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1st Quarter, FY08

Special Interests Commander Remarks ~ CPT Gina Ferguson
of the Quarter:
Welcome to the United States Army Student Detachment. Many of you may not
● The USASD be aware, but the Student Detachment currently supports over 1,800 Soldiers
website contains
various updates. worldwide. The nature of the USASD is quite unique. Because of our structure, it
Please check is crucial that each and every student, regardless of rank or program, maintains
periodically! integrity and upholds the highest values. While no one is physically watching, as
Officers and Noncommissioned Officers, you are aware of the Army’s appearance
● Thanks to all
those who standards in accordance with AR 670-1 and the USASD Policy Letter #14. While
participated in CFC; our structure is uncommon, please know that we are here to support 100%. The
USASD is currently knowledgeable staff at Fort Jackson are always prepared to engage your requests.
standing at $11K.
● Please continue to Important Reminders
monitor and change
AKO passwords
according to ● GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT CANNOT be utilized without first receiving
requirements. written approval from the USASD Commander. All USASD students that choose
to begin gainful employment without first receiving the Commander’s approval, will
● CAC Card be required to start leave effective the start date of requested gainful employment.
HERE!!! If you days from your graduation/end date, please contact your branch manager
would like to borrow
a CAC Card Reader immediately.
during your tour of ● OFFICER RETENTION INCENTIVES ~ Eligible CPT’s, please remember
study, please contact that the deadlines for the Officer Incentives are closely approaching. If interested,
the USASD IMO, please send me your completed contract ASAP. I will get the approving authority
SGT James Goppert signature and forward to HRC on your behalf. Please call me at any time if you have
or SPC Melissa
Epperson at questions.
803.751.4340/7689. ● 1LT(P) DCP STUDENTS ~ Don’t forget to submit your promotion waivers to
Mrs. Patsy Bell at least 60 Days prior to the Captain’s Promotion Board. WITHOUT
● APFT and PAI REQUIREMENT Approximately 30 days in advance, you will
Inside this Issue: receive an email message to your primary email account containing specific
instructions regarding the March 2008 USASD Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI) and
CDR Remarks 1 Bi-Annual APFT. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement; all assigned
Reminders 1 personnel must respond by the deadline. Your participation in the ACS program
requires unit compliance and the standard is the same across the board, regardless of
Finance 2-3 rank or program. Please do not be the one that doesn’t respond. /
Operations 4
Officer Mgr 4 As always, stay safe and enjoy your tours of study!
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Finance News ~ SSG Paris Bailey

As the NCOIC of the finance section, I strive to improve the quality of service to all
members of the Student Detachment. Here is some information that may be helpful to you:

Important Updates

™ DITY Claims ~ FJ Transportation is aware of the delay in processing DITY

claims. USASD is currently scrubbing all submissions to ensure payment.
Current processing time is 8-10 weeks.

™ TLE / DLA Claims ~ FJ Finance and DFAS are aware of the delay in
processing claims. USASD is currently scrubbing all submissions to ensure

Processing Finance Vouchers

DLA, Mileage, Per Diem, and TLE (separate entitlement but have the same processing
time) claims are currently taking 5-6 weeks.
Processing DITY Claims
Current processing is 8-10 weeks. Delay in payment occurs because of the numerous
routing stations that claims must reach. DITY claims are forwarded by USASD to the FJ
Transportation Office, thru FJ Main Finance Office, then DFAS-IN for processing of
payment and disbursement. Contact losing station Transportation Office for an
authorization packet.

9 DITY submissions should include: DD 1351-2, DD 2278 (authorized by losing

station DITY counselor), Certification of Expenses, Summary of Personal
Property Moves, Legible Weight Tickets (empty and full) and receipts for fuel,
equipment and tolls (receipts are not reimbursable but lessen taxable wages).
Omission of required documents prolongs processing time. Discrepancies with
dollar figures are directed to FJ Transportation Office counselors @ 803-751-
5137/5138. Damage in shipment of household goods is directed to Fort Jackson
SJA Claims Office @ 803-751-4287/5096 .
BAH/COLA/OHA Adjustments
Adjustments are finalized no more than TWO pay periods (Midmonth qualifies as one,
EOM qualifies as two) after submission of proper paperwork. 4187’s for CONUS and
OCONUS COLA are generated by USASD and do not require submission from the
TLA Payment (OCONUS Lodging)
Payment made no more than TWO pay periods from the date of submission to USASD.
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Finance News, continued . . .

Out-processing & Advance Requests
™ Ensure that you submit Advance requests within 45 days of your SIGN OUT date. It is crucial that
requests are received during this time frame or we will be unable to forward for processing. Once
approved, all Advance requests will be confirmed via email. An advance of Mileage, DLA, and Per
Diem is disbursed to the service member upon request and paid 3-5 days prior to the start of PCS Leave.
Out-processing packets are accessible at: Please include a copy of your
PCS orders.
™ Advances of Base Pay are disbursed with less monthly deductions; does not include allotments.
Repayment of Advance in Base Pay is pro-rated over twelve months. NOTE: Per AR 37-104, Single
Soldiers and/or Soldiers without dependents must submit a thorough written justification for approval of
advance pay.
™ DITY Advances are authorized by the FJ Transportation Office. The advance requires the DD 2278
(pre-authorized), PCS advance request form and PCS Orders. Payment is disbursed 3-5 days prior to
pick-up date of rental vehicle.

Quick Reminders

™ There is NO Advance for Temporary Lodging Expenses (TLE) for CONUS Lodging.

™ TDY & Return Forward completed DD 1351-2, a DD 1610 and receipts for reimbursable
expenses listed on TDY orders. Receipts for meals are not required. Fax or scan documents to USASD,
Finance section @ 803-751-5346. Documents are forwarded to DFAS-Indianapolis for processing of
payments. Current processing time is 10-14 working days. DFAS-Rome no longer processes TDY

™ Permissive TDY Service members are granted permissive TDY from their losing unit. Officer in
the rank of LTC or above must grant authorization. Memorandum authorizing delegation of authority
may be submitted with DA 31; reference AR 600-8-10, paragraph 5-31c.

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Operations & Training ~ SSG Lisa Jones

FY08 TRADOC Public & Training Holidays

Public Holiday Training Holiday

12 November 2007 Veteran’s Day 13 November 2007 Tuesday after Veteran’s Day
22 November 2007 Thanksgiving Day 23 November 2007 Friday after Thanksgiving Day
25 December 2007 Christmas Day 26 December 2007 Wednesday after Christmas Day
01 January 2008 New Year’s Day 02 January 2008 Wednesday after New Year’s Day
21 January 2008 Martin Luther King Jr. Day 22 January 2008 Tuesday after Martin Luther King
Jr. Day

The USASD will be working half-day schedules during the Christmas / New Year’s Holidays and closed on the
days listed above.

Office Manager Notes ~ Mrs. Brenda P. Singleton

As you are settling in to your current location, please take the time to access our website and familiar yourself
with the Detachment’s policies and schedules. Our office is open for business each weekday from 0730-1130
and 1300-1700. Due to the high volume of incoming telephone inquires, office phones are placed on “hold” each
Tuesday from 1300-1700. This is to provide time to “catch up” on our workload.

The HOLIDAY season is soon upon us. We ask that Leave/Pass requests be forwarded as soon as possible.
Once processed, a signed copy will be forwarded to your AKO account. A number of our students are
graduating at the end of the Fall Semester; please submit completed POR packet (required for ALL OCONUS
PCS Travel), to be in receipt of travel orders, in a timely manner. Travel payment and Advance Pay requests
should be submitted accordingly (no less than 45 days prior to start date of PCS Leave).

• Please provide appropriate completed forms and valid supporting documentation when requesting
payment of allowances and/or entitlements;
• Submit actions with ample lead time for payment to be posted to upcoming pay date; and
• Review monthly leave and earnings statement to ensure payment of authorized allowances and ensure
non-authorized allowances are terminated.

Please review the FAQ’s on the Detachment’s website to alleviate unnecessary phone calls/emails or
callbacks/responses ( Once again, congratulations from the Detachment’s
command team and staff on your selection to higher learning!!

We remain Army Strong!!!

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Websites of Interest
• ~ Great resource tool for health and fitness
• ~ Downloads & Technical advice
• ~ My Library. You can utilize
this page on AKO to ask the Librarian a question, which will generate an
automated response stating answer or supporting guidance.
• ~ ACS
United States • ~ Lean Six Sigma Training via
Army Student

5450 Strom Thurmond

Blvd., Room 244
1SG News ~ 1SG Thomas Burns
Fort Jackson, SC 29207
Keep in mind, USASD is your parent unit. All leaves and passes must come
PHONE through our office for accountability and the proper control number. For all of our
(803) 751-4340 new students, please ensure that your contact information, to include phone
numbers and email accounts, stay current while assigned to USASD. This is our
FAX only form of communication.
(803) 751-5346
1SG Thomas Burns
734 - XXXX

We’re on the Web!

Student Liaison Officers
See us at: Thank you for your continuous support! However, you will not be utilized as a
SLO during the March 2008 APFT/PAI. You may still coordinate group APFT’s
but ultimately, each individual student will be responsible for reporting their PAI
and APFT results to the designated USASD representative. If you are unclear of
your responsibilities as a SLO, please contact Mrs. Patsy Bell at 803-751-5382.


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