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Summer Internship Programme Placement Brochure 2009

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XLRI is synonymous with the people it represents. Over the years, XLRI has seen stalwarts-in-the-making passing through its hallowed portals. The time has come for the stars to shine anew. These are men and women, both inspired and inspiring in their actions, waiting to paint the world in their inimitable style. For those who stand tall in the way of light leave lasting shadows.

Director’s Message
Knowledge and continuous learning is the mainstay amongst the best organizations of today. In keeping with this requirement, we at XLRI have designed programmes that equip the future managers of tomorrow with learning, competencies and skills that set them apart. While the BM Programme equips the students with an integrated approach to management function and managerial skills, the PM&IR Programme facilitates learning in modern concepts, techniques and practices in the management of human resources in addition to different functional areas of management to enhance their effectiveness. A unique feature of XLRI is our emphasis not just on knowledge department, but also on personal, spiritual and social development. This integral and value based formation will impel our students to be innovative, competent and creative leaders. They are groomed in a manner as to serve as agents of continuous improvement and change. I am happy to present the current batches of XLRI. They are highly motivated and talented. Their diverse educational backdrop will give you varied options as you seek bright young men and women to join your organization. I welcome you to XLRI. I feel privileged to invite you to participate in the placement process this year. I am confident that your organization will benefit immensely from your choice of graduates at XLRI.

E. Abraham, S.J. Ph.D Director, XLRI Jamshedpur


Placement Co-ordinator’s Message
Dear Recruiters, I take this opportunity to invite you to the Placement Program at XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, Jamshedpur. The time comes again for us to expose the best minds we have, to the outer world that waits to test and absorb the talent radiating from every individual. I assure you that your expectations will not just be met, but will be surpassed substantially. The student mix in the batch is hand-picked from some of the most diverse walks of life. This diversity has resulted in experiential learning and appreciation of varied cultures and tastes. The curriculum here has been dynamically aligned to the needs and aspirations of the industry to ensure that students not just imbibe academic concepts but develop the analytical and decision-making skills to be the leaders in the ever-changing world of business. Change – That word sure has a lot of meaning and purpose for all of us here at XLRI. It is the premise on which the academic programs are designed to be effective. The distinguished faculty at XLRI, which forms the most impacting clout in academic and consulting circles, has taken the pains to ensure that the student of today is constantly acclimatised to the dynamics of change and takes his rightful place amongst the future change drivers of the industry. I welcome you to experience this change. XLRI has maintained an aura of culture and legacy over the six decades of of innovative growth and excellence. Having stamped its class in academic and corporate circles, the alumni of XLRI today don the most challenging and demanding roles in industry – India and abroad. This is testimony to the trust and belief that the industry has bestowed in us for years and more importantly is a commitment from XLRI to deliver the best consistently. This journey from darkness to light for the students would not be possible but for the strong bond that XLRI shares with the business world. This brochure collates all the relevant information for your participation in the Placement Program. We look forward to forging stronger bonds of co-operation to traverse unchartered territories of excellence. Welcome home to XLRI! With regards and good wishes,

Prof. Rajiv Misra Placement Chairperson


XLRI Values
Established in 1949, XLRI School of Business and Human Resources is one of the oldest and the most refined of Business Schools in India. Located at the confluence of India’s Industrial landscape and a town-planning spectacle of Jamshedpur, XLRI has come to be known as one of the most respected B-schools in Asia. Having groomed managers and leaders of the corporate sphere for close to six decades, XLRI boasts a legacy of Excellence & Integrity – The values XLRI inculcates in every student. Inspired by the Jesuit spirit of Magis – ‘Ever Greater’, XLRI aims at being a management school with a passion for academic excellence, uncompromising human values, a sensitive social conscience and an abiding commitment to improving the quality of life in organisations and society & integrity. It is these values that make an XLer shine apart.

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Crafting your path with the luminance of insight and wisdom…

Over many years XLRI has developed its own identity. The hall mark of this identity is, not to walk on the beaten path but to strike new routes; not to benchmark but to be benchmarked against, to be second to none but to be the first to respond to the needs of the people and the nation, by taking up the tasks which are bold but necessary which nobody has hitherto taken up. This enterprising and pioneering spirit can be witnessed throughout the history of XLRI.

Students – A ‘1-out-of-450’ find
It takes scaling the ocean to find a pearl. And that is the intention behind conceptualizing XAT – One of India’s most competitive B-School Entrance Tests. The selection process, crafted in a manner to test an individual’s ability to think smart and think fast consists of a written test followed by rigorous interviews by distinguished faculty. Through this process the institute handpicks the ‘rain-makers’ of tomorrow.

Curriculum - A choice of over 18 different specializations
The academic curriculum is structured to address the needs of the industry and is aligned towards imparting contemporary knowledge to the students. An optimal mix of learning methods ensures a holistic personality development of the students. The curriculum encourages students to apply theoretical learning to real-life scenarios in the form of case studies, research, events, live projects and the likes.

Faculty – Highest faculty to student ratio in the country
XLRI boasts of the best of faculty in terms of teaching experience, subject matter expertise, industry & government recognition and student appreciation. Most of the faculty members have undertaken consulting assignments in corporate arena and have donned advisory roles to government agencies in India and abroad. They have authored books of international repute and have published research papers in some of the world’s most distinguished journals.

Recruiters – 65 companies, 298 offers, the best in class salaries across the board year on year
Over the years, Brand XLRI has created a niche for itself in the business world. This has culminated in the best of the companies offering challenging profiles to our students on campus. The confidence that an XLer can face any uncertainty and raise the bar on excellence has resulted in the companies looking forward to recruiting year on year. These esteemed recruiters have endorsed the quality of the students.


Strong alumni – A network built for over 50 years.
As the students walk out of XLRI, they embark upon a journey to put their learnings into best use. Their experiences and knowledge have helped in realizing optimal solutions and best industry practices. They have achieved goals that are unreachable for many in a manner that leaves an everlasting shadow behind. The students of yester years look back upon their alma mater as the reason for their success while the institute looks up to them as the reason for its pride and glory.

Public recognition – Received the “Best B-School Award” at Asia Pacific HRD Conclave
The institute’s concerted and honest effort towards learning has lead to results that speak for themselves. The change brought about by a student from XLRI not only in the field of business but also in the realm of the society has ensured that people associate XLRI to quality and excellence. As we embark upon this journey, we look up to you as the facilitators of change, our first step in the many steps that we would take in our quest to spread the light of knowledge that is the benevolence of our alma mater.

XLRI was founded in 1949 by Fr Quinn Enright, S.J. in the Steel City of Jamshedpur. Fr. Enright visualized XLRI to be a partner in the liberation and development journey of the independent India with a vision of “renewing the face of the earth”. Fr. Bill Tome joined hands with him to bring that vision to fruition. Both, together with the other Jesuit companions, worked tirelessly towards translating the Vision “Renewing the face of the earth” into action. During the first seven years of growth, several courses of management and trade unions were developed and organized by the institute. In the year 1953, the 2 year full time industrial relations program was started which is now the most widely acclaimed Personal Management and Industrial Relation (PM & IR) course. In the year 1968 the 2 year full time business management (BM) course was introduced and it is now one of the most sought after programs. To mark the fifty years of service to the executive world, XLRI started the three year executive post graduate program in the year 2001. It started the three-years Executive Postgraduate programme in Business Management (Singapore) and the International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP) in 2006. In 2007 the one-year Postgraduate Program (PGP) in Management and Insurance (with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company), 12 months Postgraduate Certificate (PGC) in Retail Management (Satellite based live classrooms across the country) and the 12 months Postgraduate Certificate (PGC) in Sales & Marketing Management (Satellite based live classrooms across the country) was started. 7

The campus, spanning an area of 40 acres, is situated in the sylvan surroundings of Jamshedpur. The campus boasts of a state-of-the-art academic block. It has eight air-conditioned amphitheatre classrooms, syndicate rooms, a computer center and an examination hall. The classrooms are equipped with OHP’s, computers and LCD projectors to facilitate teaching and learning. Closed circuit television facility is available for recording and playback of excercises.

The Sir Jehangir Ghandy Library
The Sir Jehangir Ghandy library is a veritable powerhouse of knowledge for management studies and research. It provides a vast and constantly updated resource to its students to ensure their overall development. The aim of the Library is to serve the needs of XLRI’s faculty, Research Scholars, Students and Members of the Library. It is the heart of the institution and acts as a center for the collection of literature predominantly related to labour relations, management and its allied subjects and develops a comprehensive collection of information that is useful for teaching and reference purpose. User satisfaction is the current day approach to library service. To cope with this development, the library has stepped into Library Automation.

Resources 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 8 Books e-books Bound Volumes of Periodicals Foreign Journals Indian Journals Project Reports and Dissertations Theses News Papers Video Cassettes CDROM & DVDs Company Annual Report Government Publication Online Databases

Total Collection (As on 29-02-2008) 60,254 5000+ 15000 220 155 13500 26 14 590 1400 500 5000 19

The Academic Block
The building has air conditioned lecture halls, an examination hall, computer centre and syndicate rooms all of which contain access points to the campus wide network.

Computer Centre
The computer centre houses computer labs having: • Latest servers (IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP and Acer) for hosting various applications, gateways, intranet and proxy • A dedicated helpdesk for software and hardware related queries • Printing hub for centralized network printing from the hostel • Xerox and scanning facility

IT Infrastructure initiatives at XLRI are:
• Increased the Internet bandwidth (from 8Mbps to 12Mbps) • Upgraded the intranet with new Fiber Optic cable (intranet soon to operate on 10/100/1000 rather than 10/100) • 3 new SUN servers for AIS, Gateway and Mail Server • Installing the best antivirus - Kaspersky Enterprise version – in the Institute. • Upgrading the computing facility in the computer center, offices and classrooms with all new Dell desktops.

Committees on Campus
CII Young Indians
It is a student body which is a part of the CII”s Yi initiative. CII’s Yi (Young India) Net was formed at the XLRI with the formal signing of MoU between XLRI director E. Abraham and Jay Kamani, the chairperson of Yi Net in Jamshedpur on April 04, 2008. Yi is a group comprising young Indian entrepreneurs, businessmen, managers and professionals who unite under one roof with the objective of creating a better future for the Indian youth and to bridge the gap between the different sections of society. The focus areas of YiNet include economy, education, environment, healthcare, youth affairs and employment. Some of the unique movements launched by YiNet across the country are fundraising events for developmental projects, rural education, AIDS awareness work and several others. CII would also help students organise several knowledge-sharing platforms with company chiefs, corporate behemoths and young political leaders. organize the exchange program for XLRI students, ensure that the incoming students blend in well with the rich academic and cultural environment at XLRI by organizing buddy programs, orientation and industrial visits. They also organize short term study tours for foreign students, explore new avenues for scholarships and promote faculty exchange programs.

The strength of light is felt more in places where darkness has prevailed for most of the time. At XLRI we have a social Initiative Group for Managerial Assistance (SIGMA), a student body that creates a platform to network with NGOs, Corporate Governance cells & Government Departments for the purpose of community capacity building. The main aim of this student body is to help NGOs formulate effective fund-raising strategies, develop new programs, curtail expenses and perform better. In essence, they work together for a better tomorrow. They have worked with 17 NGOs on 21 live projects involving 73 students, they have started the BCLP – Computer literacy program for 50 village youth. They have started the unique Shilp Mela – Marketing platform for NGOs.

The tiny glow of a candle fills the room with light. Such is the nature of light. We at XLRI believe in bringing light beyond the horizons of India. ISEP, the student body representative of the International student exchange program helps in the same. Every year they help students to study abroad in one of the foreign institutes that XLRI has a tie up with. The vision of the body is “To provide every XLer an opportunity to gain an international exposure and enrich their academic experience by providing an international perspective to”. In the year 2008, the program had 15 partners and 45 seats. The student body aims at strengthen existing collaborations, identify and negotiate with new partners,

“A sound mind in a sound body to keep the light in all as bright as ever”; this has always been a school of thought at XLRI. SportsComm, a student body at XLRI aims to help nurture sports on campus. They perform various functions like providing and maintaining sports infrastructure on campus, conducting sports events, procure equipment for players and arrange Sports/ Game coaching camps. 9

The plays of lights and shadows have dimensions that can be enacted by the most talented of us. Dracula, the dramatics and cultural committee of XLRI works towards bringing alive on campus these plays. They conduct a gamut of cultural events, dance, FANGS and theatre shows. The organization of large scale events like rock shows and inter B-School quizzes provides a hands on event management experience to future managers.


The nature and adventure club of XLRI, XLANC conducts various activities to encourage the adventure spirit of the students. From bird watching to face painting, from term break exploration to Meghalaya they conduct adventure camps, treks, parasailing, rappelling, wall climbing and various other activities. Annually they conduct quest adventura; the only event to be held “on air, water and land”, across all B schools. The competitions test leadership, strategy, teamwork, brawn and skill of students.

Branding ones alma mater is indeed an honor and an instant of immeasurable joy. The shadow that follows every student of XLRI is in itself his/her biggest asset. The integrity and harmony that is developed amongst students in the years of their study, extends beyond just their 2 years. The institute garners this harmony beyond campus and brands itself through the student body, External Linkages. The body performs various activities like events, the play ‘The Shadows Within’, convocation, silver jubilee alumni reunion and village trip & adventure camp. It conducts alumni meets all over the world and keeps the “XL Mafia” connected.


The library is the largest abode of knowledge in any institution. The commitment to keep this vast resource updated, appropriate and available for the student committee is carried out by the student body, LIBCOMM.


XLRI is a home away from home to every student. The student body INFRACOMM, ensures that every individuals needs are satisfied to the best of the institutes capabilities. It ensures that mess, hostel and other basic amenities are maintained and provided to all. This job counts for handling the permanent employees of the mess and maintenance staff and is handled by students with tact and responsibility.

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The only instrument of production that is not subject to law of diminishing returns is knowledge.

XLRI takes immense pride in its Finance specialization. The course is specially designed to build an appreciation and encourage examination of the role of finance as one of the key functional areas of any business organization. When it comes to finance, the challenge in today’s dynamic world is to make tough decisions and for this, the curriculum ingrains in the minds of the learner, an understanding of corporate financial decision making process and how it can help in the creation of value for the firm. What is unique about XLRI is that it offers its students a specialization in Economics, acknowledging that it is imperative to have knowledge of the environment in which one operates and its implications for the business. The curricula and pedagogy are state-of-the-art and constantly evolving to match the pace of the hour. Electives like those on Microfinance are offered by few other business schools and they demonstrate the focus on niche areas in the course design. Year after year, finance has been one of the biggest attractions at XLRI and the student committee FINAX, facilitates in nurturing this interest and enthusiasm enriching the learning process. The learning completes its circle with the internship experience wherein students have gained and applied their understanding in projects as diverse as those relating to trading, credit, equity, mergers, treasury and equity research.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Basic Financial Accounting (Core) Cost and Management Accounting (Core) Financial Management-I (Core) Financial Management-II(Core) Advanced Management Accounting Business Analysis & Valuation Capital Expenditure Planning & Control Commodities Derivatives Market Corporate Taxation Financial Analysis Planning & Control Financial Markets Financial Modeling using Excel Fixed Income Securities International Financial Management Options & Futures Risk Management and Insurance Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Financial Risk Management Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring Commercial Banking

• • • • • • • • • • • • • Macroeconomic Theory & Policy (Core) Managerial Economics (Core) Basic Econometrics Demand & Business Forecasting Strategic Game Theory for Managers Development Economics Economic Indicators: Database & Estimation Economics of Human Resources Entrepreneurship & New Ventures Industrial Economics & Competitive Strategies International Business Economics Managing Private-Public Partnership Money Banking & Finance


XLRI’s commitment to excellence is intimately tied to its commitment to teaching. This is evident from the fact that the Finance and Economics unit of XLRI boasts a faculty size of twenty, which remains unmatched by any business school in the country. The faculty with rich experience in academics, industry and research bring their unprecedented insights into the classrooms to train the next generation of business leaders.

Gourav Vallabh
• An Honorary Advisor, Ministry of Revenue, the Government of Rajasthan • Awarded the ‘Best Young Researcher’ award by ICWAI and IAA

Arundhati Sarkar Bose
• Has taught in London School of Economics • Her area of research is International Trade and Finance, Labour Economics and Economics of Education.

H. K. Pradhan
• Fullbright Post Doctoral Research Fellow with the Columbia University Business School(New York) • Associated with the Indian Planning Commission, Commonwealth Secretariat London, UN and the Asian Development Bank

P C Padhan
• Has published several research papers in reputed journals, presented papers in various conferences, has actively participated in various seminars/workshops. • To his credit, he has qualifed UGC-NET ( JRF) in Mathematical Economics.

James Santhanam ,S.J.
• Worked as Financial Controller at XIM, and Faculty Member at Centre for Research and Development

Prabal K Sen
• Has served the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) as Bank of Baroda Chair Professor. • Has offered consultancy services to the Ministry of Rural Development, Indian government and the SIDBI Foundation for Micro Credit

Pitabas Mohanty
• Co-authored Principles of Corporate Finance with Brearley and Myers. • Co-authored Investments with ZVI Bodi, Alex Kane, Alan Marcus

Reshmi Mitra
• Worked as Enterprise Development Adviser for DFID, Government of UK • Has been a Fulbright senior scholar at the Harvard Business School and visiting faculty at Babson, Massachusetts

Prantik Ray
• A long teaching experience in various colleges • MBA(Finance), MA (Economics), DBF(ICFAI)

Ram Kumar Kakani
• The best paper award at 2002 IBER Conference held in USA • An Aditya Birla Research Scholar at the London School of Business

Santanu Gupta
• Has held research and teaching positions with the London school of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India Development Foundation and Institute of Technology and Management

S Jayapandian
• Recipient of three national awards for outstanding services, achievements and contributions.

Suma Damodaran
• B.A. (Economics) Madras University; M.A. (Economics) Madras University, Fellow IIM Bangalore • Has been in academics for sixteen years with Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, Goa Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Sabyasachi Sengupta
• Has specialized in developing Accounting & Costing Systems, structuring MIS reporting, dealings with Banks and Financial Institutions and in various fields of Management Consultancy service

Sumit Sarkar
• Taught in London School Of Economics • Has published his works as well refereed for international refereed journals.

Uday Damodaran
• PG from Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi; Fellow from IIMB. • An authority in Fixed Income Securities, Corporate Finance, Derivatives & Risk Management.

Vishwa Ballabh
• Was the RBI Chair Professor, IRMA. • Associated with The Ford Foundation, Royal Netherlands Embassy, UNICEF and International Water Management Institute


FINAX-Finance association of XLRI
The Finance Association of XLRI brings together students with a passion for finance. It facilitates in building the understanding of the subject and seeks an approach which brings about an interface between the finance industry, finance faculty, and XLRI students. The result is what we could call experiential learning. Bridging the gap between classrooms and ground realities, it organizes a series of student activities that are grounded in the concept of ‘learning while doing.’ These activities include the hosting finance conferences, day workshops, discussion forums where there is a rich exchange of thoughts, analyses and interpretations of the current developments. A Distinguished Speaker Series is organized which gives students an opportunity to interact with hedge fund managers, CEOs and MDs of reputed firms from the industry. The student run portfolios are valued from Rs. 300,000 to Rs 1,000,000. The management of the college mutual fund valued at Rs. 200,000 is in itself a form of learning as close to practice as possible. The committee hosts a series of innovative simulation games such as simulated trading which further strengthens the learning. The Finance Journal-INSIGHT is a rich collection of student publications pertaining to the finance domain covering key areas like credit, derivatives and trading strategy. The international exchange program offers students exposure to finance in the Asian/ European markets. Students work together to make the activities as enriching as possible.

Our Illustrious Alumni
Abraham Chacko
• Executive Director-Global Trade Advisory ABN Amro, Singapore

Rajiv Kaul
• Partner, Actis PE

Ramanathan Srikumar
• First Vice President Singapore International Monetary Exchange

Ankur Choudhary
• VP & Head, Institutional Sales J P Morgan Chase

V Anantaraman
• Head, Investment Banking, Credit Suisse India

Ramki Muthukrishnan
• Director, Standard & Poor’s

Jaspal Bindra
• Global Institutional Banking Head Standard Chartered

Raphael Parambi
• CEO, Muscat Finance, Oman, Muscat

Sanjay Bhandarkar
• MD, N M Rothschild, India

K N Venkatraman
• Global Risk Manager (Americas)Deutsche Bank

Sanjiv Bhasin
• MD & CEO, Rabo India Finance

Pankaj Agarwal
• MD, Investment Banking Division, CLSA

Past Recruiters
• • • • • • • • • • • • 8 Capital Hedge Fund ABN Amro Bank AIG American Express Axis Bank Bank of America Barings PE BNP Paribas Calyon Bank Citibank CRISIL E&Y TAS, UAE • • • • • • • • • • • • Edelweiss Capital Goldman Sachs Equity Research HSBC Bank ICICI Bank ICICI Lombard ICICI Prudential Life Insurance ICRA IDBI IDBI Bank IDFC Private Equity Indea Capital Indusland Bank • • • • • • • • • • JP Morgan Chase Lotus AMC Lehman Brothers Ocwen Financials Rabo Bank SBI Capital SBI Mutual Funds Standard Chartered Bank The Carlyle Group UTI Bank

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If you felt knowledge is simply another commodity, think again. Can you barter for a ray of light that spreads by diff raction and grows by dispersion?

Marketing has been the forte of XLRI. XLRI over the years has built for itself an image for bringing forth a pool of talented and knowledgeable students, aspiring to make a niche for themselves in the pulsating and exciting domain of Marketing. The industry faces a constant turmoil of change-be it in the form of changing trends or changing preferences and perceptions. The curriculum and pedagogy has thus, been crafted with a built-in flexibility, to meet the demands of the global dynamics. A special focus is made to ensure that knowledge inculcated is not isolated from the real practices and hence, active student participation is entailed through active learning. Students have over the years, picked up the fundamentals and nuances, skills and attributes in marketing and applied the same, be it in the campus activities of the Marketing Association of XLRI, Maxi or in the course of their internship in exciting projects, with the best of the industry. XLRI has prided itself with the innovation of ‘MAXI Fair’ (estd: 1977) as an innovative way for companies to solve marketing research problems. Some of them have even used the fair to launch products. The confluence of a great talent pool and rigorous pedagogy has resulted in a string of distinguished alumni from this domain, leaving its footprints across the globe in some of the most esteemed firms and business organizations.

• • • • • • • • • • 16 Marketing-I (Core) Marketing-II (Core) Advertising and Sales Promotion Business to Business Marketing Competition and Globalization Consumer Behavior Strategic Marketing International Marketing Integrated Marketing Communications Marketing Decision Models • • • • • • • • • Marketing Fair Marketing in Practice Marketing Law Marketing Research Product and Brand Management Retail Marketing Rural Marketing Sales and Distribution Management Services Marketing

XLRI’s image of a veritable powerhouse in the functional area of Marketing is largely from the contributions of the Marketing faculty. Each of them are stalwarts in their own domains-be it academics, research or industry practice. The understanding which they impart truly helps students in facing concrete challenges, innovating and making strong decisions. Pingali Venugopal
• Member of the steering committee for the Jharkhand Development Report being prepared for the Planning Commission, Government of India. • Authored books on Marketing Channel Management: A Customer-Centric Approach, Input Management: The State of the Indian Farmer: A Millennium Study, and Managing the Sales Force: A Motivational Approach leading development banks including the World Bank. • Has worked in the industry for six years and this includes stints at PricewaterhouseCoopers and MAA Bozell.

Narasimhan Rajkumar
• Ph.D. study from Utkal University in the area of Marketing with specific focus on Retail Price Perceptions. • Areas of interests are Consumer Behavior, Numerical Cognition and Retail. • Has 5 publications to date and is currently working on a book on Pricing Management.

Sharad Sarin
• Visiting faculty to University of Colorado at Boulder and Rhode Island, USA, Helsinki school of Economics, Finland and IIM Ahmedabad • On the board of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, Tata Refractories Ltd, Rane Madras Ltd and Tega Industries Ltd.

Sanjeev Varshney
• Thesis on Outshopping Behaviour (in the domain of retailing and consumer behavior) using a Mixed methodology, was awarded the Best Paper of the Year at COSMAR 2006 (IISc Bangalore). • Has worked for companies like Britannia, Tata Sky, Nokia, Cargill Foods and his last assignment was with Sales Excel Pvt. Ltd (Gurgaon)

Sanjay Patro
• Has handled consulting assignments for many organizations in the field of Marketing and Strategy. • Areas of interest are Strategic Marketing, Product and Brand Management, Services Marketing and Rural Marketing.

Smitu Malhotra
• Thesis on the impact of globalization on competitive practices of Indian firms. • Other areas of interest include social entrepreneurship and marketing communications.

Srinivas Govindrajan
• Has helped conceptualize innovative methods of revenue collection mechanisms in rural areas that have been incorporated in the Electricity Act, 2003 and appreciated by


MAXI-Marketing Association of XLRI:

The Marketing Association of XLRI is one of the most popular and exciting student committees on campus. This association has behind it a saga more than thirty years old and acts as a common forum for all those with an enthusiasm for marketing to come together and have a shared learning journey. MAXI is involved in hosting a slew of events and activities across the year. Apart from holding various seminars, symposiums it organizes an annual two-day Ad Workshop in association with big names in the advertising domain. Workshops like these stimulate creative thought process and help exploring new avenues of learning.

Perhaps one of the most sought after event in XLRI is the MAXI Fair- a three day carnival-like milieu which has emerged as an accredited market research tool. While students try to extract unbiased consumer perceptions and preferences, elicit meaningful information they actually gain insights which inculcate the finer aspects of Marketing. Events like these are complemented with live projects and industry interaction with experts. MAXI ensures that the business school experience is filled with exciting events which make learning more challenging and close to practice.

Our Illustrious Alumni
Amar Babu
• Director, Sales Marketing Group, South Asia Intel Corp

Mini Sinha Pinto
• Director-Global Marketing Research Reckitt Benckiser, Berkshire, UK

Bijou Kurian
• CEO, Reliance Retail

Neil Rodricks
• Director, Sales Management, Royal Bank Financial Group, Toronto, Canada

Chitra Talwar
• Vice President-Global Sales, Pepsico Beverages International, New York

Percy Siganporia
• Managing Director, Tata Tetley

George Zacharias
• CEO, Yahoo! India

Rajesh Bajpai
• Country Head, Marico Egypt

Kalyan Ganguly
• President, UB Group

Vikram Rao
• Group Executive President, Madura Garments and Board Member, Aditya Birla Group

Madhukar Kamath
• MD & CEO, Mudra Communications

Vinod Sawhney
• CEO, Bharti Retail

Past Recruiters
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Asian Paints Bharti BPCL Britannia Cadbury’s Castrol Coca Cola Colgate-Palmolive Dabur Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Electrolux Eveready GE GlaxoSmithKline Godrej • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Heinz Hero Honda Hewlett Packard Hindustan Times Hindustan Unilever HPCL ICI Paints Indian Oil Intel ITC Johnson & Johnson Marico Murugappa Nestle Nokia

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

P&G Pepsi Pfizer Ranbaxy Reckitt Benckiser Spencer Retail Saint Gobain Seagrams Sony Entertainment UB Group Whirlpool Wockhardt Yahoo

e t o M o e t o M o e


eep sighted Human Resources telligence, id om and infl Man is indeed oldmine of r eep sighted telligence, id om and infl Man is indeed oldmine of r eep sighted
Deep sighted in intelligence, ideas, atom and influence – Man is indeed the goldmine of resources

The Personnel Management & Industrial Relations course is the oldest and the most prestigious at XLRI. Ranked as the best programme in India and the Asia-Pacific region, it aims to equip the students with the knowledge and skills required for managing HR in a way that contributes to the development of individuals and organizations. The course structure provides the students with in-depth knowledge of the HR domain and the industry best practices for fostering harmonious employer - employee relationships within the framework of state regulations. This programme has produced some of the top HR professionals in the industry today.

Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Employment Relations Laws – I (Core) Employment Relations Laws – II (Core) Employment Relations Laws – III (Core) Fundamentals of Industrial Relations (Core) Fundamentals of Labour Laws (Core) Fundamentals of Management and Human Relations (Core) Human Resource Planning (Core) Performance Management and Appraisal (Core) Wage Determination and Administration (Core) Advanced Manpower Planning Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Process Economics of Human Resources Executive Compensation Grievance Resolution Human Resource Management in Service Sector Human Resource Information Systems Industrial Jurisprudence International Human Resource Management Labour Law Applications Managerial Competencies and Career Development Managerial Counselling Managing Redundancy Marketing Decisions for HR Professionals Measuring HR Operations Research for HRM Organizational Change and Development Participative Management Strategic Human Resource Management Occupational Testing Training and Development

Organizational Behavior
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • OB-I : Individual Behaviour in Organization (Core) OB-II : Group Behaviour in Organization (Core) OB-III : Organizational Structure, Design & Change (Core) Assertiveness Training Building Learning Organizations Consulting to Management Cross-Cultural Management Designing Organizations for Uncertain Environment Impression Management Indian Philosophy for Leadership Excellence Leadership, Influence and Power Management of Creativity Management of Relationships Managerial Competencies and Career Development Managerial Counselling Organizational Change and Development Personal Effectiveness and Leadership Personal Growth Lab Occupational Testing Strategic Human Resource Management Stress Management Transactional Analysis


E. M. Rao
• Has published more than 20 papers on personnel/human resource management, industrial relations and labour law. • Edited the 6th edition (2004) of the famous “Law of Industrial Disputes”, authored by Mr O P Malhotra. • Authored the widely acclaimed book titled “Industrial Jurisprudence” (2004). • Areas of interests are Compensation, especially executive compensation, Strategy and HRM, and International Human resource management.

M Srimannarayana
• Gold medallist in M.A. (IR&PM). • His Doctoral work is on training and development in public sector undertakings.

Jeetu Singh
• Ph.D from Wharton • Played a pivotal role in designing many of the HR systems and practices at Tata Steel for which the company is renowned. • Also spearheaded its learning centres for 20 years.

Badrinarayan S Pawar
• Co-authored/solo academic works include papers published in Academy of Management Review, Long Range Planning, Best Papers Proceedings of the Academy of Management, a chapter in Handbook of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour.

Madhukar Shukla
• Visiting Professor at ESADE (Barcelona), Spain during 1993-94 • Authored two books: “Designing Organizations” and “Competing through Knowledge” and about 30 papers in professional journals.

D P Sinha
• Prior to joining XLRI he was Corporate Vice President (HR), Zuari Industries Ltd in Goa. • He has designed and conducted a number of management excellence programmes.

• Published 10 books and 15 articles of high repute during his 18 years of experience in teaching and research • His areas of specialization include industrial relations, labour law, company law, trade law, collective bargaining, child labour, and intellectual property rights.

E. Abraham, S.J.
• Worked as Joint Director of the Academy of HRD, and the President of the Association of Indian Management Schools.

Ekkirala S Srinivas
• Received Best Research Paper Award from AIMS • Gold Medal for Best Doctoral Thesis

Abhijit Gangopadhyay
• Worked as the national expert with International Labour Organization (ILO) and Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Tokyo. • Current research interests include organizational restructuring & design, diversity management and management of occupational health & safety. • Doctoral Thesis on Energy Security

Gloryson R B Chalil
• He has presented papers in various seminars and conferences including Academy of Management, US.

M G Jomon
• Gold medallist in masters from Loyola, M.Phil from Delhi University. • Authored four books and over 20 articles.

Santanu Sarkar
• Published papers in national & international journals & conferences and co-authored a book. • Visiting Fellow ( Jt. Research) at the Dept. of Mgmt Sciences & Decision Making, TKU, Taipei, and was reviewer for AoM & EIBA Conferences – 2004-07; presented papers at Academy of Management & EIBA.

Manish Singhal
• Eclectic profile with qualifications in mechanical engineering, financial and general management, organizational behaviour and sociology and experience in the disciplines of anthropology, archaeology, journalism and yoga

R.K. Premarajan
• Ex-faculty, TISS; Executive Assistant to the Chairman, National Dairy Development Board.

Pranabesh Ray
• His teaching, consulting and research; emphasizes on Managing Redundancy, Managing Negotiations, Performance Management, Union Management Corporation, and Employment Relations in the service sector. • Has published numerous papers in reputed journals.

Soumendra N. Bagchi
• Doctoral dissertation in the phenomenon of employee retaliation within organizations.

Tina K.Stephen
• Presented papers at national conferences as well as published articles in national journals. • Also organized several seminars and workshops for law students on Intellectual Property Law, Cyber Law, Corporate Mergers and Acquisition etc.

I.S.F. Irudayaraj
• Rendered consultancy services to many public and private organizations • A life member of NHRD network.

L Gurunathan
• Thesis focus on the determinants of Executive Knowledge Management Behaviour.


Related Societies
The Forum for Industrial Relations at XLRI, focuses on new trends in Employee/Industrial Relations and attempts to integrate shop floor experiences with management concepts learnt in the classroom. The other focus areas include an e-newsletter, factory visits, case studies, the IR quiz and the paper writing contests held during the year. The National IR Conference, organized every second year, is the flagship event of the committee - contemporary issues in the field of IR are discussed by experts from across the industry.

Students Association for the Promotion of Personnel Management, Human Resources and Industrial Relations at XLRI acts as an interface between the industry and the academia. It aims at providing a strong thrust to the domain of human resources and industrial relations knowledge at XLRI. It provides a forum for debating and discussing state-of-the-art HR practices and concepts. The ‘National HR Conference’, held once every two years is widely acclaimed for its size and stature and witnesses a congregation of the best HR professionals from all over the country.

Our Illustrious Alumni
Aquil Busrai
• Executive Director, Human Resources, IBM • Previously HR Director – Shell, Malaysia

Madan Mohan Pillutla
• Professor (OB), London Business School

o u i n a

N S Rajan
• Partner, Ernst & Young – Human Capital

Gaurav Lahiri
• Partner, The Hay Group, Singapore

NT Arunkumar
• CEO of Dun & Bradstreet

Hayagreeva Rao
• Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Sunit Sinha
• Principal Consultant, Mercer

Indraneel Roy
• Global Head, Hewitt Leadership Consulting

Leena Nair
• Executive Director (HR) of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. • The youngest and the first woman director in HUL’s Board. • Also featured in the Business Today’s “25 Most Powerful Women in Indian Business List”.

Past Recruiters
• • • • • • • • • • 22 Aditya Birla Group Asian Paints Cadbury Deloitte Ernst and Young Hay Group Hewitt Associates HUL IBM ITC • • • • • • • • • • Johnson and Johnson Lehman Brothers KPMG Mercer Microsoft Novartis – Switzerland Procter & Gamble Pepsi Pricewaterhouse Coopers Standard Chartered Bank

o u i o

xpand your om singular ultiple… Ju ith the situa nd you know ave frown m xpand your om singular ultiple… Ju ith the situa ou know you

General Management Strategy & Consulting

Expand your forces from singular to multiple… Just flow with the situation and you know you have grown manifold.

General Management
General Management, as a sphere of activity, is concerned with the leadership and management of any business as a whole. Here, at XLRI, we understand the importance of inculcating in our students the values and qualities necessary for effective general management. The course is structured to encompass these very values, and to expose students to philosophies and strategies that sustain successful enterprises. At the core of the study in this field, is the focus on ethics and corporate citizenship, as we understand the linkage between the enterprise and the broader community.

Strategy & Consulting
Strategy and consulting, over the years, has carved a niche segment for itself in the market. In today’s extremely competitive environment, the need to differentiate oneself from one’s competitors is of paramount importance. It is therefore the need of the hour, to have managers equipped with skills and mindsets that will foster quick understanding of the businesses and their environment, thereby enabling quick decisions. XLRI has recognised this need and has established a focussed course designed to imbibe in its students the ability to understand and analyse businesses with respect to their environment, and to promote out of the box thinking. Due to the pulsating and dynamic nature of businesses, and factors that influence it, the strategy & consulting courses at XLRI are designed to evolve with the market requirements. The faculty, deeply respected by companies around the globe, is involved with several consulting projects in the private and public domain and brings to the students a plethora of knowledge enriched by their experience in the field.

General Management
• • • • • • • • • • Business Law (Core) Business Research Methods (Core) Managerial Communication (Core) Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Introduction to Social Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship Analysis for Managerial Decision Making Marketing law Managerial Ethics (Core) Corporate Image Building Neuro Linguistic Programming Art of Public Speaking

Strategy & Consulting
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Strategic Management (Core) Building Learning Organizations Competition and Globalization Designing Organizations for Uncertain Environments Business Networking Technology Management Sustainable Development and Corporate Environmental Management Entrepreneurship and New Ventures International Management Managing Private-Public Partnerships Resource Based Strategy Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring Contemporary Business Practices Transformation of Sustainable Superior Performance Strategies for Managing International Health Systems Strategies of Co-Operation Strategic Game Theory for Managers Strategic Marketing Introduction to social entrepreneurship


General Management
A. C. Jesurajan ,S.J.
• Conducts workshops for CEOs and other senior level managers, in India and abroad

P. K. Padhi
• Has 18 years of experience in teaching and research, published 10 books and 15 articles of high repute.

Jeetu Singh
• Ph.D from Wharton • Played a pivotal role in designing many of the HR systems and practices at Tata Steel for which the company is renowned. • Also spearheaded its learning centres for 20 years.

Sarosh J Ghandy
• JRD Tata Professor of Business Ethics • Resident Director of Tata Motors. • MD of Telcon. Also the Asia Pacific Director of Caux Initiatives for Business.

Strategy & Consulting
(Rear Admiral) Rakesh Chopra
• Senior Research Fellow with the Oxford Leverhulme Programme on the Changing Character of War • Founding member, Board of Directors of a think tank “Peace Operations Institute” in USA • Founding Member & Chief Instructor, College of Naval Warfare • During his fellowship, he was a visiting research scholar at INTECH, United Nations University, Maastricht and an Infosys Fellow.

Manoj T Thomas
• Has published papers in areas related to technology management, strategic issues in development organizations, and public systems • Doctoral Thesis focussed on the organizational systems and processes in large canal systems in India

Tata L. Raghu Ram
• Fulbright Environment Leadership fellow at Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, U.S.A • Consultant to the World Bank & The Ministry of Environment & Forests, GOI • Addressed the U.N. General Assembly

Munish Thakur
• Doctoral work in area of entrepreneurship exploring how entrepreneurs create success • Cases and papers published in both national as well international conferences and journals

Ram Kumar Kakani
• An Aditya Birla Research Scholar at the London School of Business • The best paper award at 2002 IBER Conference held in USA

Biswatosh Saha
• Visiting scholar at the John Curtin International Institute, Curtin University, Australia • Projects for DFID, UK and UNCTAD

Rajesh S Upadhyayula
• Part of Corporate Think Tank / intelligence wing for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).


CRESCENT – Committee for Research, Strategy, Consultancy and Entrepreneurship
CRESCENT bases itself on the four pillars of research, strategy, consultancy and entrepreneurship. It acts as a forum for continual interaction of the corporate world with the student community for effective conceptualization of business ideas. The spectrum of activities of this club includes organizing consulting workshops, lectures in the field of strategy, seminars, panel discussions, standalone B-Plan contests and paper writing competitions, besides publishing a research journal and a newsletter. The objective of these activities is to expose students to the various issues and challenges, a manager will likely face and to inculcate a problem-solving behaviour. The committee is also focused on building an entrepreneurial spirit amongst the students and strives to provide an impetus to them to pursue their own business ideas.

Yo o

Our Illustrious Alumni
General Management
Akash Khurana
• MD & CEO, Nimbus Communications

Madhukar Kamath
• Managing Director & CEO, Mudra Communications & Advertising

Ajay Kaul
• CEO Dominos Pizza

Percy Siganporia
• Managing Director, Tata Tetley

Anurag Behar
• Corporate VP, Mission, Quality, Brand and Corporate Communications, Wipro

Ramki Sundaram
• CEO of Air Deccan

B. Muthuraman
• Managing Director, Tata Steel

RK Amar Babu
• Managing Director Lenovo

Jagdish V Dore
• Managing Director, Novartis Enterprises

Sujith Bakshi
• President - Corporate Affairs, Tech Mahindra

Kalyan Ganguly
• President, UB Group Beer Division

Vineet Nayar
• President, HCL Technologies - BMD 1985

Manet Paes
• Managing Director, Alliance Airways

Strategy & Consulting
Nadeem Khan
• Consultant, BCG, USA

Samir Palli
• Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton, U.S.A.

Nimisha Jain
• Principal Consultant, BCG, India

Joe Simon
• Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton, U.S.A

Prashant Menon
• Engagement Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton, U.S.A.

Gunjan Soni
• Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Co , India

Hari Prakash
• Operations Consultant, McKinsey & Co., Atlanta

Dinu Poonacha
• Group President – Corporate Strategy, Yash Birla Group, India

Past Recruiters
General Management
• • • • • • • • 26 Aditya Birla Group Essar Ranbaxy Air India Hinduja TAS Al Ghanim L&T • • • • • • • Trident Arcelor Mittal Murugappa UB Group Bharti Eicher Group Wockhardt

Strategy & Consulting
• Accenture Business Consulting • KPMG • Aptivaa • Mckinsey & Co. • Boston Consulting Group • • • • • Mercer Ernst & Young Monitor Group Hay Group Pricewaterhouse Coopers • Hewitt Associates

e e n u a o e n

You can’t do IT & Operations ourself, but y manage yo ell doing it w e help of ot n’t do it all y ut you have anage yours oing it with e help of ot n’t do it all y
You can’t do it all yourself, but you have to manage yourself well doing it with the help of others.

IT & Operations
IT and Operations has been another domain where XLRI has been a name to reckon with, given its unique faculty, curriculum & pedagogy. With the rapidly changing business needs, the institute has constantly worked towards customizing the curriculum in order to be in synchronization with the industry, and it has successfully done so. The courses offered in these areas are very relevant from the business point of view and aim at apprising the students of the various facets of this domain- technical, legal, operational & strategic. The robust curriculum design is further reinforced by faculty- some of the most eminent names in the industry- in this domain with their experience extending over research. Backed by this holistic approach of a well-rounded curriculum and expertise & experience of the faculty, besides the learning based on continuous exposure to the industry through events held by companies, the students bring to the table a unique combination of knowledge & competency . It is this strength of the students of XLRI that has led to some of the best companies seek talent in this specialisation from the campus, for different roles – global & domestic, time & again.

Information Systems
• • • • • • • • • • • • Management Information Systems (Core) Cyber Law & I P R DBMS with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Business and Data Communications Networks Data Structures Decision Support Systems Information Security and Risk Management Business Modeling Through System Dynamics Data Warehousing and Data Mining e-Business Information Systems Strategy

Production & Operations Management
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Operations Research (Core) Production Management – I (Core) Production Management – II (Core) Quantitative Techniques – I (Core) Quantitative Techniques – II (Core) Advanced Operations Research Logistics and Supply Chain Management Project Management e-Business Materials Management Technology Management Advanced Inventory Control Enterprise Resource Planning Production Planning and Control Total Quality Management


Information Systems
Rajeev Sharma
• Was awarded UNESCO-IFIP grant for his doctoral work. • Has published several papers and attended international conferences. • His academic achievements include Director’s Merit Certificate for being the best Doctoral Student at IIMB

T. A. S. Vijayaraghavan
• Areas of interest include Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, Statistics and Six Sigma, Transportation Planning and Management and Services Management. • Published papers in National and International Journals and a Member of few international and national professional bodies.

Supriya Kumar De
• Worked with Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT), Hyderabad. • Published a number of research papers in leading international journals.

Production & Operations Management Area
Bijaya K. Mangaraj
• Got gold medals and awards for some of his research works. • Published in National and International journals and is also a reviewer of European Journal of Operational Research. • Held several administrative positions at XIMB and Utkal University including Head of the Deptt of MBA, Utkal University. • Also consulting experience with Govt. and Private sectors.

Swarup Mandal
• His doctoral research is in the area of radio resource management in mobile cellular networks at IIM Calcutta. • Published several research papers in international conferences and journals.

R Parameswaran
• 17 years of experience in this profession and has published articles in refereed journals and conference proceedings.

D S Broca
• Served at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. • Had a brief stint with Nestle India Ltd.

Ashis K. Pani
• Thirteen years of teaching, research and consulting experience in business computing. • Published and presented several papers in leading journals and national/international conferences.

Rajiv Misra
• Senior Divisional Manager at TRF • His interests are in the areas of Production Planning, Project Management, Theory of constraints and managing Manufacturing-Supply Chain interfaces.

Information Systems and Operations Management
T. Gangopadhyay
• Published fifteen papers in International Journals such as Discrete Mathematics, Utilitas Mathematica, Ars Combinatoria and also in Springer Verlag Lecture Notes Series.

Trishit Bandyopadhyay
• Undertaken Management Development and Organization based training programmes in Quality, Strategy and Innovation. • Done consultancy assignments in the Power, Health and Tourism sectors and made presentations in state-level and international conferences.

Sanjay Kumar
• Has published / presented papers in various international journals and conferences


SOCRATES : Society for Rapid Assimilation of Technology and Systems

Society for Rapid Assimilation of Technology and Systems is the students’ initiative to provide thrust in the systems academic area. The society manages the IT infrastructure on campus and is in charge of the official website of XLRI. It organises the national IT Seminar every year and also undertakes the co-ordination of workshops, seminars, guest lectures and live projects.

Past Recruiters
• • • • CTS Microsoft Infosys ITC Infotech • • • • IBM HCL Wipro Google


BM : Batch of 2008-10

Undergraduate Profile

Work Experience

B.Com. / B.B.A. (Finance) (8%) B.A. (6%) B. Sc. (5%) 25-36 (19%)

36-48 (6%)

48+ (3%)

Freshers 30% BE (81%)

19-24 (37%) 13-18 (2%) 0-12 (9%)

*Duration in months

Freshers Abhilasha Keshariya, 22 years
B Tech (Information Technology) M.A.N.I.T

Adwait Manke, 23 years
B E (Electronics) Fr. CRCE Bandra Mumbai University Work Exp. : 21 months Larsen & Toubro Ltd; Project Engineer

Abhinav Singhal, 22 years
B Tech (Metallurgy) Institute of Technology, BHU Work Exp. : 11 months Deloitte; Analyst

Akshay Jog, 21 years
B E (Telecommunication) Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (Pune)

Abhinav Berdia, 22 years
B Tech (Electrical Engineering) NIT Bhopal

Alok Singh, 28 years
B A (Hons.) (Mathematics) Patna University M A (Mathematics) Patna University Work Exp. : 48 months Teletech India; Executive Officer (3) Self employed;

Abhishek Grover, 24 years
B Tech (Mechanical & Automation Engineering) Amity School of Engineering and Technology Professional : JLPT-3 ( Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level-3) Work Exp. : 21 months HCL Technologies Bangalore; Member Technical Staff

Amit Agarwal, 24 years
B Tech (Information Technology) Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad Work Exp. : 23 months Goldman Sachs Services Pvt Ltd; Programmer Analyst

Aditya Gandotra, 21 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) NIT, Hamirpur

Amit Kumar, 26 years
B Tech (Production Engineering & Management) NIT, Trichy Work Exp. : 35 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited; Manager

Aditya Khemka, 25 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata - West Bengal University of Technology Work Exp. : 21 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited; Assistant Systems Engineer

Anand Lakhotia, 23 years
B Com (Hons.) (Accountancy) The Bhawanipur Education Society College Professional : CA PE II Work Exp. : 13 months Shree Kishandas Sitaram & Brothers; Senior Accounts Manager


Freshers Angshuman Ghosh, 24 years
B Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur Work Exp. : 32 months Wipro Technologies; Senior Project Engineer

BM : Batch of 2008-10
Ankur Gupta, 23 years
B E (Electronics & Electrical Communication) Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh Work Exp. : 9 months Cypress semiconductors; Applications Engineer (8) Conexant Systems; Design Engineer (1)

Ankit Agarwal, 22 years
B Tech (Information Technology) University School of Information Technology, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Anshuman Ghosh, 22 years
B E (Production Engineering) Delhi College of Engineering

Ankit Gupta, 22 years
B Tech (Chemical Engineering) NIT, Surat Work Exp. : 6 months Indian Oil Corporation Limited; Officer Business Development

Anwar Syed, 23 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) PESIT, VTU Work Exp. : 21 months Wipro Technologies; Project Engineer

Ankit Agarwal, 24 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) Govt. Engg. College Modasa Work Exp. : 33 months Satyam Computer Services Ltd; Software Engineer

Archana Rao, 24 years
B E (Computer Science) R V College of Engineering Work Exp. : 34 months Fidelity Investments; Software Engineer

Ankit Rai, 24 years
B Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) Vellore Institute of Technology Work Exp. : 23 months Wipro Technologies; Project Engineer

Arun Raveesh, 25 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) College of Engineering, Trivandrum Work Exp. : 42 months Infosys Technologies; Software Engineer (24) Tata Elxsi Ltd; Engineer (4) NTPC Ltd; Engineer (14)

Ankita Chaturvedi, 24 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) Jamia Milia Islamia Work Exp. : 24 months Inductis(India) Private Limited; Programmer Analyst (16) American Express(India) Pvt Ltd; Business Analyst (8)

Ashish Agrawal, 29 years
B E (Civil Engineering) BIT, Durg M S (Water Resources) Dwight Look College of Engineering Work Exp. : 38 months Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan Inc.; Engineer


Freshers Ashish Goyal, 22 years
B Tech (Mechanical Engineering) NIT, Warangal Work Exp. : 22 months Achhru Parshotam Solvex Ltd; Marketing Engineer (14) Larsen & Toubro Ltd; Trainee (8)

Devika Bhartiya, 21 years
B Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University

Atul Kumar, 21 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) Amity School of Engineering and Technology

Dikshit Sindhwani, 25 years
B Tech (Electronics (Instrumentation & Control)) YMCA Institute of Engineering, Faridabad Work Exp. : 36 months Freescale Semiconductor; Design Engineer (5) HCL Technologies Ltd; Other (Lead Engineer) (31)

B Prathik, 22 years
B E (Computer Science & Engineering) Sinhgad College of Engineering Work Exp. : 21 months Infosys Technologies; Software Engineer

Farah Alam, 21 years
B A (Hons.) (Economics) Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi Work Exp. : 8 months B L Gupta & Co.; Assistant Manager

Bineet Banka, 27 years
B Tech (Industrial Engineering) IIT, Kharagpur Professional : Appeared for CFA Level 2 in June, 2008 Work Exp. : 36 months Headstrong; Senior Associate (20) IBM India Pvt Ltd; Software Engineer (16)

Gayathri Krishnan, 23 years
B E (Information Technology) Mumbai University Work Exp. : 10 months Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd; Software Developer

Chandan Kumar, 24 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) BIT Sindri Work Exp. : 21 months Satyam Computer Services Ltd; Software Developer

Himanshu Gupta, 21 years
B Tech (Electrical Engineering) Institute of Technology, BHU

Deepika Bhalla, 22 years
B Tech (Electrical & Electronics) Vellore Institute of Technology

Ipsita Dastidar, 24 years
B Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) Institute of Engineering & Management Work Exp. : 20 months SkyTech Solutions Pvt Ltd; Associate Systems Engineer (7) Tata Consultancy Services Limited; Trainee Software Engineer (13)


Freshers Ishneet Kalra, 24 years
B E (Mechanical Engineering) Thapar Institute of Engineering & Tech, Patiala Work Exp. : 24 months Maruti Suzuki India Ltd; Assistant Manager

BM : Batch of 2008-10
Krishnan S, 21 years
B Tech (Instrumentation & Control) NIT, Trichy

Jasmeet Bhatia, 25 years
B E (Information Technology) NSIT, Delhi Professional : Technical certification on Microsoft’s Dot Net Framework for Professionals Work Exp. : 24 months Perot Systems; Associate (9) Aricent Technologies; Software Engineer (15)

Kuldeep Kulshreshtha, 26 years
B E (Mechanical Engineering) Datta Meghe College of Engineering Work Exp. : 37 months Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited; Engineer

Kalanidhi Salugu, 26 years
B Tech (Metallurgical & Material Science Engineering) VNIT, Nagpur Work Exp. : 13 months Hindalco Industries Limited; Engineer

Kumar Harshdeep, 22 years
B E (Polymer Science & Chemical Technology) Delhi College of Engineering Work Exp. : 8 months The Smart Cube; Analyst (2) Infosys Technologies; Software Engineer (6)

Karan Parmanandka, 23 years
B Com (Hons.) (Accountancy) Bhawanipur Education Society College Professional : CA PE II Work Exp. : 12 months Hemant Impex; Assistant Sales Manager

Manan Shamihoke, 24 years
B E (Computer Science & Engineering) Shri U.V. Patel College of Engineering Work Exp. : 26 months eInfochips Ltd; Embedded Engineer To Team Lead

Kartik Bakshi, 22 years
B E (Mechanical) Manipal Institute Of Technology

Mandar Kulkarni, 23 years
B E (Computer Science) Veermata Jeejabai Technological Institute (VJTI) Work Exp. : 22 months Webaroo Technology India Pvt Ltd; Senior Software Engineer

Kevin Dsilva, 21 years
B Tech (Information Technology) VJTI, Mumbai

Maninder Singh, 22 years
B B A (Finance) St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata Professional : CFA (Level 2) Work Exp. : 22 months McKinsey Knowledge Center; Junior Research Analyst


Freshers Manoj Joshi, 23 years
B Tech (Civil Engineering) Mnnit Allahabad Work Exp. : 11 months Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd; Graduate Engineer Trainee

Mohita Mehra, 20 years
B B A (Finance) Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University

Manoj Kamath, 23 years
B Tech (Electrical & Electronics) College of Engineering, Trivandrum Work Exp. : 22 months Larsen & Toubro Ltd; Executive Engineer (10) Larsen & Toubro Ltd; Other (12)

Mona Galhotra, 24 years
MBBS (Surgery, Medicine) Govt. Medical College and Hospital Sector32, Chandigarh Work Exp. : 2 months Govt. Medical College And Hospital Sector32, Chandigarh; Junior Resident

Mansi Chandra, 24 years
B Sc (Hons.) (Mathematics) Miranda House M Sc (Operational Research) Hindu College/ Delhi University Professional : CFA Level 1 Work Exp. : 22 months Infosys-Knowledge Services; Senior Associate

Mrinal Pareek, 25 years
B Tech (Metallurgy & Material Science) VNIT, Nagpur Work Exp. : 21 months Tata Motors Limited; Assistant Manager

Meesam Rizvi, 23 years
B Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) IIT, Roorkee Work Exp. : 23 months Adobe Systems India Private Limited; Member of Technical Staff (II)

Nakul Jain, 22 years
B Com (Hons.) (Accounting & Finance) Shri Ram College of Commerce Work Exp. : 11 months Inductis(India) Private Limited; Analyst

Misha Singhal, 22 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) Nirma University

Neetika Gupta, 21 years
B Tech (Information Technology) Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow

Mohit Gupta, 24 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) Delhi College of Engineering Work Exp. : 34 months Perot Systems; Associate

Neha Jain, 23 years
B E (Electrical Engineering) Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh Work Exp. : 22 months Infosys Technologies; Software Engineer


Freshers Neha Patil, 25 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) UIT, Rajiv Gandhi University, Bhopal Work Exp. : 24 months Central Bank of India; Assistant Manager

BM : Batch of 2008-10
Pallavi Pradhan, 23 years
B Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) NIT Rourkela Work Exp. : 23 months Amdocs; Programming Subject Matter Expert

Nidhi Tenguria, 23 years
B E (Information Technology) RKDF Institute of Science and Technology ,bhopal Work Exp. : 20 months Infosys Technologies; Software Engineer (17) TechMahindra Ltd; Trainee Software Engineer (3)

Pankhuri Gupta, 22 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) IGIT, GGSIPU Work Exp. : 11 months Sapient Corporation; Associate

Nipun Narang, 24 years
B E (Chemical Engineering) Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology Work Exp. : 22 months Reliance Industries Ltd; Manager (20) Chambal Fertilizers and chemicals Ltd; Trainee (2)

Panzika Baweja, 25 years
B E (Civil Engineering) Delhi College of Engineering Work Exp. : 34 months Computer Sciences Corporation; Software Engineer (19) Infosys Technologies; Software Engineer (15)

Nisrita Sanagaram, 24 years
B E (Telecommunication) MSRIT , Bangalore Work Exp. : 20 months TESCO HSC; Software Developer

Peddi Kumar, 28 years
B Tech (Mechanical Engineering) NIT, Warangal Work Exp. : 59 months Hindustan Aeronautics Limited; Dy.manager (manufacturing) (48) True Value Solutions Limited; Other (11)

Nitin Tirkey, 24 years
B E (Computer Science) NSIT, Delhi Work Exp. : 34 months Aricent; Software Engineer

Piyush Puri, 21 years
B Tech (Civil Engineering) Institute of Technology, BHU

Nutan Toppo, 25 years
B Com (Hons.) (Finance) SRCC, Delhi M Com (Hon) (Finance & Marketing) Rajdhani College, Delhi

Pooja Bhati, 24 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering) NIT Allahabad Work Exp. : 22 months Grail Research; Business Analyst (10) Freescale Semiconductors; Design Engineer (12)


Freshers Prabhjot Kaur, 25 years
B Arch (Architecture) IIT, Roorkee Work Exp. : 23 months Aricent Technologies, formerly Flextronics Software Systems; Software Engineer

Priya Geddi, 23 years
B E (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering) D.J.S.C.O.E, Mumbai Work Exp. : 23 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited; Assistant Systems Engineer

Pradipta Banerjee, 25 years
B Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) College of Engineering, Trivandrum Work Exp. : 33 months IBM India Pvt Ltd; SAP Consultant

Puneet Aggarwal, 22 years
B Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) NITK, Surathkal

Pranav Chaudhary, 24 years
(Nautical Science) Training Ship Chanakya Professional : Certificate of Competency Second Mates(Foreign going) - Govt. of India, GMDSS - General Operator Certificate Work Exp. : 31 months Seaarland Shipping Mgmt Ltd; Navigating Officer

Raashi Gupta, 23 years
B E (Information Technology) NSIT, Delhi Work Exp. : 11 months Grail Research; Business Analyst

Praneeth Badde, 24 years
B E (Mechanical Engineering) Gandhi Institute of Technology & Management, Vishakapatnam Work Exp. : 22 months Larsen & Toubro Ltd; Senior Engineer

Rajat Brar, 22 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) NIT Kurukshetra

Pratima G, 23 years
B E (Computer Science & Engineering) PESIT, VTU Work Exp. : 22 months IBM India Pvt Ltd; Software Engineer

Ranjan Thakur, 24 years
B Tech (Electrical & Electronics) Vellore Institute of Technology Work Exp. : 22 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited; Assistant Systems Engineer

Preema Nanavati, 23 years
B E (Computer Science) Fr. CRCE Bandra Mumbai University Work Exp. : 22 months Amdocs; Subject Matter Expert

Richa Malik, 23 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) IGIT, GGSIPU Work Exp. : 22 months Sapient Corporation; Software Engineer


Freshers Risha Oberai, 22 years
B Sc (Hons.) (Chemistry) St. Stephen’s College Work Exp. : 10 months Reckitt Benckiser; Associate Business Analyst, Information Systems (GT)

BM : Batch of 2008-10
Sachin, 23 years
B E (Computer Science & Engineering) Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh Work Exp. : 23 months Adobe Systems India Private Limited; Software Quality Engineer (13) Aricent; Software Engineer (10)

Rohan Mandora, 24 years
B Tech (Information & Communication Technology) Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar Work Exp. : 35 months MindTree Ltd; Software Engineer

Samir Gupta, 23 years
B Tech (Mechanical Engineering) NIT, Trichy Work Exp. : 11 months Onmobile Global Limited; Software Engineer

Rohini Maithani, 27 years
B E (Information Technology) Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science, Indore Work Exp. : 48 months HSBC GLT; Senior Software Engineer

Sandip Shinde, 24 years
B E (Computer Science) K.J.Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai Work Exp. : 33 months Amdocs; Software Engineer

Rohit Agarwal, 21 years
B B A (Finance) St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata Professional : CFA

Sanmoy Talukdar, 25 years
B E (Telecommunication) Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur Work Exp. : 21 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited; Assistant Systems Engineer

Rohit Suresh, 21 years
B Tech (Mechanical Engineering) NITK, Surathkal

Saurabh Mittal, 25 years
B Tech (Information & Communication Technology) Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar Work Exp. : 30 months Infosys Technologies; Software Engineer

Ruchir Pandey, 24 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) NIT Rourkela Work Exp. : 11 months Samsung India Software Centre; Software Engineer

Seshadri Narasimhan, 23 years
B E (Information Technology) Vivekanand Educational Society’s Institute of Technology Work Exp. : 23 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited; Assistant Systems Engineer


Freshers Shobhith Verma, 23 years
B Tech (Chemical Engineering) IIT, Bombay Work Exp. : 20 months Indian Oil Corporation Limited; Engineer Production Dept

Subha Behera, 21 years
B Tech (Mechanical Engineering) NIT Rourkela

Shruti Bardia, 20 years
B Com (Hons.) (Accountancy) Shri Ram College of Commerce

Subodh Sharma, 24 years
B B S (Financial Management) Kathmandu University Work Exp. : 20 months BNS Stores; Proprietor

Shubham Khurana, 21 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) IIT, Roorkee

Suhasini Venkataramanan, 21 years
B E (Electronics) Mumbai University

Shwetank Jain, 22 years
B Tech (Electrical Engineering) IIT, Kharagpur Work Exp. : 24 months Headstrong; Senior Associate (11) P2 Power Solutions; Executive Officer (13)

Suvid Anand, 21 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) JSS Academy of Technical Education , Noida.

Snehil Gupta, 24 years
B Tech (Metallurgy & Material Science) IIT, Roorkee Work Exp. : 35 months Wipro Technologies; Project Engineer (8) Wipro Technologies; Analyst (13) Wipro Technologies; Business Analyst (14)

Swapna Kumshi, 23 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) University College of Engineering, Osmania University Work Exp. : 31 months Sukratej Diamonds Pvt Ltd; Family Business (6) Ittiam Systems Pvt Ltd; Software Engineer (25)

Stuti Kajaria, 21 years
B Sc (Hons.) (Economics) St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata

Tapan Malhotra, 20 years
B Sc (Hons.) (Computer Science) Hansraj College


Freshers Tapojoy Chatterjee, 23 years
B Tech (Electronics (Instrumentation & Control)) Dr B R Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar Work Exp. : 22 months Samsung India Electronics Limited; Senior Software Engineer

BM : Batch of 2008-10
Vasudha Verma, 23 years
B E (Computer Science & Engineering) NSIT, Delhi Work Exp. : 22 months ST Microelectronics; Software Engineer (5) Conexant Systems; Software Developer (17)

Usha Venugopal, 23 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) NITK, Surathkal Work Exp. : 22 months Tata Motors Limited; Assistant Manager

Vidhi Garg, 23 years
B Tech (Information Technology) Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, New Delhi Work Exp. : 22 months Conexant Systems; Software Engineer

Vaibhav Maheshwari, 23 years
B Tech (Metallurgy & Material Science) IIT, Kanpur Work Exp. : 22 months IBM India Pvt Ltd; Assistant Systems Engineer

Vikash Prasad, 24 years
B E (Computer science & Engineering) NSIT, Delhi Work Exp. : 23 months Conexant Systems; Software Engineer (9) Adobe Systems India Private Limited; Software Engineer (14)

Varun Singla, 25 years
B E (Computer Sc.& Engg) NITK, Surathkal Professional : Certified SCRUM MASTER by SCRUMALLIANCE Org. Work Exp. : 45 months Nokia India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; R & D Software Engineer (9) Huawei Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore; Software Engineer (33) Infosys Technologies; Software Engineer (3)

Vikrant Jindal, 21 years
B E (Electronics & Electrical Communication) Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh

Varun Madan, 25 years
B E (Instrumentation & Control Engineering) NSIT, Delhi Work Exp. : 32 months IBM India Pvt Ltd; Software Developer

Vinay Ghai, 27 years
B E (Mechanical Engineering) Delhi College of Engineering Work Exp. : 47 months Sify Limited; Senior Executive (21) Tata Consultancy Services Limited; Assistant Systems Engineer (26)

Varun Patnaik, 23 years
B E (Mechanical) Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh Work Exp. : 21 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited; Assistant Systems Engineer

Vineet Sharma, 21 years
B E (Computer Science & Engineering) University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Chandigarh


BM : Batch of 2008-10
Vishal Agarwal, 25 years
B E (Electrical & Electronics) NITK, Surathkal Work Exp. : 21 months Cisco Systems (India) Pvt Ltd; Software Engineer (21)

Freshers Vivek Seshadri, 22 years
B E (Electronics & Telecommunication) Vivekanand Educational Society’s Institute of Technology

Vistar Sharma, 22 years
B E (Civil Engineering) Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology & Science, Indore



BM : Batch of 2008-10

PMIR : Batch of 2008-10

Undergraduate Profile

Work Experience

B.A. (2%) MBBS (1%) B. Sc. (6%)

B.Com. / B.B.A. (6%) 25-36 (15%)

36-48 (5%)

48+ (1%)

Freshers 28%

BE (85%)

0-12 19-24 (37%) 13-18 (1%) (13%)

*Duration in months

Freshers Akhilesh Sahu, 24 years
B Tech (Computer Science) Bharati Vidyapeeths College of Engineering Work Exp. : 24 months Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd

Anudyuti Das, 27 years
B Tech (Mining Engineering) Institute of Technology, BHU Work Exp. : 43 months IITians PACE (15) Gravity Classes (10) Tata Steel (18)

Amit Mehta, 22 years
B Tech (Information Technology) Veermata Jijabai Tehcnological Institute (V.J.T.I.)

Anupam Ajmani, 24 years
B Tech (Computer Science) College of Technology, G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Work Exp. : 22 months Perot Systems

Amitabh Yadav, 24 years
B Tech (Information Technology) College of Technology, G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Work Exp. : 32 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Apoorva Kothari, 23 years
B E (Electronics & Telecommunication) Cummins College

Anjali Agarwal, 22 years
B Tech (Biotechnology) Jaypee University of Information Technology University

Arindam Nandy, 28 years
B Tech (Metallurgy & Material Science) NIFFT Work Exp. : 65 months Steel Authority of India Limited (53) IndusInd Ind Bank Limited (5) Vikrant Alloys and Forgingd Pvt. Ltd. (7)

Ankita Choudhary, 26 years
B E (Information Technology) IIIT, Calcutta Work Exp. : 45 months Intel (42) Strand Genomics (1) Wipro Technologies (2)

Arun Kumar, 24 years
B Tech (Chemical engg) Institute of Technology, BHU Work Exp. : 24 months Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Ankur Jain, 23 years
B Tech (Electronics) Aligarh Muslim University Work Exp. : 24 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Asheeta Chhabra, 21 years
Bachelor of Finance and Investment Analysis (Accounting & Finance) Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies


Freshers Asif Khan, 21 years
B E (Computer Science) University Institute of Technology

PMIR : Batch of 2008-10
Garima Bawa, 21 years
B A (Hons.) (Sociology & Psychology) Government College For Girls,Sector 11,Chandigarh

Bhaskar Sharad, 25 years
B Tech (Information Technology) Vellore Institute of Technology MS (correspondence) (IT) Kuvempu university, Bangalore Work Exp. : 20 months Sasken technologies limited

Gaurav Goyal, 23 years
B E (Electronics & Instrumentation) Shri G.S. Institute of Technology & Science, Indore Work Exp. : 24 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Bhavya Acharya, 21 years
B E (Information Technology) D.J.S.C.O.E, Mumbai

Gaurava Sahi, 25 years
B E (Information Technology) Army Institute of Technology Work Exp. : 28 months ABN AMRO Bank (4) HSBC (18) ICICI Bank Ltd (6)

Debayan Biswas, 23 years
B Tech (Electrical Engineering) NIT, Bhopal

Hameeduddin A, 24 years
B E (Mechanical) S A Enggineering College Work Exp. : 34 months Verizon

Dibakar Mitra, 22 years
B E (Electrical Engineering) Jadavpur University

Hariharan R, 23 years
B E (Computer Science) Government College of Technology, Coimbatore Work Exp. : 24 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Dipti Sharma, 25 years
B Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation) Anand Engineering College, Agra Work Exp. : 22 months Infosys Technologies limited

Hema Pachisia, 22 years
B Com (Hons.) (Accountancy) Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata


Freshers Hrishikesh Kashyap, 24 years
B Tech (Instrumentation and Control Engineering) NIT, Trichy Work Exp. : 22 months TVS Motor Company

Mayukh Mitra, 29 years
B B A (Finance) J. D. Birla Institute (Affiliated to Jadavpur University) Work Exp. : 42 months Bella Vista

Krishna Padarthi, 26 years
B E (Electrical Engineering) NIT, Durgapur Work Exp. : 35 months Oracle India Pvt Ltd (17) IBM India Pvt Ltd (18)

Namrata Jain, 26 years
B E (Information Technology) Madhav Institute of Technology and Science Gwalior Work Exp. : 31 months Wipro Technologies

Kshitij Jain, 23 years
B Tech (Electrical Engineering) Institute of Technology, BHU Work Exp. : 24 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Nidhi Rawal, 24 years
B E (Electronics & Electrical Communication) Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh Work Exp. : 23 months Infosys Technologies Limited

Kumar Anshu, 24 years
B Tech (Computer Science) Vellore Institute of Technology Work Exp. : 23 months Wipro Technologies

Pallavi Bhargava, 24 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) Nirma Institute of Technology Work Exp. : 33 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Lenin Mandalapu, 25 years
B Tech (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering) IIT, Roorkee Work Exp. : 35 months Ur Choice Parcels (9) Vedanta Resources Plc. (26)

Praneet Haldar, 25 years
B E (Computer Science) NIT, Durgapur Work Exp. : 34 months Wipro Technologies

Mahima, 24 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology Work Exp. : 11 months Robert Bosch India Ltd

Priyanka Shukla, 24 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) Army Institute of Technology Work Exp. : 25 months Computer Sciences Corporation India Pvt Ltd (15) Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd (10)


Freshers Puneet Chavhan, 27 years
B Tech (Computer Science) REC, Jallandhar Work Exp. : 45 months Oriental Bank of Commerce (36) Voxtron Dezign Lab (9)

PMIR : Batch of 2008-10
Reju Mathew, 24 years
B E (Electronics & Communication) NMAM Institute of Technology Work Exp. : 21 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Raghav Pareek, 23 years
B Tech (Information & Communication Technology) Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar

Ritesh Agarwal, 22 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) VNIT, Nagpur

Rajdeep Bhattacharyya, 21 years
B Tech (Computer Science) NIT, Surat

Roma Bindroo, 24 years
B E (Information Technology) Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Pratishthan’s College of Engineering Work Exp. : 21 months Infosys Technologies Limited

Ramaa Ramesh, 21 years
B Com (Accounting & Finance) Meenakshi College For Women

Sahil Sinha, 23 years
B Com (Hons.) (Accounting & Commerce) Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University Work Exp. : 33 months DSP Merrill Lynch Fund Managers Ltd.

Ramaswamy Venkataramani, 23 years
B Tech (Electrical & Electronics) NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad Work Exp. : 18 months Cognizant Technology Solutions

Saloni Gupta, 22 years
B E (Electronics & Telecommunication) Maharashtra Institute of Technology College of Engineering,pune Work Exp. : 6 months Infosys Technologies Limited

Rashmi Kamath, 23 years
B E (Information Technology) Father Agnel College of Engineering Work Exp. : 20 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Shivin Tikoo, 24 years
B Tech (Electronics & Communication) SASTRA Deemed University Thanjavur Work Exp. : 23 months Wipro Technologies


Freshers Shruti Tewari, 22 years
B E (Information Technology) NSIT, Delhi Work Exp. : 10 months IBM India Pvt Ltd

Sugat Dabholkar, 24 years
B Sc (Hons) (Industrial Microbiology) M.E.S’s Abasaheb Garware College,Pune M Sc (Biology) National Centre For Biological Sciences,TIFR

Shweta Gupta, 23 years
B A (Hons.) (Economics) Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University

Sumit Singla, 27 years
B E (Civil Engineering) Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh Work Exp. : 69 months Genpact (37) IBM Global Services Pvt. Ltd. (32)

Siddharth Chatterjee, 24 years
B E (Computer Science) Laxmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal Work Exp. : 20 months Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Tushar R. Walwadikar, 23 years
B E (Mechanical) Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore Work Exp. : 20 months Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd - Automotive Division

Sonal Gupta, 23 years
B Sc (Hons) (Economics) Presidency College Work Exp. : 12 months Frost and Sullivan

Upasana Pindwal, 21 years
B A (Hons.) (Economics) Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi

Sreedevi R, 23 years
B Tech (Chemical Engineering) NIT, Rourkela Work Exp. : 21 months Cognizant Technology Solutions

Veena Narasimhan, 23 years
B E (Electrical & Electronics) M.V.S.R Engineering College, Hyderabad

Srinath Sridharan, 23 years
B E (Computer Science) BITS, Pilani Work Exp. : 19 months New Break India Private Limited (10) I-flex Solutions (9)

Vignesh Kalyanaraman, 21 years
B Sc (Hons) (Mathematics) Sri Sathya Sai University Work Exp. : 9 months Ericsson India Private Limited


Freshers Vijay Nandal, 24 years
B.E. (Instrumentation & Control Engineering) NSIT, Delhi Work Exp. : 31 months Sunlife Financial (12) Infosys Technologies Ltd (19)

PMIR : Batch of 2008-10
Gaurav Marathe, 23 years
B E (Information Technology) College of Engineering, Pune Work Exp. : 10 months IBM India Pvt Ltd

Vineeth Kumar Ravichandran, 21 years
B Tech (Computer Science) J.B. Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad

Madhu Bala, 25 years
B A (Hons.) (Sociology & Psychology) Daulat Ram College M A (applied Psychology) (Sociology & Psychology) Jamia Millia Islamia Work Exp. : 32 months DRDO (20) IIMA (12)


The Placement Office is managed by the Placement Committee which consists of student representatives. A placement Chairperson is selected from the faculty. The activities of the Placement Committee include coordinating for the Summer Internship Program, the Lateral Recruitment Program & the Campus Recruitment Program. It corresponds with the prospective employers, arranges Pre-Placement Talks and Personal Interviews on campus and provides all the facilities required by the visiting companies.

Building Campus Presence
A successful recruiting effort is possible only when the students know you better. XLRI offers you many opportunities to help build a good corporate image among the students. The following are our recommendations for the same.

Pre-placement Talks (PPTs)
The pre-placement talks are presentations organized by the company on the college campus. Over the years, they have become the primary forums for company-student interaction. These talks give the student a chance to learn more about your company, your people and your work culture. The students can also learn about the opportunities for growth, learning and advancement that your company offers. They can also form a first-hand impression of your company and can make an informed decision about applying for the placements. We have over the years found that senior executives are the most effective in delivering the PPTs and also making a strong statement of commitment to recruiting from this institute. The PPTs can take place on any mutually convenient day. If the company wishes to display some promotional material on campus, the final form of the material can be sent to the Placement Office, which will arrange for its display.

Distributing the Published Material
An effective way of creating awareness about your company among the students is to provide them with information. The information could be in the form of annual reports, company brochures, pamphlets, research material and other published information. The placement office will ensure distribution of such material amongst the students. The students could also be provided with live case studies. This could be done by conducting Case Contests. A panel comprising company executives with/without XLRI faculty could evaluate the student presentations.

Conferences, Workshops, Academic Fairs
Various events, speaker series, panel discussions, conferences, workshops and academic fairs can be organized in which your company may participate directly or contribute through partnerships. Institute scholarships and awards can also be sponsored by your company as a way to express your companies’ commitment to excellence in the student community at XLRI.

Sponsoring Projects
Projects are an integral part of the academic curriculum at XLRI. Over the years, many students have taken up live projects with many organizations. This provides the students involved, a basic understanding of the company’s operations. It also raises your companies’ profile among students and the faculty.


Summer Internship Process
The placement process consists of the following stages: • The company conducts a Pre-Placement Talk. • The resumes of the interested candidates are sent to the company. • The student body ranks the companies under the supervision of the faculty chairperson. • The company is informed of the day on which interviews have been scheduled based in the ranking. • The company sends a shortlist of students and the Recruitment Process details to the Placement Office.

The Pre-Placement Talk
The company conducts the recruitment process in the Scheduled Placement Slot. Companies are encouraged to give pre-placement talks well before the recruitment process begins. This helps the student in making an informed choice about the organization. Ideally, the PPT must include:• Company Profile • Projects on offer • Compensation details • Possible openings in the next year

Student Resumes
Companies have the option of circulating their customized application forms amongst candidates, or accepting personalized resumes from the shortlisted candidates.

Recruitment Process
The company shall inform the Placement Office about the following details well in advance. • The Method of Recruitment (Preliminary Test, GD, Interview, Case etc.) • Number of Rounds of the GD and group size • Number of rounds of Interview • Approximate duration of the GDs and Interviews

The Ranking
The following parameters are used to rank the companies: • Past record of recruitment • Relationship of the company with the institute • Career growth opportunities in the company • Compensation offered • Market performance of the company • Alumni feedback Since the slot arrived at is a collective decision of the students, no request for the change of slots shall be entertained.

Important Information
The Placement Committee, in consultation with the student body and the faculty, arrives at the norms of the placement process. The committee reserves the right to modify any such norms, where such norms are in the overall interest of the candidates participating in the process. In the event of any conflict in the interpretation and implementation of the norms, the decision of the Placement Committee shall be binding on the students and the companies.

Travel and Accommodation
Train Schedule
Jamshedpur is well connected to Kolkata (Howrah) by rail. The train timings are as indicated below:

Kolkata – Jamshedpur ( Tatanagar )
Train Tata Janshatabdi Ispat Express Steel Express Departure Kolkata 06:20 hrs 06:55 hrs 05:30 hrs Arrival Jamshedpur 09:40 hrs 10:40 hrs 09:25 hrs

Jamshedpur – Kolkata
Train Tata Janshatabdi Ispat Express Steel Express Departure Jamshedpur 17:10 hrs 14:30 hrs 06:15 hrs Arrival Kolkata 20:50 hrs 18:45 hrs 10:20 hrs

Flight Schedule
One can also reach Ranchi by air and proceed to Jamshedpur by road. Regular taxi services ply on the Ranchi-Jamshedpur route. Transport can be arranged on request between Ranchi and XLRI.

Mumbai to Ranchi
Airline Jetlite Indian Departure 05:35 hrs 08:00 hrs Arrival 09:15 hrs 12:35 hrs

Ranchi to Mumbai
Airline Jetlite Indian Departure 10:00 hrs 15:15 hrs Arrival 12:15 hrs 19:55 hrs

There are regular flights between Jamshedpur and Kolkata, run by Kingfisher Red.

Kolkata – Jamshedpur
Airline Kingfisher Red Kingfisher Red Departure 08:45 hrs 14:55 hrs Arrival 09:45 hrs 15:55 hrs

Jamshedpur – Kolkata
Airline Kingfisher Red Kingfisher Red Departure 10:00 hrs 16:15 hrs Arrival 11:00 hrs 17:15 hrs

All intra-city transport expenses will be borne by the institute.

Hotel Centre Point Hotel Natraj The Regent MDP Residence ( XLRI ) Accommodation and return journey reservation can be arranged in advance. Phone No. +91-657-2431324 +91-657-2426061/64 +91-657-2439315

Placement Committee

Student Members
Aravind Rajagopal Dipika Mukim Srikanth TS Sriraman TS Srivatsava Sreedhara Utkarsh Iyer Varun Mehta Kartik Bakshi Nakul Jain Nisrita N Sanagaram Pallavi Bhargava Shubham Khurana Stuti Kajaria Suvid Anand Tushar R. Walwadikar

Prof. Rajiv Misra
Student Placement Secretary

Jeevan Kumar R
Placement Officer

Ms. Lily Joe

XLRI Jamshedpur
Circuit House Area (East), Jamshedpur 831035, Jharkhand, India Ph. : 91-657-2225506 , Extn. 225, 91-657-2225520 (Direct) Fax : 91-657-2227814, Email : placement@xlri.ac.in, Web : http://www.xlri.ac.in

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