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Box 339500
Fort Lewis, Washington 98433-9500

1.The bi-monthly meeting of the Fort Lewis Retiree Council was held at
Cascade Community Center on 17 November 2005.

2.The meeting was called to order at 1215 by the Chairman who

announced that the proceedings were being recorded.


a.Members Present:

MG Edward L. Trobaugh, USA Retired, Chairman

COL James F. Schoonover, USA Retired
COL Darvin Barnes, USA Retired LTC H,
"Gus" Schwartz, USA Retired CW4 William
Dunsmore, USA Retired CSM Herb C.
Schmeling Jr., USA Retired SGM Larry I.
Dingman, USA Retired
SGM James A. "Tony" Woods, USA Retired
SSG J. W. Johnson, USA Retired SSG Nancy
Robbins, USA Retired Mrs. Myatt, Widows'

b.Members Absent:

COL Jack G. McNall, USA Retired COL

Edward A. Starbird, USA Retired LTC
John C. Levesque, USA Ret
CSM John E. Lee, USA Retired, Co-Chairman
CSM Lourdes Alvarado-Ramos, USA Retired
CSM Herbert Stumpf, USA Retired RADM John
McCubbin, USCG Retired

c.Others Present:

LTC Hemingway (MAMC) Mrs.

Ann Lancaster, (MAMC) Mr.
Drummer, RSO
Mr. Alex Silva, RSO
4. Old Business:


5.New Business:

(a) MG Trobaugh (Ret) asked the council, should we have a guest

speaker this year or fill that time space by extending RAD/Heath Fair, if we
have a guest speaker who should that person be?

1)We could extend the Heath Fair an hour by not having
a guest speaker. Normally RAD ends with the start of
lunch so retirees can eat lunch and listen to the guest
speaker. The connection between lunch and the Heath Fair
is that Ballroom 1 is converted from part of the Heath Fair
to a Dinning room at the start of lunch. This change would
add an hour to RAD.

2)Mr. Silva recommended BG Baxter, Commander,

MAMC, as Guest Speaker this is a good time to
introduce BG Baxter to the Retiree community
especially with Health Care being the number one issue
for Retirees.

3)Decision: BG Baxter be invited as Guest

Speaker and alternant John Lee, Director,
Washington State Dept VA.

b)Mrs. Lancaster suggested the blood draw and breakfast start

at 0630, however controlling the flow of retirees going to breakfast
and not entering the Health Fair would become a problem. The
decision was made not to change the starting time from 0730.

c)MG Trobaugh (Ret) requested recommendations for issues to

the HQDA Retiree Council though IMA Northwest Region.
Recommendation was that Defense Finance and Accounting Services
(DFAS) issue an accounting statements for Lump sum payment in
Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP) due to offset of Dependency and
Indemnity Compensation (DIC), and back payments of Combat
Related Disability to all Retirees and Widows. Mr. Silva will prepare
the letter for MG Trobaugh's signature and staff though Commander
Fort Lewis and IMA.

d)A representative of the Retiree Council has been invited to

attend the Madigan Health Care Consumer Committee meeting. SGM
Woods said he has been attending the meeting and voicing retiree
issues when necessary.
e)MG Trobaugh (Ret) reviewed COL Knight resume to be
considered as a new member of the Retiree Council after some
discussion the Council voted COL Knight become a member of the
Fort Lewis Council.
(f) MG Trobaugh (Ret) gave an overview of Patriots Landing
retirement community located in the planned community of Northwest
Landing in DuPont, Washington. The amenities include Cottages,
Apartments, independent living, assisted living, dinning room, theater,
and beauty shop, which are offered to retiree at a price.

6. The Council meeting adjourned at 1355 hours. The next Council

meeting will be held 26 January 2006.


Command Sergeant Major, USA Retired Major General, USA, Retired
Co-Chairman, Fort Lewis Retiree Chairman, Fort Lewis
Council Retiree Council

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