Dap an Part 3 Mozil - Actual Test 9 | Leisure | Violence

41. Where does this conversation most likely take place? (A) At a bus stop. (B) At an airport. (C) At a police station. (D) In a taxi. 42.

Where does the woman want to go? (A) To the bus stop. (B) To the airport. (C) To the city. (D) To the train station. 43. Why is the woman in a hurry? (A) Her taxi got stuck in traffic. (B) Her passport was stolen. (C) Her plane leaves shortly. (D) Her luggage got lost. Questions 41-43 refer to the following conversation. M: Hi there. Where can I take you this evening? W: To the airport. My flight leaves in an hour so I'm really pressed for time. If you could hurry, I'd really appreciate it. M: Well, the shortest route is through the city, but traffic is bad right now. It might be faster if we take the highway. W: That's fine. Let's take the highway, then. As long as I don't miss my plane, I'm all right. 44. What does Leslie want to do? (A) Hire a new assistant. (B) Read a newspaper. (C) Earn a degree in finance. (D) Call an employment agency. 45. When will she start the interviews? (A) Today. (B) Tomorrow. (C) Next week. (D) Next month. 46. What most likely is Leslie's job? (A) Television reporter. (B) Graphic designer. (C) Newspaper editor. (D) Bus driver. Questions 44-47 refer to the following conversation. M: Leslie, have you hired a new assistant yet? I heard you were looking for one. W: No, not yet. I put an ad in today’s newspaper. I’ll start interviewing people next week. M: what sort of candidate are you looking for? W: I need someone with a degree in graphic design and at least three years of practical experience. 47. Where does the woman most likely work? (A) At a university. (B) In a doctor's office. (C) In a bank. (D) In a candy store. 48. Why does the man want to see the doctor? (A) He has a headache.

M: Mrs. Some of us can't brush our teeth or wash our face.000. Apparently there's some problem with the water tank and the water heater. 50. (B) Leaky faucets. (C) At twelve o'clock. 52. I phoned a plumber and he's working on the problem right now.000. How did Louise make her money? (A) From a promotion at work. W: I see. (D) She will try to get the building owner to apologize in person. (C) He has toothache. (C) Lack of water pressure and hot water. 51. (C) From a winning lottery ticket. W: Once again I’m truly sorry. but hopefully it should be up and running by the end of the day. (C) The whole building has problems with electricity. (B) The following morning. 53. Johnson. (D) The water tank and heater are broken.000. Grier? M: Yes. M: I really hope so. are you aware that the whole building is having problems with the water pressure and hot water? There's barely a drip coming out of my faucet and there's no hot water. (B) The whole city has no water. It started hurting last night and it’s been bothering me all day. (D) At two o'clock. 54. he’s busy until 2:00. Questions 47-49 refer to the following conversation. (B) The tenants will get free rent for the month. M: I have a really sore tooth. (B) $15. (C) $50. I’ll talk to the building owner and ask if he can make any small allowance for everyone’s rent on account of this grievance. Would you like me to book you an appointment with Dr. (D) From an investment. we don't want to go to bed in these conditions. is he available at the moment? W: I’m sorry. (B) From an inheritance. The other tenants and I are outraged.(B) He has a broken leg. (D) He has a problem with the bill. What does Louise want to do with the money? (A) Go abroad for fun. . W: I'm well aware of that and I'm sorry. When can the man see the doctor? (A) Right now. I’m afraid he isn’t. (C) She will try to get the building owner to lower this month's rent.000. (B) Invest in a software company. (D) $150. The plumber said it will take a few hours to fix. 55. How does the woman offer to compensate for the inconvenience? (A) The tenants don't have to pay for their water bill for the month. Questions 50-52 refer to the following conversation. (D) Water pressure and hot water. We can't even flush the toilet. What does the man complain about? (A) Lack of water. but you can see him then. How much money did Louise make? (A) $5. 49. What's the main problem with the plumbing? (A) The water main is broken.

(B) A job as a waiter. (D) Thursday. (D) Wonder Woman.(C) Go to Africa as a volunteer. M: hey. W: that’s right. I spoke to her yesterday as a matter of fact. M: Hi. Where did the man see the ad? (A) In a newspaper. What job does the man want to get? (A) A job as a parking attendant. When can the man drop off his resume? (A) Monday. (B) Tuesday. W: All right then. 57. though. (D) In an e-mail. 56. Questions 53-55 refer to the following conversation. (C) A job as a cook. It said you were hiring. I’d like two tickets to the 8:00 showing of Spiderman. (C) In a parking lot. sir. What movie does the man want to see? (A) Superman. 59. (B) At a movie studio. (D) A job as a restaurant owner. She invested in a software company about two months ago and made about fifty thousand dollars. (C) Batman. (C) Wednesday. 9:15. 60. M: that’s great. All the tickets for that show have been sold. there. 61. or there are still seats available for Superman at 8:15: M: I think ' I'd rather wait until 9:00. is this Angelino’s Restaurant? I’m calling about an ad I saw in the paper today. sir. It’s not easy to take some time off. 58. That'll be $12. What’s she going to do? Has she got anything special planned? W: She said she would like to take a trip to Africa this summer. Where does the woman most likely work? (A) At a video store. (C) 9:00. M: Hi. did you hear about Louise striking it rich in the stock market? W: Yeah. please. Questions 56-58 refer to the following conversation. W: I'm sorry. (D) At a movie theater. (B) Spiderman. We have tickets for the 9:00 show. Questions 59-61 refer to the following conversation. Which position were you interested in? . (B) In a magazine. (B) 8:15. (C) At a bank. (D) Quit her job. We have openings for two cooks and one waiter. What time will the man see the movie? (A) 8:00. (D).

(D) The plant is clean. What is the inspector doing right now? (A) Working on the assembly line. What is the problem? (A) The reception area is too small. M: Do you know when the department meeting is supposed to start? I got two memos with different times on them. you have 15 minute left. W: the people here are pretty careful. 66. . Questions 65-67 refer to the following conversation.M. (D) Next week. (D) Checking an invoice. (B) 3:45. (D) 4:15. 64. (B) Making a list of complaints. (D) The chairs are in the wrong place. What mistake was made? (A) A message was sent to the wrong person. 67. What time is the man's meeting? (A) 3:15. (C) The room isn't bright enough. (D) Research and Development. (B) Now. W: are you in marketing or accounting? M: Marketing. When will the speakers probably meet the inspector? (A) Later today. Questions 62-64 refer to the following conversation. (B) A meeting was improperly scheduled. (C) A memo got lost. (B) The employees are good. I don’t think he’ll have much to complain abpout. 68. (D) A person was sent to the wrong building. M: have you met the plant’s new safety inspector? W: Not yet but I heard he’s going around and looking at everything really carefully. (B) They can't afford new furniture. 65. Come to the service entrance in the parking lot. When can I drop off my résumé? W: Tuesday between 4:00 and 5:30. I’d like to apply for the cooking job. Which department does the man work in? (A) Sales. M: He’s talking to management at the moment but he’ll be on the assembly line tomorrow. why? W: Well. 62. (C) Meeting with the managers. (C) The inspector is forgiving. Why is the woman confident? (A) The assembly line is brand new. You must have received a memo from the accounting department by accident. (C) Accounting. 63. now that it’s a quarter to four. (C) 4:00. (C) Tomorrow. (B) Marketing.

70. M: do you think it would help if we rearranged some of the furniture? W: we can’t move anything. . Those chairs are covering the holes in the carpet. W: I know. (D) They don't want to ruin a carpet. (B) It takes too long time. (C) The chairs should hide a flaw.69. (C) Buying a sofa. (B) Dimming the lights. What does the man suggest? (A) Getting a new carpet. Everything in this room looks faded and worn. It’s looking pretty tacky in here. M: I wish we had enough to buy some new chairs for the reception area. (D) Moving the chairs around. Questions 68-70 refer to the following conversation. Why aren't they able to move furniture? (A) The chairs are too heavy.

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