Volume 1, Maiden issue

April-June 2009

For three (3) years of growing business in pharmaceuti cal i nd us tr y--SCHEELING is now moving forward on its fourth (4th) year. “SCHEELING Rocks @ 4” was its theme. This year is about massive expectations to be achieved, massive determination to be emphasized and massive responsibilities to be implemented! As part of the celebration, last May 29 & 30 (Friday & Saturday), a yearly summer outing was held at Lawiswis Resort in Calumpit, Bulacan. It was almost a complete attendance…the President (Mr. Mario P. Chan), the CFO (Mr. Norberto K. de Luna), the CIRO (Mr. Gil C. Jocson), the Managers, the Supervisors, the Accounting & Administration, and Sales & Marketing Departments were properly represented. Upon arrival, a mass

was held, celebrated by Fr. Manny Cruz at the resort‟s multi-purpose room. Program proper followed starting with the singing of the Philippine Na ti onal A nt hem a nd S CH E ELI NG‟s c or por a te hymn. Ms. Jo Ann Mapili acted as the master of the ceremony. A very welcoming address was delivered by the company‟s Market Planning Manager, Mr. Robert “Bob” Domingo. The revised company‟s Audio Visual Presentation (AVP) was then rolled out. Business course updates were also opened and presented by Mr. Bob Domingo and Mr. Allan Domingo (National Sales Manager) as well as supervisors from their respective center. Mr. Allan Domingo gave an inspirational message highlighting on the anniversary

celebration of the company. He also gave motivational inputs aligned with the mass homily. Mr. Gil C. Jocson then delivered the closing remarks of the program stressing on motivation. The whole day was filled with activities, it was a breather moment for everyone. A perfect time to space out and just enjoy what this rare moment offers. Early morning of Saturday, everyone left the resort in bliss, with confidence, and proud for SCHEELING‟s successful celebration of its 4th year in the industry. A g a i n … CONGRATULATIONS SCHEELING! We wish you more years of success!

Inside this issue:
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Message from the President
Mr. Mario P. Chan

Congratulations to the Editorial Board of Tidings! The official newsletter of our company. This issue marks yet another milestone in our quest to improve a lot of things in our organization such as communication, ideation and participation in everything and anything we do here. It is an exercise of freedom to appreciate the lovely things around us in Scheeling, an opportunity to say a piece of your mind and a privilege to be one with us – bold, dynamic and professional individuals! Join me my friends in celebrating the maiden issue of Tidings. I expect your cooperation and support to make this program a success especially with the objective to bring us closer to one another. Congrats!

Message from the Chief Finance Officer
Mr. Norberto K. De Luna

I compute. I analyze. I synthesize. This is my bailiwick. I write when the occasion is very important to me and to the people I work with. Tidings is one very important occasion in our company. It leaves another mark in our history as a 4 year old company. I see this important because it serves as a channel, a bridge between opinions and ideas from different areas of our company. These opinions shared today will shape who we are tomorrow. Congratulations to the Team Tidings for an excellent work! Your efforts to synthesize all ideas into one that defines who we are today is exemplary. Good Tidings!

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A HAPPY HAUNTING TALE (On Motivation) By: Gil C. Jocson
And so the saying goes, „the simplest things… are the hardest to explain‟. Motivation is one. Just what is motivation? What does it do to us? Is this all about money, rewards, or affection and responsibility that we can give back to someone or something important to us? Honestly, I don‟t know. I learned many lessons in life, very important ones. And one of them fits exactly to this situation of writing something you cant explain accordingly…it says, „if you can‟t say anything nice then don‟t say anything at all‟. Same here. I cant seem to come up with something intellectually challenging or emotionally driven discussion on motivation as I‟m not in authority to discuss this in dogmatic detail. I‟d better leave the topic to what Fr. Manny Cruz „homilied‟ during our 4th year anniversary, in this way I‟m giving justice to the topic. I‟ll be pragmatic in my discussion on motivation. I‟ll share an experiential truth with high hopes that this will bring good tidings to you, motivates you 24/7 and improve you to become a better person than you were yesterday. I‟m a trainer, an educator, a teacher, a mentor, and a king maker. It‟s the field that I freely chose so many years ago. With this I have spent more than half of my time talking in front of people – lots of them. There are good and bad memories to share in
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my experience as a speaker. In several occasions when I give a talk to professionals with executive responsibilities a common comment is that they cant seem to close and lock their jaws as they listen with awe. In my 8 years of teaching in under and post graduate school I never went below the top 3 educators expounding my lectures with perfect fusion between realism and dogmatics. Just how do I do this? Bet you, you cant guess. The truth of the matter is this. Whenever I stand in front of people – regardless who they are or what their responsibilities are – I get nervous. There was never an occasion that I never felt scared during the 1st few minutes of my talk, be it in class, in corporate and social. Reality check dictates that I always feel nervous and my feet get cold! Deep inside I crumble, I get tense. Unfortunately no one believes me whenever I share this haunting reality. I cant blame them as well. One strength I have is „acting‟. I can hide it deep inside. But the truth is on the first few minutes of my talk, my speech, my lecture is the most crucial stage of my experience just like the first 20 minutes of an airplane taking off from the ground. One experience is in May of 2007 when I flew to Zamboanga to give a talk about Organization Development (my chosen field of practice) amongst senior educators, deans, program

directors, board of trustees. The first few minutes was like hell, lest do I realize I was very comforting to them. Accolades and a nice plaque followed suit. But just the same I got nervous and tense, so tense I skip the meal for the entire day just for this. Crazy fears, ha! The irony of it all is this. I‟m use to talking – be it in public or private, social or personal. The true irony is this, since college days I got used to talking to thousands of people. Here are some accolades I humbly share with you on this issue: from 2nd year to 4th year I was a student leader. I ace the campaign especially during „miting de‟avance‟ attended more or less by 46 thousand students, faculties and admin personnel of the university assembled infront of me eagerly awaiting for my speech. I did this over a period of 3 years and I landslide each election. I was also awarded the best debater in school. After college I went to join a civic action group as a speaker on several topics. I toured places in Visayas and north Luzon to give talks. I became a trainer 15 years ago, an educator 8 years ago, and the irony remains the same…until now, just before I open my mouth for my first words I get so nervous even if it‟s an ordinary class, among ordinary students on an ordinary day in an apparently ordinary routine.

This eerie feeling haunts me to date and each time I take the podium stand regardless if its an ordinary class or a corporate process summit. But let me tell you that behind all the irony – the haunting feeling is an induced one! The truth is how can one with so much experience in public speaking for almost 2 decades still get cold feet? My answer is simple, I haunt myself. A self impose and induced feeling of fear that motivates me to perform better than my last performance. To make me a better teacher than I was in my class an hour ago, to become a better motivational speaker than I was a month ago, a better educator than I was last semestral review, a better speaker as opposed to my last engagement. We know that motivation is a function of emotions of which we have four basics, fear, love, hate and joy. All these four I used to motivate myself but when it comes to my craft in public speaking I choose fear as my emotional motivator to out perform my „old‟ self. In short I get nervous not because I‟m scared talking in front of people. I get nervous not because I don‟t know the topic. I prepare very well with the topic at hand. Not only do I read a lot I also converse with people in authority about the topic – people who are scientifically and artistically driven in their respective fields.



my self to perform better than the last performance I did – be it an ordinary school class or an acclimatize summit & planning amongst top executives – I motivate and push myself to be better. I compete with myself convincingly that fear becomes a motivation to surpass my own standards. I find this quite effective, well, for myself – to say the least. Do you punish yourself for doing this? The answer is a straight No. On the other hand, you discipline yourself to perfection in the field of your choice because the need to improve yourself every single day is greater than you can ever imagine. I always try to continuously improve my work, my craft and the craftsmanship behind it. I believe in continuous improvement, in evolution and transformation. I believe we can all become better people, individuals and professionals than we were yesterday and I can only think of one reason why we can improve ourselves every single day… We can continuously improve ourselves simply because…WE CAN. WE CAN because we have the power, the will to believe in ourselves. WE CAN because we have talents to support the change. WE CAN because
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it‟s a choice we can take. WE CAN because we have God given emotions that can motivate us. The responsibility to become a better person is in your hands. It is you choice. No one else can do it for you. Motivate yourself by haunting for perfection. Remember that improving yourself is very possible simply because YOU CAN. Happy haunting to all!


Extra Smile Program
By: Ann Santibañez
Scheeling employees are being gathered every month for the EXTRA SMILE (Scheeling’s Monthly Inspiration Learning Experience) Program. This program is being sponsored by different Departments and Districts. The program‟s purpose is to give and share inspiration to the employees, a learning, fun experience at the same time. Last April, the ExeCom sponsored the Extra Smil e focusi ng on “Simplicity”. Not complicate life. To have happiness with peace, and to practice the function of intelligence. The message taught us to appreciate everything that we have especially the small things. To have a sincere compassion for others predicament and use our blessing to help them. For May, it was the Sales and Marketing Department who led the program, with their theme, “Happiness: Contentment and Acceptance”. Focusing on the 5 factors in our lives, Career, Work, People, Environment, and Life. Being contented, accepting, and being unselfish, satisfied with everything that we have, and in the career path that we‟re walking now, figuring what we want and who we want to be, starting work and life with right attitude everyday, sharing the achievements and being ha pp y w i th fri e n d‟s achievements. And for June, the Warlords took the stage as they encouraged everyone to wear their sunglasses for the bright future ahead with Positive Thinking attitude. Positive mindset means having the right attitude, taking things in a different perspective and stepping out in faith.

“It all started with just a drop of water that turned into waves”
This project was initiated by the H.R. Department for the reason that Audio Visual Presentation (AVP) is a channel to convey to people the up to date event of the company and it is also a way of extending gratitude to beloved clients who became part of Scheeling‟s success. In collaboration with MeryNel Production, the journey to produce our AVP was made easy. From conceptualization to execution of the video, the production outfit assisted Scheeling to make this AVP possible. Several themes were proposed and considered, after all the brain

Corporate AVP: Water as Life
By: Libay Cruz
storming, the H.R. Department came up with “Water as Life” as the theme. From there, everything follows, from construction and revision of script to editing of the presentations; it took a month for the completion of this project. Fourth day of May Two Thousand and Nine, the C o r p or a t e AVP was launched during the Extra Smile program. Scheeling employees witnessed the 12 minute Corporate Audio Visual Presentation that focuses on the history of Scheeling Pharma. It all started with just a drop of water that turned into waves full of opportunities and commitment to people. Scheeling commits to be the trusted and valued partner in serving the specialty of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics. To date, there are doctors from different hospitals namely; Muntinlupa Medical Center, Calamba Doctors Hospital, Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital and Capitol Medical who have watched the AVP during the product presentations.

The doctors were watching the Corparte AVP during the product presentation

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Written by: Anthony Siscar Co-written by: Irish Jaranilla Contributed by: Sheryl Ang

I was in grade school when I first learn about the movie „Rambo‟. The character‟s name became synonymous to a military title found in higher echelon, sort of an elite team called Green Beret. This article is neither about Rambo nor the actor behind the title. Green Beret stands for Gregarious Experiential Bonding – an exclusive, very personal, and high yield physical activity that our partners in the medical field experienced last May 14,2009. Yes, it was an all out war between Team MCU against Team Scheeling in this teambuilding exercise sponsored by Scheeling to the doctors of MCU whose names we will acknowledge towards the end of this article – as the saying goes, saving the best for last. The venue of the event was held at Batis Aramin in Lucban Quezon. The place was perfect for a full military simulation using airsoft as our medium to deliver the teambuilding module. Hectares of rolling greens coupled with dew drops and cool whether added to the excitement of the participating doctors of MCU. The teambuilding was executed by a consulting group hired by Scheeling called MindHead, Inc. MHI fielded two of its combat facilitators namely Florante San Jose and Con Abraham whose professionalism and expertise added to the enjoyment of all, plus an outstanding safety performance by the facilitators that no one got
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hurt nor injured during the exercise.MHI fielded two of its combat facilitators namely Florante San Jose and Con Abraham whose professionalism and expertise added to the enjoyment of all, plus an outstanding safety performance by the facilitators that no one got hurt nor injured during the exercise. At first, we were apprehensive on the idea of using airsoft game in a teambuilding exercise. MHI though proposed and promised a safety performance and guaranteed enjoyment, we were still reluctant to the point that we decided not to tell the doctors about the activity and leave it as a surprise. Most of the doctors are „matured‟ who may probably expect less physical activity that what we prepared for. Safety is another one. Though we were in the company of doctors, we are still very concern on the safety of the participants as they point and shoot and roll down the hills. Bottom line is – we cant stop them from playing!!! Doctors turned to kids enjoying their toy guns and head masks crawling on the muddy grass not minding dirt and rain as a secondary enemy. There is no way you can stop them from playing even on cases were some of them got hit already but remain in the battle field. We understand, its just way too cruel to leave the playing field at the pick of excitement. Its not all games, MHI delivered a powerful lecture on team formation which the doctors listen attentively so much so they immediately want to practice what they just learned. During the lecture, the MHI used military management to demonstrate how teams work and succeed in their quest. Academically a team needs an objective – a very clear one.

One that can be understood by the most unassuming member of the team. Second is communication. The power to communicate the objective is similar to the power of moving mountains and hearts so that everyone rallies behind the cause of the team. Strategies and tactics were also differentiated during the lecture series of the teambuilding. Strategies and tactics are similar to systems and procedures found in any work place. . The exercise also taught the participants the true essence behind team formation and one key element that is equally or at times more important amongst the stages is the “storming stage”. This stage is important because, it acts as a cleansing process to remove unwanted members and at the same time to welcome those who deserve to be part of the team. It‟s a natural event that should be welcomed rather than denied. It makes the team stronger and more efficient as they celebrate their differences. All this were taught, learned, using airsoft weapons, BB pellets, soldier gears and head masks. As the doctors found new learning from this teambuilding exercise, we from Scheeling also learned something new about them. Doctors as we know are very professional, dignified and exudes nobility. But we also saw the other side of them that is so equally impressive – flexible cowboys!!! They did not mind the rains, heavy downpours, muddy slides, neck high grasses and rolling hills. They were like real soldiers with real mission. Now this is something you seldom see in your coverage.

Team M CU


Corporate Social Responsibility
Team MCU went home tired but elated, exhausted but spirited, wise and learned. This is the first time that our doctors experienced a different kind of teambuilding using the sport Airsoft. A different level of bonding was achieved amongst them and including us. I believe that Airsoft and teambuilding are terms synonymous to Scheeling by this time. As promised we would like to acknowledge the green berets of Team MCU, consultants: Dr. Imelda S. Ocampo-Andres, Dr. Edna C. Banta, Dr. Mayumi Bismark, Dr. Lennete L. Chan, Dr. Lyra Ruth C. Chua, Dr. Rodante P. Galiza, Dr. Milagros T. Jocson, Dr. Esmarliza K. Tacud-Luzon, Dr. Marissa V. Nualla, Dr. Noel E. Raymundo, Dr. Alejandro R. San Pedro, Dr. Angelita R. Teotico, and Dr. Ma. Victoria V. Torres, and residents Dr. Ma. Sheryl Lyle Santos, Dr. Elijines Marie E. Sacdalan, Dr. Raquel Fronda, Dr. Noemi Manzanero-Galvan, Dr. Adeline Rose Escartin, and Dr. Dazelle Diane Velasco, with their fellow doctors, Dr. Maellan Joye Saldua and Dr. Maychiel D. Perez.

Hospital Beat!
By: Irish Jaranilla, Warlords
Fresh from their daytime task of covering OB-GYN and pediatricians, the Warlords decided to visit their doctors during the night to bond with them and see them in action inside the delivery room. They visited the OB-GYN doctors from World Citi in Manilyn Soriao‟s area and Mandaluyong Medical Center in Myla Cruz‟s territory. As they got along well with the doctors by just surprising them with a late night visit, they felt the urgency to do it again.
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Last June 23, 2009 as they held their 2nd night owling in Pasay City General Hospital and Manila Adventist Medical Center, which Charmaine Landicho is covering. This activity is not new to the group, only that it has to be done on a regular basis which the Warlords is planning to do over a long haul period.



Antipolo trip...
By: Karen Caudilla, Phoenix
It feels good to be part of a company that will not only provide you a professional career but will also expose you in a corporate environment nurturing you in a spirit of professionalism, passion and spirit of teamwork and pagmamalasakit. It is true that career life is truly worthless if there is no pressure that gives us real challenges and sleepless nights. Those problems can be overcome as a result of our endeavor. Likewise, career pressure can be overcome with activities like outing and team building. It all adds to the spice of our life. It is also a great time to incorporate family members into the team‟s activity and working towards that “family friendly” environment which Scheeling also envisions. It built employee‟s morale and creates a more bonded workforce. Team Phoenix held its district outing last June 20, 2009 in Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo City with their respective partners. It was an overnight activity and everybody enjoyed the humble meals we prepared like the pork adobo that now b ecom es the “Pambansang Adobo ng Phoenix”,the pork barbeque and chicken feet that now becomes the new favorite “pulutan” of Phoenix. Everything was done in a simple way that made everyone comfortable with each other. Our guests Jason Avena, Ariel Alcantara and Alexander Reniva met the Phoenix team. Everybody shared stories. But this simple conversation gave us nothing but fun. It was also our first time to consider hard drinks over beer. But the reality is every Phoenix loves to eat than to drink. We did not spend much but the outing turned out to be enjoyable. In the evening, we did something good for the team. We did something that made us closer not only to our teammates but also to their partners, by simply being a good person to everybody. We have proven to ourselves that involving families in the celebrations can add to the fun and enjoyment. It is a nice way to thank them for all the support they extend to us.

“ It is true that career life is truly worthless if there is no pressure that gives us real challenges and sleepless nights.”

Product Presentations
By: Charlon Sanchez, Conqueror
(Ob/Gyne Consultant and was working before with Chinese General Hospital) knew our president, Mr. Mario Chan, at the time the was a Medical Representative from the same hospital. The therapeutic heads of Medical Center Muntinlupa were also present and showed interests in knowing more about our us. Activities like this will help us in promoting our company as well as our products, and we are looking forward in having more time with the doctors to make this year a big success for our company.

As part of the promotion of our products, last June 24, 2009, we sponsored the monthly meeting of the OB/GYNE Department of Calamba Doctors Hospital. A product presentation for Lavoxin and Medisyl was done at Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna headed by Mr. Bob Domingo (Product Manager), Ms. Joan Mapili (Field Sales Manager) and Ms. Armie Duclayan (District Sales Supervisor) and participated by the attendees like Dra. Rita Velez, Dra. Marcelina Manasan, Dra. Mae Villareal, Dra. Raquel Pulumbarit, Dra. Digna Gamez, Dra. Marli Garcia,

Dra. Sylvia Ramilo, and Dra. Anette Olondriz to name a few. This activity was a success. Another activity was done last June 25, 2009 at Medical Center Muntinlupa. Again, this was a big success with all the support from the doctors, and of course, with the help of Mr. Bob Domingo, Ms. Joan Mapili and Ms. Armie Duclayan. During the event, we introduced to the doctors our company, our vision, and what we have for them and for their patients. It is also surprisingly to know that Dra. Evelyn Santos

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Antipolo trip

Warlords day out
By: Irish Jaranilla,Warlords
Product Presentation Summertime is over, but the memories it left behind will forever be imprinted in our hearts. Warlords have become a big part of our lives the moment we enter Scheeling Pharma. It has become a part of our system to be united with the members of the group where we belong. As a district, we learned to share each others lives and hearts with one another. These kinds of friendship where we belong are incomparable to just being a coworker. That is why when summertime came we decided to pause for a while. A 2 days break from our daily routine. Being in a professional industry is good as long as you have a time for relaxation and enjoyment. In as much as we want to give our best to our doctors we would also want to give our best to enjoy each others company as a district so that we can serve our clients even better as a team. We went to Bataan, in one of the loveliest beach in the town called Westnuk Beach Resort. Phoenix District joined that made the Warlords outing even more exciting. A day filled with laughter, activities, and adventure helped us focus on the beauty of nature and having friends whom you can also called your family. In Westnuk we had our picnic, had fun in the sand, and played volleyball and touch ball. We swam to our hearts contentment and visit the small islands surrounding the beach. Island hopping was the most exciting part of our trip. Our Mt. Samat adventure as well is unforgettable. It seems like a roller coaster as we climbed the mountain. Getting to the historical cross on top of the mountain is enough to make you kneel and pray. And while taking the elevator to the 35th floor to get to the top of the cross, you will surely experience goose bumps and butterflies in your stomach. Overall, the experience is unique and fantastic, and if you would ask me, I would like to do it over and over again.

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Abel E. Gonzales PCS, Phoenix District

Irish B. Jaranilla PCS, Warlords District

Charmaine Z. Landicho HCS, Warlords District

Manilyn T. Soriao HCS, Warlords District


Erich P. Dy HCS, Warlords

Charlon M. Sanchez HCS, Conquerors

Jason S. Mateo Carry All, Phoenix

Reymar B. Magnaye Carry All, Conqueror

Cesar M. Catalogo Company Driver

Saturnino B. Layosa HCS, Phoenix

Libay B. Cruz Product Associate

Ann G. Santibanez Admin & Marketing Assistant

April R. Marquez Accounting Assistant

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April R. Marquez– Accounting dept Irish B. Jaranilla-Warlords Karen J. Caudilla-Phoenix Charlon M. Sanchez– Conqueror Contributor: Sheryll Ang

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