HAAD Examination Section

Presented by Fatima Al-Hosani- Section Head Examination

vision.  Examination Section: who are we?  Mission. values  Competency and examinations  Examination Section activities  Key Messages .Contents….

The exam section mission statement is to ensure that healthcare professionals licensed in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are clinically competent and safe to practice in independent settings.The initiation…… The executive board of HAAD established the Exam Section in November 2004. .

. To ensure that the licensing of healthcare professionals in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi is based on a common and international equivalent competency framework.  To ensure that the licensing process of healthcare professionals is reliable.Mission What are we trying to do? To provide the health professional competency review function to HAAD licensing process. rigorous and defendable.

 HAAD provides a common terminology when describing the competence of health professionals.  HAAD provides a set of tools for measuring those competencies.Vision What are the benefits of an effective Examination Section? Employers will be able to focus on facility specific competencies and the suitability of an individual to perform the required role within their facility. HAAD has an explicit and objective description of the core competencies required by each professional group. .  HAAD provides a solid foundation for licensing healthcare professionals in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi.

The examination of health professionals in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi is:  Competency based  Cognizant of the international standards  Objective  Transparent  Peer-reviewed  Incorporates both written and oral examinations .Values What are our guiding principles ? A range of examination and review methods are used to meet the aims.

Forms the foundation for exam development. . Skills and Attitudes which performance.Competency Framework? A set of standards inclusive of : Knowledge. describes the acceptable level of  A set of expectations predetermined by a competent authority.

 The diagnosis and treatment of both common and rare conditions that have important consequences on the patients' well being.What Does the Examination Cover?  HAAD exam is designed to evaluate the extent of the candidates` knowledge and clinical judgment in the areas in which a healthcare professional should demonstrate a high level of competence.  The exam will assess the healthcare professionals expertise in the broad domain of their profession. .

HAAD Exam Targets. .  Grandfather Exemptions and Internationally recognized qualifications.  Healthcare Professionals:  Nurses and Midwives  Physicians and Dentists  Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians  Clinical Support Personnel  Entry Level to commence practice within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi...

.Where will the examination be held? Local and International Examination Centers.. .Cebu City Topaz Systems (Female Candidates) Topaz Systems (Male Candidates) .. Country Egypt India India India India Andhra Pradesh Delhi Karnataka Maharashtra State City Cairo Hyderabad New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Centers Synergy Professional Services Pearson Professional Centers Pearson Professional Centers Pearson Professional Centers Pearson Professional Centers India Jordan Philippines Philippines Philippines Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Tamil Nadu Chennai Amman Manila Quezon City Cebu City Riyadh Riyadh Pearson Professional Centers Arab Academy for Microsoft Technologies Pearson Professional Centers AMA Computer University MISNet Inc.

administration.  Established groups. and coordinated professional advisory  Licensing examination (Planning.Roadmap  Defined and developed competency frameworks for each professional group. review) . pilot. validation. development.

government.Examination Activities Established in November 2004 to present:  Advisory Committees:  Standardized Terms of Reference  Standardized Terminology  Competency Framework  Question Databank  Auditing and Validation of Questions  Monthly Advisory Committee meetings  Launched Computer-Based Testing:  Research recommended the use of Information Technology and the internet to deliver examinations  This complements the UAE’s commitment for E. .

.  Recruitment trips for Nursing in different countries:  India  Jordan  Philippines  Continue to provide a series of exams ..Examination Activities continued..

 Competency framework provide a strong foundation for a wide range for JCI and clinical governance issues..  HAAD Examination Section has a wealth of clinical and health-system experience.  The assessment of staff is via a range of examination methods.  Electronic Testing methods. .  HAAD Examination Section is promoting a competency framework for clinical staff.Key Messages..  The methods used are in-line with international best practice and will help HAAD meet the JCIA requirements.

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