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Rowe Entertainment

William Morris Agency (98-8272) and Washington


William Morris Endeavor Ent. (10-9647)


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ultimately, all persons of African descent.

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„. . „ „ . . No action was taken. Complaint was whitewashed and no investigation took place.


October 28, 2013 U.S. Attorney General - Southern District of New York Criminal Division United States Attorney's Office 1 St. Andrews Plaza New York City, NY 10007 Re: Complaint against William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Loeb & Loeb LLP, Michael P. Zweig and others. Dear Asst. U S Attorney of the SDNY: My name is Marcus Isaiah Washington. Today, we met after you spoke on a panel titled "Perspectives on Civil and Criminal Practice at the US Attorney's Office" at Columbia Law School. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to discuss my situation with you, but more details about me and my case are contained in this package. For nearly three years, I have been litigating a landmark human rights and antitrust case against my former employer -- William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (formerly known as the William Morris Agency) - as a pro se litigant. Although I was unaware of this fact while employed at the oldest talent agency in the world, but this private, predominately all-White/"Jewish" institution which sits at the epicenter of "Hollywood," has been engaging in discriminatory employment and anticompetitive business practices, policies and procedures against African Americans and people of color since its inception in 1898. In the last 15 years, there have been two landmark civil rights cases challenging this "Jewish cabal's" unlawful practices and our judicial system has repeatedly denied both plaintiffs due process, equal protection under the law and access to an impartial jury -- thanks to the "pattern" of highly unethical and criminal conduct by attorney Michael P. Zweig and the elite law firm Loeb & Loeb LLP. Although my case originated in the Southern District of New York in December of 2010, Republican appointed federal judge P. Kevin Castel paid no attention to the legislative history of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and erroneously compelled the case into arbitration. The Second Circuit made no attempts to correct these wrongs because they claimed they did not have jurisdiction to decide the appeal. For the last 15 months, the case has been before the American Arbitration Association with Arbitrator David L. Gregory presiding. During our conference call on July 30, 2013, Gregory repeatedly inquired if I'd filed a complaint with the U.S. Attorney General due to the criminal allegations that were raised and considered it to be one of the "essential questions" of the "entire proceeding." Until today, the answer to that question has been "no." However, since I was able to speak with you at this panel, now is actually the perfect time to bring this matter to your attention. Over the last six months, the arbitrator has issued three Interim Decisions which prove that a sinister conspiracy to interfere with the human rights of African Americans took place in Rowe Entertainment. Inc.. et al. v. William Morris Agencv. Inc.. et al.. No. 98 CV 8272, 2005 WL 22833 (S.D.N.Y. Jan. 5, 2005), aff d, 167 F. App'x 227 (2d Cir.2005), cert, denied, 549 U.S. 887, 127 S.Ct. 283, 166 L.Ed.2d 152 (2006),by the plaintiffs' former attorneys, counsel for the Defendants and other officers of the Court - a violation of 42 U S C . §1985(3) and other criminal statutes. In September 2002, the class of black concert promoters paid $200,000.00 for an e-discovery expert to search the back-up tapes of William Morris Agency and Creative Artists Agency. Although the plaintiffs were told no derogatory terms were found, Leonard Rowe miraculously discovered what is now known as "Exhibit 31" on the desk of his former attorney Raymond Heslin. See Exhibit A. Although the underlying e-mails never saw the light of day and Republican appointed judge Robert P Patterson deemed this to be "an unidentified and unauthenticated document," Gregory's three Interim Decisions - made eight years after Patterson - prove the exact opposite. See Exhibit B. Over the last six months, absolutely no discovery has taken place in my case because William Morris and Loeb & Loeb LLP have refused to produce the underlying e-mails or anx of the tangible evidence received or produced during e-discovery in Rowe. Although the second and third Interim Decisions in particular contain a gross number of factual errors and inaccuracies, Gregory had no choice but to remain impartial concerning "Exhibit 31"

Page 2 and admit this smoking gun evidence into the evidence of record on September 25, 2013 based on the pyramid of documentary evidence I provided. While a large segment of white America refijses to acknowledge the realities of racism, it is actions like what has occurred in these two cases, that have essentially eviscerated many of the gains made during the civil rights movement and weakened the substantive strength of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The deleterious effects of William Morris and Loeb & Loeb LLP's crimes have contributed significantly to the overall genocide of people of African descent and these human rights violations must finally be addressed. Good faith attempts have been made in the past by Leonard Rowe and myself to file complaints with the Departmental Disciplinary Committee and the New York County District Attorney's public corruption division, but absolutely nothing happened aside from having our complaints whitewashed - these organizations refused to even conduct an investigation. In the next two months, Gregory is expected to issue a "final" decision in my case. However, due to the fact that Gregory is not an actual judge, his decision will not be able to address the civil or criminal aspects of my conspiracy claims or allegations of ethical misconduct by the attorneys involved - despite admitting "Exhibit 31" into the evidence of record. As a result, it's imperative that the U.S Department of Justice step in to correct these extreme miscarriages of justice. I ask that this cover letter and the attached documents serve as the official complaint for both Rowe and I. We also ask that this complaint be brought to the personal attention of Mr. Preet Bharara and Eric Holder, as well as ask that an immediate investigation take place, so all parties that have been unjustly enriched for committing these diabolical crimes against humanity can finally be held accountable for their unlawful actions in a federal court of law. Best, Marcus I. Washington