Nut, Bolts, and Costs  Active volunteer firefighters must earn 50 points during a calendar year to qualify.

 Points are earned by responding to emergencies, holding leadership positions, and attending training.  Those who qualify will have $700 deposited into an account to be managed and invested on their behalf.  Participants will receive a lump-sum payment at age 60.  So, the MOST this program can cost is $700 per year, for each active volunteer firefighter.  There will be no new tax levied on taxpayers to pay for this program – it will be funded by the general budget.

The Cost Of Voting “No” – Most people don’t know the Middletown Fire Department is “mixed” – with both paid firemen and volunteers. There are currently only about 125 active volunteers who man seven companies (fire trucks, ladders and pumpers). It’s been getting more difficult to recruit and retain new volunteers. If the volunteer system collapses – then Middletown’s taxpayers will be forced to pay for a fully paid system (like Newburgh’s), costing millions of dollars more per year, and reducing the level of coverage. For More Information – Please visit our webpage at or call (845) 800-6925 for more information, or if you have any questions.

Attention Middletown Voters

Please Vote “Yes” on the November 5th, 2013 Referendum     It’s Good For Firefighters… Good For Middletown… Good For Taxpayers… Good For YOU!

On Tuesday, 5 November 2013, Middletown residents will vote on a referendum to approve the “Service Award Program” (SAP) for volunteer firefighters. Falling Numbers - In recent years the number of volunteer firefighters in Middletown has dropped. Credits For Participation - This new program will allow active firefighters to earn credits by responding to fires and other emergencies such as traffic accidents, automatic alarms, and personal injuries. Times Have Changed Middletown has depended on volunteer firefighters since 1859, but in recent years it has become harder to attract and retain new active volunteers, who are willing to forego their

private interests and respond to fires. The “Service Award Program” (SAP) is primarily a recruiting and retention tool that will help us attract and retain new volunteer firefighters. It’s A Good $$$ Deal - This program is extremely cost effective – It is estimated that the entire annual cost for this program will be less than the cost of hiring one new paid fireman. With the SAP, Middletown residents will receive the services of approximately 125 volunteer firefighters – for less money than it costs to hire one paid, full time fireman. Middletown Is Behind The Regional Trend - Practically every fire department in the communities surrounding

Middletown have already adopted a similar plan – and some of Middletown’s volunteers have switched to those districts as a result. 100% Unanimous Support – During the discussions and votes in the Common Council Middletown’s elected leaders have all voted in favor of the SAP (several times) and they have expressed their resounding support for this program, this includes Mayor Joe DeStefano, Common Council President Miguel Rodriguez, all eight sitting Aldermen, as well as the candidates who are seeking office. Support The Volunteers Who Serve YOU – On November 5th, 2013 please vote “YES” in favor of the Service Award Program (SAP) for volunteer firefighters.

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