POWER OF THOUGHT A COSMIC REVELATION By Jonsig Eirik I thought about this for several days; deciding if I should uploaded

it to keep company with my stories. But when I look at the different places on our old earth where so many wonderful people have read my work, I felt I had to do it. If only one person realizes a closer kinship with mother earth after reading my V series, that will be my reward. I am 86 years old; mother earth has been good to me. Maybe the V series was given to me to show me a way to pay something back. Jonsig At 2:30 AM March 20 / 2006, A strange energy ran through my body leaving me with the feeling that I must immediately type something important into a file. I got up, booted my PC to create a new file. The V series from V1 to V25 subsequently followed. I don’t know why I was given this information, but the fact that it got me up in the middle of the night to write it into a file, when I should have been sleeping, suggests it must have importance; now or at a future date. The date March 20 is close to the vernal equinox; I wonder if this might have a bearing on anything?

V1: Thought is the basic building block of everything; above and below. This PC I’m writing on; the desk it sits on; my fingers pushing down the keys are made with thought. Without it there is nothing; because of it, all things are; always were and always will be. V2: Thought will create; not will it destroy. Adding thought or removing thought will alter what it has created or will create. Into the past the constructive thought is replaced by a neutral thought; preserving the original thought frame. V3: Into the future, thought creates a mental picture, to store, to change, or use in the whole or part. The whole is the complete outline. It will be stored. To change stored thought, new thought will be added; removed thought will be stored, it cannot be destroyed. V4: Thought can be returned to origin by fire only if it is part of a physical creation. Thought as part of a physical creation can be restored to the cosmic by fire or to the soil by decay. V5: Thought returned to the soil becomes the property of nature; to store for future use in it’s present form or a portion thereof. To reuse thought stored in nature will add an unexpected or unplanned element to a new creation. V6: Used thought can be detrimental or favorable; pure thought is favorable; contaminated thought is destructive. A physical creation destroyed in hate will retain that thought; it cannot be eliminated. Any part of it reused will contaminate. If much of it is used the new creation will be an abomination. If all of it is used it will be a total abomination. V7: A physical creation created with love will retain that thought; it cannot be eliminated. Any part of it salvaged and reused will enhance. If enough of it is used the new creation will be good. If all of it is used the new will be faultless. V8: Firewood from a tree in the forest brings the beauty of nature. Its roots have brought nourishment of its kind. Warmth from its fire brings good thoughts. V9: Firewood from a tree by a cemetery might be contaminated. Its roots might have brought nourishment

contaminated with bad thought. Warmth from its fire might bring disturbing thoughts. V10: Food grown on previously undisturbed ground is good. A patch of cleared ground in the forest with ample sunshine brings forth good food. V11: Food grown on a battlefield might be nourishing but is not good food. Such food might create bad thoughts, intemperance, restlessness and nightmares. Root crops grown on a battlefield should be avoided; not even good for pig feed, as thoughts will contaminate the flesh of the pig. V12: Flowers grown on a battlefield contain sorrow. A bouquet of flowers might look nice but are not good; a well meant gift that might bring sorrow. Such a gift should be left in a vase on the porch. Not in the living room or especially not on a bedside table. Best never given to anyone, specially a loved one. V13: Flowers picked at the edge of the forest are good. They bring peace and contentment; harmony to disassociated thought patterns; create a unifying energy by bringing with them the beauty of nature. These flowers are a wonderful gift to anyone; close friends, family or a loved one. V14: A plowed and harrowed battlefield planted in forage crops is seldom ready to produce good crops. Trees planted on a battlefield will make it good in three years or longer. They must be planted apart---spaced--- at least as they will be high. They must be allowed to grow no less than one foot for every year the battle lasted. If the battle was short plant wide but low rooting trees. If the battle was long plant deep rooting trees. V15: Plant one kind only; all deciduous or all coniferous. Coniferous trees grown for this purification must not be cut and sold for Christmas trees. After the purification is completed the trees must be uprooted and burned. The soil is then good. V16: Deciduous trees must be uprooted and burned before they make seed. The soil is then good. If the battle was too long, slow growing deep rooting conifers are the best choice. Conifers with dense needles are good. Look to the low land cedars if the

soil is damp. Conifers with long needles are best. Look to the ponderosa pine if the soil is dry. V17: The trees must be burned away from the site where the city will be built. The city will then be a good city. A city of peace. V18: A city built on an unpurified battlefield will not be a good city. There will be much strife and hate. This can be partly corrected if the city is generously planted with trees. Cleansing a city already built on an unpurified battlefield is a slow process. Seldom complete. V19: Ground where a prison has stood must be treated as a battlefield. It must be purified. As will be ground where killings were carried out. Anguishing thought patterns must be restored to the cosmic. Low and wide rooting deciduous trees will cleanse it. V20: A tree is the medium between the earth and the firmament. The roots collect the thought; the leaves distribute the thoughts to the firmament. If a tree happens to grow by your house, it is good. If the roots get into the disposal system, don’t cut the tree; fix the system. V21: A tree stands watch over the earth. Without a tree the earth would become polluted, unfit for people, mammals and birds. A tree maintains a balance between the earth and the firmament. V22: We think of this cleansing in terms of time; months, years. That is only relatively correct. The amount of daylight, direct sunlight and darkness determine when the cleansing is complete relative to the amount of cleansing needed. V23: A tree can cleanse some chemicals from the soil. Other chemicals cannot be cleansed from the soil in this way. Many toxic materials leave the soil destroyed indefinitely. V24: When plants are grown in destroyed soil they become thought damaged beyond saving. They must be burned and the ashes buried deep under ground where it cannot contaminate healthy plants. V25: While these ashes will grow healthy looking plants, the phosphate giving them that appearance, they are not good. Your body is an extremely sensitive mechanism; a delicately balanced

combination of infinitesimal thought sensitive systems. The whole suffers when contaminated thought is introduced as part of this system; healthy food adulterated by contaminated food. The whole benefits when healthy thought is introduced. There it is; if I had simply sat down at my computer and tried to write the foregoing I wouldn’t get past the first paragraph; to compose the whole series in such detail would have been impossible for me to do even if I had known what to write as that whole series of over a thousand words was written into the file before daylight; under three hours, while I was still half asleep. When I’m writing a novel a thousand words into a file in a whole day is more my speed. I have read it over innumerable times; at first most of it was way over my head but it’s beginning to make sense, in that thought not only appears to, but it actually does play a predominant part. Years ago I would have considered that a lot of garbage, but not any more. Perhaps I should expand on that; emotion, strife, anger, violence---the inhuman conditions experienced in battle, and in prison seem to have left the ground in an unhealthy state, that can be reversed with only trees, grown for a minimal time to release into the cosmic the damaging thought pattern embedded in the soil. The V series points out a heretofore relatively unknown pollution, yet one that might behoove us to keep in mind; give nature a bit of help to clean it up before you get impatient and build on it. Jonsig. Saturday, July 07, 2007