Aerovel (VTOL Craft with Hood Tech Vision Imagers) Sets New Standard The Aerovel Flexrotor becomes

the first aircraft to launch and be recovered by a n autonomous water vessel. Between two flights it also refueled autonomously. Hood River, OR, United States, October 30, 2013 -- The Aerovel Flexrotor becomes the first aircraft to launch and be recovered by an autonomous water vessel. Be tween two flights it also refueled autonomously. From: Hood Tech Corp Vision, Inc., Hood River, Oregon Date: October 29, 2013 Subject: Aerovel (VTOL Craft with Hood Tech Vision Imagers) Sets New Standard Contact: Dr. Andy von Flotow, Hood Tech Corp Vision, Inc., 541-387-2288, andy@h Setting yet another standard, the Aerovel VTOL UAV became the first to use as it s launch vehicle an autonomous watercraft ( 5/first-flight-of-unmanned-aircraft-from-unmanned-boat/?utm_source=sUAS+News+Dai ly&utm_campaign=c71c4ed42a-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b3c077 6dde-c71c4ed42a-303664173). Autonomous refueling punctuated a fully automated tw o rounds of take-offs and landings. From the point of launch, no human hand touc hed the Aerovel, until the unmanned boat (a tiny skiff) came to its trailer and then headed west (into the sunset, as the saying is). The Aerovel Flexrotorâ s autono mous capability in the operations cycle, combined with a small footprint, long r ange, low noise, and two-day endurance are economical and technically impressive . The Flexrotor offers economy sufficient to enable long-promised civil applicat ions at sea and ashore. Those applications include geological survey, weather re connaissance, fishery surveillance, environmental monitoring, offshore patrol, a nd search and rescue. â We had little to do with this demo,â said a Hood Tech Vision repr esentative. â Weâ re just pleased to be associated as a supplier to this innovative UAV.â When Hood Tech began producing 800-gm video-camera turrets in 1998, it enabled a n entirely new class of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Hood Technology V ision now designs and manufactures imaging and video processing systems at the h ighest level of the National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale (NIIRS): leve l 9. Hood Tech matches improved stabilization technology with electro-optical le nses that zoom up to 170 times. This results in a field of view of 0.3 degrees, in a package that weighs less than six kg. Designed for manned and unmanned aeri al vehicles (UAVs), boats, land vehicles, and stationary mounts, the reliability and utility of Hood Techâ s daylight and thermal imaging products has been demonstra ted over more than 700,000 hours of use in a variety of temperatures, humidity, dust, smoke, haze, and other environmental factors ( m). Dr. Andy von Flotow founded Hood Technology in Hood River, Oregon in 1992. Along with the design and manufacture of stabilized imaging systems, Hood Tech: Develops, tests, and manufactures launch and retrieval systems for UAVs Operates controlled launch and quiet wind tunnel test facilities Monitors blade vibrations in industrial turbines and jet engines, including diag nostic methods that predict possible future failures. The Hood Tech web site is: Contact: Andy von Flotow Hood Tech 3100 Cascade Hood River, OR 97031 541-387-2288

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