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There is a science behind Fragrance in Healing

Essential oils are of the smallest molecules on earth. Essential oils consist of molecules (atoms of H+ and O2 and more) Highest vibrating molecules ... One drop contains 40 million trillion molecules (4 with 19 zeros). These tiny molecules, measured in amu, vibrate so fast that their speed makes them evaporate. Fragrances are thus evaporated molecules, carrying the true vibrations and fragrances of the plant (ea oil its own fragrance) in excessive amounts into our bodies. Bring 1 drop in contact with our body and within 20 minutes all our cells are reached. When we smell them they move through the blood brain barrier and heal all areas of brain.

Fragrance inhalation, Touch & Prophetic Word

How does healing, through fragrance and touch happen?

Inhalation (emotional release in the limbic brain) Touch (massage) (Root word is Masach (Strongs 4886) and Mashiyach or our Messiah root word is Strongs 4899) Prophetic Word


Into the nose, inhaled, the fragrance is taken through the olphactory nodes into the brain. They move into all parts of the brain pituitary hormonal; hypothalamus; temperature regulating limbic brain trapped emotions released through proton pump action of H+) neurosystem health

At the limbic brain emotions are stored. But negative emotions may be trapped, until released through prayer, ministry and also through the physical proton pump action on the cellular walls of the limbic brain.

Proton pumps happen when the molecules that touch the cell walls contain hydrogen (H+) ions and Oxygen (OH- form). This cause a pump action so that intracellular material (trapped negative emotions) are pumped out and the oils then facilitate good such as minerals and nutrients to be pumped into the body cells.

The same happens when food containing H+ or antioxidants is eaten. A gradient cause the transport of nutrients into cells and a pull out of toxins (see sketch).

Touch or massage Rub or smear or anoint means the same. Take your time while you pray for the person! Transport of healing substances (oxygen and hydrogen) into the cell Raise vibrational frequencies in cells Release poisons Is relaxing in the muscles

Prophetic Word As with Jer. 1; uproot, deliver, pull down, restore and heal).

Is the Word Vibration a Biblical Word?

Gen 1 God said let there be light He brought Jesus in the Light .... The Holy Spirit hovered over...

Strongs dictionary: Hover means moving to and fro / a flutter movement At creation God has put the first vibration into all matter Essential oil molecules are of the fast moving molecules!

Fragrance is Vibration!

All matter in the universe received a speed at which it vibrates when God created earth and heaven and made the Holy Spirit hover over matter.

Sound and vibration

Gods voice brought a vibration through sound ... And matter was compounded into order ... We are created by the Spoken Word of God. All atoms in the universe received a tempo of vibrational motion.

Speaking life brings forth life!

Life is vibration and is described by the word, frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher is the energy and the higher is the life form. This is also for life beyond the physical and can today be measured by means of physical instruments.

Essential oils vibrate at incredibly high speeds measured in Mhz. As with sound, oils come in notes and also with colour Base notes, mid notes and top notes. We are biologically individual. Thus every person prefers specific colours; sounds and fragrances which make them feel good.

Frequencies are waves, Measured in MHz ... Frequency is the number each periodic motion goes from starting point and back to starting point, or number of oscillations per second

1 Hertz (Hz) = 1 oscillation per second (ops) 1 Kilo Hertz (KHz) = 1,000 ops 1 Megahertz (MHz) = 1,000,000 ops or 1 million oscillations/sec.

Essential oils are measured in megahertz (MHz) = 1 million vibrations per sec

The Human Bodys frequencies can also be measured in MHz

Each body part has its own speed when healthy and when sickly In general a healthy body vibrates at 68 MHz A Brain frequency of 80-82 MHz indicates a genius The Bible says, what a man thinks ... comes over him...

Negative thoughts lowered the measured frequency by12 MHz Disease begins (colds invade) at 59-60 MHz Tissue breakdown from disease at 48 MHz Cancer at 42 MHz Cancer - (mutation starts below 62) Invading pathogenic frequencies (including biologicals such as anthrax, plagues, and poisons) bring us to a low.

Pollutants lower our Frequency Death begins at 20 MHz Frozen vegetables/ foods have a frequency of zero. Yet their enzymes may still be alive and may benefit us!

Fresh produce (vegetables and raw food) brings our frequency up Prayer increased the normal (68 MHz) measured frequencies by 15 MHz Having anointing oils close to our nose brought the person up even higher

God said to me, You realise why I put the incense altar just before the Veil (which was torn now), and just before the High Priest moved into My presence...? Essential Oils are a source of higher frequencies (64-320 MHz) to help maintain our good health, together with the spoken word and love

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Each of you can have your signature oil combined with us according to the Art of the Apothecary.

Your signature oil is that which touches your Heart God has written His laws from the Tabernacle of Old, from our Mind onto our Hearts; and this is the law of the new Living Tabernacle; the love covenant with Our Heavenly Bridegroom.

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