Culminating Activity “Host Family Profile” Annex 6 You have to fill out their host family profile in order

to be paired with a possible host student. By using the personalize/contextualize strategy, you have to complete the host family profile form. Fill out every space with the required information.


Exchange Student


Coordinator’ s Name

☐11 months This form will be sent to the student’s parents. Please type or print clearly in black. Students Name Hernández Jorge Host Family Name Hernández Mother’s Name Gabriela Street Address Town Age 45 Luis Father’ s Name

☐5 months

Age 20 Age 48

State Puebla City Puebla

21 sur and 13 oriente Puebla Telephone Number 8870807 NA Work Details Occupation Company Hours of work/Days

Zipcode 72850 Country México

Fax Number


Mobile Telephone 22338454 Work Details Mother Teacher SEP 10 hours a day

Father Lawyer NA 12 hours a day

Occupation Company Hours of work/Days

Children/Other Persons in Family Name Age Gender Angélica 14 female Haga clic aquí para escribir Haga Haga clic Haga clic texto. clic aquí para escribir Haga clic Haga aquí para Haga clic texto. clic aquí para escribir Haga clic aquí para aquí Haga escribir Haga Haga texto. clic aquí para escribir Haga clic aquí para aquí escribir para texto. clic texto. clic para aquí escribir para texto. escrib aquí aquí escribir para texto. escrib ir para escrib ir texto. texto. escrib ir texto. Relationship Living at home sister Yes ☒ No☐ Haga clic aquí para Yes ☐ No☐ Haga clic aquí para escribir texto. Yes ☐ No☐ Haga clic aquí para escribir texto. Yes ☐ No☐ Haga clic aquí para escribir texto. Yes ☐ No☐ escribir texto.

School Details School UPAEP Telephone 2299400 Address 13 Poniente 1927 Fax NA City Puebla Yes ☐ No ☒ Government school State ¨Puebl Zip code a catholic Religion 72410 Email NA Number of students at school 16000 How will student get to school? Car and Distance 2.4 km Time involved 10 bus minutes .

Please write names and descriptions next to each photo. he always works hard or sometimes he travels for working. my father Luis and my sister Angélica. who is younger than me. Every Saturday all family. My dad. who is 48 years. his name is Moaises but he is very aggressive and lazy.YOUR FAMILY PHOTOS Please provide some photos of your family. We have a dog. Sometimes we go out to watch a movie or meet new places. is a student. is a teacher and she works in the morning and in the afternoon. My sister. she goes to high school. cousins. who is 45 years. grandparents. your home and a family activity. is a lawyer. . This is a very important part of the profile and we ask you to include some photographs. share the food and talk about our week. I usually read every days but Saturdays and Sundays I read. These photos are sent to your student and his/her parents overseas. My mom. The photos can be in color or black and white and if you would prefer you can attach colored photocopies instead. We are four: my mother Gabriela. Please attach the photos to this page Here is my family. uncles.

English Who will student share with? NA Yes☒ No ☐ Briefly describe the person the student will share with: NA Do members of your family smoke? Yes ☐ No ☒ Would you be willing to host a student who smokes? Yes ☐ No ☒ Yes ☐ No ☒ Would the student be allowed to smoke in the house? Yes ☐ No ☒ In his/her room? Do members of your family drink alcohol? Yes ☐ No ☒ If yes please complete the section below Name ------------------------------------------- How Often? ---------------------------------- Number of standard drinks ----------------------------------------- Would you object to a student drinking moderate amounts of alcohol while in your care? Yes ☐ No ☒ List 7 activities that you and your family enjoy doing Eat Watch movies Read a book or magazine Travel Spending time with the whole family Go to parties Cook Do you belong to any clubs or participate in any sports? No .Would your family be happy to host either as girl or boy? Yes ☒ No ☐ Which do you prefer? A girl Are you willing to host a student whose native language is not Spanish? What other languages (if any) are spoken by family members? Will the Student have his/her own room? Yes ☒ No ☐ Spanish.

a table to do their jobs and a closet. We also have a room to watch TV together. a TV. My house is very closer to the center of the city. a terrace and a study. dusting furniture and making his bed Clean their room. a garden. Both Yes How particular are you about housekeeping? What household chores or duties do family members have responsibility for? What chores would you expect your exchange student to do? What are the basic rules and responsibilities for teenagers in your home? What about the younger children? Are you willing to transport your student to school activities? Very ☒ Somewhat ☐ Not very ☐ Not at all☐ Clean your room. a bed.Pets One dog Indoor only Haga clic aquí para escribir texto. computer. The host student bedroom has. In the garden we have many flowers and one fountain and sometimes eat there. five bathrooms. sweep and wash your clothes Make your bed and wash your underwear and and no smoking and drinking alcohol yes Please describe your home. bathrooms. Outdoor Haga clic aquí para escribir texto. Is very nice and quiet read in the study. . four bedrooms. In my room I have a TV. I like my house because it is modern and comfortable. including number of rooms. a closet. We have a lounge. a computer. entertainment areas and garden etc My house was built in 1986 by my grandfather who is an architect. My house is close to shops so it is very easy to get the things you need. a two dining. a sofa and a table.

what year. what country. name of student.Have any family members travelled overseas? yes If yes. my father traveled to England If yes.yes. which members and what countries? Have you hosted an international student before? . NA Yes☐ No ☒ Does any member of your family have a serious illness or disability? Is this likely to affect your family’s ability to host a student? No What is your family’s religious affiliation? catholic Would you agree to host a student with religious beliefs other than your own? Yes☒ No ☐ . age and gender and for what length of time.

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