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Effective, Low-Cost Clarification and Thickening

and thickening are simultaneously performed in a single vessel. Delta-Stak Clarifiers are truly unique gravity settling devices. clarification. Dynamic separation of feed liquid bulk solids is achieved through a unique downward. deaeration. defoaming. the horizontal projected clarification area is up to 20 times the floor area. and increase in density as they pass each element. As a result. Usually detention time is only 5-15 minutes with better clarification results than with conventional or incline plate clarifiers. Inclined plate settling elements are stacked one on top of another and serve to separate liquid from solids. cocurrent flow pattern. A small amount of the flow enters each of the elements where clear liquid is collected at the apex and is transported horizontally and then upward to the effluent collecting trough. This controlled low velocity results in improved clarification efficiency. Further compaction and density increase takes place in the sludge hopper before the final discharge of thickened solids. Solids move continuously downward by gravity. Distribution. They operate on principle of enhanced clarification through utilization of the entire volume of the tank rather than only the surface area.The patented design reduces space requirements and costs while providing operational simplicity and high overflow rates. approaching the ideal in design concept with no moving parts or power requirements. 2 .Dorr-Oliver Eimco Delta-Stak Clarifiers ® Operating Principle Dorr-Oliver Eimco Delta-Stak® Clarifiers combine the simplicity of gravity settling with inclined plate sedimentation principles. Velocity between plates is less than 5% of most inclined plate designs. flocculation. Feed enters at the top of the element stacks and passes downward between them.

low cost clarification Low installed cost Minimal space required No moving parts High clarification efficiency Operation simplicity Short detention time Clarification and thickening Corrosion resistant Wide range of applications Calcium carbonate removal application showing feed. Benefits of Delta-Stak Clarifiers Effective. including rubber covered. thickened solids. The modular design reduces transportation and installation costs.Improved Liquid/Solids Separation Construction Simplicity of construction makes Delta-Stak Clarifiers competitive for any industry or municipal installation. Optional rake and drive mechanisms are available for positive solids removal of heavy. Tanks are available in FRP or mild steel with a variety of coatings. as required by the application. and simplifies maintenance. clarified effluent and underflow sludge Same as photo to left after settling for four (4) hours 3 .

Unwanted sand slimes leaving the classifier are processed by a Delta-Stak Clarifier. For more information about Dorr-Oliver Eimco products. Effluent from the settling system is polished in granular media filters. Applications range form light alum flocs to heavy mineral suspensions. Underflow solids are further dewatered in a Shriver® filter press. Filtrate from the belt press is returned to the Delta-Stak Clarifier feed. Multiple or custom designed units will provide any desired higher capacity. Underflow solids from the clarifier are dewatered on an EIMCO® Belt press filter to over 70 wt% solids. A small portion of the clarified effluent is used as wash water on the belt press.glv. Dewatered filter cake is sent back to the plant and reprocessed. while most of the effluent is returned to the screens.Typical Applications Unmatched Performance Dorr-Oliver Eimco Delta-Stak Clarifiers are available in a variety of standard sizes. please visit our website at www. Clarified effluent is recycled to the head of the plant and underflow is directed to a belt filter press. Clarified effluent is discharged to the sewer. As little as 5 gallons per minute or as much as 4 million gallons per day can be handled in a single vessel. screens and classifies aggregate for use mainly in concrete products. and lead-laden storm water. Industrial Wastewater Product Recovery Process: Metal hydroxide wastewater 700 mg/l feed solids Design Specifications: 300 gpm 20 wt% underflow solids Delta-Stak Clarifier: Model 400 (11'-9" diameter) A Delta-Stak Clarifier with flocculator is used to process neutralized sulfuric acid produced from spent batteries as well as SO2 scrubber blow down. Delta-Stak Clarifiers perform with or without flocculant addition with the same increase in efficiency over other systems. Delta-Stak Clarifier: Delta-Stak Clarifier: 4 .0” This municipal water plants treats surface with alum and polymer through a flash mix. Backwash water from the filters and sludge from the settling system are pumped to an equalization tank after which they are processed in a DeltaStak Clarifier with Minerals Municipal Water Treatment Process: Sand washing slimes 200-600 ppm effluent solids 5-10 wt% feed solids Process: Granular media filter backwash 30 NTU effluent solids Design Specifications: 500-700 gpm Design Specifications: 500 gpm 3 wt% underflow solids Model 500 (9'-5"' x 11’. flocculation and settling system. 25-45 wt% underflow solids Model 400 (11'-9" diameter) This plant crushes.

1 .3000 ppm Up to 85% solids recovery Design Specifications: 220 gpm 0. Delta-Stak Clarifier: 5 . The underflow streams are recycled back to the process. Other miscelleneous wastes are combined with the chromium and cyanide wastes. Special acid-proof FRP tank construction and high temperature (194°F) materials were required for this application. The combined wastes are then processed through a Delta Stak Clarifier with flocculator. Underflow from the clarifier is trucked to.0 wt% underflow solids Delta-Stak Clarifier: Model 400 (11'-9" diameter) Chromium and cyanide wastes are collected separately and pretreated through chromium reductions and cyanide oxidation basins. Food Product Recovery Process: Potato flue water Up to 1-1/2 wt% feed solids Up to 75% suspended solids removal Process: Pigment wash water 0.0 wt% feed solids 500 mg/l effluent solids Design Specifications: 600 gpm Design Specifications: 50 gpm Delta-Stak Clarifier: Greater than 50 wt% underflow solids Model 600 with rake (12’-1” diameter) This Delta-Stak Clarifier is installed on the main floor of a potato processing plant. and dumped on local farmland. Design Specifications: 290 gpm Delta-Stak Clarifier: 20 . Each of the three Delta-Stak Clarifiers handles a different pigment to prevent contamination of the pigments.20 wt% underflow solids Model 100 (6'-3" diameter) Delta-Stak Clarifiers were installed in this plant to clarify filtrate from a continuous pressure filtration process where three different iron oxide pigment streams are separately dewatered. Access to the drive. Effluent from the clarifiers is used as polymer dilution water or is recycled to the pressure filter and used as wash water.5 .Typical Applications Metal Finishing Product Recovery Process: Chrome wastewater 500 mg/l feed solids Process: Titanium dioxide scrubber water 1000 .1. and pH is adjusted to precipitate the metals.2.25 wt% underflow solids Model 400 (11'-9" diameter) This Delta-Stak Clarifier recovers titanium solids from scrubber water. feed launder and element stacks is from the second floor. which would require a much larger building. Sufficient solids are removed by the clarifier from the flume water for the effluent to be discharged to the sewer. Underflow from the clarifier is dewatered by a filter press prior to discharge. Indoor installation would not have been practical for a conventional clarifier/thickener. A rake mechanism was included in the Delta-Stak Clarifier to maximize underflow solids. The installed cost of the Delta-Stak Clarifier was much less comparable clarifier/thickeners. A rake mechanism is included in the Delta Stak Clarifier to maximize underflow solids concentration. overflow launders. 8 .

3 wt% underflow solids Model 100 (6 '. Delta-Stak Clarifier: Industrial Waste Process: Lime kiln scrubber water 0. Effluent from the clarifier meets city discharge requirements.40 wt% underflow solids Model 200 (6 '.5 .Typical Applications Metal Finishing Product Recovery Process: Zinc phosphate rinsewater 10 mg/l effluent solids Design Specifications: 30 gpm 1 . Suspended solids in the wastewater are removed by a flocculator and a DeltaStak Clarifier. Clarifier effluent is discharged to a city sewer and the underflow is further dewatered by a filter press. A rake mechanism was included in the clarifier to maximize underflow solids concentration.50 wt% underflow solids Delta-Stak Clarifier: Model 500 (11'-9" diameter) A wet venturi scrubber is used to clean lime dust from lime kiln off gases in this process.3" diameter) A flash mix/flocculator and Delta Stak Clarifier were provided as part of a system designed to clarify pretreated zinc phosphate rinse water. Clarified effluent is returned to the scrubber. glazing and finishing ceramic tiles produces clay and metal hydroxides (lead and zinc used as coloring) which must be removed from the wastewater prior to discharge into city sewer systems. Delta-Stak Clarifier: 6 . and the underflow is discharged to a lime mud storage tank.3" diameter) Cutting. 40 .1.0 wt% feed solids 1000 ppm effluent solids Design Specifications: 780 gpm Process: Ceramic tile waste 2 .4 wt% feed solids 30 .50 mg/l effluent solids Design Specifications: 200 gpm 25 . A bleed stream of the scrubber water is processed in a Delta-Stak Clarifier to prevent lime build-up in the system.

Other pilot units (without skids) are also available. Skid-mounted Delta-Stak pilot plants. laboratory bench testing may be advised. pumps. A fully equipped laboratory. flash mix/flocculator and the clarifier. and mechanical service engineers can perform mechanical checkouts and startups throughout the world as required. Laboratory Bench Tests. Our servicemen and/or process engineers can assist on installation and start-up. will conduct tests on samples taken from the process. staffed by experienced Skid-mounted Delta-Stak pilot unit 7 . Dorr-Oliver Eimco can provide pilot plant test units. When it is not practical or possible to supply samples for laboratory testing (due to feed fluctuations. When an application has unique conditions or requires special considerations. For more information on Dorr-Oliver Eimco products. Dorr-Oliver Eimco lab testing Dorr-Oliver Eimco Technology Dorr-Oliver Eimco is a worldwide leader in liquid/solids separation equipment. Results of these confidential studies provide data necessary for recommending the most cost-effective design. etc. Highly trained process engineers can provide process assistance. mixing tanks. please visit our website at www. sample dependability.). Delta-Stak pilot plants are available to be used for onsite application testing. and Pilot Unit Tests Experience and familiarity on a wide variety of installations provides a large database of information for our engineers to use in sizing Delta-Stak Clarifiers. include chemical solution feeders.Sizing Parameters Dorr-Oliver Eimco Experience. as shown below.glv.

1.6181 www.S.A. visit www. please call 1.526.2000 • Canada © Copyright 2004 GL&V.glv. DOE #0-111AC.6181.2000 and in Canada.Performance and Results Delta-Stak Clarifiers are applicable to a variety of industrial and municipal requirements. For a complete listing of our worldwide locations and regional phone numbers. Some of the results that can be achieved by Delta-Stak Clarifiers are noted in the table below.325. BST Thickener with automatic rake lift mechanism Dorr-Oliver Eimco is here to help you with all your solid/liquid separation needs. call 1.S.glv.526.325. Printed in U.S.. Please call us to find out more about how Dorr-Oliver Eimco technology can improve your productivity. .801.801.705. In the U.705.

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