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Company profile HAL- an overview HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED

The mission To become a global player in the aerospace industry

The beginning of HAL can be traced to the year 1940 when a far sighted industrialist the late Seth Walchand Hirachand set up a company Hindustan aircraft limited at Bangalore with the object of establishing an aviation industry that can manufacture assemble and overhaul aircraft under license , initially aircraft like curtiss hawk , vultee bomber and Harlow trainer were taken up for manufacture overhaul in collaboration with inter continental aircraft company of the USA. With the escalation of the second world war, the government of then India took over the management of the company in 1942 and handed it over to US airforce for repair and overhaul of various aircraft . between 1942 & 1945 a total of 1000 aircraft and 3400 engines were overhauled . the main activity for the next few year after the war was reconditioning and conversion of war surplus. Aircraft for the use of IAF and civil operators . In the sixth decades , HAL has spread its being to cover various activities in the area of design and development, manufacture and maintenance. Today HAL has 14 production division / units , 7 at Bangalore and 1 each at Nasik , Koraput, Kanpur , Lucknow, Korwa, Hyderabad & barrackpore .these divisions/units are fully backed by 9 design centers which are co-locate with the production designs. These center are engaged in the design and development of combat aircraft , helicopter , arrow engines , engines, test beds, aircraft communication and navigation system and accessories of mechanical & fuel system & instruments . The four prototype of HAL advanced light helicopter (ALH) have completed around 1300hrs of flight test t including all critical flight test and ground test. Deliveries to arm forces have commenced from the 2

first batch of production . the state of the art light combat aircraft (LCA) which made it maiden flight in Jan 2004 is on the flight testing phase . the second aircraft TD 2 has also joined TD-1 for flight trails . The design development of a modern intermediate jet trainer has progressed substantially and development order has been obtained. A low cost attack helicopter(LANCER) has been developed and its successfully completed flight rays. The deliveries of censor to army have commenced from 20002001 HAL has been successful in numerous R& D programs developed from both defense and civil aviation sectors, HAL has made substantial progress in tis current projects. Dhruv , which is advanced light helicopter (ALH) Tejas Light combat aircraft (LCA) Intermediate jet trainer (IJT) Various military and civil upgrades Dhruv was delivered to the Indian army , Navy , airforce and the coast guard in march 2002 in the very first year of its production a unique achievement. Hal has played a significant role for Indias pace programmes by participating in the manufacture of structures for satellite launch vehicles like PSLV(polar satellite launch vehicle) GSLV(geo stationary launch vehicle) There are 3 joint venture companies with HAL BA HAL software limited Indo Russian aviation limited(IRAL) Sneema HAL aerospace private limited Apart from there,3 other major diversification projects are industrial marine gas turbine & airport services, several co-production & joint ventures with international participation & under consideration. HALs supplies/services are mainly to Indian defense services, coast guards & boarder security forces, transport aircraft & helicopter have also been supplied to airlines as well as state 3

governments of India. the company has also achieved a foot hold in export more than 30 countries having demonstrated its quality & price competitiveness.

HAL become a NAVRATNA company in June 2007. HAL has won several awards for achievement in the field of aeronautics, like the World Quality commitment international star in platinum category by business initiative directions, the GOLDEN PEACOCK AWARD for innovation etc., as recognition to the companys strong hold in quality, leadership, technology & innovation. HAL was selected among top 10 central PSUs for the MoU excellence award for 2004-05 & 200506 for excellence in performance. HAL won the enterprise excellence award 2004-05 for financial & operation strength by Indian institution of industrial engineering (IIIE) on may 19,2006 & the engineering export promotion council southern region top exporters trophy & award for the year 2004-05. HAL was warded the INTERNATIONAL GOLD MEDAL AWARD for corporate Achievement in Quality & Efficiency at the international summit (gold rating leader 2003), London U.K. by m/s global rating, UK in conjunction with the international & marketing centre (IIMC). HAL was presented the international ARCH OF EUROPE Award in Technology & Innovation. At the National Level, HAL won the GOLD TROPHY for the excellence in public sector management, instituted by the standing conference of public enterprises (SCOPE).

A committee of HAL is appointed by its Board Directors to review the total functioning of the organization & make its recommendations. The objectives of HAL can be divided into two parts (as determined by the committee):1. Basic objectives 2. Specific objectives

BASIC OBJECTIVES: To serve as an instrument of the national policy to achieve self-reliance in the design, development & production of aircraft & aeronautical equipment. To meet the countrys changing & growing needs with special emphasis on military requirements. In fulfillment of this objective, the company shall regard itself fundamentally responsible for design & development, relaying however upon such relevant facilities as are available in other national institution but always holding itself basically responsible for the growth and furtherance of the countrys aeronautical capacity. To so conduct its business economically and efficiently that it can contribute its due shares to the national efforts to achieve self reliance and self generating economy Towards this end , to develop and maintain this organization which will readily respond to and adopt the changing matrix of socio techno economic relationship and wherein a socio climate of growing professional competence , self discipline , mutual understanding , deep commitment and a sense of belonging will be fostered and employee and each employee be encouraged to grow in accordance with his potential for the furtherance of the organization goal

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: Ensure quality of personnel of all level and provide them the right work environment , job satisfaction and personal challenges Provide a healthy blend of employee who had growth with the organization and those selected from outside Ensure employment of minimum number of personnel and surpluses Motivate employees to be increasingly achievement oriented Provide adequate opportunities for personnel to improve the level of their professional knowledge Personal with talent and potential growth to be developed to shoulder higher responsibilities Ensure uniformity in principal condition of service

Chairmans Message
Aviation is one of the most significant influences of our time and it empowers a nation with technological strength. It is a major tool for economic development and has a significant role in national security and international relations. India has been fortunate to have launched its Aeronautics industry in 1940, with the establishment of HAL. HAL, over the last six decades, has grown progressively into an integrated Aerospace Organization and has spread its wings to cover various activities in the areas of design, development, manufacture and maintenance of advanced fighters, piston and jet Engine Trainers, commercial aircraft, helicopters and the associated aero-Engines, aircraft systems, equipment and avionics. Present achievements in the area of indigenous design and development are the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH-Dhruv) and Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT). These developments have helped HAL in establishing a competitive edge among the global aerospace companies. HAL being major Design partner for aircraft and system / equipment as well as for system integration of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), has made a significant contribution to its successful development. HALs current major programmes include production of military and civil versions of the ALH, Jaguar - the deep penetration strike aircraft, Dornier Do-228 - Multi-mission Aircraft, LANCER- the Light Attack Helicopter as well as upgrades of MiG-21 BiS, MiG-27M and Jaguar. License manufacture of SU-30 MKI has been launched and the first batch of indigenously produced SU-30 MKI aircraft has been handed over to the Indian Air Force. Facilities for license production of Advanced Jet Trainer HAWK are being established. The new initiatives in R & D include Weapon System Integration (WSI) on ALH, development of Light Combat Helicopter (LCH), Combat Air Trainer (CAT), Naval & Trainer versions of LCA. HAL has also taken the initiatives for participation in new generation civil passenger / transport aircraft with international partnership aiming to expand its activities in the civil aviation Sector. Design capabilities, state-of-the-art facilities and excellent skill level make HAL a valuable partner for challenging programmes in Aerospace. HALs participation in the outsourcing programmes of global aerospace Companies like Airbus, Boeing, BAe Systems, Snecma, Rolls Royce etc. has established its credibility in the export front. Present initiatives like Lean Management, setting up of Centres of Excellence- world-class facilities, company-wide implementation of ERP and Strategic Alliance with reputed Global Aerospace Companies will help HAL to march ahead on its mission.

The views of our present as well as prospective Customers and Partners are our highest priority. We welcome your thoughts and ideas, so as to serve you better. We shall be delighted to receive your views at Chairman, HAL

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) came into existence on 1st October 1964. The Company was formed by the merger of Hindustan Aircraft Limited with Aeronautics India Limited and Aircraft Manufacturing Depot, Kanpur. The Company traces its roots to the pioneering efforts of an industrialist with extraordinary vision, the late Seth Walchand Hirachand, who set up Hindustan Aircraft Limited at Bangalore in association with the erstwhile princely State of Mysore in December 1940. The Government of India became a shareholder in March 1941 and took over the Management in 1942. Today, HAL has 19 Production Units and 9 Research and Design Centers in 7 locations in India. The Company has an impressive product track record - 12 types of aircraft manufactured with in-house R & D and 14 types produced under license. HAL has manufactured over 3550 aircraft, 3600 Engines and overhauled over 8150 aircraft and 27300 Engines. HAL has been successful in numerous R & D programs developed for both Defence and Civil Aviation sectors. HAL has made substantial progress in its current projects:

Dhruv, which is Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Tejas - Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) Various military and civil upgrades.

Dhruv was delivered to the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and the Coast Guard in March 2002, in the very first year of its production, a unique achievement. HAL has played a significant role for India's space programs by participating in the manufacture of structures for Satellite Launch Vehicles like

PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) GSLV (Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) IRS (Indian Remote Satellite) INSAT (Indian National Satellite) 8

HAL has formed the following Joint Ventures (JVs):

BAeHAL Software Limited Indo-Russian Aviation Limited (IRAL) Snecma HAL Aerospace Pvt Ltd SAMTEL HAL Display System Limited HALBIT Avionics Pvt Ltd HAL-Edgewood Technologies Pvt Ltd INFOTECH HAL Ltd

Apart from these seven, other major diversification projects are Industrial Marine Gas Turbine and Airport Services. Several Co-production and Joint Ventures with international participation are under consideration. HAL's supplies / services are mainly to Indian Defence Services, Coast Guards and Border Security Forces. Transport Aircraft and Helicopters have also been supplied to Airlines as well as State Governments of India. The Company has also achieved a foothold in export in more than 30 countries, having demonstrated its quality and price competitiveness. HAL has won several International & National Awards for achievements in R&D, Technology, Managerial Performance, Exports, Energy Conservation, Quality and Fulfillment of Social Responsibilities.

HAL was awarded the INTERNATIONAL GOLD MEDAL AWARD for Corporate Achievement in Quality and Efficiency at the International Summit (Global Rating Leaders 2003), London, UK by M/s Global Rating, UK in conjunction with the International Information and Marketing Centre (IIMC). HAL was presented the International - ARCH OF EUROPE Award in Gold Category in recognition for its commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation. At the National level, HAL won the "GOLD TROPHY" for excellence in Public Sector Management, instituted by the Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE).

The Company scaled new heights in the financial year 2006-07 with a turnover of Rs.7, 783.61 Crores.

Evolution and Growth of Company

The Company's steady organizational growth over the years with consolidation and enlargement of its operational base by creating sophisticated facilities for manufacture of aircraft / helicopters, aero
Engines, accessories and avionics is illustrated below.


1940: This was setup Bangalore in Karnataka by late Shri Walchand Hirachand in the month of December in association with the Government of Mysore as a private limited company.


1942-45: In the month of June Government of India purchased the interests of this company and took over its management, the first two aircrafts produced by Hindustan Aircraft Limited. The Harlow trainer and Curtiss Hawk Fighter were successfully test flown: During the period of world war II over 1000 aircrafts such as Fortress Liberator Mitcell bombers Dekota Command transport aircraft Cataline amphibious and piston fitted to these aircrafts were overhauled by H.A.L. 1945: Government of India took over management of H.A.L. again after world war. 1948: Prime Minister of the India Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru, has given the impetus the policy for manufacture as well as design and development of aircraft was received by the Govt. of India. 1953: (Hindustan Trainee) The HT-2 aircraft was successfully developed and was type certified in the month of January. 1960: A jet engine factory was set up on Bangalore in 1960 for manufacturing ORPHEUS ENGINES used as MARUT and GHAT AIRCRAFT. An aircraft manufacturing depot (AMD) was established at Kanpur in U.P. in the month of January as an air force unit for manufacture of HAWKER SIDDLEY 748 twin turbo prop transport aircraft. 1962: In the month of August, Govt. of India entered into a collaboration agreement with the Soviet Union for the manufacture of MIG-21 FL aircraft including its engine and avionics. 1964: Hindustan Aircraft Limited and Aeronautics India Limited were merged in the month of October to from the present HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED. 1970: In the month of July, a Helicopter division was established as a part of Bangalore complex for manufacture of Alovette III (later designated of as CHETAK) and LAMA (later designated as CHEETAH) helicopter.


Other Milestones:
1976: An agreement with USSR for license of MIG-21 and BIS aircraft. 1979: An agreement with the British Aerospace for manufacturing JAGUAR AIRCRAFT. 1982: An agreement with USSR for license production if MIG-27 aircraft. 1983: Korwa division of H.A.L. formed. 1990: Design and Division of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). 1991: Development of Advanced Light Helicopter (ACH). 1992: Certificate of ISO-9001. 1998: IMGT, a new division at Bangalore was formed.


Mission and Values OUR MISSION:

To become a globally competitive aerospace industry while working as an instrument for achieving self-reliance in design, manufacture and maintenance of aerospace defence equipment and diversifying to related areas, managing the business on commercial lines in a climate of growing professional competence".

OUR VALUES: Customer Satisfaction:

We are dedicated to building a relationship with our customers where we become partners in fulfilling their mission. We strive to understand our customers ' needs and to deliver products and services that fulfill and exceed all their requirements.

Commitment to Total Quality:

We are committed to continuous improvement of all our activities. We will supply products and services that conform to highest standards of design, manufacture, reliability, maintainability and fitness for use as desired by our customers.

Cost and Time Consciousness:

We believe that our success depends on our ability to continually reduce the cost and shorten the delivery period of our products and services. We will achieve this by eliminating waste in all activities and continuously improving all processes in every area of our work.

Innovation and Creativity:

We believe in striving for improvement in every activity involved in our business by pursuing and encouraging risk-taking, experimentation and learning at all levels within the company with a view to achieving excellence and competitiveness.

Trust and Team Spirit:


We believe in achieving harmony in work life through mutual trust, transparency, co-operation, and a sense of belonging. We will strive for building empowered teams to work towards achieving organizational goals.

Respect for the Individuals:

We value our people. We will treat each other with dignity and respect and strive for individual growth and realization of everyone's full potential.

We believe in a commitment to be honest, trustworthy, and fair in all our dealings. We commit to be loyal and devoted to our organization. We will practice self discipline and own responsibility for our actions. We will comply with all requirements so as to ensure that our organization is always worthy of trust.


Our People



Our Customers


International Customers

Domestic Customers

Airbus Industries, France APPH Bolton, UK BAE Systems, UK Chelton, UK Coast Guard, Mauritius Corporate Air, Philippines Cosmic Air, Nepal Dassault Aviation, France Dowty Aerospace Hydraulics, UK EADS, France ELTA, Israel Gorkha Airlines, Nepal Hampson, UK Honeywell International, USA Island Aviation Services, Maldives Israel Aircraft Industries, Israel Messier Dowty Ltd., UK Mistubishi Heavy Industries, Japan MOOG, USA Namibian Air Force, Namibia Peruvian Air Force , Peru Rolls Royce Plc, UK Royal Air Force, Oman Royal Malaysian Air Force, Malaysia Royal Nepal Army, Nepal Royal Thai Air Force, Thailand Smiths Industries, UK Snecma, France Strong field Technologies, UK The Boeing Aircraft Company, USA Transworld Aviation, UAE Vietnam Air Force, Vietnam

Air India Air Sahara Airports Authority of India Bharat Electronics Border Security Force Coal India Defence Research & Development Organization Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir Govt. of Karnataka Govt. of Maharashtra Govt. of Rajasthan Govt. of Uttar Pradesh Govt. of West Bengal Indian Airforce Indian Airlines Indian Army Indian Coast Guard Indian Navy Indian Space Research Organization Jet Airways Kudremukh Iron ore Company ltd. NALCO Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. Ordnance Factories Reliance Industries United Breweries


Citizens Charter
This Charter is a declaration of our commitment, expectations and highest standards with Total Quality, to achieve excellence in Design, Manufacture and Maintenance of Aerospace defence equipment, Software development for Aerospace application and Design Consultancy by managing the business on commercial lines in the most fair, honest and transparent manner, with corruption-free service for the benefit of the Customers who are our partners in progress to ensure safe custody of public money.

We shall accomplish our mission with Absolute integrity and dedication Total customer satisfaction Honesty and transparency Courtesy and promptness Fairness Total quality Innovation and creativity Trust and team spirit Respect for the individual Humility Compassion 20

We commit ourselves to do our duty to the best of our ability, integrity and efficiency with the prime motto of fulfilling the customers, shareholders and individuals requirements and to rise to their expectations and beyond.

We expect you to Be prompt and reasonable Be fair, honest and transparent in dealings. Adhere to time and delivery schedules Extend your cooperation in all our endeavor Provide us detailed specifications Acquaint us with the systems and maintenance procedures and product performances criterion Indicate realistic schedule and make prompt payment Comply with the service instructions and timely maintenance procedures.

We shall Strictly adhere to the standards, specifications stipulated in ISO-9001 Ensure that our products reflect the state-of-the-art technology and competitive prices Deliver our products as per the agreed delivery Schedules Produce goods and services of the highest standards to fulfill all your requirements Declare that our products have gone through the strictest quality control norms and guarantee the total technical life of the product. Assure you of the highest standard of service and are ever willing to share our knowledge and expertise with you 21

Acknowledge all correspondence from you within ten working days of its receipt Respond to all your communications within twenty working days of its receipt Clear your financial dues within thirty working days from receipt of genuine and bonafide claims Strictly adhere to the delivery schedules committed by us to you Work as an instrument of self-reliance in aerospace defence equipment Strive to attain international standards to become globally competitive. Our R&D efforts should enable us to be a strong force to reckon with in the global scenario Make sincere efforts in meeting all our social obligations towards the community in general Always strive to maintain cordial relations with the community


We shall Always be sensitive to our social obligations and maintain the highest ethical standards in all our endeavors, business and economic activities. Always strive to achieve economy in all our products and services without compromising the quality standards. Always remain competitive in the market through continuous improvement in our technology Always strive to reduce the cost and shorten the delivery schedules of our product and services. We shall eliminate wasteful practices and continuously improve in all areas of our work. We shall hold our capital assets in public money in absolute trust and shall commit ourselves to achieve our economic progress competently and in socially acceptable ways. Provide at international competitive prices.



We Shall adopt systems and procedures which leave no scope for any corrupt practice Maintain absolute confidentiality of the information/complaints Believe that means and ends cannot be separated. Good end calls for good means. Good means cannot but lead to good ends. There shall be no need for anyone at any time to offer bribe or any other inducement for doing business with us. We shall promptly and expeditiously enquire into all genuine and legitimate complaints of corruption against any employee of our organization Shall always be honest and transparent and would like to be seen as honest. We shall not claim any judicial privilege for our documents and records except in rare cases and that too in the interest of national security. Shall implement all the policies and directives of Central Vigilance Commission.


We shall Keep our complaint and grievance redressal Machinery open and receptive to you. Acknowledge your complaints and commit ourselves to redress them within a period of thirty working days on receipt of the complaints. Should you still have any complaint or grievance you may also take up the matter with the designated officer heading the public grievance committee at our corporate and divisional offices. Acknowledgment of grievances and disposal thereof within 30 days. In case of any complaint or grievance, please take up the matter with the officer nominated by the division for redressal of public grievance in the division which is headed by an officer of the grade of a DGM Promptly take action against the complaints by going into the genuineness and roots of the complaints and within a time frame attend to the grievances.

All our Divisions, Service Stations and Corporate office are ever willing to provide you the help and assistance required in the selection, design, manufacture and maintenance of any of our products and services. 23

We shall equip our public relations department suitably to render you all general information, which is of common interest. You are also welcome to visit us at our website: for immediate help and assistance to meet your product and services requirement. A network of help line personnel will be identified in each division/complex, which will provide immediate assistance in various matters.

Our Products

1-Aircraft of Russian Origin:

Su 30 MKITwin-seater, Multi-role, Long range Fighter / Bomber / Air Superiority Aircraft

MiG-27 M-

Single-seater Tactical Fighter / Bomber with variable sweep wings

Single-seater Front line Tactical Interceptor / Fighter Aircraft



The Division manufactures different types of metallic drop (Jettisonable) tanks with capacity of 490 and 800 liters.

The Division has facilities and expertise in the manufacture and overhaul of Undercarriages of both MiG-27M and MiG-21 variants. The landing gears are of a conventional tricycle type and consist of one steerable Nose wheel leg and two Main wheel legs to roll the aircraft in motion, on the ground, during take-off run and landing run. The Landing Gear legs have Pneumatic shock absorbers.

The Ejection Seat is from the Aircraft combined Ejection expertise in the for both MiG-27M

installed to provide safe escape to the Pilot while catapuling is effected with the help of a Gun. The Division has the facilities and manufacture and overhaul of ejection seats and MiG-21 variants.

The Division manufactures and overhauls canopies of MiG-21 variants and MiG-27M Aircraft.


The Division manufactures and supplies all types of Rubber Fuel Tanks required for MiG-21 Variants. The Rubber Fuel Tanks are provided with special protection coating against Ozone/heat and adverse climatic conditions. The Division has exported a large number of Rubber Fuel Tanks.


The Division has a separate complex for manufacturing of Aerospace Fasteners, approximately 7000 types under 400 different standards. Some of the typical items are nuts, bolts, screws, washers, rivets of various configurations, studs, dowels, pins, plugs, JO Bolts, pipe connections and springs.

2-Aircraft of Western Origin:

Jaguar International
HAL commenced production of Jaguar International - deep penetration strike and battlefield tactical Support Aircraft in 1979 under license from British Aerospace, including the Engine, accessories and avionics. Jaguar aircraft is designed with 7 hard points (4 under wing, 2 over wing and 1 under fuselage) capable of carrying a huge load of several of weapons in different combinations to meet the Customers needs.


o o o

Uplock box assy. for Boeing 777 Over wing exit doors for Boeing 757 To MHI Japan Bulk cargo door for Boeing 767 Forward passenger doors for Airbus A320 Jaguar airframe spares 26



ROYAL AIRFORCE OF OMAN o Jaguar airframe spares

3-Helicopters: Dhruv (Advanced Light Helicopter)

With a proven track record and established technology for manufacture of helicopters and its components, the Helicopter Division commenced series production of Dhruv (Advanced Light Helicopter) in 2000 - 2001. The ALH is a multi-role, multi-mission helicopter in 5.5 ton class, fully designed and developed by HAL. Built to FAR 29 specifications, Dhruv is designed to meet the requirement of both military and civil operators.


The Helicopter Division manufactures the versatile and multi-purpose Chetak Helicopters for Civil and Military applications both for Domestic and International customers.



The Helicopter Division manufactures the versatile and multi-purpose Cheetah Helicopters for Civil and Military applications both for Domestic and International customers.

The Lancer Helicopter is a light attack helicopter developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited as a cost-effective airmobile area weapon system. The basic structure of the Lancer is derived from the reliable and proven Cheetah Helicopter.

4-Aero Engines of Russian Origin:

The Engine Division at Koraput, a unit of HAL's vast network, has the unique distinction of being one amongst the few Aero Engine manufacturers in the world. The spectrum of manufacturing facilities extends literally from the production of nuts and bolts to discs, shafts, blades, forgings and castings - all that are required to make an Aero Engine right from the Raw materials. This spectrum is further enlarged to include overhaul of Aero Engines for the MiG family and supply of spares required during service.

AL-31 FP Engine
AL-31FP is a high temperature turbojet by-pass Engine of modular design. A specific feature of AL-31FP is an axi-symmetric vectoring nozzle with a thrust vector angle of 15 in the vertical plane providing super maneuverability of the aircraft. The vectoring nozzle control is integrated with the Engine control system. AL31FP Engines ensure stable operation in all available evolutions of the aircraft in super maneuverability modes. AL-31FP Engines power advanced multi-purpose Su-30 MKI fighters of the 4+ generation

R25 Engine

This is a Twin Spool, Axial Flow, Turbojet Engine fitted with After burner and a variable area Jet nozzle. It powers the MiG-21 BiS multi-role Fighter Aircraft. The Engine has provision for an emergency After-burner thrust boost, which can be selected below 4.5 KM altitude.

R-29B Engine
This Engine is a Twin spool, axial flow Turbojet Engine incorporating After-burner system and variable area Jet nozzle of convergent-divergent type. The Engine is equipped with automatic Fuel regulation system, Turbo-starter, Anti-surge system, Temperature controller, Constant speed drive for AC Generator and Two speed drive for Hydraulic Pump. R-29B Engine powers MiG-27 M, a Multi-role Ground attack / Air combat Aircraft.

Precision Components
The Division also produces precision components like: total gamut of Blades ranging from Compressor Rotors and Stators to Turbine Blades and Nozzle Guide Vanes, intricate Cored Magnesium Alloy Gear Casings, Compressor and Turbine Discs and Shafts, JIS class-l/DlN 5 Spur, Helical Gears and DIN 6 straight and Hypoid / Spiral Bevel Gears ranging from module 1 to 6.

5-Aero Engines of Western Origin:

Jaguar Aircraft is powered by two Adour MK 804 / MK 811 Engines. MK 811 Engines are manufactured from 1981 under license from RR/TM [Rolls Royce Turbomeca]. Adour MK 804 Engines are also overhauled and repaired under the above license.


Adour Engine is a bypass Jet Engine of modular construction. The Adour has two-stage low pressure and five-stage high pressure axial flow Compressors which are driven by separate, single stage high pressure and low pressure Turbines connected through co-axial shafts, with low pressure shaft passing through high pressure shaft.

The Garrett TPE 331-5 Turbo prop Engine is being manufactured, overhauled and repaired for various Customers under licence from Garrett Engine Division of Honey Well Company [earlier Allied Signal Aerospace Company, USA] since 1988 and belongs to one of the most popular series of small Turbo prop Engines powering a large number of Commuter and Corporate Aircraft such as Dornier DO-228. It has a single shaft Centrifugal Compressor Engine rated at 715 shaft horse power at 1591 RPM output speed. Being a reverse flow Gas Turbine with a small frontal area, it has better dry specifics and easier airframe integration. Apart from its simplicity of design and superior performance, the Engine features a propeller control system, anti-icing and foreign object damage resistance, reverse thrust and negative torque sensing facilities. The division is also an authorized service centre for Garrett TPE 331-5 series Engines up to - 12.

Artouste III B
Artouste III B Engine powers both Cheetah and Chetak Helicopters. Manufacture of the Engine commenced in 1962 under licence from Turbomeca, France. The Engine has side air intake, one axial and one centrifugal compressor connected to a threestage Turbine. The power output is 550 SHP at 33500 RPM. The reduction Gearbox in the front transfers the power to Helicopter. More than 665 Engines have been manufactured and 2950 Engines overhauled and repaired for various Customers.

Potential for Overhaul and Repair


DART 533 - 2 AND 536 - 2T

The Dart series of Engines were manufactured since 1966 under licence from Rolls Royce, UK. At present, these Engines are being repaired and overhauled. Two Dart Engines power HS-748 aircraft. This Engine has two-stage Centrifugal Compressors, three- stage Turbine and utilizes water methanol injection to increase the shaft Horse Power.


Orpheus 70105, indigenously modified by HAL, is a derivative of Orpheus 701 at lower rating and is the Power Plant for Kiran MK II Aircraft indigenously designed by HAL.

Avon is a Turbo Jet Engine designed and developed by Rolls Royce and is being overhauled / repaired under licence at HAL from 1959. Avon MK 1 is used in Canberra Trainer Aircraft. Avon MK 109 is used in Canberra Bomber and Avon MK 203 / 207 power the Hunter Fighter.

The Adour MK 804 Engine is being repaired and overhauled under licence from Rolls Royce, UK. This is similar in construction to the MK 811 Engine. 31

Gnome 1400 - IT
The Gnome 1400 - IT Engines being repaired and overhauled under licence from Rolls Royce, UK and is the Power Plant for Seaking Helicopter. It is a Turbo shaft single spool with 10-stage Axial Compressor, two-stage Turbine and free Power Turbine.

6-Aerospace Equipment:
Aerospace Division is engaged in the manufacture of Aluminum alloy riveted structures and welded tankages of conical, cylindrical and other shapes with different types of detailed parts such as sheets, rings, brackets, stiffeners, bulkheads, panel bolts, nuts, rivets etc. Some of the important structures manufactured are Heat Shield Assembly, Nose Cone Assembly and Tank and Shrouds used in Satellites.



Flight instruments, Electrical Indicators, Fuel Gauging Probes, Gyros, Sensors and Switches


AC/DC Generator, Control and Protection Units, Inverters, Transformer Rectifier Unit, AC/DC Electrical Systems, Actuators



Pumps, Accumulators, Actuators, Electro-selectors, Bootstrap Reservoirs and various types of valves


Pneumatics and Oxygen System, Cold Air Unit, Water Extractors, Valve - various types

Ejection Seats, Release Units etc.


Booster Pumps, Main and Reheat Fuel Systems, Nozzle Actuators


Ground Power Unit, Hydraulic Trolley and {Power Packs, Dedicated Test Rigs, custom-built Fuel/Hydraulic Test Rigs.

8-Advanced Communication/Navigation Equipment:

Currently the Korwa Division manufactures the Navigation, Ranging, Display and Attack Systems for both Jaguar and MiG-27M aircraft.

Brief details of the avionic system are as under:



Inertial Navigation System


Stabilized Inertial Platform with Dry-tuned Gyroscopes and Accelerometers Digital Nav-Attack Computer Interface Unit and Cockpit Control Panels

o o

Head-Up Display & Weapon Aiming Computer (HUDWAC)

Microprocessor based head-up Display & Sighting System Scan and Cursive modes of display Weapon Aiming Computations in Reversionary modes in the event of failure of INS Computer

o o o

Combined Map and Electronic Display (COMED)

o o o

Head Down Navigation & Map Display Soft key Selectable Display Modes Integrated with INS and HUDWAC on MIL-STD 1553B Digital Data Bus

Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

o o o

Crash protected Flight Data Recording System with Data Acquisition Unit Simultaneous recording of Data and Audio tracks Recording duration of 90 minutes in endless loop

Laser Ranger and Market Target Seeker (LRMTS)


o o o

Operates both in Ranging and Target Seeking modes Target Range Computation Neodymium Doped YAG Laser

Autostabliser System (AUTOSTAB)

o o

Computer Based System for Control of Tailplane, Rudder and Spoiler Movements Incorporate BITE Facility

Integrated Navigation and Sighting Complex (44 LK System)

Inertial Navigation System Centralized Digital Computer Radio and Doppler Navigation Stabilized Sight Air Data Computer Laser Ranging System

Flight Data Recorder (UZL TESTER)

Recording Duration of 3 Hours Crash Protected Recording System Records 38 Analogue and 32 Discrete Parameters

9-Products in Current Manufacturing Range:


SI. NO. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.




SPECIFICATIONS Power output: > 350W< (24.5 dbw) PEAK No. of codes available 4096

Identification of Friend or More than 2000 in Foe service Automatic replies to appropriate ground or airborne interrogators Automatic Direction Finder

Modular Construction Additional secure mode About 1000 fitted in various aircraft Accuracy: 2% 100-156 MHz (2240 channels) 225-400 MHz (7000 channels) Communication in AM/FM/Data/ECCM Mode Operating Freq.: 225-400 MHz 7000 channels, 5 w 10 Preset Channels

A combined V / UHF main More than 2000 in communication set service Integrated Radio Communication System UHF standby equipment UHF standby equipment VHF Communication Equipment HF Single Sideband Communication set Measure speed of moving object A combined V/UHF Communication set ECCM Facility Fully solid-state Hybridised Version Fully Solid - state


PAR (Precision 'X' Band Radar Approach Radar) Radio Altimeter for height indication over terrain Radio Altimeter for height indication over terrain Homing System for SOS in Communication Band

13. 14.

RAM 700 RAM 1701A



Operating Freq.: 116-136 MHz 720 channels, 4W 2 to 27 MHz Fitted in all military Channel spacing: 100 Hz transport A/C Sensitivity: 100 dbm Supplied to many state Range: 5 to 200 kmph police departments Accuracy: 1 kmph More than 150 in Freq. Range: 100-156 MHz operation on various 225-399 MHz ships 20 W or 5W (Selectable) Fully indigenously designed and developed by HAL Hyderabad. Range: 25 km being used at various (Target Area 2 Sq.m.) civil/military airports for precision landing A versatile system Accuracy: 4% fitted in various aircraft Range: 0 - 1500 m MIL-STD-1553B Data Bus Modular Construction Compatible Sensitivity: 8 db. Can operate continuously for 12 Easy to operate in hours emergencies under normal ambient conditions with 27.5V DC

16. 17. 18.


Frequency: 94735 MHz Fitted on all Transport X-Band Weather Radar Power output: 8 KW Aircraft Range: 200 Nm Capacity: 45 AH Silver Zinc Battery for More than 3500 Service life: 9 months after aircraft produced filling of electrolyte 36 About 2.5 lakhs per Average Hardness: 100 Used in the Brake Drum of year being BHN Co-efficient of Aircraft manufactured friction: 0.24 to 0.35

Our Division

1. Accessories Division, Lucknow:

Accessories Division of HAL was established in 1970 with the primary objective of manufacturing systems and accessories for various aircraft and Engines and attains self sufficiency in this area.
Its facilities are spread over 94,000 sqm of built area set in sylvan surroundings. At present it is turning out over 1100 different types of accessories. The Division started with manufacturing various Systems and Accessories viz, Hydraulics, Engine Fuel System, Air-conditioning and Pressurization, Gyro & Barometric Instruments, Electrical System items, Undercarriages, Electronic items all under one roof to meet the requirements of the aircraft, helicopters and Engines being produced by HAL. This was followed up with manufacturing the same range of accessories for MiG series of aircraft, International Jaguar and repair / overhaul of Mirage-2000 & Sea-Harrier accessories. In addition the Division manufactures systems for Civil Aircraft i.e. Avro, Dornier and AN-32 & cheetah, chetak & Advanced Light Helicopters.

The Division, right from the beginning, laid a lot of emphasis on developing indigenous capability for Design and Development of various System and Accessories. This capability has culminated in indigenous design and development of a variety of systems and accessories for the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) and Advanced Light Helicopter (all versions i.e. Army, Airforce, Navy & Civil) - two prestigious aircraft programs in the country and IJT (Intermediate Jet Trainer). The Division has also developed and has made successful strides into the area of Microprocessor based control systems for the LCA Engine as well as other systems. The Division diversified not only in other defence applications like tanks and armoured vehicles for Army, it look commercial applications of hydraulic items. Gyroscopic Equipment, Special Purpose Test Equipment & Group Support Equipment and successfully supplied in the market. The Division has been in the forefront of accessories development and supply not only to Indian Force but to Army, Navy and various Defence Laboratories as well as for Space applications. The Division today has a prime name in the Aviation market and various international companies are interested to join hands with it for future projects. The Division has also made steady progress in the area of Export.

The Accessories Division Certifications are:

The ISO 9001 Certification for entire range of products and services. ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management System

The Accessories Division Approvals are:

Approval from DGCA, Govt. of India for design and development, manufacturing and repair. 37

Approval for Research & Design Centre by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. Approval of Director General Aeronautical Quality Assurance for Military Aviation products and services.

2. Aerospace Division, Bangalore:

India's growing involvement in space exploration is reflected in the establishment of a world class manufacturing base for space worthy hardware. The Aerospace Division of HAL so established is today dedicated to the manufacture of hardware for India's growing space programs. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd's participation in space programs started as early as 1972 and formed into a full fledged dedicated facility thereafter. The Division has the technical expertise to fabricate large size Aluminum Alloy riveted structures, welded propellant tanks and water tanks. Currently under production are the Light Alloy Structures for the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), Geo-stationary Launch Vehicle (GSLV MkII), Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS), Indian National Satellite (INSAT) and the structures & welded tanks for the Cryogenic upper stage of GSLV MkII. The Division has taken up full equipping & integration of the strapon L 40 stage for GSLV MkII and also manufacture of all rivetted structures & welded tankages for a larger GSLV MK III vehicle with enhanced capabilities. The Division's strength lies in a team of highly motivated professionals. Out of a total strength of 615, 285 personnel are involved in direct production. As many as 40 qualified and trained personnel constitute our quality assurance team. The Division has been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 certified by NVT in association with KEMA of Netherlands.

The Division has been awarded ' Defence Technology Absorption Award' constituted for the best industries (Public / Private) for taking active part in productionising the system developed by DRDO.


3. Aircraft Division, Nasik:

Aircraft Division, Nasik, established in the year 1964 for licence manufacture of miG-21FL aircraft & K-13 Missiles, is located at Ojhar, 24 kilometers from Nasik and approximately 200 kilometers from Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. The division since then manufactured other MiG variants; viz MiG-21M, MiG-21 BIS AND MiG-27 M aircraft. Along with manufacturing, the division also carries out overhaul of the MiG series aircraft. The Division is well laid out on a sprawling complex of 1,48,20,000 Sq.meters with a built-up area of 1,73,900 sq.meters having state-of-the-art plant/machinery/equipment and infrastructure. It has well qualified and trained manpower in different areas of aviation technology, viz design and development, manufacture and overhaul of aircraft, accessories and related products. The Division is an independent profit-centre and is currently engaged in the following activities:

Repair/Overhaul of MiG-21 aircraft variants/MiG-27 aircraft and their aggregates & rotables. Supply of spares/units/consumables and aerospace fasteners. Support to HAL and Non-HAL made aircraft in terms of Life extension, Modifications, Site Repairs and investigations. Upgradation of MiG-12 BIS and MiG-27 aircraft. Diversification into Civil Aircraft manufacture by taking up work packages. Export of MiG spares to Egypt, Syria, Vietnam, Malaysia, Algeria and Poland.

So far the Division has manufactured more than 700 aircraft and overhaul more than 1300 aircraft. With the expertise gained over the last 3 decades, the division has already made its presence felt in the global market and is fully geared up for meeting any challenging task in the domestic and the international market.

The Aircraft Division has been accredited with ISO-9001 QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION and is in pursuit of TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT. The Quality System prevailing in the company ensures quality of products and processes right from receipt of raw materials upto the delivery of finished product. More than 500 qualified and approved inspection staff ensures that quality of products/services is of the highest standard. The quality system works on a three tier system of Inspection by shop, Quality control Department and Customer Inspection.


QUALITY CIRCLE, SELF INSPECTION AND ZERO DEFECT OPERATORS in selected areas on shop floor with involvement of technicians at grass root levels constitute a significant feature of the Division's sustained efforts in pursuit of excellence in quality of the final product. 39

Accredition of ISO-9001 Quality System Certification - 1994-'95 Best Production Division Award - 1988-'89 / 1990-'91 / 1991-'92 Safety Award For "Longest Accident Free Period under the category of Heavy Engineering Group from National Safety Council - 1996-'97 Best Worker Award For Employees By Govt. of Maharashtra - 194-'95 / 1995-'96 FICCI National Award for Corporate Family Welfare - 1994-'95 "Van-shree" Award for Sustained Performance in the field of Social Forestry from Govt. of Maharashtra - 1995-'96

4. Aircraft Division, Bangalore:

Aircraft Division was established in the year 1940. Since inception, the Division has manufactured a variety of Aircraft both under license as well as indigenously designed and developed. Currently, the Division is manufacturing the Jaguar International twin Seater Aircraft under license from British Aerospace, UK. The Division is equipped with modern infrastructure in Plant and Equipment like CAD- CAM Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Assurance and Customer support System with 2121 highly skilled personnel including more than 350 Engineers working in a covered area of 2,25,000 sq.m. In a major diversification initiative, the division is now manufacturing and exporting high precision Aircraft Components and sub-assemblies for commercial aircraft. The Division has so far manufactured over 1,500 aircraft of various types. With experience and capabilities built over the past six decades, the Aircraft Division is bidding for substantial share in the International Aeronautical market.

The Aircraft Division, Bangalore is an ISO 9002 company. The Division also has Quality System and authorization to perform special processes from International Aerospace Companies such as Aerospatiale, Dassault Aviation, Boeing, British Aerospace for export of precision aircraft components and assemblies. The division has also been approved to D1-9000 Advance quality system by Boeing Company, U.S.A. The Inspection and Test facilities of the division include modern facilities for Non-Destructive Testing, Paints and Sealants Testing, Work Test Laboratory, metrology, Ultrasonic Jet probe with C scan recording, Fluroscopy, Microprofile projector and a 3 Axis CNC Co-ordinate measuring machine for product conformance.


The division holds the following approvals: A. National

Director General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA), India. Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India.

B. International

Aerospatiale and DGAC, France. Boeing Airplane Company, USA. British Aerospace Defence ltd., UK. Dassault Aviation, France. Dornier Luffahrt & LBA, Germany. Federal Aviation Administration, U.S.A.

5. Avionics Division, Hyderabad:

In early sixties, it was strongly felt that our defence services should be more self reliant in defence related equipment, electronics in particular. This resulted in HAL setting up a full - fledged unit to cater to the aviation electronics (AVIONICS ). Thus Avionics Division, Hyderabad was born in the year 1965. To begin with, the Division's dedicated design team took up the task of indigenising, the following critical avionics.

Identification of Friend or Foe UHF Communication set V/UHF Communication System Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) Radio Alimeter

These systems were developed, qualified, flight tested and inducted into the various MiG aircraft manufactured under licence in India. Later on, the same equipments were fine tuned to meet the requirement of other aircraft like Kiran, Jaguar, Dornier, AN-32 and Helicopters.


Today the Division has spread its wings further to meet the Communication and Navigation requirements of our defence customers and the Division is fully geared to enter the international market too.

The Avionics Division, Hyderabad has been accredited with ISO-9001 CERTIFICATION and accomplished the following milestone:

First prize in the field of Strategic Electronics during 1991 from Department of Electronics, Govt. of India. National Award for R&D in Electronics from DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology. ISO 9001 Certification for design, development, production and servicing. Qualification approval for Printed Circuit Boards from LCSO. Accreditation by National Accreditation board for test and calibration laboratories. Qualification approval for the hybrid manufacturing for the Aerospace application. Fitment of indigenously developed avionics on all the aircraft acquired by Indian Defence Services.

6. Avionics Division, Korwa:

Avionics Division Korwa was established in the year 1982, to take up the production of Display Attack Ranging and Innertial Navigation (DARIN) system for Jaguar International aircraft for indian Air Force. Since, 1987 Korwa Division has also been manufacturing and supplying similar avionic systems for MiG-27 aircraft to IAF. All the facilities required for manufacture of such advanced airborne avionic systems are available under one roof. The Division of HAL has been built in a pollution free environment sprawling over approximately 1 million sq.mts. of lush green area including complete amenities for a residential complex. The total covered area for manufacturing is around 38000 sq. mts. The Division has got a highly skilled work force of approximately 1100 including 200 highly qualified Engineers.

7. Engine Division, Bangalore:


The Engine Division, which is ISO-9002 certified, was set up in 1957 to manufacture Orpheus turbo jet Engines under license from Rolls Royce. In 1959, another license agreement was signed with Rolls Royce to manufacture Dart Engines to power HS-748 passenger aircraft and overhaul Avon Engines fitted on Canberra & Hunter aircraft. Since then, the division has grown from strength to strength. It is now engaged in the manufacture of Artouste Engines for Chetak/Cheetah helicopters, Adour Engines for Jaguar aircraft and Garrett Engines for Dornier aircraft. Engine division also undertakes repair and overhaul of various aero Engines operated by Indian Airforce, Indian Navy, Indian Army, Coast Guard, Border Security Force, Corporate sector, State Government and other civil customers. The division has manufactured more than 2,100 aero Engines and overhauled & repaired 11,000 Engines. The division, during four decades of its existence, has acquired state-of-art-technologies for manufacture, repair and overhaul of Engines. It has a well equipped CNC shop comprising over 25 machine tools.
Facilities also include Electron Beam Welding, vacuum Brazing, Electric Discharge / Chemical forming machines and others. The division has also set up shops for special coating processes to combat high temperature and atmospheric corrosion conditions, protection against surface erosions, such as Plasma Spray, Aluminum Silicon diffusion coating, Sermetal coating.

Engine and Test bed R & D centre, which is part of the Engine Division, has specialized in the development of small Gas Turbines & Engine Test Beds. The ETBRDC is equipped with necessary modern infrastructures. The R&D centre has developed a gas turbine Engine for Pilotless Target Aircraft and jet Fuel Starter for starting the Engine of Light Combat Aircraft. The R & D centre has also designed and installed Engine test beds for Russian and western origin aero Engines on turnkey basis.

Kaveri Engine Kaveri, the designated Engine for LCA, is being developed by GTRE, Bangalore. Various divisions of HAL are involved in the development and certification. The Engine will be manufactured at Engine division, HAL. The materials for Engine components include high strength super alloy such as inconel on the hot end side and TI-64 on the cold end. The Engine is twin spool, by pass type designed to provide dry thrust of 5291 kg reheat thrust of 8264 kg.

Engines for AJT, IJT and ALH

The Engines for advanced Jet trainer project and intermediate Jet trainer project will also be manufactured by Engine division in the near future. Further, the division will be participating in the codesign & co-production of Engine for Advanced Light Helicopters.

Manufacture of auxillaries such as 750 kw turbo alternator, forced draught turbo blowers and main circulating turbo pumps for leander class frigates form part of diversification.


The Engine Division has been credited with ISO 9002 Certificate from December 1995 onwards Laboratory is approved by Honeywell, USA as authorised 'SOAP' (Spectrometric Oil analysis Programme) facility for Garett Engine. 43

Laboratory and Quality organisation are approved by civil and Military Air-Worthiness Authorities, DGCA and DGAQA. The Division is also approved by Honeywell, Rolls Royce, and Turbomeca. Honeywell Authorised Service Centre for repair / overhaul of Garrett TPE 331 series Engines. Approved by Directorate of Warship equipment for manufacture of Frigate components.

8. Engine Division, Koraput:

Engine Division - Koraput, a unit of HAL's vast network, was set up in April 1964 to manufacture R11-f2 turbo jet Engine of MiG-21 FL aircraft under license from the erstwhile USSR. Subsequently, the division took up, under various license agreements, manufacture of R-11 series Engines of MIG-21 FL and MiG-21M aircraft, R-25 series Engines of MiG-21 BIS aircraft and R-29B Engines for Mig-27M aircraft. Simultaneously, facilities were set up for overhaul of R-11 and R-25 series Engines, which started in 1971 and 1983 respectively. Starting from 1997 - 98 we have also undertaken overhaul of RD - 33 Engines of MiG-29 aircraft. The Division has stepped into diversification by signing on MOU with GTRE for supply of components belonging to three modules (gear box, fan and turbine modules) of KAVERI Engine meant for

The Division has also entered the export market by overhauling R25 Engines for Vietnam, supply of helicopter gears for MH1, Japan and supply of spares for Egypt. The Division has bagged an order from M/s allied Signals, USA for machining of castings. The Division has a long term plan to undertake manufacture of AL-31FP
aircraft under license. Engines for SU-30MKl

Today we have behind us a rich and enviable experience of manufacturing more than 1000 aeroEngines and overhaul of nearly 4500 power plants.

The Division has the unique distinction of manufacturing almost all types of components required for manufacture and overhaul of Engines and spares for service exploitation. The Division is equipped with
modern Forge and Foundry shops which cater to the requirements of prevision forgings and castings.

9. Foundry and Forge Division, Bangalore:

The Foundry & Forge Division was established in 1953. The Division's facility, set up on a lush expanse of 32 acres, manufactures castings, forgings, rolled rings, brake pads and rubber products for critical applications for the Aeronautics, Space, Defence, Locomotive, Earthmover and other industries. Advanced Technology, Quality and Reliability and a highly skilled workforce have enabled the Division to turn out failsafe components for vital applications in war and peace, meeting the exacting needs of every customer. The Division is one of the few units in the world to be acknowledged for its diverse and wide range of products, manufacturing processes, complemented by its state-of-the-art and comprehensive infrastructure. The Foundry & Forge Division is proud of the company it keeps. Nearer home, our delighted customers include divisions of HAL manufacturing aircraft, aero Engines and accessories, the Indian 44

Space Research Organisation, Defence Research & Development organisation, Ordinance Factories, Indian Railways, Bharat Earth Movers Limited, Combat Vehicle Research & development Establishment, Indian Airlines, Crompton Greaves, Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited and Escorts. Across the globe, among our valued customers are renowned aircraft and aero Engine manufacturers. Over the years, the Division's product has been used in vital areas such as the Light Combat Aircraft, GSLV, PSLV, Advanced Light Helicopter, Jaguar and Main Battle Tank. The Division also caters to the commercial market.


ISO-9002 Certification Director General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Science & Technology, government of India National Accreditation to the Laboratory & Calibration Centre Rolls Royce, UK British Aerospace, UK Garrett, USA Allision Gas Turbine Division, US

10. Helicopter Division, Bangalore:

HAL'S involvement with rotary-winged aircraft dates back to June 1962 when, to meet the Indian Air Force's requirement for light helicopters, the Government of India signed a licence agreement with M/s SUD-AVIATION (Presently M/s EUROCOPTER, France). The first helicopter type to be built at HAL Bangalore was the Alouette ill, later named Chetak with firm orders having been placed in January 1965, the "raw material" production phase beginning in 1969-70. The Alouette II, with the dynamics including powerplant of the Alouette ill was specifically developed to meet the Indian Army's stringent requirement and was christened Lama by the French (and Cheetah by the Indians). The SA-315B licence-agreement was signed in September 1970. First Cheetah manufactured from raw materials was delivered in 1976-77. In the initial stages of helicopter manufacturing, except for the assembly departments, all other shops were common with those of Aircraft Division. Consequent to the re-organisation of the Bangalore Complex, a separate division was evolved for the manufacture of helicopters, established in July 1970 and the new buildings of the Helicopter Division inaugurated by the then President of India, V.V.Giri on 17 July 1974. 45

Licence agreement for the manufacture of CHEETAH (SA-315- LAMA) was signed with M/s SNIAS, France (Presently M/s EUROCOPTER, France) in September 1970 and the first Cheetah helicopter manufactured from raw materials was delivered during 1976-77. Over the next twenty years, HAL's Helicopter Division produced hundreds of Chetak and Cheetah helicopters for the Indian Air Force, Navy, Army and Coast Guard as also for a number of civilian customers, including State Governments while a score or more were exported. The Division has produced 336 Chetak and 246 Cheetah Helicopters so far and overhauled more than 200 helicopters of both the types. It has also undertaken the Cat 'B' repairs of more than 75 helicopters and put them back into operation. The Helicopter Division, to which is adjoined the Helicopter Design Bureau (now Rotary Wing R&D Centre) and Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) prototype hangers, has 42,000 sq.metres of factory buildings in which the manufacturing, assembly and testing facilities are established. The Division employs 1100 persons, including Engineers, and is set to expand with the envisaged series production of the ALH.

The Helicopter Divisions has been awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru trophy for the Best production Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for 1992 and 1994.

11. Industrial and Marine Gas Turbine Division Bangalore:

IMGT Division, HAL, Bangalore, India provides the most comprehensive service by offering support in areas of Inspection, Spare Parts, Maintenance, Equipment Overhauls & Assembly for Industrial & Marine Gas Turbines under license from reputed manufacturers. IMGT activities which were earlier part of HAL Engine Division became an independent entity from 1st April 1998 to manufacture and support on Industrial & Marine Gas Turbine under license from reputable manufacturers as given below:

Current Collaborators and Services Offered: Rolls Royce Industrial & Marine Gas Turbine, UK
Repair and overhaul & on site support of industrial Avon Engines. Module change 'on-site' support of Industrial RB-211 Engines. 46

Rols Royce Allision, USA

Repair & Overhaul and Onsite Support of Allison 501K Engines.

Assembly, Test, Repair & Overhaul of LM2500 Industrial and Marine Gas Turbines. In India total population of the above Gas Turbines as of now is 104 and various customers operating these Gas Turbines such as ONGC, GAIL, TNEB & RSEB are fully supported in the smooth operations and maintenance of these Gas Turbines.

12. Overhaul Division, Bangalore:

The origin of the Overhaul Division can be traced back to the erstwhile Hindustan Aircraft Limited established at Bangalore on 23rd December 1940 by a far sighted industrialist, the late Seth Walchand Hirachand in association with the Government of the then Princely State of Mysore with the object of establishing an aviation industry that can take up assembly and overhaul of aircraft under license. As a principle overhaul base for the South East Asia Command of Allied Forces between 1942 and 1945, the Division maintained and repaired Liberator, Fortress, Mitchell, Dakota, Curtis Commando and PSY Catalina amphibian aircraft. After the end of the 2 nd World war, the main activity of the Division was getting the Dakotas, Liberators, Tempest and Tiger Moths airworthy for the use of Indian Air Force and Civil operators. After Independence of the country in 1947, Overhaul Division Bangalore oriented its activities to major overhaul of aircraft of Indian Air Force and rendering 1st and 2nd Line Servicing of aircraft at various IAF Bases. The Division has since emerged as a single window agency for the maintenance and servicing of state-of-the-art military aircraft, piston Engine and associated accessories. The Division renders highly competent maintenance and retrofit support at users works. Currently it is the only Organisation authorized to undertake Major Inspection of Mirage 2000 aircraft outside France. This is clearly an index to the vast capacity of this ISO 9001:2000 Unit. The Division is currently exporting its products and services to France, Israel, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Oman, Peru and U.K. Spread over an area of more than 10 hectares of land, Overhaul Division is empowered by a highly skilled workforce of 1200 supported by 215 well qualified and experienced executives. The Division has a well equipped Accessories Repair / Overhaul Centre with excellent infrastructure to handle sophisticated Mechanical, Pneumatic and Avionic accessories. The importance 47

placed on quality can be gauged by the highly sensitive testing equipment it employs during repair/overhaul of over 600 types of various system accessories.

Divisions Quality Certifications:

Overhaul Division has the following approval

Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India Director General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA), MOD, India. M/s. Dassault Aviation, France M/s. BAE Systems, UK. ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems.

Overhaul Division has been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems certificate by BIS. The Division is honoured with a special award from the Chief of Air Staff, IAF in Nov 2002 in recognition of its yeoman services.

The Division bagged the Best Customer Services Award for the year 2002-2003. Overhaul Division has been certified with ISO 14001:1996 Environmental Management Systems by BIS.

13. Transport Aircraft Division, Kanpur:

Transport Aircraft Division of HAL was set up in 1960 to manufacture the HS-748, a medium haul turbo-prop passenger transport aircraft. Over the years, it has vastly developed its infrastructure and capabilities and undertaken the manufacture of 15-19 seater multi role utility aircraft (Dornier DO 228), agriculture aircraft (HA-31), basic trainer aircraft (HPT - 32) and variety of aerospace structural assemblies and components for both domestic and International market. Production of DO-228 is expected to continue for another 8-10 years. The total number of aircraft delivered are as follows: Product HS-748 Aircraft Period 1960-83 Qty 89 48

Gliders Basant Aircraft (HA-31) HPT-32 Aircraft Dornier-228 Aircraft ATP Tail plane (for Export)

1963-86 1975-78 1983-98 1985 onwards 1987-95

164 19 142 83 24

Concurrent with the manufacturing activities, Transport Aircraft Division has developed extensive facilities for repair, overhaul and modification of these aircraft as well as for about 400 types of rotables fitted on these aircraft. Transport Aircraft R & D Centre located in the Division carries out product updation, role modifications and other R & D activities.

The Transport Aircraft Division Certification are:

ISO 9001-2000 quality system approval ISO 14001 Environment Management System Approval by the following Govt. of India agencies: o Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) o Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA) o Centre for Military Airworthiness Certification (Cemilac) Approval by the following foreign agencies
o o

Civil Aviation Department, Maldives Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal


Financial Highlights
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has cruised past the Rs.7, 500-crore mark for the first time with a sales turnover of Rs.7, 783.61 crores ($1.82 billion) during the Financial Year 2006-07, The Value of Production has also gone up by 55.54% to Rs. 9,201.88 crores, while the Profit of the Company (Profit Before Tax) soared to Rs.1, 743.60 crores, which is an increase of 54.88% over the previous year's performance.

The highlights are given below:


Rupees in Crores Particulars Sales VOP Profit after tax Gross Block 2005-06 5342 5916 771 1694 2006-07 7783 9202 1744 1149 2081 Growth over Previous Year 45.69% 55.54% 54.88% 49.03% 22.85%

Profit before tax 1126

Our Exports

Advanced Light Helicopter

Dhruv (Advanced Light Helicopter)

Airbus A320 Forward Passenger Doors Boeing 757 Over Wing Exit Doors Boeing 777 Uplock Box Assembly Boeing 767 Bulk Cargo Doors Boeing 737 Freighter Conversion Kits BAE Systems Tornado Pylons Fokker Aerostructures F50 Horizontal Stabilizers Boeing -3D-Modelling / Digitisation of Drawings

Chetak Cheetah Lancer

Adour MK 811 Garrett 331 5 Artouste III B

Potential for Overhaul and Repair:

DART 533 - 2 AND 536 - 2T Rolls Royce Allison 501 K Industrial Marine Gas Turbine

JAGUAR AVIONICS Inertial Navigation System Head-Up Display & Weapon Aiming Computer (HUDWAC) Combined Map and Electronic Display (COMED) Flight Data Recorder (FDR) Laser Ranger and Market Target Seeker (LRMTS) 52

Autostabliser System (AUTOSTAB)


Integrated Navigation and Sighting Complex (44 LK System) Inertial Navigation System Centralized Digital Computer Radio and Doppler Navigation Stabilised Sight Air Data Computer Laser Ranging System Flight Data Recorder (UZL TESTER) Recording duration of 3 Hours Crash Protected Recording System Records 38 Analogue and 32 Discrete Parameters

Spares and Services:

HAL provides Spares, Repair & Overhaul services for the following aircraft and Engines:

Jaguar MiG-21 series aircraft DO-228 Mirage 2000 HS-748 Cheetah (LAMA SA315 Helicopters) Chetak ( Alouette III)

Garrett Dart Artouste IIIB R-11/ R-25 Allison 501 KB5 and KC5 Industrial Marine Gas Turbine


HAL Dornier DO-228 is a light transport aircraft manufactured under license from M/s. Dornier GmbH of Germany. Functional versatility with low operating cost makes HAL DO-228 adaptable for a wide variety of roles including Commuter, Air Taxi, Utility, Corporate, Aircrew Training, Maritime Surveillance, and Search & Rescue and for Observation & Communication duties. The Garrett TPE-331-5-252D Engines, Landing Gears and many of the instruments and avionics of the HAL- Dornier-228 aircraft are also manufactured in-house at different divisions of HAL. This highly fuel-efficient, rugged, reliable, twin turbo-prop aircraft combines well proven features with advanced technologies in design and production and has been developed specifically to meet the manifold requirement of a variety of roles for various military, para-military and civil operators. New Aerodynamic profile and special wing shape in Dornier-228 ensures improvement of lift / drag ratio compared to conventional wing design and has reduced induced drag, lower structural weight and high structural strength. These improvements result in excellent take-off, climb, cruise and landing characteristics. The aircraft, originally designed, developed and manufactured by M/s Dornier GmbH, Germany is presently manufactured only by HAL. HAL now has world-wide marketing rights for HAL-Dornier-228 and can extend logistics / spares support throughout the operating life of aircraft.

Full-fledged facilities for repair, maintenance and overhaul of this aircraft, its Engines and a large number of rotables are available within HAL, enabling it to provide single-source product support for the complete aircraft. HAL has established a large customer base for HALDornier-228 and has been supporting Regional Air Services, Defence Forces - Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force and other customers on regular basis. Through continuous modernization / updation programs, HAL has developed the capability to provide tailor-made solutions to the customer's requirement.


HAL has capability in design development tasks such as Master Geometry Development, Detail Design Analysis, Testing of Wind Tunnel models, testing of aircraft structures and sub-systems. HAL is also involved in digitization of drawings (2D and 3D modeling) for leading aerospace companies in USA and Europe. HAL's strength lies in its human resource consisting of highly qualified specialists engaged in the areas of design and development of aviation equipment in addition to turnkey projects, consultancy, system design and analysis. Their effectiveness is enhanced by state-of-the-art IT infrastructure comprising of high-end Workstations, high performance / high reliability scalable Servers, high speed gigabit LANs and high speed Internet / ISDN facilities. Current facilities at HAL include:

Hewlett Packard, IBM, Silicon Graphics and Sun Workstations and Servers on high speed gigabit LANs Catia, Unigraphics, Enovia, Team Center Engineering and other CAD / CAM / VPM / PDM packages Elfini, Nastran, Nisa Finite Element Analysis packages