IRQS are there? Cate IRQ exista? How is the priority of the request determined? Cum se determina prioritatea cererii? Fill in the IRQ Chart Completarea tabelului IRQ

209. 210. 211.

Direct Memory Access Accesare directa a memoriei For computer components to request information from the CPU Componenetele calculatorului cer informatii de la CPU 16 By the IRQ number Prin nr IRQ 0 - System Timer cronometru de sistem 1 Keyboard Controller controlor pt tastatura 2 2nd IRQ Controller Cascade controlor cascada 3 Serial 2 (Com 2) 4 Serial 1 (Com 1) 5 Serial/Parallel 2 (LPT2) 6 Floppy Drive 7 Parallel 1 (LPT1) 8 Real-Time Clock ceas timp real 9 Available disponibil 10 - Available 11 - Available 12 Mouse Port/Available port pt mouse 13 Math Co-Processor 14 Primary IDE IDE primar 15 Secondary IDE IDE secundar To communication between devices and software Pt comunicarea dintre dispositive si software 65,535 Com 1 3f8 Com 2 2f8 Com 3 3e8 Com 4 2e8 LPT1 378 LPT2 278 High-speed devices De viteza ridicata 8 0 Sound- sunet 1 Sound 2 - Floppy Drive Controller


What are I/O port addresses used for? Pt ce sunt folosite adresele I/O? How many I/O ports are in a computer? Cate porturi I/O are un pc? Fill in the I/O Port Chart Completarea tabelului porturilor

213. 214.

215. 216. 217.

What devices use DMA channels? Ce dispozitiv folosesc canalele DMA? How many DMA channels are there? Cate canale DMA sunt? Fill in the DMA Channel Chart Completarea tabelului de canal

controlor pt floppy 3 LPT 1 in ECP mode 4 Cascade for DMA 0-3- cascada pt 5 Sound- sunet 6 - Available- disponibil 7 Available