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Ganesh Subramaniam

205, Saideep Haven, Sri Rama Temple Road,

New Thippasandra, Bangalore 560075. INDIA
Mobile: +919886430016

Background Summary
An experienced Product Engineering Systems Architect/Consultant with diverse domain and technical skills, strong
customer and quality oriented style of leadership. Accomplishments include successfully managing offshore engineering
teams on projects in end-end product engineering, architect of several successful customer products notably in the
domain areas of Platforms, Datacom, and Medical. Vast experience of working with several datacom, medical,
embedded platform engineering start-ups in variety of areas including building the core system team from ground up,
feature definition, engineering design, product development, and interacting with marketing and customer support.
Presently, Lead architect in Product Engineering division, providing technical consultancy in product development such
as requirements, architecture, design and critical delivery interventions for Medical, Avionics, Peripherals, Industrial
Automation customers and offshore teams.

Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumentation Technology from SJCE, University of Mysore, Oct 1991
Several management and technical programmes and courses at IIMB, IISC, Bangalore

Employment Experience
17 years of Hardware and Software design, development, product engineering management and project management
• Lead Systems Architect in the Product Engineering Division, Wipro Technologies, Bangalore Feb 1999 to present
• Project Lead, HCL Technologies Ltd., from Oct 1996 to Jan 1999.
• Senior System Analyst, Square D Software Ltd., from Sept 1995 to Oct 1996.
• Senior Software Engineer, Tektronix India Ltd, Bangalore from March 1993 to Aug 1995
• Field Applications Engineer, Tektronix India Ltd, Bangalore from Oct 1991 to March 1993

Key Domain Skills:

• Telecom – Remote Access Servers using X.25, ISDN. Key contributions in product development include feature
definition, software system architecture and design, design and development of X.25, ISDN BRI protocols,
integration and system and interoperability testing.
• Datacom – Terminal Servers, Ethernet Enterprise Switches, Smart L2/L3 switches, GE/ATM/SONET Edge routers.
Key contributions in product engineering include feature definition, hardware architecture and software system
design using ASIC/Network processors for complex network routers and switches, Data/Control plane architecture
partitioning, Data plane software/microcode design and development, System and Interoperability Testing.
• Automotive – Anti-Lock Braking System, Navigation systems. Key contributions in Design and Implementation of
ABS, Technology and Architecture selection for Navigation and Telematics system
• Medical – Telemedicine Patient Monitoring Systems, Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring System, Remote Cardiac
Monitoring System, familiarity and use of Medical Technology Standards and Protocols like EHR, HL7, IHE, CCR,
IEEE 11071. Key contributions in product engineering include feature definition and prioritization, technology
selection, hardware architecture definition, software system architecture and design of embedded and enterprise
systems using Medical interface standards and protocols. Experience in managing large technical teams, co-
ordinating hardware, and mechanical and software project management of features, interact with marketing and
customer support teams.
• Industrial – Robotic control systems, DVR Surveillance systems, Machine vision systems, Test and Measurement.
Key contributions in technology selection, architecture and design approach, system partitioning, algorithms,
development intervention.
• OS and Platforms – Linux, Real Time Operating Systems, Device Drivers, Virtualization, Co-Simulation. Key
contributions in hardware architecture, OS selection, Middleware, System Architecture and design, development
• Enterprise Software – Experience with Enterprise Service Bus, Webservices, Web application Architecture,
Database design, XML

Project Details:

Wipro Technologies Ltd (Feb 1999 – Present)

Lead Systems Architect for Product Engineering Division comprising Medical, Automotive, Industrial, Avionics business
verticals. Independently provide product, technology, architecture and design consultancy to product engineering teams.
Also support in business proposals, new business initiatives, centre of excellence. Leading cross-functional team of
technical and domain architects and delivery intervention specialists to provide support to development teams and
usher a technical growth path for architects.

• Technical consultancy, architecture and design support and intervention for DSP based video processing
architecture for Mobile DVR, Robotic control system, Multi-parameter patient monitoring system.
• Architected the Wireless sensor network based Cardiac Emergency Monitoring Solution for a Medical Technology
start-up comprising of home monitor and hospital based nurse monitor station and server side web application
platform. Played a key role in customer engineering team and independently contributed to the end-end technology
analysis and selection, feature definition, interface design, database design, medical device integration and
conceptualizing, prioritizing and driving the implementation and integration of all components in the ecosystem
using Agile development model. The software system design and the complex multi-tiered database design,
partitioning of core system modules for use in monitor and server side systems, zigbee network interface module,
interface definition for arrhythmia algorithms on Matlab environment and product verification and validation
approach were some of my independent contribution as architect of this product.
• Architected the Remote Patient Monitoring Solution including the home monitor based on LAMP components on
Intel platform and server side platform based on technologies. Played a key role in customer engineering team and
independently contributed to the technology selection, feature and use case detailing, feature prioritization,
interface design, database design, device integration and conceptualizing and driving the implementation and
integration of all components in the ecosystem including interfacing with legacy medical record and monitoring
systems. Acquired knowledge for Safety critical medical product design using proper design methodologies, Fault
and Risk management, and standards based interfaces and protocols, such as use of CCR standards for data
payload. Used innovative open technologies like Message oriented middleware, Enterprise Service Bus for data
integration and transformation on server side and open technologies like LAMP, XML User Interface (XUL)
technologies for the entire ecosystem. Was part of the customer pre-sales team to showcase the solution to OEM
and endusers.
• Architected the embedded Linux distribution for a leading customer; was instrumental in building the core system
team from ground up, feature definition, engineering design and development of the first generation targeting
telecommunications market. Also contributed to the design of the distribution framework, automated test framework
for end-end testing of kernel on multiple target boards spread across geographic locations.
( Experience in interacting with open source community projects such as Carrier
Grade Linux (CGL) consortium, platform management (IPMI), Class Based Kernel Resource Management (CKRM)
for integrating/backport features providing customized solutions into a carrier grade telecommunications platform.
• Architected the Layer-2 Advanced switching and VLAN software solution on Linux and integrated with Broadcom
StrataXGS switch. The switch protocols developed were Spanning Tree, Rapid Spanning Tree, Multiple Spanning
Tree, IGMP Snooping, IEEE802.3ad , GARP, GVRP, GMRP, Management applications and delivered product
• Developed IXP-1200 Network Processor based TCP Offload Engine. The Linux TCP stack was modified to offload
TCP sessions to the network processor to improve latency and throughput. This was done to gain hands-on
experience of Linux TCP stack and also Network processors. Developed a diagnostics and hardware test
framework for enterprise switch card comprising HiFn security processors, SiByte control plane processors, IBM
PowerNP dataplane processors
• Architected the switch card software and interface to control/data plane for Edge router platform of a networking
start-up. Designed and Developed Bellcore GR253 compliant firmware including SONET, Alarm monitoring and
surveillance, performance monitoring and Fault Management APS.
• Designed the Wipro FireWire gateway platform. Developed the 1394 Device driver for VxWorks and IP over 1394
protocol and Serial Bus protocol as per IETF specifications

HCL Technologies Ltd (Sept 1996 to Jan 1999)

Project Lead for Telecom Engineering Research and Development projects at Chennai.

Designed and Developed X.25 and ISDN protocol stacks for a multi-tiered Remote Access Services platform. The
stacks were designed to have data and control paths on different processors and operating environment and
communicating over shared memory. Also developed the interfaces and drivers required for inter-processor
communication, porting of the OS to the boards. Implemented the device drivers for Quad PCI based ISDN BRI card
based on AMCC 5933 PCI chipsets.

Square D Software Ltd (Sept 1995 to Aug 1996)

Senior Software Analyst

Lead Developer in the team, developed the Anti-Lock Braking system components on Hitachi H8 microcontroller
assembly for a Japanese customer. The modules like fail-safe, detection of vehicle parameters and control system was
developed and tested in a simulated environment

Tektronix India Ltd (Oct 1991 to Aug 1995)

As Software Engineer (Mar 1993 to Aug 1995) was involved in development and testing of real time disassemblers for
PowerPC 801/803, AMD 29k processors for Tektronix Logic Analysers product Line DAS 9200. Hands-on working
knowledge of hardware languages like VHDL, PDL (Tektronix proprietary)

As Field Applications Engineer (Oct 1991 to Feb 1993), was involved in hardware maintenance and application
development support for Tektronix test and measurement products. Application development using LabVIEW and

LabWindows for custom field environments like Virtual Instrumentation, VME systems, GPIB, ATE, Automatic Calibration
Systems, MIL-STD-1553 bus systems

Honours & Activities:

*0Secured Second place in All-India Engineering Design Competition in 1991
*1Speaker in Bangalore Linux 2002 - “Portable approach to dispatching machine contexts in user-level in Linux”.
*2Speaker in Bangalore Linux 2003 - “Virtual Linux Systems using User Mode Linux”
*3Speaker in FOSS.In 2005 – “Linux Test Automation Framework”
*4Software maintainer of Linux Test Automation Framework at
*5Submitted the first ever port of uCOS-II for the IBM PowerPC 405GP architecture to Micrium
*6Remote debugging with gdb over JTAG. Submitted a concept idea based on this and implemented the JTAG driver to
convert gdb instructions to JTAG.
*7Awarded “Navigation Award” by customer for innovation and contribution to engineering the Embedded Linux
distribution platform for the customer
*8Presented paper on Remote Patient Monitoring system and medical application and services interoperability
middleware using openEHR standards
*9Knowledge Management Award 2007 for pioneering the open knowledge management initiatives at Wipro
*10Currently developing a machine vision solution for color sorting system using OpenCV library
*11Currently prototyping a 3-lead ECG patch based on Freescale MC9S08H8 micro and discrete analog components
from TI.


Mr. Jan Klube

Director of Engineering