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Name: Morteza Shahriari Nia Birth: 1984 Address: Fircrest, WA Permanent Resident
Degree: Master’s of Software Eng. Tarbiat Modares University1 GPA: 2.90

Programming Java, Matlab, Delphi, C, Pascal, HTML, XML, nesC, Prolog, Maude

DB SQL server 2000, Oracle 10g

Framework ---
J2EE, J2ME, Eclipse RCP, Hibernate, JUnit, RUP, Rational Rose,
TinyOS, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Photoshop

Multi-Threading, Regular Expression, Internet Protocols and Security

My Wrenches
(Authorization/ Authentication), and so on!

Implemented Scientific Projects

• Ethernet simulation with CSMA/CD (with/out hub – switch) : Java
• Distributed WSN localization - via mass-spring : Java
• Centralized WSN localization : Prolog
• CBIR: Flower content-based image retrieval : Matlab
• Graph coloring : Prolog / Maude
• Cell phone game programming – Hangman : <<J2ME>>
• Client/Server DB-based project : Delphi

ACM Team Programming Contests

• ACM International Programming Contest, Middle East section 2005, Honorary Degree
• ACM programming contest, country-wide Babol city contest 2004

Executive Responsibilities
• Administration of Students Association of TMU computer eng. group 2004
• Student ACM activities at TMU (contestant, administrator, management) 2003-2007
• Executive staff of the annual Iranian Math conference 2007
• Executive staff of the Iranian Conference of Electrical Eng. 2008
(The keynote speaker, Prof. G. B. Giannakis - University of Minnesota – was so interested in my scientific
career that I have the HONOR of gaining his recommendation for my PH.D.)

Tarbiat Modares University is dedicated to graduate studies and is the 2nd university in Iran
in 2007 based on the number of ISI publications.
Year Technical Experience
Wireless Sensor Network Simulator
• The only participant: System analysis, design, implementation,
QA, statistical analyzer
• Java
2009 12 • 4 layers, as 4 separate projects
• Using various O.O. methodologies
• Over 5000 Lines of code, Over 60 classes in hierarchies
• Various geometrical, statistical, image prc, distributed algorithms
Master’s Project
Web-based Collegiate E-Learning System
• One of the main participants of the project
2008 4 • Analysis and Design
• Through RUP
• IBM Rational Rose
Tarbiat Modares Universoty E-Learning System
Portable Report Generator: Tree-structured Report from GMF
Graphical Dynamic Query; For large data-warehouse systems
• One of the main participants of the project
• Analysis, Design and Implementation
• IBM Rational
2007 6 • Eclipse Framework, EMF, GMF & RCP, Plugin Development
• SWT UI designation
• J2EE, Hibernate, Java
• Oracle DB
• XML Data coding
R&D section of Rad Samaneh Co.
TMU Website UI Design
• One of the main participants of the project
• Analysis, Design and Implementation
2005 3 • Microsoft Frontpage
• Dreamweaver
• Photoshop
Tarbiat Moalem University – Website Restructuring Project
ACM Contest Network
2005 3 • Network setup and maintenance
• Deployment of ACM contests applications
Tarbiat Moalem University – ACM Assc.
2004 6
TMU Computer Eng. Lab Network
• Network maintenance of Computer Eng. Lab at TMU
Tarbiat Moalem University
Client-Server Application
• Programmer assistant
2004 3 • Delphi 7
• MS SQL Server 2000
Peyvand Co.

2003 3 Salesman
• An audio/video appliance store

• Books
o “Art of Programming Contest (SE for UVA)” translation to Persian 2007
• Articles
o “Discrete Probabilistic DV-Hop - Reengineering High Accuracy Range-free
WSN Localization”, CSICC 2009 - Unpublished
o “Robust Genetic Algorithm” in SCEE, Tehran University 2006 - Unpublished
o Numerous scientific articles in the journal of Alborz high school 1999
• Technical Reports:
o Sensor Network localization approaches (master’s seminar)
o Robocup simulation research (bachelor’s thesis)
o Analysis of MIS issues in IKO (a large car factory)
o Image registration issues
o Issues in queues and Markov chains
o Unix file system
o Hashing challenges

Noteworthy Remarks
2008 Thorough Master’s Seminar Review: A thorough survey of 87 articles and books
in distributed wireless sensor networks localization.
2007 Master’s Entrance Exam: Ranked 45th of almost 12,000 competitors - Computer
Eng. field - nation-wide public universities - Iran; Hence, master’s student of
Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran. (3rd best university in Iran, dedicated to
graduate studies)

2007 Getting 8-semester bachelor’s degree in 7 semesters!

2003 Bachelor’s Entrance Exam: Ranked 2,450th of almost 300,000 competitors –
nation-wide public (free and governmental) universities – Iran; Hence, bachelor’s
student of Tarbiat Moallem University, Tehran. (7th university in Iran in Computer

1999 Computer Olympiad Group: Selected Member of (among 20 selected members

from almost 1000 competitors)